"Hi, I'm Princess Venus. Wanna play?"

Serenity looked up from the crystal she was shaping into a flower to see another girl there in her room. The girl had long, blonde hair, and didn't look any older than her own age; she was only 7 earth cycles old herself. "Who are you? How did you get in my room?" she asked.

"I just told you, I'm Princess Venus. Your mom let me in here. So, you wanna play?" The blonde replied.

She looked down at the crystal in her hands, which had lapsed from the flower shape she was coaxing it into back into its natural crystal shape. "She did? But I'm supposed to be... I mean I can't..."

"Don't worry about it! You've got to relax sometimes! At least, that's what my mom always says. If your mom let me in here, I'm sure it's okay if you stop doing... um... what are you doing?"

The girl swiped the crystal from her hands and started examining it. "Hey!" she cried out indignantly. "That's mine!"

"Ooooohhh, it's a moon crystal! These are really, really rare! Hey, look at what I can do with these!" Venus scrunched up her face in concentration, and the crystal slowly changed its shape. After a few moments, it had rearranged itself into the shape of a heart. "See? Cool, huh?"

Serenity felt tears start to sting her eyes. "Aww, you ruined it... now I've got to make another one. It's really hard." She pulled another moon rock out of a box beside her and started concentrating on it.

Venus's eyes widened. "You can MAKE moon crystals?!"

She nodded. "Uh huh. Princess Pluto says it's good magic practice. I got to practice my magic lots 'cuz I'm not very good at it."

Venus watched as, over the course of about a minute, the rock changed color and texture, becoming smoother, its edges more sharply defined until the irregular lump had become another crystal. Serenity slumped, exhausted.

"Cooooooool!" exclaimed the blonde princess. "You've GOT to teach me how to do that!"

"I can't. Mommy says it's something only we can do, and I can't do it very well," she said. She was having a hard time catching her breath, it felt like something was wrapped around her chest.

"Aww, that's no fun. Hey, this one's in the shape of a flower!" Venus skipped over to where one of her old crystals was on display, one she had successfully coaxed into a shape similar to an earth flower she had seen in a picture once.

Serenity couldn't catch her breath. Something was keeping her from breathing properly. "Hey, are you okay?" Venus asked, but it sounded distant, indistinct. She tried to draw a breath to answer, but she couldn't get any air. Something was squeezing her too tight. She needed-

-air! Ranma sat up in her hospital bed, struggling with the bandages around her chest. She couldn't breathe, she had to get them off!

A nurse saw her wake and sit up, and rushed to her. "No, no! Stay down! You'll hurt yourself!" She took in Ranma's condition, and guessed at the problem. "Easy! Just breathe. The bandages aren't that tight, you can breathe."

Ranma stopped struggling, and focused on breathing. As she took a few shuddering breaths, she realized that the bandages weren't any tighter than they were when she went to sleep, and it wasn't hard to breathe with them on. "Th-thanks," she managed to gasp out as she caught her breath. She had the presence of mind to check the clock; it was 7:45.

"No problem, sweetie. I know it's hard to get used to sleeping with something like that on, but if you take them off you could just hurt yourself worse," the nurse said.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. I just had a weird dream," Ranma said. Now that her panic was starting to subside, she could focus on that... dream? Memory? Dream of a memory? She remembered that time now. It was her first meeting with Princess Venus, back in the Silver Millenium. Or rather, Princess Serenity's first meeting with Princess Venus. Was there really any distinction?

"Well, I heard something that might take your mind off of it, for a little while. You know those outlaws, the Sailor Senshi? The radio said that three of them were just arrested."

Ranma's eyes widened. Three Senshi, arrested? "Wait, what?"


Haruka and Hotaru were sitting at the table, eating breakfast, while Michiru cooked. Hotaru had woken up that morning completely revitalized, and Michiru had made an omelet breakfast to celebrate.

"I'm really sorry. I tried, but I couldn't..." Hotaru started.

"Ssshhh..." Michiru interrupted. "We're just happy you're alright. I was so scared that... that you were going to..."

Hotaru tried to fend off Michiru's hug as she came from behind, but failed. "Aw, Michiru! I told you, I'm fine now. I have all my energy back, thanks to Sailor Moon..."

Haruka slammed her fist down on the table, startling the other two and knocking a glass of milk over, spilling it. "It's NOT thanks to that imposter. It's her brooch. All that power is in her brooch, and now we just need to give it to someone else that we control."

Hotaru blinked in confusion. "You can't give away a Senshi's transformation item. It's linked to the Senshi."

Haruka shook her head. "Pluto found a way to give Serenity's brooch to an imposter, so we're going to do the same. That imposter won't be a problem, we've already taken care of her."

Michiru released Hotaru from her hug and walked over to Haruka. "So it's the real thing then?"

Haruka nodded. "It's the real one, no doubt about it. I remembered what it looked like in the Silver Millennium last night, and this one is a perfect match."

Hotaru gaped. "Taken care of... you hurt Sailor Moon and took away her brooch? Why...?"

Haruka and Michiru looked at each other, realizing they were going to need to explain to Hotaru what was happening. "That Sailor Moon is an imposter planted by Sailor Pluto," started Haruka. "I am NOT going to be led around by someone planted by her, so we're going to choose someone else. We had to rough up that imposter of Pluto's a bit to get the brooch, but now that we have it..."

Hotaru couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Sailor Moon can't be an imposter. It's impossible!" she said.

Haruka's expression darkened. "Pluto found a way, and so will I. Now that the imposter is taken care of and we have the brooch, we can take our time."

"That... that's stupid. You're being stupid!" Hotaru started. She couldn't believe that Michiru and Haruka had hurt Sailor Moon. Didn't they realize that was Princess Serenity they were hurting? "It's impossible!"

"Young lady..." Michiru started in a warning tone.

Hotaru ignored it. Michiru and Haruka had hurt Sailor Moon. They had hurt Princess Serenity. She remembered Princess Serenity fondly from the Silver Millennium, the girl was never anything but nice to anyone she met. "That's Princess Serenity! Nobody can be a Senshi if they don't have a Star Seed. Don't you remember? We're the only ones that can use our transformations. Nobody else can! Nobody! Sailor Moon isn't an imposter! She can't be! She healed me, and all those other people too! If... if you hurt her... you... you just hurt Sennie, you meanies!"

Hotaru stormed from the table and grabbed her backpack. "I'm going to school. I'll walk myself."

"School was canceled for today. Your school is being repaired, and they haven't figured out where to send the extra students yet," Michiru said.

"Then I'll visit Rei," Hotaru said hotly, and tossed her backpack aside. "I don't want to be here right now."

"I'll drive you-" Haruka started.

"I don't want you to!" Hotaru snapped, and stomped toward the door. As she left, the slamming of the door echoed in the shocked silence that followed.

"Well, I've never seen her like that befo-" Michiru started, but was interrupted by a scream.

"Hotaru!" both Michiru and Haruka exclaimed. They looked at each other and nodded. Each grabbing their respective wands, they quickly transformed and ran for the door.

As the door opened, they were greeted by the sight of a group of police cars sitting in front of their estate. A pair of officers had Hotaru in handcuffs and were leading her to a squad car. Several officers noticed them, and they found themselves with numerous guns trained on them. One spoke through a megaphone. "Sailor Senshi, you are under arrest. Drop any weapons you have and come peacefully or we will be forced to open fire."

Michiru and Haruka looked at each other, the same thoughts running through their heads. They didn't know if their transformations could protect them from bullets, and the number of weapons pointed at them represented a real threat; they might be able to avoid most of the gunfire with their Senshi forms' boosted speed, but they probably wouldn't be able to avoid all of it. On top of all that, there was Hotaru to consider. They were not going to let their ward stay in police custody, alone. The two Senshi dropped their transformations, put down their wands, and raised their hands in the air, allowing themselves to be taken into custody.

Sailor Pluto stood at the Time Gates, stunned, as she reviewed the events of the previous night. How had so much happened while she was sleeping?

She had just finished compiling a number of key events into her Projected Line of Thought device and had been planning to ask Ranma's permission to show them to the other Senshi... after she had received some much needed sleep to recover from such an exhausting exercise. When she fell asleep, the last thing she had seen was Ranma speaking with that Nabiki girl. Everything was going fine, nothing looked like it needed her direct attention or intervention.

When she woke up, Ranma was in the hospital and the Outers had all been arrested by the police. How had the police discovered the identities of the Outers? It should have been impossible! Discovering why Ranma was in the hospital was much easier, and brought a scowl to the usually stoic Senshi's face. It was well past time for her and Haruka to have a talk. She supposed it was her fault, for waiting until Haruka had had time to recover from the shock of her parents' death, but now it looked like she had waited until it was too late.

She checked in on Ranma first. Staring at the ceiling. Was she...? Yes, she was actually counting the ceiling tiles. Pluto suppressed a chuckle. A little boredom wasn't going to hurt the Princess, and if she was that bored, there probably wasn't any need to worry about her condition. That left the Outers to worry about. She focused on Hotaru. The younger girl seemed absolutely miserable in her holding cell at the police station. She didn't see Haruka or Michiru there with her, didn't the police have holding cells large enough for the three of them? Ah, there they were. Hotaru was sitting about as far from them as was possible. Had something happened between the Outers? In such a place, she thought Hotaru would be seeking comfort in their company, not distancing herself from them.

The Outers couldn't stay in jail, that much was certain. The Senshi needed their firepower. She decided it was time for her to crash another one of the Inner Senshis' meetings. She only hoped that the Dark Kingdom didn't decide to attack until after this was all sorted out.

Riggs and Murtaugh couldn't believe what they were seeing on the news. Were these people crazy? "So the Japanese have these super powered heroines keeping the city safe from these monsters, and they arrest some of them. Please tell me you're not seeing the same thing I am, it feels like a bad trip," said Riggs.

Murtaugh shook his head. "I see it too, and I think that makes this whole situation that much more sinister. Think about it, we've seen nothing but bad press on the Senshi ever since we got here. I think the Senshi have been losing the war on a front they didn't even know existed. These Youma are winning on the political front."

"So what do you think then, how do we help the girls?" Riggs asked.

Murtaugh gave him a sharp look. "What do you mean, help the girls? We're way out of our jurisdiction here. This is a Japanese problem, not ours."

Riggs shook his head. "The girls are the first line of defense against these monsters, and from what we've seen, I doubt the JSDF are going to be able to handle the youma if the girls fail. Remember when we watched one of those girls get physical with a youma?"

Murtaugh nodded. A new Senshi had shown up, right when the other Senshi had been defeated, and had started physically beating on the youma. He still remembered being able to hear the impacts of the girl's strikes against the youma from a good distance away, and one of the girl's strikes in particular should have caved in the youma's skull, but the youma seemed to shrug off anything the girl could dish out. Then there was the time the girl missed, and her flying kick tore a large chunk out of a nearby brick wall. "You think those energy blasts the girls have are the only way to deal with the youma?"

"Short of high explosives, yeah. After seeing that impressive show the other night, I don't think conventional weapons will do a damn thing. So the invincible monsters overrun Japan, what next?" Riggs asked.

Murtaugh pondered that for a moment. "If other nations see what's going on and get paranoid enough, they could nuke Japan. But if that only kills the monsters that are already here and doesn't prevent new ones from coming... You're right, this isn't just the Japanese's problem. If the Senshi fail, the whole world could be at risk."

Riggs nodded. "So, in the interest of keeping the world safe, I think we should do anything we can to help these girls. Come on, I have a plan."

Minako sat in her math class, wishing for about the hundredth time that she were anywhere else. Flower-chan in the hospital, the Outers in jail... things couldn't be going any worse for the Senshi right now, but here she was, needing to maintain her cover as a regular girl, so she had to be in school.

She worried about Ranma. The reincarnation of her Silver Millennium sister was very much a tomboy, and seemed to have a habit of getting herself into trouble. First, the night she had shown up, she had tried to take on the youma in civilian form before the Senshi even knew who she was. Ranma then showed up at her house, homeless and crying. Then, after her family took Ranma in, she got into a fight with the Outer Senshi and landed in the hospital. To be fair, only the first was Ranma's own fault, but trouble still seemed to follow the girl around.

This business with the Outers was another big worry. Uranus and Neptune had attacked Ranma. They had attacked Princess Serenity! This went far beyond the grudge every Senshi knew Uranus had against Pluto, this was an outright betrayal. She would have rounded up the Inner Senshi and confronted Uranus today, but the Outers getting arrested had put a damper on that plan; it would be hard for them to have a Senshi to Senshi talk while some of them were behind prison bars.

She sighed as the responsibilities of leadership once again took their toll on her. When things went wrong, it was usually her that was expected to make everything right again. Could she even begin to make this right? Even if she could break the Outers out of prison, there was still the schism in the outer group that needed to be mended, and she had no idea how to get Uranus and Pluto to make up. Even within the Inner Senshi there was fracturing. She was aware of the fault line that divided the inner senshi into two groups: herself with Rei, and Ami with Makoto. Then they were further divided, with Makoto and Ami often coming to disagreements about some trivial problem or other, and it was sometimes weeks before the two would talk to each other again. Herself and Rei had their own share of disagreements, Rei alternately claiming that she should be the leader of the Senshi (and yet not making any attempt to take over leadership) and telling her that, as leader, she should do more to unite the group. She almost giggled at the irony; if Rei wanted to be leader, all she needed to do was step up and lead, and she would step aside to let her.

She really did wish that Rei would step up and take leadership. It has been almost a year since the Dark Kingdom started their attacks in Japan, and even after her own victory in England the Senshi have only achieved a shaky stalemate under her leadership. She almost wished none of this had been thrust on her, that she could just be a normal girl again, but one thing stopped that train of thought in its tracks.


She was happy that she could finally reunite with the girl that had been closer to her than any sibling could ever be. She wanted to spend some time with Ranma and get to know her again. With everything that had happened, she hadn't had any chance to spend time with her little Flower-chan. She started to daydream about what they would do together when they could get a chance: gossiping about boys, shopping, karaoke...

"Miss Aino."

She jumped as her teacher interrupted her brief daydream. "Yes, Professor?"

"Well, since it's obvious you weren't paying attention to the question, maybe you'd like to solve the problem on the board instead?" her teacher asked.

Blushing, Minako walked up to the board to solve the equation... or try to, anyway. As she looked at the equation, she wished she had even half of Ami's smarts.

Ranma sighed as she stared up at the ceiling above her hospital bed. Six hundred twenty-five and a quarter. She'd triple-checked her count, and had decided that was the correct number. She checked the time and sighed again. It was only a little after 3:00. "Great. Not even through the first day, and I'm out of things to do," she griped. She'd tried to read some of the books the hospital had available, but reading just didn't appeal to her. She'd flipped through the channels on the small TV in her room numerous times, but hadn't found anything that interested her enough to watch. She couldn't just lie around in a hospital bed, she needed to get out and exercise.

"With as much excitement as you've had in your lives, I'd have thought you would be enjoying a little peace and quiet, Princess Serenity," said a voice.

Ranma turned her head toward the source of the voice. "I'd rather be doing anything besides just laying around trying to heal, Princess Pluto," she responded dryly.

The Senshi of Time chuckled. "Yes, I suppose in both lives you've been a fairly active person. More so in this life than your past one, it seems," she said.

Ranma gave her a resigned look. "You've been looking into my past. Then you probably know..."

Pluto nodded. "It's none of my business, but you need to let the other Senshi know. They'll find out eventually one way or the other, and if you've been hiding it from them it will only hurt all of you."

Ranma shook her head. "Well, you got one thing right there, at least. It is none of your business," she said, then stopped, a thought coming to her. She sighed. "No, you're right. I just don't know what to tell them, what to say. How do I even explain it to..." She cut off. She couldn't bear the thought of being rejected by the girl that she felt the closest to now, even after such a short time spent around her in this life. Her big sister, Heart-chan.

"Well, if you like, I could show the others some of your life. I'm sure they'd be sympathetic if they knew what you had to go through to get to where we are now," suggested Pluto.

Ranma shook her head. "No, this is my problem. I have to be the one to tell them."

"Don't be stubborn," said Pluto, then reconsidered her wording at Ranma's sharp look. She sighed. "I'm going to have to tell them something; Princess Venus ordered me to find out what the problem was the other night, and the last place I want to be is stuck between conflicting orders from the two of you. I've already loaded a number of choice moments into the device, all I need is your permission to show them."

Ranma sighed. If Minako was anything like Princess Venus had been, then Pluto was not going to be able to hold her off for long, if at all. "Alright, go ahead and show them whatever you have planned then," she said. As much as it galled her to have someone else fight her battles for her, she did have to admit this was one situation where it would be good to have someone on her side, and Pluto had been a diplomat before she had been a princess after all.

"Thank you, Princess. One last thing," the older Senshi said, and dropped a couple of items onto Ranma's bed. The first she recognized instantly; it was her transformation brooch. How had Pluto got a hold of it, didn't Uranus have it? Then she remembered where Uranus was and was suddenly thankful that her transformation item looked like an everyday piece of jewelry. The second she thought was a cellphone at first, but then she barely recognized it as a Silver Millennium era communicator, which she remembered the planetary guardians using to keep in contact with each other. She frowned at it for a moment. It was pink, and decorated with stars. Did everything that came from the Silver Millennium have to be so girly?

Pluto noticed the frown, and gave Ranma a quizzical look. "Is something the matter?"

Ranma shook her head. "No, nothing. I take it the others also have communicators?"

Pluto nodded. "This will help you keep in contact with the team when you get separated from them, like now. We need Sailor Moon, and with the Outers in jail we need her now more than ever."

Ranma chuckled. Pluto already considered her one of the team, but how did the other Senshi feel about it? Regardless, there was still the matter of her injuries. "I'm not really in a condition to do any fighting, and won't be for at least a few days," she admitted reluctantly.

Pluto shook her head. "The Transformation will hold everything in place, until it has time to heal the damage. I would ask you to transform now and leave this place if it wouldn't blow both your cover and Minako's; we really can't afford to have any more Senshi locked up."

Ranma nodded; the same thought had occurred to her. She frowned as she looked at the brooch. "How did you get this back from Uranus anyway," she asked. When she didn't receive an answer she looked up, but Pluto was no longer anywhere to be seen.

She started to grumble to herself about Pluto's habit of disappearing rather than answering questions, but was interrupted by the door opening and a nurse entering, followed by a doctorwho was looking at something on a clipboard. She quickly tossed the brooch and communicator into a subspace pocket without thinking, then frowned as she realized what she just did. How did she...

She didn't have any time to think about what just happened. As the doctor approached her, he looked at her and smiled. "Well, Ms. Saotome, I have to say you've made a VERY impressive recovery. Your vital signs look good, and your nurse reports your wounds are healing rapidly; at the rate you're healing, we should be able to take out your stitches in a few days rather than the usual two weeks considering the depth of your wounds. I have to say, I've never seen anyone heal so fast, it's practically a miracle of medicine. What's your secret?"

Ranma grinned. "I told you I'm a martial artist. I've had a lot of training to make myself tougher, and a side benefit is a faster metabolism and quick healing. It has something to do with having a lot more ki than a normal person."

The doctor hummed as he wrote something down on his clipboard. "Well, I'd still like to keep you in for observation one more night, but I don't see any reason why we can't release you to your family's care tomorrow... Oh, I see here you're staying with some friends." He frowned for a moment. "They're not listed as your legal guardians, but..." his frown deepened as he read something on the clipboard. "Nurse, is this the correct record? This can't be right. The Ranma Saotome on this record is male."

Ranma's heart sank into her stomach. "I can explain," she started. "It's a curse I picked up while I was traveling in China, it makes me transform into a girl under... certain conditions."

The doctor frowned at Ranma. "That's quite a far-fetched story. Do you have any way to prove it?"

Ranma sighed, resigned to the necessity of demonstrating the curse. "Can you get a couple glasses of water? One hot, one cold."

One demonstration and a rather frantic hour later, Ranma was once again laying on the hospital bed, wearing fresh stitches and bandages. The moment the hot water had hit her and she transformed into a guy every stitch in her popped, and her chest wrap nearly suffocated her. Transforming back relieved the extra pressure from the undersized chest wrap, but she spent the next hour first having her wounds restitched, and then having fresh X-Rays taken to make sure that no further damage had been done to her ribs. Once the excitement from her ill-advised transformation had died down the doctor immediately forbade her from contact with hot water, at least until her wounds healed enough to have her stitches out and her ribs were healed enough to do without the wrap. Ranma had no complaints about that; being nearly suffocated at the same time as having all her stitches pop had hurt.

Now the doctor was looking at her with an odd expression. "Well, I wouldn't have believed this foolishness about Chinese curses and gender transformation if I hadn't seen it for myself." Ranma could only give a wan grin at that. She would never have believed it either, if she hadn't experienced it. "After that, I definitely want to keep you in for observation overnight. If your recovery is still progressing nicely tomorrow, we'll release you to your friends the Ainos in the evening."

Ranma nodded, as the doctor started to rattle off a list of 'doctor's orders' for her to follow during her recovery, most of them seemingly intended to keep her from inadvertently popping her stitches. Again. By the time the doctor was finished, she was convinced that she would be thoroughly bored by the time the stitches were to come out.

Jadeite scowled at his rival, Nephrite, as he stood to the side in Beryl's chamber, that insufferable smirk once again on his face. He knew Nephrite had something to do with Beryl summoning him, and that smug look on his rival's face did not bode well. As much as he wanted to wipe that smirk right off Nephrite's face, his queen had summoned him, and the moment he had spent glaring at his rival was almost a moment too long. He turned his attention to Queen Beryl as he approached her, and knelt before her. "You summoned me, my Queen?" he said, without taking his eyes off the floor.

"Nephrite has informed me that the Senshi have been weakened, that it is a prime time to strike and defeat them. I want you to initiate an attack," said Beryl.

"My Queen, the time is not yet right. We haven't yet tracked down the bearer of the Silver Crystal, and-" Jadeite said, but was interrupted.

"Silence! I am already aware of your failures, first in the loss of the energy harvests from the last two youma, and then your inability to locate the Silver Crystal despite knowing the identity of its holder. Will you fail me a third time?"

"Of course not, my Queen. I simply ask you to allow me enough time to gather the energy needed to empower another youma. It is too soon after our last attack, and-"

"How pitiful," interrupted Nephrite. "So afraid to fail again that he will not strike when the opportunity presents itself. My Queen, perhaps you should-"

"SILENCE!" commanded Beryl, and both Jadeite and Nephrite fell silent. She turned to Nephrite. "You may have your chance soon, for if Jadeite fails once more it shall be the last thing he ever does," she said, and then turned her cruel gaze on Jadeite. "Do you understand, Jadeite? I have tolerated your inability to deal with the Senshi, because the additional energy you have gathered has gone a long way toward reviving Metallia. Your recent failures haven't even done that much, and to make matters even worse I am informed you allowed the Prince of Earth to escape."

"My Queen, Endymion is-" started Jadeite, but was interrupted once more.

"I have no interest in whatever your plans with him are. Endymion is MINE! I will not allow Serenity's spawn a chance at him again. NEVER AGAIN! You will defeat the Senshi and recover the Prince of Earth, and you will do it NOW! I don't think I need to tell you what will happen if you fail me again."

"My Queen, give me one week, and I will give you Prince Endymion, the defeat of the senshi, and the Silver Crystal," Jadeite said, thinking frantically. A week wouldn't give him enough time to fully empower a youma, but perhaps he could gather enough energy to send a squad of slightly empowered youma...

"There's no telling when the imprisoned Senshi will be released or escape," said Nephrite. Jadeite scowled at him, but Nephrite only showed him that infuriating smirk of his before continuing. "It's really best if we strike as soon as possible, before the Senshi are even given the opportunity to rescue their comrades.

"Two days, Jadeite. You have two days to defeat the senshi and recover Endymion. Now get out of my sight, and don't let me see you again until you've succeeded."

"Yes, my Queen," said Jadeite and quickly stood, leaving the chamber.

Nephrite watched Jadeite go, a predatory grin on his face. His plan was working out perfectly. Either Jadeite would quit his bumbling about and actually deal with the Senshi, or he would fail and HE would deal with the senshi. Either way, this stalemate between the Senshi and the Dark Kingdom would end. It was beyond him how a group of young girls could hold off their attacks for so long.

He bowed to his queen and excused himself. Whether or not Jadeite succeeded, he had plans to make. He returned to his own chambers to consult the stars. The gambit had been played, the pawn pushed forward for sacrifice. The game was about to begin in earnest.

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