"You have the money Jack, tell me where Mia is."

The next thing I know, he has back handed me and I'm now on the ground. I feel a blow to my ribs as the air expels out of my lungs. The next blow is lower and all I can think of is curling into a ball to protect blip. I hear Elizabeth talking to Jack.

Distracting him gives me the chance to reach for the gun. I take aim and fire. I can hear Jack cursing and I know I have hit him. I'm going in and out of consciousness. I see cars screeching to a halt and Christian running towards me.

"Mia. Find Mia," is all I manage to say before the lights turn off in my head.

Pain, horrible pain stabbing me everywhere. I can hear the doctor but I can't move my body. What is she saying to my fifty...something about blip...why can't I wake up and tell them everything is going to be fine.

"Mr Grey, she's in a coma at the moment and her CT scan looks good. No brain swelling but her body has been through a tremendous ordeal and it needs to heal itself," the doctor says.

"When will she wake?" Christian asks. 24-48 hours states the doctor. Jeez why can't I just wake now. I need to tell him I wasn't going to leave him.

"The baby, is it fine?" I can hear Christian ask the doctor. He sounds worried, he does care for blip.

"Only time will tell, Mr Grey. The kick to her abdomen was seriously close and there has been some bleeding...we just have to wait and let nature take its course."

Oh no, what have I done. I've jeopardized blip. Please God, let my baby be okay. I slowly drift back into the darkness.

The next time I become semi aware, I can hear Christian talking to me. I try again but still can't move or communicate. This is frustrating.

"Ana, please come back to me...I'm so sorry...please let the baby be ok...Ana, baby, wake up for me".

My fifty sounds so lost. "Doctor what's wrong...tell me..."

What! Christian sounds distraught...no, I don't want to succumb to the darkness, I want to know what's happening.

I come out of the darkness hearing Christian telling me over and over that he's sorry and we will get through this together. What will we get through together? Damn, I wish I could just wake up. There's still pain in my stomach...I hope blip is ok. I have a bad feeling that something is wrong. I hear someone enter the room and I realize it's Grace.

"I'm sorry my son, you will both get through this together."

"Mom, she hates me for what I said, and now this...how are we going to cope?"

"Christian, you will find a way, we always hurt the ones we love. Ana is strong and we are all here to help. Please try and rest, she will need you when she wakes."

"Thanks mom, I will try."

My poor fifty...I will try and make things right with us...if only I could wake up!

What's seems like days, I finally start to regain consciousness. I move my fingers and head and I slowly open my eyes. The room is lowly lit and Christians head is near my hand. I slowly lift it to touch his hair...so soft...he stirs and wakes up.

"Oh Ana, your waking up."

"Hi," I say. There is only one thing I want to know and that is, how's my baby, my blip. "Christian, how's the baby?"

Emotions filter across his face. I see fear, sadness and worry across his beautiful face.

"How about we get the doctor in here and then something to eat," he suggests, but I know he's stalling.

"Answer me Christian, what's happening?"

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry...you were seriously injured and...And..."

I finish his sentence for him... "We've lost blip," I state.

The look on his face confirms my fear and I feel like I could curl up and die. The dams burst and tears flow from my eyes. "Please Christian can you leave me alone, I just want to be alone...what have I done?"

I cover my face with my arms and I just don't want to face him at the moment.

"I'm not leaving you Ana, we need each other. I wanted this as much as you did. Granted it took me a day to figure it out but I love you and I would have loved our baby. Please talk to me".

"I'm sorry, Christian. I can't believe I lost blip...how can you forgive me?"

"Believe me Ana,I'm mad that you can't follow my rules but I'm not mad at you for the loss of our baby. You were trying to save my sister."

"How is Mia? Is she ok?"

"No thanks to you, Ana...what were you thinking?... I could have lost you too."

"Oh Christian, you have lost a bit of me...I don't know how I'm going to get through this?"

"Oh Ana, we will get though this together. Do you want something to eat?" said Christian.

I shake my head and I can see he's not happy that I'm not eating. I just feel sick about all that's happened; I just don't know how to process all this information.

I start to feel tired and decide to rest for a while. I tell Christian he should go home but he's insisting on staying with me. Oh boy, looks like I have a permanent babysitter for a while. I hear Christian leave the room to speak to someone outside and I let my tears fall down my face onto the pillow.

I start to withdraw from myself to stop the heartache I'm feeling. I don't want to feel this...I know I should but I can't deal with it at the moment. Oh my blip...I'm so sorry...I hear Christian enter the room and I pretend that I'm sleeping. I can't handle seeing the emotions on his face...the ones I've caused... How can I forgive myself?

Christian is making calls to everyone telling them I'm awake. I know everyone is going to want and visit but I'm not sure I could handle that. I can feel Christian watching me and I can feel that same feeling developing between us. I want nothing more than to curl up in his lap but I don't deserve his pity. I deserve his anger and frustration.

Fresh tears fall down my face and I feel Christian brace me immediately, consoling me.