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Chapter 1 "Idea"

Katniss' POV

It's been two weeks since school ended. It's been three weeks since Peeta and I kissed. There's been no awkwardness after it all happened. No regrets and no rush. We didn't have time to talk about it since we were expected to be at Finnick's soon. Everyone left early because there was still school the next day. Peeta came over to my house bright and early the next day before school to have the talk. We both had all night to think about our situation. After talking for a long time we decided it was best for us to keep our relationship a secret for a while. People we're already obsessed with us in general being victors. A victor dating a victor was insane, or at least that's what Annie said. Finnick and Annie were the center of attention until I came along. The new girl stole their spotlight, and they couldn't have been happier. The spotlight is still on me along with Johanna after that fight. Peeta has had some of his own since he dumped Glimmer. I hate attention and telling everyone Peeta and I were together would be overwhelming. Everyone in our business isn't something either of us wants. To us we're boyfriend and girlfriend. To everyone else we're friends. Expect two other people.

Prim overheard me on the phone talking to Peeta a couple days ago. She didn't know whom I was talking to but I gave in and told her everything. Prim was so excited and happy for me. She gets along great with Peeta, so of course she approves.

Johanna was the first to find out about us after a week of hiding it. The story is quite embarrassing but she thought it was funny—I was over Peeta's house when no one was home. Johanna was coming over but didn't tell Peeta. She walked in on us kissing and she freaked out. After telling her everything she thrilled for us. She teased us a lot but she was helpful in keeping us a secret. I'd finally had a friend to talk to about our relationship and so did Peeta.

Dispute that mini fight Johanna and I had, we've grown closer. We agreed to be roommates on this field trip. Which leads me to today.

Everyone going on the field trip to the Capitol is here at the train station. We'll be gone the whole summer. It's Friday afternoon. I told Prim and mother goodbye before Cashmere picked me up to come here. Prim was really sad about me leaving, but she's glad I'm going to have a fun summer. I'll miss her but I promised to call her every night. As for mother, I won't miss her too much.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Ms. Trinket began, "Welcome, Welcome!"

I could see Mr. Abernathy roll his eyes. Those two couldn't stand each other. Isn't it great they're in charge of the trip together?

"It will take a day to get to the Capitol on train. So pair up with your roommate and get into a group of four. This group will be the people you share your cart with."

I grab Johanna's arm, she grabs Annie's arm, and Annie grabs Cashmere's arm. The boys laugh at us as they see this. Speaking of the guys, Finnick and Gloss are going to be roommates. Peeta will have a room of his own. Johanna jokes about me sharing a room with Peeta once we get there. That honestly won't be too hard to do. Our chaperones are Cinna, Ms. Trinket, Mr. Abernathy, Mr. Tee, Portia, and some teachers I've never heard of, but everyone says they're all pushovers.

"Okay everyone. Line up with your group and you'll be told your cart number and teacher," Mr. Abernathy yells.

While standing in line waiting I notice some of the other groups. Gale is roommates with Thresh, of course. Cato and Marvel, no surprise there. Delly and Madge, Clove and Glimmer…

"Everdeen's group," Mr. Abernathy grabs my attention. "Cart twelve and your teacher is..." he smiles. "Ms. Trinket. Good luck with her."

He moves on to the boys' group. "Lucky you, you have number eleven and me."

I don't know who to feel worse for, them or us.

After everyone has their cart number and teacher we get on the train. All of us victors are the last to board since we have Ms. Trinket and Mr. Abernathy. We split from the guys and aren't supposed to see each other until we get to the Capitol, but no one follows that rule.

"Annie and I call the biggest room!" Cashmere runs in and the others follow.

"You can't call rooms!" Johanna argues.

The moment I step into our cart I freeze. I've never been in a place this beautiful. Red carpet is on the floor expect for the kitchen part. There's leather couches and large screen TV on the wall. There's a glass table behind the living area next to the kitchen. Behind that are two rooms for the students. Ms. Trinket has a room in front of the cart, next to the door. That's to make sure we don't sneak out, I assume. Ms. Trinket told us we would be given the best but I didn't expect anything like this. I can't even put into words how lovely this cart is. I can only imagine this five star hotel we are supposed to stay at.

Since I saw Ann and Cash walking to the first room in the back, I go to the second room with my bags. The room is as beautiful as the rest of the cart. I place my bags on one of the two beds in the room. It doesn't really matter to me which bed I got. I don't bother unpacking my bags since we'll only be on the train for one day. What's the point?

"Katniss?" Johanna calls my name from the doorway.

"Huh?" I turn my head.

"Effie is calling us for lunch."

"Effie?" Who's Effie?

"Yeah, Ms. Trinket told us to call her by her first name," she informs me.

"Weird name," I mumble.

"You're one to talk, Katniss."

"Shut up!" I snap and she laughs.

"Come on. I'm starving."

We walk to the dinning table where Cash, Ann, and Ms. Trinket are sitting. I wonder how the food got here so fast. It must have been in the oven or something when we got here. I take a seat next to Jo and greet everyone. Ms. Trinket starts talking about her favorite about the trip, the ball. I take a few bites of my steak before joining in on their conversation.

"When is it?" I take a sip of my water.

"Oh, sometime in the beginning of August. You girls will just love it! The best part is picking out your gowns," Ms. Trinket says joyfully.

Johanna rolls her eyes. "Do we have to wear a dress?"

"Not a dress, a gown, and yes you do!" Ms. Trinket exclaims.

"Who's going to be in charge of our dre—I mean gowns." Annie asks.

"Well last year I was, but this year Cinna will be. That man is amazing when it comes to fashion."

There isn't much to do on this train but watch TV. Instead of doing that, I decide to take a shower. I'm getting my towel out of my bag when Johanna comes in.

"Bored of watching TV, Mason?" I throw my towel over my shoulder.

"You could say that." She takes a seat on her bed.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower."

"Before you do that, can we talk?"

"About what?"

"About you and Peeta."

I take a seat on the bed next to her. Jo's his best friend so I'm sure this is something I should hear.

"What about us?" I question.

"How long are you two going to keep your relationship a secret from everyone? I know it's none of my business but I don't think it's a good idea anymore," she says caringly.

"And why's that?" I cross my arms over my chest.

"Okay Katniss, I'm going to give it to you straight." Her voice doesn't sound caring anymore. "Peeta's hot and a charming guy. No one has ever gone after him because everyone knew he'd just get back with Glimmer soon. But it's been three weeks and obviously that isn't going to happen."

"I trust him."

"That doesn't mean you won't get jealous. Think about it Katniss!"

"I can control myself." I stand up ready to end this conversation.

"Yeah right!" She rises. "You got jealous that day in the bakery when I was trying to get Glimmer jealous and you weren't even with him yet."

"Stay out of it, Johanna." I grab my stuff and run into the bathroom.

I know Johanna is only trying to think of me, but I'm not ready for everyone to know and I don't appreciate what she's telling me. Why does she choose now to tell me this? It doesn't matter. As long has Glimmer keeps her distance, I'm fine.

I take a long shower, change into some sweats and a t-shirt, and braid my wet hair. I have no idea what time it is but Cash knocks on the bathroom door and tells me we made a stop for some reason. I grab a sweater and put it on before getting off the cart. We're in some wooden area with a station in front. I assume we need gas or something. It's kind of of chilly out so I zip up my jacket before taking a seat on a log. Most people are inside the station because it's cold, but some people are outside standing around. Looking around I spot Peeta by some trees talking to Johanna. Looks like she's telling Peeta what she told me. He doesn't seem to be too happy about her suggestion either. Of course he won't stay mad at her, it's Johanna after all.

I stop watching them and decide I should probably call Prim. My cellphone rings only once before Prim picks up.

"Hello?" Prim's voice is so cute and kind.

"Hi little duck!" I nearly shout.

"Katniss! I miss you so much!"

"I miss you too, Prim." I smile.

"How's it going?" She asks.

"It's okay. We're still on the train."

"How's Peeta?" Prim whispers.

I let out a laugh, "He's fine too."

"Can you tell him and the others I said hi?"

"I will." I nod even though she can't see me.

"Katniss, I have to go over Rue's now. But call me tomorrow!"

"I will, don't worry." I assure her.

"I'll tell mom you said hi."

"Okay, bye."


As soon as I hang up, my phone buzzes. I got a text from Peeta.

Are you sure about coming to my room when Ms. T and Mr. A fall asleep? I don't want you to get in trouble.

I reply, Yes I'm sure. Johanna will cover for me if someone needs me. We haven't had a moment alone together in a week. I miss you. And send.


"Oh my God!" I jump and nearly fall off the log.

Annie, who's now siting next to me, laughs. "Sorry, Katniss."

"It's okay, Annie."

"Do you think it's time for me to move on?"

Wow. That came out of nowhere.

"You mean from Finnick?" I ask, unsure.

She nods. "I thought maybe he'd change his mind about us but it's been…what seems like forever." She whispers the last part.

I feel horrible for Annie. Part of me thought Finnick would come to his senses and realize he made a mistake. I don't know why he dumped her, but I don't think he ever stop loving her. They hardly talk anymore. Things have been weird between them and don't seem to be getting better. Maybe it's time for her to move on.

"Honestly," I pause for moment because I don't want to hurt her feelings. "I think it's time. You can't wait for him anymore." I can see the sadness in her eyes. "Annie, you need to find a guy who can charm you. Who's sweet and knows you better than you know yourself."

"That was Finnick."

"There are other boys out there like that," I say delicately.

She doesn't reply; she's looking around. For someone.

"Have anyone in mind, Ann?"

She nods, not looking at me but looking at someone in the crowd of people on the other side of us.

My phone buzzes. I flip it open to read the text.

"Thanks, Katniss." Annie says and jumps off the log.

I can't wait. I miss you too, Katniss.

I smile at Peeta's text.

I put my phone away and I look over to see where Annie was. She's probably talking to the person she was staring at. I find her smiling and laughing. I'm happy for her for a moment until I see who she's talking too. Peeta.

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