Hey Guys!

I just want to thank everyone for reading this story :) 732 reviews IS A LOT! It means a lot to me that you all took time to review my story even if the review was just a smily face :)

The New Story is up now! It's called "What I Wouldn't do," and you can find it on my profile. This will be the last story.

Respondes to Anons

E .P "You should make a very dramatic scenes of Katniss's past catching up with her. You know those kids that were so mean to her, and they suddenly run into katniss and her friends? :) ya that would be intresting…"

-Katniss past is coming up in a way I bet no one will see coming. (Well maybe Freshman Year readers will know)

Hey "Hey I used to private message you absolutely ages ago! U probs don't remember me! I loooooovvvvveeeee ur stories! Ur so good at writing! Isn't it annoying when someone really can't spell or do grammer write ;) keep going I'm so gonna read the next sequal! xxxx"

Well what was your username? I'm sure I'd remember if you told me :) I think you mean "grammar right" but yeah I guess so.

S "I know, I just want to fangirl until it comes out! Will you join me?
Aw, thanks, I try to be, but it is you who is sweet in taking time and posting all the time!
I love this chapter and I can't wait to read the new story and the rest of Freshmen Year. :) I'll be waiting and thanks again to you and your beta reader!"

-Aww thanks! I'll tell my beta reader you said thanks!

Guest "I's like to see a lot more Peeta and his family and the problems there. You' ve hinted at it a lot as if it' s a big part of the story yet you don't expound on it. You never went into detail about what happened in the bedroom the night Peeta was beaten so badly that Johsnna had to sneak into his window and was seen by Glimmer, starting rumors . You mentioned. Going into more detail and explain this later but nevrr did. Maybe you can do that soon?"

-I do plan to bring back Peeta's issues with his mom in the new story. As For the details of what happened that night, that will be in Freshman Year, all the details. Peeta will bring it up again but not with so much details.

ThgLover "YES! Just what I wanted, another storyXD U make my wishes come true"

-lol glad you liked the story and i hope you'll like the new one!

ilovefanfics "ily so much"


dancergirl089 "Omg! Someones going to get pregnant right ?!"

-Oh god no. No one is getting pregnant, no go the teenagers anyways.

I'm in love "Soo gud wats the next story called? x"

- What I wouldn't do

Grace "I only read the first chapter but are Annie and Finnick ever going to be a couple? I love them together :)"

- Yes! xD

Emz "Omfg Forgot everything that happened"


Annie Cresta 1 "This next story is going to be as awsome as this one. Can't wait!"

-Yes it is, lol :)

Again thank you to everyone who reviewed and read my story :)