Warning: Contains very mild language


Jerome stalked away, his shirt torn and his face steadily purpling. His uniform shoes clicked against the pavement, his normally perfect hair mussed and wild. And it was kind of hot. At least that's what Mara thought as she walked speedily in his direction. Jerome stopped and waited for her at in the middle of the sidewalk. When she was about to tap his shoulder he whirled around and the manic look in his eyes nearly gave her a heart attack.

"Come to congratulate me?!" he screamed crazily. Mara looked at him, she looked hard. She saw such tremendous guilt in his face, and relief, and tremendous guilt for the relief. Overall she saw confusion, and joy. Joyful Confusion.

"I don't really know why I came, but it sure as hell wasn't to congratulate you." She started calmly. " I think you need a moment to recapture your sanity so I'll keep talking. That was brave, and somewhat stupid, but brave. And I know what you're worried about, did you become the bully when you hit back? The answer is no Jerome." Jerome's breathing had become steady again and he had calmed a bit.

"But I hit him. Mara, what's going to happen now?" he worried.

"You gave him exactly what he deserved, no more, no less. I don't know what's going to happen now, but it'll be better than what it was before. That is for sure." He smiled at her. Then she slapped him across the un-bruised cheek.

"Ow! Jesus, Mara what was that for!" He screamed.

"How could you not tell me! You bloody idiot, you could have just told me why you always needed chocolate!"

"No I couldn't have Mara, you know exactly why I couldn't." Mara looked at the ground.

"Yeah, I do. But you couldn't have told me that Mick was a jerk?" She murmured.

"No, I could have told you that…but then…" Mara looked up at him.

"But then what?" She was so close he could count her eyelashes. He looked torn for a minute until he said, "Oh to hell with it!" He put his hands on either side of her face and pulled her face even closer to his.

"But then you would have said that I was jealous. And then you would have figured out the truth. That I just really, really like you and that I could deny you nothing and that, and that—" He had began to repeat himself though he seemed almost angry. She pulled away slightly and he dropped his hands, ashamed.

"Why didn't you tell me later, about Mick?" Mara asked awkwardly.

"I did, you refused to believe it, you refused to believe anything bad about your precious Mick!" The venom in his voice was palpable. He shook his head angrily and walked away.

"Jerome!" She called "Do you really mean it when you said that you can deny me nothing?" from fifteen feet away she could see him nod.

"Then get your ass over here and kiss me!" He walked back as fast as his injured body would allow, reaching her, he grinned and put both hands on either sides of her face again.

"You know when I said I like you? I was lying."

And then he kissed her

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