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Chapter 1: Your Head In Mine

The first thing Samus was aware of when she woke up was that she was in a dress of some sort. Immediately she went on high alert, because whatever deity was running things if one should so exist knew that this particular woman would not be caught dead in anything without two pant legs. Considering that she wasn't any sort of deist, she was certainly on her own.

As she leapt onto her feet she felt nearly naked not being in at least a pair of sweats. Despite being perfectly decent, she covered herself with a blanket, but slowly let it drop when she realized what exactly was amiss- seeing as she didn't own a dress... then whose was it? With the blanket out of the way, Samus observed the dress. She noticed the dress was a familiar royal purple, with intricate patterns and designs along it. One of those markings she recognized as the Hylian Triforce.

Uncharacteristically, she gulped. Did she even want to confirm how she got here?

Reluctantly, she decided she did. She looked around the room, noticing that it was most certainly not her own. Damn it... had she done what she thought she had? She could feel a heat cross her face instantly as she searched around aimlessly for a mirror.

She found one, a mirror of storybook resemblances (something very faint but unforgettable in her memory); tall, oval and made of fine wood, with a large reflective surface through it. When she saw a shock of brunette hair from the far corner that moved in her direction, she gasped. No longer utilizing a preamble, she all but dashed in front of it.

The first thought that crossed her mind as she stopped to a halt in front of the mirror was that she was incredibly beautiful. That was all she could process for a few precious moments; looking over her reflection that portrayed a stunning image. Samus looked into the tired eyes that still held such power, then to the knowing turn of her lip (none too affected by slight wrinkles and sleep effects) and the scattered but still lovely flow of her chestnut hair.

She admired the strength in her form that would betray someone who looked like her, gazed at the faded yet immaculate dress she was wearing that all of a sudden didn't quite matter so much anymore. She loved how it draped over her hips and down her legs, making her look and feel as though she was flying, unattached to the world. Feeling beautiful was one of the rarest feelings Samus had ever experienced, and now that she felt it, she could do nothing but stop in awe.

It took her a minute, at least, to realize that this wasn't her beautiful body; it was a very sleep-worn Princess Zelda's.

She could see her cheeks blush even brighter red than before.

Samus was perplexed at what to do; after all, how could she sculpt a plan to remedy a surprise magical event she had no explanation for? The only person she could name off the cuff who knew how to handle magic was staring back at her in the mirror with those beautiful blue eyes.

The thought seemed to jar her even further to attention. If she was in Zelda's person, but not as Zelda's mind, then where did that put Zelda? Was she dead? Was she trapped in some lost existential dimension? Or was she inside Samus' own body?

Frankly, she couldn't decide which sounded worse.

She stared at Zelda's self in the mirror, trying to figure out a plan; trying not to get distracted at her reflection again. She paid further attention to the nightgown she was in, noting that it was similar to Zelda's usual dress to fool Samus into believing it was the real thing. She never could understand how Zelda could fight so well in such a dress while Samus, a legendary warrior in her own grey-area right, could barely find herself walking comfortably in it.

She wondered if she should change, and immediately dispelled the idea. She couldn't feel comfortable undressing in someone else's body, especially hers. It just seemed… violating. She frowned at Zelda's self, knowing that what should be happening in Samus' own mind was to let practicality win the day and with some indeterminable level of reluctance, change into Zelda's usual royal dress and attire.

Samus rolled Zelda's eyes, deciding to call today a lazy day. Thinking swiftly, she couldn't think of anything going on in the tournament's agenda and could only hope that Zelda had none of her own business to attend to.

Searching around the room, she found a pair of slippers and awkwardly maneuvered Zelda's feet into them. Nothing was right when nothing on her body actually belonged to her. Sighing and pinching the bridge of a nose that was also not hers to ward off a headache that was also not hers, Samus began to walk out of the room, trying to seem as inconspicuous one of the most powerful (and beautiful) women in the universe could possibly look.

She found her way to the commons room, all the while trying to feel like Zelda, which was both as hard and easy as it sounded. Zelda and Samus were hardly two people you could call alike. They were both female, yes, and both shared the gifts of sensibility and common sense (although it escaped Samus right now), but that seemed to be where the similarities ended. Zelda was… something else; Samus could only summarize it as. Colorful, observant, engaged and engaging. She loved many things and many people, while Samus could only think of a small handful of things she cared for.

Sometimes she thought one of those people was the woman whose body she was in at that moment.

Samus was never quite as… something else as Zelda was. She didn't care to involve herself in the world. Whereas Zelda was like a fine wine, Samus was tasteless ether, a transparent window to Zelda's mural, a breath of stale and metallic air and never a breath of life in a fertile meadow.

She felt a tempest of confusion and emotions about literally embodying the woman she admired so much.

There wasn't much she could do but try and embody her. She already felt that unusual feeling of self-consciousness she hated so much, because she was worried that her attempt at being Zelda would be insulting to the real one.

She hoped Zelda's mind was all right.

She looked around to see if she could find one of Zelda's trustworthy friends. She almost prayed for a dash of luck, but remembered she was a woman without a religion. Did Zelda have a religion? She remembered something about three goddesses, so she took a chance and prayed to the first one she could remember the name of; Farou, she hoped. She traced her sights to a nearby familiar symbol; the bold Triforce. It came from a bright metallic shield that even she could recognize without a fragment of doubt.

Thank that one particular lord, it was Link. Samus had to avoid running to him, trying to maintain a sense of calm as she walked towards him, inquiring "Link?" Zelda's voice rang through the air, crystal clear to the point where Samus had to avoid turning around and looking for the princess in question.

Keeping her eyes fixated on the shield, she watched Link turn around and meet the princess in the eyes. Samus tried not to appear nervous, but when the man gave her a warm and welcome grin, she had to clench her fist in order to keep from shuddering at his evident unrequested compassion. It was a feeling that made her feel warm and wanted, but also jealous and empty because Samus knew she did nothing to deserve that grin… and perhaps a bit because she felt off about Link being the one to offer Zelda such a look.

"Princess Zelda," he welcomed her back, his voice already engaged and cordial, to a point that Samus nearly faded into a flashback. When was the last time she had ever received such kindness and warmth? In fact, had Samus ever made evident such a warmth? Was she even capable? "How is your morning going, my friend?"

Friend. Such an unfamiliar word.

"It…" she measured her words carefully… "could be going much better, honestly."

He nodded, understanding. "Is everything okay with you?"

Before she could stop herself, she inquired, "with me… how?"

Link's gaze flitted away, almost embarrassed. "I've just been observing, honestly. You've been very… distant. I'm just a bit worried."

Samus didn't doubt that he was being honest; she had learned how to read people; their voices, their eyes and their body language. Perhaps that was why she found her gaze on Zelda so often; she was so easy to read, and yet so frustratingly inconclusive. Even in the mirror, Samus couldn't make out her own thoughts in Zelda's reflection.

"Observing things…" Samus began to ask further, but then realized that she was intruding on Zelda's personal life already as it was. She didn't want to hear the personal reflections of Zelda's best friend about Zelda herself. She had too much respect for her to perform an admittedly unconventional act of eavesdropping on her. She held up a palm in the air and ended the conversation with "Link, stop. I'm not sure how crazy this will sound to you, but… I'm Samus."

Apparently relatively crazy, as Link's eyes showed more surprise in a moment than he had portrayed to Samus in a lifetime.

"I'm… sort of stuck, and I could use some help."

In a flash, Link gathered his senses together. "Oh… okay, Samus." His tone and expression instantly changed to one less familiar, less intrusive, more apprehensive, more of an acquaintance that he was than a friend. Samus found that she missed it; not so much it being from Link than just being received by someone like Samus.

Link cleared his throat. "Don't be alarmed. This happens from time to time." Samus laughed brusquely at the thought of Zelda getting caught in many body-swapping adventures of sorts. If she was behind this, Samus wasn't sure what she'd do.

"No matter, though," Link nodded, smiling politely. "I can help."

Samus forewent all subtlety when she sighed with relief. She wasn't sure how long she could stand being in Zelda without losing her mind, or her lunch out of nerves. Link noticed, taking the courtesy to continue on.

"It's somewhat simple, as it would turn out," he explained. "You see, Zelda is a world class magician; no one is quite like her. A bit of a mad scientist in some ways as well; she has a place around here with walls to walls of…" he drifted off, as if he had said too much. Blushing slightly (which most certainly did not go unnoticed by Samus) he added "Well she doesn't like people knowing about it. The long story short is that somewhere, she has a remedy to an… ailment like this."

"Ailment," Samus repeated mirthlessly. "So that's what they call body-switching nowadays." She sighed, plopping down in a nearby armchair. With a grimace, she added, "Guess we can chalk that one up right next to the common cold?"

Link closed his eyes, lips tightening. After a moment's hesitation, he said, "I suppose I could go and get that vial right now. It takes a little while to work and you'll be knocked cold in a matter of minutes from taking it, but it will work."

"Thank you, hero," Samus chuckled, staring at the ceiling. "You'll have made my day if you can get that done for me."

"I should hope," he replied with a look Samus noticed was dangerously close to a smirk. She ignored it. "All we have to do is get Zelda and this will be over before you know it."

Samus' pupils dilated. "We have to… son of a bitch." Not waiting for a response, she leapt out of the armchair, on her feet and radiating anxiety once more, enough for Link to grimace and ask, "what's the problem?"

"Link, do you know where I go every night?" Samus asked. Meaning the question as rhetoric, she interrupted the Hylian and answered herself, whispering to avoid the earshot of those surrounding them. "No, you don't, because no one does. I don't like staying or sleeping here, not around all of these people."

Link bit his lip, holding back a response.

"I stay in my ship," Samus answered, her voice lower than other and her eyes wide open. "My ship is hidden at least a good ten miles away from here."

Link's eyes widened immediately. "Farore help us." (So that's what her name is, Samus realized). "So, Zelda's out in this… mystery place… ten miles away."


Link ran a hand through his hair, looking just a bit too worried for Samus' liking. She furrowed up her eyebrows, trying not to let on that the helpful presence of the Hylian, the one she had actually incorrectly prayed for, no less, was fraying the last of her nerves.

"Din only knows what she must be doing right now," Link innocently mused.

She felt the last of her nerves snap, and she muttered a vicious swear under her breath, her cheeks already flushed from embarrassment.

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