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It was a special day for Pit.

No, it wasn't his birthday or a holiday or his anniversary with Viridi. It was just a Thursday.

It was special because Pit forgot something. And he felt the need to sing about it.

So Pit ran out into the main room of Viridi's temple like he does every day, but on this occasion he started singing.

He opened his mouth wide and belted:

"I'm not wearing underwear today

No, I'm not wearing underwear today

Not that you probably care

Much about my underwear

Still, nonetheless I gotta say

That I'm not wearing underwear toooooo- daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!"

For the big finish, he slid on his knees directly towards a small audience that had been listening.

Dark Pit and Phosphora began to clap slowly, without much enthusiasm.

Viridi placed her hands on her hips and scowled. "Get a job!" she yelled at the angel.

Pit blushed. "Thank you... honey," he sighed.

And this is why we don't let the author listen to music from "Avenue Q."

The End

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