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Night# 1


His bedroom was dark as he carefully tip-toed into it.

Finn must already be asleep.

He planned on dropping his bag on his bed before going to bathroom. Kurt carefully walked across the dark room until he tripped. He landed on something big.

Dang it Finn. Clean up the room.

He started feeling around to see what he landed on. His hand ran down clothe until he felt something. Something he's never felt before

Long. Hard. I can't even fit my hand around it.

With his other hand, Kurt slides his cell phone out of his pocket and shines it on his other hand.

Oh my god. Finn's cock. So beautiful.

He shines the light up to Finn. He's passed out. He turns the light back to his other hand.

So long.

One stroke.

So smooth.

He reaches in and pulls out Finn's balls.

So big. This explains why he can't dance well.

He pulls the rest of Finn's cock out of his boxers.


Before he can stop himself, he slides his mouth onto the head.


He tries to swallow more.

Too big.

He pulls back. He could barely suck half of Finn's cock.


He starts sucking.

Oh yes.

Finn moans.

Just a little longer.

Finn's cock begins to pulse.

Too soon.

Kurt pulls back in time to see a fountain of cum fly out and cover Finn's shirt. Kurt shines the light up Finn's body. A little cum even hit Finn in the face


Kurt stands up and leaves Finn where he is. He guides himself to the bathroom to do a quick moisturizing before bed.


Okay. I'm awake. I see lights, but I don't want to open my eyes. And why does my back hurt? Why am I not in my bed?

Finn opens his eyes and looks at the ceiling. He is laying between his and Kurt's bed. Kurt is sleeping silently. Finn sits up and starts freaking out.

Why is my cock hanging out?

He stuff his morning wood back into his boxers. As he does this he notices his dried-up, cum-covered shirt.

What the heck happened last night?

He gets up and races to the bathroom. He stares at himself in the mirror.

Why did I cum last night? I didn't jerk off.

He takes the shirt off and throws it in the hamper. He noticed some cum dried to his chin.


He scrubs it off as he hears Kurt moving around in the bedroom.

Kurt. Crap. Did he see anything last night? You know, I can just ask him. Play it cool.

Finn leaves the bathroom.


Kurt smiles remembering last night. He sighs as a shirtless Finn walks into the room. A few months ago, Finn was just a skinny jock, now he has a six pack with beautiful pecs.


"So, Kurt?" Finn goes to the closet and picks out a shirt. "I was wondering. Last night. Was I on the floor?"

"No. You were in bed. Why would you be on the floor?" Kurt entered the bathroom with a smile. He knew that Finn was watching after him.

Finn sighed with relief. "Oh nothing. I must have rolled off my bed sometime in the night."

Kurt turns back to Finn.

"Well I guess it's good that nothing happened then?" Kurt responded with a smile.

Kurt shuts the bathroom door and imagines Finn's big cock. Kurt looks down as he sees his bulge get bigger in his pajamas.

I wonder where I can go with all this.

So yeah, this is the revised version, at least some chapters will be since it got deleted the first time. Let me know what you think.