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Just a kiss goodnight

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright, with just a kiss goodnight"

She could hardly believe it. They danced their own steps and despite their disqualification the crowd loved them. There she was amongst her friends, and the man she'd grown to love over the past few weeks, Scott. His brown eyes sparkled as he smiled. She knew it was for the joy of dance, not just the thrill proving everyone wrong. They now were in the small space of Scott's home, in the midst of celebration. Colors of all types spun around her as their friends hugged and expressed their excitement. Through the din of the noise, she tried to capture Scott's gaze. As if on cue, his eyes flitted in her direction. If it were possible his smile widened, and he strode the few steps it took to reach her. Before she could say a word, he took her hand and pulled her to him, and then quickly pulled her along through the crowd with him to the front porch. He pulled her along so quickly she could help but wonder why. Given their kiss earlier in front of everyone in the ballroom, she could only guess what he may try now.
"Scott?" she asked almost breathlessly when they reached the outside of his home. Her eyebrows furrowed with the concern rising in her.
He noticed right away as he glanced back at her.

"Yeah, Fran?" he asked as he stopped just outside the door. He then gently guided her to lean on the outside wall away from the window's prying gaze. His voice sounded as breathless and she felt.

"Wh- what do you…what are you expecting…" Fran asked, her words getting jumbled. Scott laughed at her nervousness, stepping in closer to where their faces were mere inches apart.
"No worries Fran." he said moving one hand to caress the side of her face, and one that pulled her body close enough for a kiss. He lowered his head, and kissed her. It was gentle but lingered in a way that made Fran's heart race. He was still riding on the high of their win, and Fran knew they were in danger of stumbling into a different high that may have them both tearing apart what they had only just started. She returned the kiss for a few moments placed her hands gently on his face to break the kiss.
Scott looked at her puzzled.

"Did you really think I would take advantage of you on my front porch?" Scott said with a chuckle.
The admission made Fran laugh. She shook her head, shaking away the concern and haze his kiss put her brain in. The struggle between her own adore for him, and her sense of propriety.

"I don't know." she said honestly. "I've heard stranger stories."
It hit Scott then, she was concerned about ruining what they had, that it would just be a affair and then dissolve. The thought stung his heart, and dampened the emotional high that had lingered in his system before. He had seen the catholic crosses in her home, maybe it was that which held her back, or her own fear.
"Fran, I would never do something you weren't comfortable with." he reassured, playing with a curl that hung by her pretty face. He admired her clarity in balance to his mind that could be so passionate and head strong. His affection for her deepened in that moment. She wanted to see this through, and he respected that.

"Can I ask what you're afraid of?" he asked gently as she pressed her head into the hand playing with her hair.

"Messing all this up. Tonight's been more amazing than I could of dreamed of. I don't want to…go too far." she said. Her eyes looked conflicted. This obviously was a struggle for her.
"Too far meaning…" Scott pressed. She nodded, getting his drift. After all they had only known one another for three weeks. She had heard stories of couples and their passion, but she realized a theme in them. They burned bright, but never lasted long.
"Well, I stand by what I said. I will never, ever push you Fran." he said. His heart screamed inside him that he loved her. He loved her spirit, her courage, her joy, and her willingness to put him in his place when he as out of line. "I just wanted to be alone for a while. Away from the noise in there. This is a night for us, not the night. A great night. Let's focus on that." he said, trying to get her mind away from what bothered her.
"Alright." she nodded, excitedly. The brightness returned to her eyes, and the furrows in her brow were gone.
"You wanna go back in, or do you want to turn in?" Scott asked.
"I'm not sure I could sleep right now." Fran said. Scott suppressed a chuckle. She noticed and playfully nudged his arm. He laughed and put a strong arm around her, and lead her back inside. They were met with a few hoots and hollers from their friends.
"Hey, now. There are kiddies among us." Scott joked.
"Not for long." his overtired sister said through a yawn. Scott smiled and ran a hand over his younger sister's head. His mother then issued a decree that his youngest sibling get changed and ready for bed. Scott felt some tension rise after his sibling was out of sight. She sometimes acted as a buffer to his mum's moods, that were quite dramatic. Having a family of dancers, competitors and essentially artists contributed to that feeling. They all could have their moments of being overly emotional, or irrational. To his surprise he saw his mother smile. She walked by him without a word, and patted him lightly on the shoulder.
"Goodnight Scott, it's been a long night. You two behave now, I'm going to bed." she said with a wink. Fran chuckled and blushed through her makeup at the comment.
Their friends then started to slowly file out, and say their last congratulations, and goodbyes. Fran and Scott hugged and shook hands with them all, and by the end of it, the excitement of the night started to weigh their eyelids down with fatigue.
Fran's head rested in her palm as she saw Scott munch on a few vegetables arranged on a tray in the kitchen. Scott then looked at her as if his name was called.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Fran, you hungry?" he asked.
"Yeah, but it's getting late." she said, glancing at the clock that now said a quarter past eleven at night.
"It won't hurt you to eat late once Fran." he assured her. She nodded, and he brought her a plate with an assortment of fruit, veggies, and cheeses. Light fare he knew would hold her over, and not hurt her dancer's figure, but he doubted she was too concerned about that. He sat down next to her on the sofa she was sitting on, relishing her closeness. He removed his over jacket, and put an arm around her. She rested her head on him, and they were silent for a while, with only a few household noises, and the whir of a ceiling fan to be heard. Scott watched her nibble on the pieces of food he brought her, and tried to take the moment in. It was such a simple, some would say mundane moment compared to their win earlier. She placed her plate down on the coffee table, and covered her mouth with her hand as she yawned.
"Ready to go home?" Scott asked, slightly disappointed at the prospect but know she would need her rest.
"Yeah, but I don't want to go alone." she said placing her hand in his. Scott gestured to the door, and she gathered her things, and he grabbed the car keys to the family car. They made an effort to mind the noise they made as they exited the home and headed to the car. The night was fine, and there was a slight breeze blowing through the surrounding trees. To Fran, the night was even more enchanting and beautiful that usual, as she watched Scott saunter to the car in his confident way and excellent posture. She loved how angular he was, how masculine his form was. He never lost his masculine way of moving even when lost in the joy of dance. He exuded strength with every step, but when he gazed at her his eyes held a affection made the hair on her arms stand on end.
Scott opened the passenger side door for her and helped her put the dress she used for the beginners round, and other belongings in the seat behind her. He smiled at her as he rounded the car to slip into the driver's side.
The engine revved and then began the drive to Fran's humble abode.
"Thank you." Scott said, glancing at Fran.
"Hmm, for what?" Fran asked.
"For not letting me do anything stupid." Scott replied.
"It wasn't easy you know." Fran said honestly.
"I know. You alright with just a kiss goodnight?" Scott asked hopefully.
Fran smiled again.
"Of course." she replied. At this Scott slipped his free hand over to hers briefly before bringing it back up to the steering wheel. Again, Fran got gooseflesh on her hand, and her fingers twitched at the contact. She sighed and gazed out the window at the stars. She silently thanked whatever it was that made the night possible. Some power, some force, or entity, God perhaps. The thought of God flashed pictures of the crucifixes that hung in her house. "If that's you let me know." she silently pleaded into the air. There was no reply, no sign to be seen, just a lingering curiosity as they continued to drive in comfortable silence.
The moon shone down as they exited the car and Scott helped her retrieve her things. She could help but watch him move. He moved so beautifully, she could bear to miss a thing.
Scott felt her gaze.
"You staring at my…"
"No!" Fran said before he could finish his question. "Of course not."
"Mmhmm." Scott said teasingly. He strode the distance between them and wrapped his free arm around her shoulders holding her to him as they proceeded to walk to her home. She placed her head on his shoulder as they walked. A few lights were on in her home, and one in the hallway above.
"You alright with just a kiss goodnight?" Scott asked, knowing full well what she would say. She said nothing though and took her belongings from him and set them to the side, not breaking her gaze for more than a moment. The moment they were sat on the ground she brought her face to his, but let him take it from there. Their kiss was gentle, but heartfelt. He kissed for longer than before, placing her face in his hands to cradle it. The sweetness of the moment made a strange lump of emotion collect in his throat. This was something so different, it felt more right than he'd ever experienced and he would guard that with his life. He didn't even care that this night would end with just a kiss goodnight.

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