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PJO series has already happened, this is a year later; Percy is 18. Heroes of Olympus series never happens.


The warm, muggy evening of Bora Bora hugged the young goddess as she walked the gravel path between the small huts and peered in the windows of each sleepy dwelling. So far, she had yet to find what she had come for; the god of the Underworld was reknowned for his powers of concealment.

One thing was for certain- Hades was no amateur. Artemis had been trying to track the Underworld's monarchs all week and it was only this evening that she had finally caught the trail. It was faint and more broad than the goddess of the hunt would have preferred, but existent nonetheless.

When Zeus had thrust the task of delivering the young child of Persephone and Hades upon Artemis, the maiden had been sceptical. Why was abduction necessary? Why this particular child? Unfortunately, Zeus was adamant for his capture, claiming the child was a monster.

Despite the statement, Artemis had trouble believing that a child could be a danger to anyone- especially at such a young age. It was only when Zeus threatened to cast her mother, Leto into Tartarus that the hunter agreed.

So there she stood, peering through the open window that sat beside the small infant.

Hades, being the arrogant god he was, had underestimated the abilities of his fellow immortals and left his newest child unsupervised.

The child-god was extremely beautiful- even by immortal standards.

Large, delicate gold eyes stared at her intelligently, framed by wildly jet-black hair that fell in soft whisps around his face. His nose was small and angular, even with the added baby softness to his features. The young god simply stared up at her pensively with unsettling aptitude.

Godly children were quite different compared to mortals'. For one thing, immortal children were vastly intelligent and perceptive. It was no surprise to Artemis that Herodotus the young god could sense her godly presence and knew who she must be.

Herodotus did not cry, he simply stared up at her with curiousity, not uttering a sound other than the occasional confused babble.

Artemis smiled softly at him and waved her hand, forming images of silver deer with a flick of wrist. The colours and shapes fascinated the godling and his unnerving gaze deviated from her in favour of the newest wonder.

The goddess frowned to herself at what she had to do next. An innocent child like him was undeserving of whatever plans Zeus had concocted for him, but her mother's well-being was on the line.

Sighing, the goddess of the moon carefully picked up the young god, the illusionary deer moving with Herodotus. The young child's gaze flickered to the goddess in surprise and he let out a small gasp at her actions before his attention was recaptured by the deer. Artemis shifted him in one arm adoringly before flicking her wrist again to add a few other forest animals to the illusion to keep him captivated while she took him so she could remain unnoticed.

With a long look at the house she stood in front of, the goddess swept into the night and trasported herself to Olympus to deliver the young god to her father, a single tear trailing down her cheek. If only she had another option.

Zeus sat on his throne with a hand under his chin and rest on the arm of his throne. The fates had warned him that Herodotus would eventually overthrow his reign. He could not take any chances.

He'd sent Artemis to retrieve the child while he concocted a plan. Zeus needed to send the child somewhere where no one would expect him to be, where no one would know of Zeus' involvement and where there was no way for the young godling could survive (godly children weren't fully immortal until maturity).

Magical Britain it was, then.