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Arthur stood up and stretched, it had been a long morning at work but it was worth it, he now had the afternoon off, he locked up his office and wished people a good weekend as he made his way to the lift. Once the lift doors shut behind him he pushed the button and put his headphones in and turned his music up, a nice slow walk to clear his head from the busy morning was just what he needed.

Merlin put his hand up to a driver and silently thanked him as he hurried across the busy road. He wasn't in a rush as such, but he needed to get things done and best to get it done so he can have a relatively easy day tomorrow.

Merlin reached another set of traffic lights and smiled when he saw that they were on red, he saw a blond man in front of him step out to walk across but no-one else moved as they as well as Merlin saw a car speeding towards them and not having any intention of slowing down. "Hey watch out!" Merlin shouted to the blond who heard Merlin as much as he saw the car coming.

As Merlin saw the blond man show no signs of hearing him as he continued to walk, Merlin hurried forwards, pushing people out of the way, apologising as he did so. Merlin leaned forward and grabbed the blonds arm and with all his strength he pulled the blond man towards him.

Arthur who was starting to cross the road, jumped when he felt someone tightly grab his arm and pull him back. Arthur stumbled and turned, bumping into the man who grabbed him and crashed against his chest, knocking the dark haired man to the floor with him landing on top.

Merlin opened his eyes and locked them with ocean blue ones. "Didn't you hear me shout? You could have got knocked down just then." Arthur blinked and smiled.

"You just saved my life. Thank you. How can I repay you?"

"You can get off me. Laying on a stone floor isn't exactly comfortable."

Arthur jumped up. "I'm sorry." he said, holding his hand out to help the other man to his feet. "I'm Arthur."


"Can I buy you a coffee Merlin to say thank you? It's the least I can do."

Merlin checked his watch before looking up at Arthur, smiling. "Yeah alright then."

They were sat in the corner of a cafe not far from where Merlin saved Arthur. Arthur watched as Merlin who was sat across from him, take a sip of his coffee, closing his eyes briefly at the taste before looking at Arthur and blushed a little when he saw he was being watched. "I'm sorry."

Merlin frowned. "For what?"


"I don't mind. Honestly."

Arthur smiled. "Most blokes find it uncomfortable when I stare."

"I have had blokes stare like you just were at me and I always felt uncomfortable, but with you, it's different somehow. I like the fact that you like me enough to stare."

Arthur gave him a toothy smile. "So what do you do then Merlin?"

"I work in a cafe not far from where I live. I work nine until three and get weekends off, it pays enough to keep a roof over my head and keep me warm and full so I have just stayed there. It's better for me with the hours. Today is my day off."

"I'm glad it was Merlin. I noticed no-one else was brave enough to step out and stop me."

Merlin smiled. "So what do you do Arthur?"

"I work at Pendragon industries."

"Oh you are so lucky. I had an interview with Uther Pendragon. It was a job nine until five doing files and office work but he didn't even let me sit the interview. Said what the job employed is more of a receptionist job and I am the wrong sex for the job."

Arthur chuckled and nodded. "That sounds like father. But I am not like him, I need a new receptionist, how about I be your boss. You can work for me, nine until five, you get weekends off as do I and it is a lot more money than working in a cafe."

"He's your father? I'm sorry. But I can't have you do that for me."

"Merlin please let me do this. I can never repay you in full for saving my life, the least I can do is help you have a better one if I can. Please?"

Merlin seemed to be thinking about it before he smiled and shook Arthur's hand. "Okay boss."

Merlin looked at his watch and shot up. "Shoot. I have to get going. Thank you so much Arthur."

Arthur stood up. "You are welcome. You know where the building is. I am on the tenth floor ask for me and you will be shown the way."


"And thank you again Merlin."

Merlin nodded and went to walk away from Arthur but stopped and turned round to see Arthur watching. Merlin slowly walked up to Arthur and kissed his cheek and with a whispered 'thank you' in his ear, Merlin was gone.

Arthur smiled at Merlin's retreating figure and looked up at the clock on the cafe wall. 3:35pm.

Merlin turned up the next day just a few minutes past nine apologising but Arthur waved it off. "It's fine Merlin."

"Hectic morning."

"Sleep in?"

"Something like that."

Arthur nodded and smiled before he set about showing Merlin around, telling him what his job entailed.

It was two weeks later when Merlin found himself running. Arthur had an important meeting and five minutes after Arthur left did Merlin see the all important file that was needed in said meeting, was still laying on Arthur's desk.

Merlin couldn't wait for the lift so went for the stairs. Merlin burst through the door on the twelfth floor and saw Arthur laughing and joking with someone as they both went walking to the meeting room. "Mr Pendragon."

Both Uther and Arthur looked up at the name called and Arthur smiled when he saw Merlin and excused himself and walked over to Merlin who was trying to catch his breath. "Merlin are you alright?"

"You left this on your desk." Merlin panted holding the file up, smiling when Arthur smiled. "Thank you Merlin. I can't believe I forgot this. What would I do without you."

"Giving how we met you wouldn't be doing much."

Arthur chuckled. "That's right."

"Arthur I don't suppose I can get off now?"

Arthur looked at his watch. "It's only three o'clock. There is still two more hours."

"I know that Arthur but you will be in this meeting until gone five and I have done all my work so all I will be doing is sitting twiddling my thumbs."

"Go on then Merlin. I'll see you tomorrow."

Merlin beamed and checked to see if anyone was watching before kissing Arthur. "I will make it up to you."

"I know you will." Arthur promised and with a flirtatious smile and a wink, Arthur turned and walked away.

It was two weeks later and Merlin was in Arthur's flat, bed and arms. It was Sunday morning and Merlin had been in Arthur's flat since Saturday afternoon. "You awake baby?"

Merlin smiled and looked up and smiled at Arthur and gave him what was meant to be a good morning kiss but Arthur's fingers threading through his hair and holding him there made Merlin roll on top of Arthur. Merlin pulled his lips away from Arthur's and started to kiss up to his ear. "I'm sorry for running out on you Friday night."

"It's fine Merlin. I'm getting used to it."

Merlin pulled back and looked at Arthur who after seeing the hurt look on his boyfriend's face, regretted it. "Merlin I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that."

"Then how did you mean it?" Merlin asked as he rolled of Arthur and on to his back. Arthur followed and laid on top of Merlin.

"Baby come on. Even you must admit that you do dash off quite suddenly sometimes."

"I do and I am sorry for that. I don't mean to."

After the first few times Arthur had thought Merlin was worried or scared as when he had dashed off was when they were about to have sex but now Arthur thought he might just be having commitment issues and Arthur found that he could deal with that and even help Merlin overcome them if it meant Merlin was still with him.

"I know you don't baby. And honestly it is not a problem. Okay?"

Merlin smiled, "okay." he whispered before bringing Arthur lips down to meet his. Arthur nipped and licked Merlin's bottom lip and was granted entrance, thrusting his tongue in straight away. Running his hands down the pale body under him Arthur ground his erection against the brunets, making him moan and throw his head back into the pillow.

Arthur saw that pale neck and latched his lips upon it, nipping, biting and sucking before running his tongue over the bite, soothing it.

Merlin let his hands roam down the blonds back and stopped when he reached the globes of Arthur's arse, squeezing the cheeks. "Arthur please I need you now."

"I need to stretch you Merlin."

"No Arthur. It has only been a few hours since the last time. Please Arthur. Now."

Arthur lifted Merlin's left leg with his right hand, placing it around him and moved to do the same with Merlin's right leg with his left hand before holding his cock at Merlin's entrance. Arthur planned on entering slowly but Merlin using the advantage of having his legs around Arthur, tightened his hold on Arthur with his legs and thrust up, moaning when he felt the fullness of Arthur in him.

"That's cheating."

"I don't care. Arthur fuck me please. Fuck me hard."

Arthur didn't need telling twice as he started to pound into the man under him, smiling at the sight of Merlin with his eyes closed, biting his lip to stop himself from yelling out. Arthur slowed his pace and kissed Merlin's lips. "Yell all you like Merlin. I love to hear you scream."

And Merlin did scream, yelling at Arthur to go harder, faster. His blunt fingernails digging into the blonds back. "Oh Arthur I'm close."

"Me too. Cum with me baby." Arthur panted as he wrapped his hand around Merlin's cock and started to pump it in time with his thrusts. After three hard tugs, Merlin came, covering them both with Arthur's name on his lips as the blond came as soon as he saw Merlin's expression as he came shouting out Merlin's name as he spilled all he had into the man under him.

Arthur pulled out of Merlin and dropped onto his back and pulled Merlin into his arms where they both fell asleep again within seconds.

It was a few hours later when the shrill of Merlin's mobile phone ringing awoke the sleeping pair. Merlin groaned and moved from Arthur's hold to answer his phone. "Hello?" Arthur laid and watched as Merlin went from lying down to sitting up straight. "I'll be there as soon as." Merlin said and shot off the bed and began searching for his clothes.

"Merlin are you alright?"

"I need to go Arthur."

"Again? I thought we had the whole weekend together Merlin."

"I thought so too but something has come up and I need to go now." Merlin said in exasperation as he finished getting dressed. Merlin turned at the silent answer and saw Arthur fold his arms as he turned his head to look out of the window.

"Arthur. Don't be like this please. I want to stay here as much as you want me too but I have to leave now." Merlin knelt on the bed and cupped the blonds cock through the bed sheets and squeezed making Arthur moan and turn to face him. Merlin smiled and leaned down and gave Arthur a slow and sensual kiss. "I promise I will make it up to you."

Arthur smiled. "I know you will. Go."

"See you tomorrow sexy."

"Bye baby." Merlin smiled and with one last kiss, Merlin left Arthur alone.

Arthur checked his phone before going to bed that night and found that he had no new messages or calls from Merlin. They had only been together for a few weeks and already Arthur found himself falling in love with Merlin.

The next morning Arthur walked out of the lift and turned the corner with a smile on his face ready for when he saw Merlin sat at his desk just outside his office but his smile faded when he saw that Merlin wasn't there. Merlin was always there before him, greeting him with his smile. Where was Merlin?

Arthur unlocked his office door and walked in, shutting it behind him and took his phone out and rang Merlin who answered after five rings. "Hello?"

"Merlin it's me. Are you alright? Why haven't you come in?"

"I'm sorry Arthur I will be tomorrow it just my mother has had a bit of a scare but she seems better now."

"Hey don't worry and don't come in tomorrow if she still isn't well."

"No I will be in Arthur. I have someone to look after her."

Arthur held the phone away from his ear when he heard a little girl shout daddy. "Merlin where are you?"

"Just stood outside my mums house. There are some kids playing outside."

"Oh right. Well give her my best and don't worry about tomorrow baby."

"Thank you. And I will be there tomorrow...I miss you Arthur."

"I miss you too baby. See you tomorrow."

"Bye Arthur."

Arthur shut his phone down and sat behind his desk and got ready for the day.

The morning had dragged by for Arthur as he didn't have Merlin with him. He got that used to having Merlin with him he found himself hating work when he wasn't there. On his lunch break he decided to go and see Merlin. Luckily he knew where Hunith lived as Merlin and Arthur sometimes talk well into the night whilst in each others arms.

Picking his keys up he left his office with a smile on his face, looking forward to seeing his Merlin.

Arthur took a slow drive and within twenty minutes he found himself just down the road from Hunith's house. He smiled when he saw Merlin sat on a bench next to his mum in her garden and was about to get out of the car when he heard a woman shout his name.

Arthur watched as a woman walked out of Hunith's house and up to Merlin handing him a mug. Arthur felt his heart break a little when Merlin kissed her cheek as he took the mug off her. Merlin was married. That explained why he told no-one about them. Arthur, heartbroken, was about to start his car when he heard a little girl's voice, just like he did when on the phone to Merlin that morning. "Daddy!"

Merlin placed his mug down and picked the little girl up and spun her around making her laugh before holding her close.

Arthur's vision blurred as tears came to the surface. Not only was Merlin married, he had a family. Arthur was his bit on the side, his dirty secret. Arthur felt sick as he started his car and did a u turn and sped off away from Hunith's house.

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