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Merlin got into work and sat down at his desk and turned his computer on. "Oh daddy does that have games on it?"

"No darling it doesn't."

"But all computers have games."

"Not ones that is for work only."

Scarlet sat on the floor beside Merlin and plugged her headphones in and started to play on her game. Merlin smiled knowing that his daughter will now be quiet for a couple of hours.

Thirty minutes later Arthur walked in. "Morning Merlin."

"Morning Arthur. I have put your schedule for today on your desk."

"Thank you Merlin I-" Arthur stopped when he felt something soft hit him on the head.


"What? He said morning to you and not me. That's rude."

Arthur walked around the other side of Merlin's desk and saw a little girl sat watching him. So this was Merlin's daughter. She was her dad's double. Arthur crouched down and made sure he was face level with the little girl. "I didn't see you to say morning."

"But you knew I would be here with my daddy today."

"That I did and if I saw you I would have said morning."

"You can see me now."

"Scarlet. Manners."

"She's fine Merlin. Good morning Scarlet."

"Morning Arty. I have a friend at school called Arthur and he hates his name so I call him Arty. I will call you that as well."

"You will call him 'Mr Pendragon' Scarlet."

"She's fine Merlin." Arthur assured his ex as he stood up and walked into his office.

Merlin waited until the door was shut before looking at his daughter. "You are more like me than I would like you to be."

Scarlet gave her daddy a cheeky smile and continued to play her game.

A couple of hours later had Merlin making his daughter to promise to not move from her spot beside his desk whilst he went to sort something out.

As soon as Merlin was out of sight, Scarlet stood up and walked over to Arthur's door and knocked twice, opening it when she heard Arthur call out, "come in."

"Hello Arty."

"Scarlet? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Can I sit on your sofa. I don't like sitting on the floor. I will be good I promise. I have my game and my headphones so I won't be noisy."

Arthur looked at her closely before answering. "Okay."

Scarlet beamed at him and ran up to the sofa. "Not that one."


"It's not comfortable. Sit on the red one."


Arthur watched as she ran and jumped on the red sofa. Truth was the other sofa was extremely comfortable, but that was his and Merlin's sofa from when they used to, well, pass the time, so to say. He knew it was silly but to him that was his and Merlin's sofa.

After five minutes Arthur looked at Scarlet. "Are you alright here five minutes?"

"I will be."

Arthur nodded and left his office.

Arthur walked into his office and stopped at the sight in front of him. Scarlet was sat in Arthur's chair that had been pushed so far away from the desk. Scarlet was spinning round and round in his office chair. "Scarlet?"

"This is fun. Do you do this when bored?"

"I never get time to get bored."

Scarlet stopped and looked up at Arthur. "Never?"


"Can you try it with me. You are strong so you can make it go faster."

Arthur sighed and looked at the hopeful little girl in his chair, "two minutes." he said and sat in his chair, lifting Scarlet up and on to his knee. "Hold on tight."

When Arthur saw her holding on tight to the chair arms Arthur started to spin and couldn't help but smile and laugh when Scarlet started to squeal and laugh.

Just then the office door opened and Merlin walked in. "Arthur I have those docu-" Merlin stopped when Arthur and Scarlet came to a stop. Arthur cleared his throat and lifted Scarlet off his knee and sat her back in his chair. "I'm off. I have a meeting. Just put the reports on my desk. Thank you Merlin."

It was the Friday afternoon and Scarlet was here for the last time today as it was back to school on Monday. As the week went on Arthur found himself falling in love with Merlin's daughter and loved that he was as he told Merlin that they couldn't be together as he couldn't see his daughter like that and now he did. He would have to talk to Merlin about it on Monday.


Arthur looked up from his paperwork and saw Scarlet watching him with a frown on her face. "Where's your daddy Scarlet?"

"Gone to get a drink. Can I ask you something."

"Of course."

"Last night before daddy put me to bed a man knocked on our door and asked daddy on a date. What's one of them?"

"What did your daddy say?"

"He said that he was already with someone. Does he mean me?"

"Of course precious."

Scarlet smiled and laid down on Arthur's sofa and Arthur removed his suit jacket and covered Scarlet with it. "You tired?"

"A little. I heard daddy last night. But he doesn't know that I heard him."

"What did you hear your daddy do?"

"Cry. He does that often when he thinks I'm asleep."

Arthur sighed and brushed back the sleepy girls fringe. "Sleep for a while precious."

"Okay Arty."

Thirty minutes later Merlin came walking into Arthur's office and sighed with relief when he saw his daughter. "Scarlet-"

"Shh. She's asleep. Merlin I need to talk to you privately as soon as. I know you have your daughter over the weekend so it can wait until Monday."

"Arthur I am free this weekend. Ruby comes home today and has asked if she can have Scarlet for the weekend. I can be round your place for about noon."

"Okay. Then noon tomorrow it is."

The next morning Merlin dropped his daughter off at Ruby's. "You be a good girl for your aunt Ruby sweetheart and I will pick you up tomorrow tea time."

"Okay daddy." Scarlet said as she wrapped her small arms around Merlin's neck. "Love you daddy."

"Love you too sweetheart." Merlin passed his daughters things over to Ruby and left.

Once the door closed behind Merlin Ruby picked Scarlet up. "How was your week?"

"It was great fun. I got to spend all day everyday with daddy and Arthur."

"Did you do as I told you to with Arthur?"

"I did and he likes me a lot now and whilst I was pretending to be asleep I heard them talking and daddy is seeing Arthur today at his home."

"Good girl."

"Aunt Ruby? What is a date?"

Merlin knocked on Arthur's door and waited for Arthur to answer, who opened the door thirty seconds later with a frown on his face. "Why didn't you use your key?"

"Because I left it here that day."


"You said that we cannot be together how I wanted us to be before and we have not got any closer since then Arthur. You and I just work together now. Why have a key if I am no longer your lover."

Arthur heard the hurt and disappointment in Merlin's voice. "Come in Merlin. A long talk between us is well overdue."

Merlin said nothing but merely nodded as he walked into Arthur's flat. He toed off his shoes and shrugged out of his coat and walked into the living area as Arthur walked into the kitchen to make a drink.

Five minutes later Arthur joined Merlin on the settee and placed two cups on the table in front of them. Drawing his hands back from the mugs, Arthur took Merlin's hand that was resting on the sofa in his hand and started to play with the long slender fingers.

"What do you want to talk about Arthur?"

Arthur looked up and found himself getting lost in the ocean blue eyes that were Merlin's. "I can't do this anymore Merlin."

"Do what?"

"Keep this up. Trying to be civil and act in front of everyone that what we had was nothing. I don't want the first time I see you in the morning is when I get to work. I want it to be when I wake up. I don't want to say goodnight to you as I leave work. I want to say goodnight to you as I close my eyes. I don't want a spare room full of weights. I want it full of what Scarlet wants in there for her room. I don't want to only see you at work either I want to see you at home as well. I want to leave here in the morning with you and drop Scarlet off at school wishing her a good day before we both go to work together."

"Arthur that's marriage and family."

"I know Merlin. As far as I am concerned, you and Scarlet are all the family I need. I love you Merlin." Arthur reached up with one hand and used his thumb to swipe away a lone tear that escaped and made its way down the brunets cheek.

"What do you say Merlin? Will you and Scarlet move in here with me where we can be a proper family."

Instead of answering, Merlin threw himself on Arthur making the blond laugh as he fell back on the sofa, securing Merlin in his arms where he belonged.

Not being able to wait and want to stop to walk to the bedroom, they started pulling at each others clothes. Arthur pulled his t-shirt over his head and did the same with Merlin's, chucking them both somewhere behind him. Merlin got off Arthur and quickly undone his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxer briefs and socks.

Standing naked in front of Arthur, Merlin smiled and leaned over Arthur and tucked his fingers under the waistband of Arthur's jogging bottoms and with a quick pull, Merlin pulled them down and chucked them on the floor next to his trousers leaving Arthur lying there without a stitch on staring up at Merlin. "Are you coming baby?"

"Soon." Merlin smiled and crawled on top of Arthur.

"Merlin baby we need some lube otherwise it will hurt."

"Do you still have some?"

"Merlin it hasn't been touched since we last had sex." Arthur watched with a smile as Merlin jumped up and hurried over to the bedroom. Arthur's eyes dropped to Merlin's arse and watched it as he walked into the bedroom and Arthur loved that the drawer where the lube was kept, you could see from where Arthur was sat on the sofa and Arthur couldn't tear his eyes away, especially when Merlin bent forwards to get the lube. It took Arthur everything to rush over and forget the lube and fuck Merlin. It had been too long. "Gods Merlin."

Merlin looked over his shoulder and saw that Arthur's eyes where looking at his arse. "Flat on your back Arthur and lay perfectly still."

Arthur did as he was told and just moving his head, he saw Merlin run up to the back of the sofa and place one hand on the back as his legs went in the air to jump over the back of the sofa and before he landed, Arthur watched as Merlin opened his legs at the knees and landed on Arthur, one leg either side of Arthur's legs.

"I must admit I panicked then in case your knee didn't quite go to the side."

Merlin laughed and placed the lube in Arthur's hands as he leaned down and started to kiss Arthur who started to squeeze the lube onto his fingers.

Merlin sat up and raised his hips to let Arthur prepare him. Feeling Arthur push two lubed fingers into him, Merlin started to bounce up and down on the blonds fingers, his head thrown back.

"Baby slow down a little."

"Can't Arthur. I have missed you so much. Need you...need you now." Merlin panted.

Arthur continued to fuck Merlin with his fingers whilst Merlin lubed his fingers up and took Arthur's erection in his hands, slowly stroking the hard shaft before speeding up. "Remove your fingers Arthur."

Arthur did so and watched as Merlin shuffled forward a little and positioned the blonds cock at his entrance and sunk down, his head thrown back and moaning as Arthur gripped his hips. "Hands Arthur."

Arthur lifted his hands and held them up for Merlin who slapped his hands on Arthur's and entwined their fingers as he started to bounce up and down .

"Fuck Merlin it has been too long."

"Oh yes Arthur." Merlin hissed as he got faster. "Fuck I have missed this, us. Never again do I want to go so long without you."

"I know baby." Arthur thrust his hips up and hit Merlin's spot making the brunet yell. "Oh right there Arthur. Again."

Arthur continued to thrust up, continuing to hit that spot over and over again. Merlin's grip got tighter and tighter as he came with a yell of Arthur's name, spurting his cum all over Arthur's stomach as the blond came inside of Merlin with a final thrust upwards, spilling all he had inside the man he loved.

Not caring about the cum on Arthur's stomach, Merlin dropped forwards and buried his face into Arthur's neck, inhaling deeply.


Arthur awoke with a start when he felt the bed bounce. He lifted the duvet up and saw a smiling Scarlet. "Morning precious, what are you doing here?"

"I'm hiding from daddy papa."


"We are playing hide and seek."

Merlin came into the bedroom and saw Arthur sitting on the edge of the bed. "Afternoon."

"Afternoon? It's thirty minutes past nine."

"Exactly. I have been up two hours with Scarlet. I still can't get over how she gets up early on days off school and when it is a school day she sleeps in."

"Is she in her room?"

"No she is hiding somewhere." Merlin sat on the bottom of his and Arthur's bed and smiled at the very obvious lump under the duvet. Arthur smiled also and nodded his head slightly. "Well we were playing hide and seek and I was planning on taking her out shopping and treating her today but if I can't find her then she can't get treated to something."

Just then the duvet cover got thrown back and a beaming Scarlet jumped up. "I'm here daddy."

"So you are. Your breakfast is on the kitchen table sweetheart, sooner you eat that and get washed and dressed then the sooner we can go."

Arthur laughed as Scarlet jumped from the bed and ran from the room. Arthur shuffled down the bed and pulled Merlin towards him, falling onto his back with Merlin falling on top of him. "Arthur!"

"Five minutes."

"No Arthur. I can't have five minutes. At night when my daughter is asleep then we can but when my daughter is awake and in the next room we can't." Merlin said as he kissed Arthur and got off the bed and left the room, missing the hurt look on Arthur's face when he referred to Scarlet as his daughter. Arthur knew she was Merlin's daughter but he liked to think that she was now their daughter. Obviously not. Arthur sighed and got some clean clothes and walked from the bedroom and into the kitchen and kissed Scarlet on the head. "Have fun with your daddy today precious."

"You're not coming with us Arthur?"

"I can't. Too much on."

Merlin frowned at the sound of Arthur's voice. He knew he was lying. Why lie to get out of spending the day together? Something Merlin wanted to know.

Merlin had just walked in from dropping Scarlet off at his mum's as she stayed with her nan every Friday night without fail. Merlin wanted to talk to Arthur to see what was bothering him so he dropped his daughter off in the afternoon and went home. "Arthur?"

When Merlin got no answer he went searching the flat and stopped when he reached his and Arthur's bedroom and found Arthur laying in the middle of their bed with his headphones in and his eyes closed. Merlin walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, shaking Arthur's leg slightly.

Arthur pulled the headphones out and smiled at Merlin. "So this is what you call having too much on is it Arthur?"

"What do you mean?"

"This morning you said you couldn't come with me and Scarlet because you had too much on. I knew you was lying, what I don't know is why. What's wrong Arthur. I always know when something is bothering you."

"I feel like you are still trying to keep a distance between us and between me and Scarlet. After all Merlin you have never left me alone with her for long periods of time, it's as if you don't trust me."

When Merlin just continued to look at Arthur, the blond sighed and got off the bed and walked over to his chest of drawers and opened the top one. He pulled out a ring box and placed it beside Merlin. "I wanted to give you this, to make us a real family but you're the one that's holding back, that's preventing us. So it's up to you now. If you wear it then Scarlet will be our daughter, if you don't then, we'll stay as we are."

Arthur only got as far as the bedroom door before he felt arms wrap around him from behind. "I'm sorry Arthur. I had no idea I was making you feel like that. If I did I would never have done it."

Arthur looked down at the hands on his chest and saw the silver band on the ring finger of Merlin's left hand. "Scarlet is and always will be our daughter Arthur. I am sorry for losing sight of that."

Arthur turned in Merlin's arms. "Now I feel guilty for feeling like this. Scarlet is your daughter Merlin."

"She is our daughter Arthur. She will be as much as your daughter as well as mine when we sign the adoption papers."

"Adoption? You mean it?"

"I really do Arthur. Once the papers are signed we can marry and think of having more children."

"How Merlin?"

"There are ways and means Arthur."

Arthur gave Merlin his brightest smile and carried him over to the bed. "I love you Merlin." he said as he laid his fiance down and moved to lay on top of him.

"I love you too Arthur."

Arthur smiled and moved down to join their lips together. Right at this moment in time Arthur knew he had never been so happy, he had a fiance, daughter and plans for more children in the future. Merlin saving Arthur from getting knocked over that day, Arthur just knew that on that day eighteen months ago, Merlin really did save his life in more ways than one.

The end.

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