Chapter 2

Phase 2

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"Exelent, everything is going according to plan," a man said in the shadows as he pulled out an inter deminsional communicator."Skulker!" he yelled into the communicator.

"Yes," Skulker said as he came on the communicators screen.

"Have they crossed through the portal yet?" he asked.

"Yes sir and they landed right where you said they would," Skulker said.

"Good. Begin phase 2," the man said and snapped the communicator shut."Soon my plan shall be complete and young Daniel will come crawling to me."

Chase's Campsite

Danny's POV

"Oh, what hit me?" I said as I sat up. I was relieved to find that I was still in ghost form. After my mind started to clear I remembered getting shot through the portal with Alex, then all went black."Wait, where's Alex?" I thought as I looked around. Then I saw her a few feet in front of me, lying on her stomach and just begining to stir.

"What?Where am I?" She asked as she pushed herself up with one hand and held her head with her other hand.

"Not sure," I said as I walked toward her. She jumped, not expecting anyone to answer her, but when she saw it was me she calmed down.

"Do you know what happened?" she asked and looked at her scratches on her her arms. She looked looked relieved as I was when she saw she was still in her ghost form.

"All I remember was getting shot through the portal with you," I said.

"Shot?" She asked surprised,"I remember looking at the portal then waking up here."

"Huh. Maybe you took most of the blast," I said. She started staring at something. Suddenly her face went pailer than usual, but immediately went back to it's normal ghostly color.

"Maybe. Do you think we could ask them?" she asked and pointed to the five teens standing behind me, wispering. I turned around just as one of the teens stepped up. He had black hair and blue eyes, wearing a black shirt, a blue jacket with white on the shoulders and down part of the front, brown pants and belt, and black boots.

"Who are you," he said and I looked at Alex, her face showed both recognition and fear.

Alex's POV

I couldn't believe it. One minute I'm in Amity Park and the next I'm in a different deminsion talking to Danny and now Chase and his friends are here wispering behind Danny's back. I was focusing on what they were saying and only half listening to what Danny was saying.

Chase and friends wispering.

"Ok so the vision is already coming true, but maybe we can keep them from attacking us," Chase said to his friends.

"What should we do?" Beyal asked also staring us.

"I say we hit 'em hard before they can do anything to us," Dax said pulling out his Monsuno.

"How about we try the direct approach," Chase said.

"You know something, that girl looks kind of familiar," Jinja said staring at me.

"Yeah, maybe Jinja's on to something, I think we've seen her before," Bren said and saw my face turn whiter than before, but imediately returning to it's earlier color.

"Well then let's see who she is," Chase said and turned around in time to see me point at them and Danny turn towards them.

Back to my normal hearing

Chase stepped forward.

"Who are you?" he asked narrowing his eyes at me. Danny looked at me.

"You can tell them our ghost names, just don't give them our real names or change in front of them," I wispered to Danny and he nodded.

"My name is Danny Phantom and this is my friend Black Phantom," he said gesturing to me. I just waved.

"I'm Chase and these are my friends, Jinja,Bren,Beyal, and Dax," Chase said as he pointed to each of them. Dax eyed us suspiciously. Suddenly there came a blast from the forest that nearly hit Danny and Skulker emerged from the bushes.

"SKULKER!" Danny yelled, his hands starting to glow, which surprised Chase and his team,"What are you doing here?"

"Following you so I can capture these kids and bring them back to our employer. Don't you remember, Apprentices?" he said with a smirk on his face. Chase immediatly grabbed his Monsuno and prepared for battle, his friends (beside's Dax) did the same.

"WHAT!" Danny yelled, his hair turning into flames. Skulker took a step back.

"Danny, calm down! Your hair looks like Dan's!" I yelled trying to get him to calm down. Once he heard the Dan part he took a deep breath and his hair went back to normal. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then I heard Chase yell,

"LOCK! Launch!" he spun the core, causing it to hit a tree and release a giant polar bear with blue crystals. It roared violently. Danny fell backward at the sight,Skulker ran into the forest, but I had seen him before so I wasn't surprised. After he recovered, Danny charged at Lock, but got swatted away.

"Danny!" I yelled and ran to see if he was ok.

Skulkers POV

"Phase 2 complete, they are battling as we speek," I said into the inter deminsional communicator.

"Excelent," A man said,"Soon Daniel will come running to me." The screen went blank.

"And I shall have his pelt," I said after the screen went blank."Your days are numbered Whelp." and with that I flew off.


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