Chapter 3

Strangers in a strange land

Chase's POV

"So these guys are out to get us. Well that's not gonna happen," I thought as I took out Lock's core.

"Danny,calm down! Your hair looks like Dan's!" Black yelled. I looked up to see Danny's hair turn from a blue fire back to his white hair.

"What the crag," I heard Dax say and I was thinking the same thing.

"Who are these guys?" I said after Black sighed, obviously relieved, but the question is why?

"I don't know, but aren't we suppose to be fighting them?" Jinja asked.

"Oh, yeah. LOCK! Launch!" I yelled and threw Lock's core. It dinged against a tree and a blue light appeared. A giant polar bear with blue crystals on it came out of the light. The metal guy ran out of the clearing, Danny fell backwards, but Black seemed to expect this and was unaffected by Lock. After Danny recovered, he charged at Lock, but Lock swatted him away by his huge paw. Danny seemed stunned as he flew through the air and hit a tree.

"Danny!" Black cried and ran to see if he was ok. Lock tried to swat her away, but she went through his paw.

"What, how?" I asked.

"I don't know," Jinja said as stunned as the rest of us. I saw Danny get up as Black reached him, they talked for a minute while I processed everything that happened. Then I saw Lock charge at them and they did something impossible. They FLEW! Up in the air! Danny shot some beam at Lock and I was in too much shock to say anything.

Alex's(a.k.a Black's) POV

I ran to see if Danny was ok. I saw Locks paw coming at me and I quickly went intangible as I ran, allowing me to pass harmlessly through it. When I reached Danny he was just getting up.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he said."How do we beat that thing?"

"hmm" I said and I thought for a minute then snapped my fingers."I got it!"

"Got what?" he asked.

"A plan," I said then I whispered the plan in his ear.

"Got it," he said, then the ground started shaking and when we looked up we saw Lock charging at us. We flew up, nearly missing the monsunos attack, causing it to hit a tree. I looked back to see the shocked look on Chase's face.

"Priceless!" I thought holding back a laugh.

"Uh, Black, anytime you want to start the plan!" Danny yelled, snapping me back to reality.

"Oh, right," I said as I landed on the ground. "Yo Fur Ball!," I yelled at Lock as I waved my hands. He looked at me and growled."Why are you going after him, I'm the one that's the bigger threat!"

"Hey!" Danny yelled sarcastically and I smiled. Lock turned his attention on me and I started running. He chased after me and I started dodging attacks and shooting light blasts from my hands to keep it angry. The whole time I'd been concentrating on making copies of myself and Danny had been building up strength and waiting for my signal. Finally I was able to split myself into four copy's.

"Come and catch me!" three of the four yelled and ran in different directions. The I became invisible and flew over to Team Core-Tech. Lock was momentarily confused.

"Lock! Go after the one that ran to your left!" Chase yelled helping his monsuno. Lock obeyed and ran to his left. While I was invisible and waiting for the right moment. Lock took out Alex's1&2 and was going after 3. I saw my chance and overshadowed Jinja.

"Now!" I yelled. Danny let out his ghostly wail, his most powerful attack, on Lock. Lock's health dropped to red. I gave Alex3 the signal and she overshadowed Lock. Lock's core flashed from blue to yellow back and forth, because he was fighting against being controlled. Finally it turned all yellow.

"What the-" Chase said, but then he saw Lock's crystals, eyes, and chest turn yellow. His health was back up and I put the second part of our plan into action. (Still in Jinja's body) I grabbed the core from Chase.

"Jinja, what are you doing?" Beyal asked as I ran to Danny.

"You ok?" I asked Danny, who was sitting down panting.

"Alex?" he asked quietly.

"Who'd you think it was," I said and helped him up.

" monster," he said between breaths.

"Alex3 is in Lock," I whispered, "but the plan worked. I've got Jinja, Lock, his core, and we're still in our ghost forms," I said and he smiled.

Chase's POV

"Now!" Jinja shouted, only it didn't sound like Jinja, it sounded like that Black Phantom girl.

"It's probably my imagination," I thought, but then Danny let out some wail that was so loud that I had to cover my ears. When the wail stopped and I uncovered my ears I looked at Locks health.

"He's almost drained! Not good," I thought. Then I saw his core turn from blue to yellow and back to blue. "That's probably worse." The core went all yellow.

"What the-" I said shocked, then I looked up and saw the same thing happen to Lock's crystals, eyes, and chest. "Ok, this really isn't my day," I thought, then Jinja grabbed the core from my hands and ran to Danny.

"Jinja, what are you doing?" Beyal asked obviously surprised by Jinja's actions.

"Jinja!" I called out, but she didn't hear me. She was talking with Danny. "JINJA!" I yelled louder. She turned and I saw her eyes. Her eyes weren't their normal color, they were green, glowing in fact. I stared at her for a minute then said her name one more time. Her eyes changed from green, back to blue and she put a hand to her head.

"Chase?" she said and I ran up to her.

"Are you ok?" I asked worriedly.

"I-I-I," she stuttered before her eyes changed back to green and she pushed me to the ground.

"Wow, this ones stronger than I remem-thought," she said, this time I was sure it was Black's voice.

"Black? What did you do to Jinja," I demanded.

"I'm just taking her for a joy ride," she said and walked back over to Danny. I was done being shocked.

"NIGHTSTONE! LAUNCH!" I yelled and spun Nightstone's core. Then it was Nightstone vs. Lock.

Alex's POV

"Great, now I have to fight," I thought and handed Lock's core to Danny.

"What am I suppose to do with this?" he asked.

"It'll show you Lock's health, you have to command him to do attacks," I told him.

"How?" he asked again.

"We don't have time for this!" I said. I used some of my power to link to Danny's mind and show him how to work the core."It'll be in your control as long as it's yellow."

"Ok, but can't your copy control him," he said.

"Just do as I said," I replied and ran to the rest of Team Core-Tech. I managed to use my shapeshifting powers to make my eyes and voice look and sound like Jinja's.

"Hey guys," I said faking a little guilt.

"Jinja? What happened to you?" Beyal asked.

"I'm not sure. I was watching those guys fight Lock, then I felt weird, next thing I knew I was talking to Chase and then running to you guys," I replied.

"You don't remember anything else after Lock got taken over?" Bren asked.

"Lock got taken over?" I said faking the surprise in my voice.

"Yeah, that Black girl did something to him," Dax said and pointed to Lock. I turned and saw Lock and how my copy made him.

"Does the yellow mean that they're working for Storm?" I asked.

"That would make sense, I mean that metal guy said they had an employer. Maybe it's Storm!" Bren said. Suddenly I felt my copy getting weaker and I knew it wouldn't be long before Lock returned to his core and to Chase. I turned and nodded to Danny and he understood. I let my copy return to me and flew out of Jinja, who collapsed soon after. Lock turned back to blue and his health was gone, he returned to his core and I turned invisible and snuck the core back on Chase's belt. After that Danny turned invisible and we flew off to find Skulker and get back home.