Chapter 4

Secrets, Visions, and Traps

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Alex's POV

"What do we do now? I mean we'll run out of food eventually," Danny reminded me.

"Ugh! I hate it when your right," I said and he laughed. "I guess we can change back and head into town in the morning." I yawned and let the white rings pass over me turning me from Black Phantom to Alex Star.

"Ok. Alex can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Sure," I said and threw another stick in the fire.

"How come you didn't what them to know who we are," he asked. I stopped pitching my tent, looked at him, and sighed.

"It was a year ago, I was living in a run down home with my to best friends, Alex and Naomi. One day-" I said, but got interrupted by Danny.

"Wait, you lived with someone with the same name as you?" he asked surprised.

"Yes and this Alex was a boy, now where was I? Oh yeah. One day when I was practicing with my new monsuono Ilene Striker came and tried to release Shriek, Alex came out and-"

"Who's Shriek?" Danny interrupted again. I sighed.

"Shriek is the reason I'm half ghost. I know I never told you this, but I think it's time I let this secret out. I had my light powers before I became half ghost, and don't interrupt this time, anyway I also have dark powers and a dark side to go with it. When ever my light powers become weaker my dark powers become stronger and when my dark powers become to strong-"

"Your dark side comes out, now I get it. Shriek is your dark side and she makes you do thing you don't want to," Danny said.

"Yeah. when I was 13 I was walking in a forest, trying to find a comfy place to spend the night. Well I didn't find one, but I did find a ghost portal. Of course at the time I didn't know it was a ghost portal, so naturally I decided to explore it. Because of my dark powers as soon as I stepped in the ectoplasm in that portal bonded with my DNA. It's also tied directly to my dark powers. So Shriek can access Black Phantom to. Now back to the first story. It was the day after my birthday, that's why I had a new monsuno, Ilene came and tried to release Shriek. Alex came out when he heard the commotion and launched his monsuno...


"Wildfire! Launch!" Alex yelled as he spun the core. It hit a tree and out came a wolf, lion, tiger monsuno. Ilene launched Dark Moon, her dragon wolf monsuno. It was an epic fight and in the end Alex was knocked out, his monsuno back in its core, and Ilene teleported us (Ilene and I) to a forest far away from our house. We continued our fight in the sky, til Ilene teleported behind me and shot me with a dark blast. I fell from the sky, I put up a shield and tried to slow down, but I just ended up going faster. I landed hard on the ground, Ilene flew down ready to finish me off, but she head someone coming and fled.

"You got lucky Star, but I'll get you someday," she said and teleported away. I was loosing consciousness fast, but before I blacked out I saw Chase come out of some bushes.

"Are you ok?" he said, but I fell unconscious. I started to have a terrible dream that I almost always have and when I woke up I saw him and his other friends staring at me.

"Uh, hi I'm, uh, Alex," I said a little nervous.

"I'm Chase, Chase Suno," he said and helped me up. He then introduced me to his friends and invited me to have something to eat. I said sure and we ate. I soon fell asleep and had the same dream, well actually it's a nightmare, except Chase and his friends are there. I woke up screaming 'No!'. I looked around and saw some grass smoking and everyone looking at me. I moved away from the fire because it reminded me of home. The day after we went into town and I bought a cd with a song on it that kind of described my life, a cd player, and headphones.

"Hey, who are you?" a girl said. She was wearing a hooded cloak and I couldn't see her face.

"Me?" I replied.

"Yeah you," she said.

"Alex Star, who are you?" I asked.

"Nightshade, Zoe Nightshade," she said. suddenly I got a headache and I closed my eyes. I saw an arrow heading toward Zoe. When I opened my eyes she was standing there just fine, but when I looked around I found the shooter just as he loosed his arrow. Without thinking, I dropped my stuff, jumped in front of her, and formed a shield. The arrow bounced off it and landed in front off Chase and his friends, who were staring at me wide-eyed. I sighed and started to walk off.

"Alex wait!" Chase yelled and I stopped.

"What?" I said sadly.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"Home," I replied.

"So we're back to the vague responses? Why are you leaving?" he said putting a hand on my shoulder and turning me to face them.

"Cause you guys know my secret," I said as I looked at the ground sadly.

"So, you have a secret. Dax has a million of them and we don't kick him off the team," he said

"Wait, does this mean I'm on the team?" I said, a glint of hope in my eye. He looked at his friends and they all shook thier head yes, except Dax and Beyal seemed think about it first. Chase looked back at me.

"Yes you're on the team," he said with a smile. I hugged him. He seemed shocked for a minute. I let go and smiled at him."Besides those powers of yours will really help us out."

End flashback

"Chase and his friends accepted me, even though I have powers. They took me in and helped me when I was so far away from home. Zoe Nightshade had also joined the team, partly because I saved her life. We won a ton of battles and slowly my nightmares faded away. However, they came back later when I was captured by storm. Chase and his friends busted me out and still had my back. After about 9 months living with them Naomi and Alex found me. I was so happy to see them, we shared stories and had some good laughs, but eventually I sent them home and stayed with Chase. Soon a battle with Eklipse came, but none of us were prepared for what he had in store," I paused to wipe away some tears. Danny looked at me and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. I smiled at him and then went back to my story. "Ilene was there. She ambushed me while the others were fighting. She managed to bring out Shriek and I attacked my friends. Eklipse managed to get a super powerful controlling device on me. He controlled my every move and power. I attacked and beat my friends. I almost killed them, but Chase managed to stop me and with his support I over came Shriek. They stopped Eklipes' evil plan, but when they looked around I was gone. Chase was like a big brother to me. I looked up to him and he help me. I couldn't bear the thought of betraying them like that, so I left. I haven't seen them since."

"So that's why, you think they can't forgive you," he said, looking at me sadly.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Alex, they're your friends. You know they'll forgive you no matter what," he said.

"I know, but I-I don't think I have the courage to face them," I said, wiping away another tear.

"You've faced Ghost, Monsters, and Mutant frogs and you don't have the courage to say sorry? That doesn't sound like the Alex I know," he said. I looked at him and smiled.

"Thanks Danny," I replied. I was going to say more, but I got a headache. It got so bad that I had to grab my head and close my eyes. "Another vision! Come on!" I thought in pain. Then the vision started.


Me and Danny were in town buying food (in human form of course), when I saw Team Core-Tech heading our way. I ducked into an alley, pulling Danny with me. We both saw the team pass the alley, but Chase seemed to sense us there and turned and looked down the alley. I quickly turned invisible, but Danny didn't and Chase spotted him.

"Who are you?" Chase said looking at Danny.

"I'm, uh, R-Ryan?" he said half questioningly.

"You don't sound to sure," Chase said crossing his arms.

"Yeah well I am," he said crossing his arms too.

"Hey Chase! Why'd you-stop?" Bren asked when he saw Danny.

"This kid was hear," Chase said pointing to Danny.

"Hey!" Danny protested,"I am not a kid, I'm 14!"

"Ok? Why are you hiding in this alley?" Chase asked. As if it were on cue, Skulker flew down and landed in front of Danny.

"Hello Whelp," Skulker said aiming his gun at Danny, who had to act scared in order to keep his cover.

"Who are you?" Danny asked, faking the scared/confused look on his face.

"You don't know me?" Skulker said slightly confused.

"What's he talking about, Ryan?" Chase asked staring at Danny.

"Oh, trying not to blow your cover. Well then," Skulker said and pointed a missile at Chase and Bren."let's see if you will reveal yourself to save them." he fired the missile.

"No!" Danny yelled. Then the vision ended.

I opened my eyes and found that I was on the ground, curled up in a ball, with Danny, whi had finally changed back to his human form,watching over me.

"You ok?" he asked when he noticed I was 'awake'.

"Yeah, I'm fine just had a vision that's all," I replied.

"Vision? I didn't know you had visions," Danny said. I mentally slapped myself for giving that away.

"Stupid! Stupid!" I thought, then said out loud,"Yeah, they've been going on for a while now."

"Really?" he said slightly shocked.

"Yeah, listen I'm really tired, so I'm just going to go to bed now," I said, quickly getting up and walking over to my make-shift sleeping bag (which was just an old pillow and blanket.

"Alrighty, I'll keep watch. Night," he said.

"Night," I said back and I drifted of to a unrestful sleep.

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