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DISCLAIMER: I hold no claim to Young Justice or its characters. My words are my own, though.


It wasn't real, but that didn't mean that they didn't grieve. Hell, the whole time they were in the simulation, they were grieving.

She was the first to fall, the first to vanish in that blinding flash of light, with only a gasp and a scream left behind. Not even her bow left to remember her by, only memories of her long blonde hair bouncing freely, the mysteries surrounding her, her snarky comebacks and constant arguing with Wally.

There was no time to mourn. The aliens were invading. They were killing. They had killed their 'sister' (and to one, something more). They were going to pay.

The Team's grief propelled them. Ship after ship of the invaders (monsters) was destroyed. Countless numbers of the aliens were annihilated. They felt no remorse. This was the price these creatures would pay for taking one of their own.

No one fought harder than Wally. As he fought, that moment constantly replayed in his mind, reminding him (as if he needed reminding) what he was fighting for. This was what he was fighting for. He was fighting for the archer girl, the girl who could banter back and forth with him all day. The girl who called him 'Baywatch'. The girl who could beat him to a pulp (happily, too) with nothing but her determination and her fists. The woman he liked (loved).

They all fought valiantly, fighting in the name of the girl they couldn't save.

They each fell, one by one, to that sickening flash. And those left behind mourned. But the loss of their friends (family) propelled them onward, drove them (unknowing) to the suicide mission at the end.

The possibility that they were all still alive, that Artemis was still alive was all the persuasion Wally needed to go. And when Robin (Dick, why did you do it? Why would you lie to me like that?) told him it was all a lie, all of the grief and loss crashed down on him again. Barry was gone. Aunt Iris was gone. His family, his friends. Artemis was gone. Despite his renewed devastation and the betrayal he felt, he still pushed on (they all did, those that were left).

And, at the end, staring at the numbers counting down to zero (Ten, nine, eight…), Dick and Wally nodded at each other, and went out fighting. Like Artemis had.

Waking up was, of course, completely unexpected. They were traumatized, fragile, in shock (broken). The ones left at the end, their friends, their family. They were all alive. Breathing. Looking at them with concern.

Artemis was alive, right in front of their eyes.

And, headless what any present might think, the Team engulfed Artemis in a hug. There was crying and laughing and screaming, sometimes all at the same time. She was the first to go down, and she had been the catalyst. She had become an integral part of the group, this snarky, no-nonsense archer with a bad attitude. Her 'death' had shaken the Team to the very core (had shaken Wally's carefree, flirtatious attitude and torn down Dick's laughing, confident self, had stolen the small smile off of Conner's face and put a haunted look in Kaldur's eyes, had traumatized M'gann to the point of psychic overload).

One thing was for certain.

They would never take Artemis (their friend, their sister, their archer) for granted again.