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Bella was having a very good dream. In fact, it was a memory.

Last year, Emmett had taken her out for the day to the beach. She'd been so excited and childlike. The ocean had been crystal clear and absolutely beautiful. She could remember sitting by the waterside, just staring at the mesmerising waves as they gently rolled and crashed against the little rocks. She could remember running through the fine sand, having it all stuck between her toes, and making sand angels whilst lying in the sun.

The beach had been relatively deserted; only a few children giggled by the water as it reached for their little legs. A few women sunbathed and some teenagers played with a ball. She, meanwhile, convinced her brother to build massive sandcastles for her out of wet sand, helping him collect seawater for the moat he dug. He'd done so cheerfully and encouraged her to make some little houses of her own. She'd had such fun that day.

"Relax, Bells," Emmett had coaxed, moving her so she was spread upon the sand. "Catch a little sun."

He always teased her about how pale she was, so she did as she was told and closed her eyes.

Like most of her dreams, her perspective was strange in that she could both experience everything in first person yet also see all that happened as if watching from above. Her mind filled in the blanks that she herself couldn't have really known.

Emmett grabbed the sun lotion and squirted some on his big hand. She squirmed in the sand when he began rubbing it into her bare legs, the cold cream causing a flinch but soothing her hot skin. He methodically applied it all over her limbs, even dripping some onto her neck and face. Her one-piece bathing costume covered the rest of her torso and stuck close to her flesh.

In her sleep, Bella smiled and rolled over. Emmett had been such a caring, doting brother that day.

And then the real memory faded as the dream took a different turn.

His fingers, tender but firm, touched her thighs before massaging the muscle. She bent her knee to raise her thigh from the sand so he could massage the underside too. He took time and care, rubbing and kneading and caressing every inch of her thigh. It was heavenly. One fingertip brushed along the seam of her swimsuit, where her leg met her hip, and gently followed the seam all the way down.

Faint pulses of delight and arousal sprung through her gut when he reached the stretch of fabric hiding her flower. A single thick finger deviated from the seam and seemed to tickle her clothed lady parts. She whimpered and her pelvis bucked from pure instinct, desire. Emmett, her Emmy, licked his lips and bent down to kiss the inside of her thighs. He was so very close to her core…

"Bellsy," he breathed against her flesh and she opened her eyes to look at him. He was bent down toward her now, his face close to hers, and she could feel his breath on her nose. A smile slipped onto her lips and she watched him smile too. His comforting hand moved up to cup her cheek, stroking the skin with his thumb and lifting her up just enough that her back arched into his body.

"Emmy," she sighed back and wrapped a small hand around his wrist. His blue eyes danced at her, like the playful waves just several feet away from them. The two pools of colour stared into her own eyes before setting themselves on her parted lips, and again, his tongue darted out to sweep across his own.

Her breathing grew deeper as he bent further down until finally, finally, he pushed his sumptuous lips against hers. Her eyes closed again and her breathing stopped altogether and her lips pushed back to meet his. The two seemed to melt into each other, their bodies one, leaving nothing else to matter. It reminded Bella of the earth-shattering kisses she read about in her silly romance novels. For some reason, this made her smile all the more against his mouth.

He groaned softly, the hand on her cheek sliding down to the back of her head and gently tangling in the hair he found there. His lips kneaded hers much like his fingers had her skin. She truly relaxed in that moment, content.

So very content until his teeth nipped at her bottom lip before he drew the lip into his mouth to suckle on.

She gasped beneath him, her eyes shooting open to see his staring down at her wantonly. Arousal shot through her quickly now, a fire that licked along her insides deliciously. She moaned loudly and pulled back just enough to take back her bottom lip, and then she poked her tongue into his mouth. He held her tightly, their skin flush and seemingly bare. She realised that at some point their swimsuits had disappeared and their naked bodies were now entwined in a lovers' embrace.

Whilst their tongues did battle and rubbed along the slick feel of each other like serpents, she felt her flower grow so hot and moist that she was almost concerned. She surrounded his narrow hips with her legs, squeezing him gently and hearing him groan even more. Her flower bucked up and bumped into something big and hard and she froze with the lust that racketed through her.

Emmett stopped and pulled back to look down at her, grinning with mischief. His hands crept down her sides, just brushing the swells of her breasts, and her breath faltered. "Sweet, sweet Bella," he whispered, kissing her collarbone. "My little sister… so sweet." His eyes became dark, his pupils dilated, the black rushing to invade the blue, and an animalistic growl erupted from deep in his chest. She panted and moaned underneath his hulking frame, feeling so very safe and protected and loved and wanted.

His creeping hands reached down to grab her bottom and squeezed and pulled the cheeks apart, anchoring himself against her through their lower halves. Their naked pelvises slammed together, her flower rubbing along his member, and she cried out. He groaned and growled and thrust against her again.

"Oh god," she moaned, breathless at the emotions overwhelming her. "Emmett!" she panted when he rubbed against her a third time. And suddenly he was holding himself, guiding himself, looking down at her lustfully. His member prodded so perfectly at her opening and she groaned so load that her throat ached. He positioned himself carefully, took one more look at her, and plunged deep into her wet petals.

"Yes!" Bella cried, bolting up in her bed, her heart thumping wildly. Slowly she became aware that her sheets were in disarray and that her skin was slick with sweat and that her flower was near dripping with arousal and that, as she sat there panting like a dog in heat, she most certainly wasn't alone.

Her chocolate eyes shot over to her right, clashing with baby blues that burned and scorched her.

"Emmy," she said in a shaky breath and he inhaled sharply, staring at her without pause.