By Sweetprincipale

This is set in my non-canon, but canon-esque series following Uncontrollable and Unmentionable. If you haven't read those first, please do, or this won't read nearly as well or make much sense. Unknown begins a few weeks after the end of Unmentionable, around the beginning of season five.

Author's Note: Thank you to all the lovely readers who encouraged me in creating this trilogy. I cannot express how grateful I am to have such wonderful reviewers and dedicated readers.

Author's Second Note: Organization of this sequel is going to be a little different than the previous two parts of this trilogy.

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Disclaimer: Nothing of Buffy belongs to me, except my sincere admiration. However, this story is all mine.


"Drop by tonight?"

"Yep. Want me to bring anything?"

"We're out of bubble bath."

"That is the weirdest thing ever to hear a vampire say." Buffy kissed Spike's cool cheek lightly as she slid from his car.

"I dunno about that." Spike held up a pair of lavender panties and looked at her. "How about this phrase, 'Slayer, can I keep this pair? I'm building a trophy rack over the bed.' How 'bout that? More or less weird?"

"That's not weird, that's jerky, and no, you can't." Buffy leaned in and snatched the underwear back with a triumphant grin at his surprised face. "Ha ha ha, vamps are too slow, Slayer's got the moves." She stuck out her tongue and gyrated saucily in victory.

She was startled when she found herself grabbed back, his arm around her waist. She was pulled in through the door as she gasped out, "Hey!".

"You got the undies, but I got the grand prize." Spike smirked evilly and bent his forehead to rest on hers as she struggled in annoyance, landing across his lap. "Now who's got the moves, Baby?"

"Spike... don't. We can't. The sun is going to be up soon." Buffy murmured regretfully as his lips descended on hers.

"Then ride home with me." Spike pleaded while he nibbled around her mouth, heading down to her throat. "Your mum won't miss you. She'll be busy at the gallery."

"I'm supposed to train today. Giles-"

"Will be busy with your mum." He kissed her more insistently.

"Oh man. Not an okay thought."

Spike gave her a critical look and she hastened to clarify. "Not the dating part, the - the 'busy with' part." She grimaced.

"Their busy and our busy look nothin' alike, Luv." Spike lied easily. Maybe not hot an' wild, but "busy" as in cravin' each other's company? Hell yes.

"You're lying."

Dammit. She was getting far too good at seeing through him. "All the more distracted then." He gave her a feral grin.

"You drive me insane. Why do we do this?" Buffy huffed, fingers tangling in his hair as she closed her eyes, complaining about him yet pulling him closer.

"Because you love me an' I love you."

She lost herself in thoughts, and in his hands and skin and mouth, all working with her own.

I do love him. He's an annoying jerk, but he's my annoying jerk. My stupid, evil, annoying jerk. With a black, dead heart, so full of love if you just let him love you and love him back. That plotting deceptive mind so full of comforting words and unpleasant truths you still need to hear if you don't want to live a lie. He's that rule breaker, and the exception to the rule, where right and wrong don't matter anymore and everything's okay because it's love. Love is just love, there's no right or wrong, no good or bad.

"I do love you. I don't want you to go, Spike, I just- I just can't tell Mom yet. Or ever. If you come in at this hour, I'll have to, and I'm not ready to risk the sneaking in and out thing again, she's just getting used to having me in the house again. But I wish, more than anything, you could just walk me upstairs and stay with me all day."

He was surprised at how the sudden heartfelt rush of words poured out. "Easy, Heart, she doesn't have to know. For along time, even forever, if that's what you need us to do. Long as you love me, bugger the rest."

"But everyone else knows. They know about you and me, and they know I want you with me. And I don't just mean at night and with the guys. You know what I mean." I mean no one leaves. We promised. No leaving. And if no one ever leaves, then we're always together. And if we're always together- oh God. Seriousness.

I do know what she means. Same thing I mean. That we're in this together, no matter what, and there's a damn sight too much "what" around for either of us. So much we don't know, can't explain. But as long as we're muddling through together, as long as no one leaves... "I'll always be with you. I'm the key an' you're the lock, Luv." Spike soothed, using the imagery from their shared dreamscape.

"Don't say that. It freaks me out." Buffy confessed anxiously, holding him closer. Locks, keys, what's that about? Why did they tell him to hide what's inside? Why'd they give him a soul? Her hands wandered down suddenly as she rolled, forcefully unzipping him, scooping him from his jeans, moving across the seat to make room for him. What if I lose him? What if it's a secret because if they find out- something bad happens, takes him away from me. I need him. I need him in me, together, have to feel like I'm not going to lose him...

He gasped. She'd just been putting him off, hadn't she? Bloody changeable tease. Minx. Golden angel of beauty... Spike's opinions changed from confused and irritated to grateful and loving as he looked at her, laying back, legs spread, breathing shallow, eyes glinting in the dark. Like a wildcat trapped in some youthful goddess' body. She was perfect for him, perfect for the sweet poet trapped in a devil incarnation.

He surged in and she arched up, skirt splitting its already knee high splits further. She didn't even comment, just clutched him convulsively. That worried him a bit. Slayer was hot and feisty, but she did try to save her wardrobe from his loving destruction when possible. "You alright, Pet?"

"Yes, yes just- deeper, make me feel something." Buffy gasped in his ear, biting the lobe with sudden ferocity.

"You can't feel this?" Spike hammered hard to her once and her wet heat sluiced out in a single wave. Now the slight concern was a wall of worry. "You always- you say I'm the only one who ever-"

"You are, you do, and you are the only one for me. I can't lose you. I don't care if they find out we're together, but what if they find out what's missing, or what's inside?" Her hands cupped his cheeks, thumbs on the sharp planes framing his eyes. "I don't know what's supposed to happen next, Spike. And it scares me."

They'd had this discussion so often in the last few weeks, drawing a little more out each time. The chip was gone. A soul was in place. A new soul, the monks in the dream said it was a new soul, for a new man. Love had made him pure again, worthy to hide-something- in. He didn't know what it was, nor who it was hidden from. "Scares me, too." He whispered, blue eyes locked on the glistening orbs in front of him.

All the mystical things worried him, and he worried too about all the strange bits and bobs from the others' dreams, all interwoven, half recalled, but not clear. Too many things no one was saying, too many private revelations the others didn't want known. He and Buffy had their secrets as well, but all the same he couldn't help feeling he was trying to put together a puzzle blindfolded. Someone had given him all the pieces, but wouldn't let him see how they fit together. Except one big, crucial piece.

"But I know one thing, Buffy, Slayer." He ground into her, burying his head on her neck, inhaling her, gathering strength to make her forget every fear and just focus on the feeling of being loved. "I know you an' I are together, no matter what they throw at us. Don't be afraid."

"Don't lie to me. Don't shield me." She hissed, grateful for the comfort though she was. She just couldn't stand to be treated as an unequal partner, too many had done that in the past.

"I'm not shielding you. You shield me. I defend you. We are one hell of a force to be reckoned with. An' we're in love. I may know sod all about what our dreams mean or what we're supposed to do with the info we've got- but I know love. Love like ours- you can't fight it. We're the best fighters in the world, an' we couldn't keep from fallin'. Now if we can learn to love each other, learn to live an' die for each other, an' still end up shaggin' in my car in front of your house-"

"We're gonna get caught?" Buffy interrupted his battlefield speech with a hoarse gasping laugh as she crested under him, spine arching, walls clenching.

"No." Spike nipped her neck sharply and winked. "It means we're gonna do okay, no matter what they throw at us. We've bested the best, so bring on the rest."

Buffy put her head back and sighed. He's a cocky, overconfident demon who's not afraid of anything- but losing me. And that won't happen. Wow. He's right. Dammit, I hate that he's always right! But he is right. If that's all we have to be afraid of, I guess we really don't need to be afraid.

"C'mon Slayer. Admit it. I'm right." Spike purred as her hands latched onto his neck, one hand stroking the back of his sleeked hair, the other hand caressingly putting pressure on his bite, his "b-spot" if you wanted to give it a name that aptly described what it did to him.

"I hate admitting you're right." She sighed and dug her nail in to the yielding scar, watching his eyes flutter shut as his head flew back in pleasure. "But you are. I have no idea who's playing games with our minds, and goofing around with souls and chips and locks and keys- but they don't know who they're messing with."

To be continued...