I turned over in my bed and came face to face with a sleeping Varlen. I let out a gasp and his eyes opened.

"What's wrong Subara?"

"I thought that you coming home was just a dream, that's all." I sighed snuggling into his chest.

"Oh well I am glad you came back to reality." Varlen chuckled carefully wrapping his arms around me.

"Do you want to go find our son?"

"Yes. Ah right I wanted to talk to you about that. I don't like that fact that you let Jasmin take our son into the forest for a few days." Varlen said his red eyes searching mine.

"That's why we are cutting it short. I want him to spend some time with you, finally."

"As long as it is all three of us I am fine with it. I've missed you so much these past ten years. Every once in a while I would come watch you two from the shadows."

I smiled and gave him a quick kiss and got up out of bed to get dressed. I looked around and didn't see a bag, I looked back at Varlen quizzically and he just smirked. He got up and went to my closet, opened it and showed me where he had put his clothing.

"When did you do this?"

"While you were in the shower last night."

"Oh. That was quick."

He just shrugged and took out his clothes for the day and went into the bathroom to change. I grabbed an outfit not unlike the one I had worn yesterday and got changed into it. When Varlen came out of the bathroom we went down the street to the Diner and grabbed some breakfast to go. We then walked to the forest, which was four blocks away and hunted down our son.

"Mommy!" Shay said as soon as he saw me.

"I brought you breakfast!" I laughed opening my arms so that he could jump into them and plant a kiss on my cheek.

"Yay! Thank you Mommy!" Shay exclaimed his face lighting up as he smelt the food.

"Now go ask daddy if he will give it to you." I said putting Shay on the ground.

Shay looked at me and then slowly went over to Varlen with his ears back and tail wagging slowly, a sign that he was nervous. Varlen looked down at him and smiled sending Shay running back to me.

"You weren't this scared of him yesterday. What did Aunty Jas tell you?" I laughed picking Shay up.

"I just told him the truth." Jasmin yawned from up in a tree.

"Which is?" I asked.

"About his arm. You know the story well, you were a major part of it." Jasmin huffed coming down from the tree.

"Hmm… nope I don't remember that story… why don't you tell it?" I smiled.