A Life in the Making.

Hey guys, so this is my first multi-chapter super long young justice story and I'm terrified. I've read a lot of other YJ stories and they're all amazing, so I'm quite nervous about putting this one out there.

So I was re-watching the first YJ episode, and it got me thinking – why wasn't there a girl in the original four? I know that eventually the girls even the guys, but I would have liked some girls to have stepped up and have been the first. So, I made my up my own girl to appease myself, and even though I don't particularly like OCs, I'm gonna try this one. So please forgive any mistakes, and REVIEW! I don't particularly like flames, but I'm open to constructive criticism.

Warning: Slight blood and death at the end, nothing too graphic though.

Just to let you know, Rocket is not in this.

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So, enjoy my newest story – The Original Five.

A Life in the Making

It had been months since the news of Bruce Wayne's newest "publicity stunt" had blown through Gotham with the likeness of a small hurricane.

Reporters had swarmed the stately mansion that rested peacefully on one of the most serene pieces of land in this old city. The media would go after the Bruce, and hound him relentlessly for information, and even now the occasional, "Billionare playboy: Orphaned acrobat" story would appear in a lower column of the Gotham Daily.

During the first few weeks after that dreaded circus performance, Bruce Wayne had appeared outside his house – and occasionally his office – and had spoken pleasantly with the hoard of media personnel that was always vying for his attention and output, but that happy state of small talk and pleasantry did not last for long.

Now, Bruce was not a talkative person, but he was aware that to get to the top in a dog-eat-dog city, you had to know how to charm the media. So he would put up with the microphones shoved almost into his mouth, he would deal with the non-stop flashing of cameras in his face, and he would try not to yell, or lash out angrily at the nosy men and women who thought they knew him.

But that was months ago, three to be exact, and Matthew Piers was still trying to figure out his "partner's" motive.

The media thought that he and Bruce Wayne understood each other, being the two top business owners in Gotham. But, being one of the most successful people in an old run down city like Gotham wasn't that much of an impressive accomplishment, all you had to do was be able to add 2 and 2 and not get five. Although it still angered him that he wasn't able to pass a man whose money all came from his mommy and daddy, when he himself had to work up from a poverty stricken family to get where he was now.

"Matthew?" His wife questioned, bringing him out of his depressing thoughts. She was leaning against the open doorframe, the same frame that held the previously shut door. He sighed and threw down the newspaper he was scanning seconds ago.

"Yes, Susan?" He questioned irritably. He really wasn't mad at her, just at the fact that there seemed to be no such thing as privacy in his house anymore; though with 9 children, a wife, and such a small house, he was still surprised that all even fit in here with any level of comfort.

She straightened up and walked over to his desk. She looked at the newspaper and frowned slightly at the headline that was sprawled in large black ink across the paper – JOKER STRIKES AGAIN. She looked back up at him and walked around the large oak desk to sit in her husband's lap.

"You look worried." She stated, throwing her arm around his neck and leaning in close. "And I know that it's not about the Joker, you have never been bothered by him, so I want to know – what's wrong?" He sighed heavily and looked up at her, trying to figure out how to phrase his answer without worrying her.

"I was just thinking, Susan. Will I always be second best? Second best to a low-life playboy nonetheless? Does the public really favor a gloomy airhead player over a settled down family man?" He spit out bitterly. His wife looked at him sympathetically.

"Don't worry hun, someday, they'll see him for who he really is, and then we'll be the ones living in the mansion of a hill, I promise." She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, bringing a slight smile to his face. He looked up at her.

"So, how are my boys?" He asked. His boys always managed to make him proud, each being so different, yet so successful.

"Well," She started. "Ralph is at his game, Robby is filming it to put on his slide show, Samuel is at the playground with Nathan and Travis, Jeffrey is taking his nap, and Dylan is writing his report, and Tommy is with – her." Susan grimaced as she uttered the last word, distaste lacing her speech. Her husband grimaced as well.

"So, uh, how is, Mary?" He asked hesitantly, knowing his wife's dislike of their only daughter. There was nothing wrong with her, Susan just preferred boys to girls, and did not want a girl to ruin her family. She sighed and pinched her nose between her fingers. "Mary just returned from her karate lessons and is now caring for Tommy." He thought for a moment about his next words, making sure to phrase them carefully.

"Susie," He started, using his nickname for her. "I think that maybe you should lighten up on her a bit, she is taking care of Tommy so you don't have to." He quickly leaned away from her, waiting for her to go off like a firecracker.

But surprisingly enough she just sighed deeply, and Matthew concluded that she must be in a good mood today. "I guess," she grumbled, looking down at her shoes. She kissed his cheek. "I have to put diner in the oven, and – OH! Don't forget about the telethon tomorrow, Bruce and his son are really counting on having us there." He lifted his head and gave her a small nod, and with that she left his office.

He sighed again and turned back to his newspaper, frowning slightly at the picture of the crazed clown that lay in front of him.

Tommy was sitting down of the soft grass, staring intently at the young girl in front of him. But she then blew up her cheeks and widened her eyes and the small boy gave a bright toothy smile and clapped his pudgy hands together in the obvious delight of the spectacle in front of him.

Said girl just smiled softly back at him and picked him up from underneath his arms and cradled him in her arms, until he began to fight her and demanded to be put down.

"Mwarrreeeyyy!" he complained, his speech still not up to level but adorable to listen to.

"What?" she asked innocently, pretending not to notice his obvious discomfort and embarrassment.

"I'm a big bwoy now – I don't need to be carriewd!" He pouted slightly, making big puppy dog eyes at her, and she couldn't resist.

"Oh, alright. " She said softly, and brought him back down to the ground carefully. He quickly ran away and she went after him, laughing slightly.

"Come on Mwary!" he called running towards the jungle gym in their backyard. "I want to swing!" She laughed at his childishness and followed after him, wishing that even though she was still eight years old, that she was as innocent as her two year old brother.

Mary started to push Tommy on the swing when she heard a car pull into her driveway. She ignored the gleeful cries of her younger brother she turned to see who entered her driveway. She relaxed when she saw that it was only Ralph, returning from his basketball game.

He turned when he got out of the car and spotted her pushing Tommy, and just turned to go back inside. At the same time her mother exited the back door of their house and yelled at her to bring Tommy inside.

Mary picked up Tommy – despite his protests – and brought him inside to eat.

The dinner table was always crowded, and always extremely noisy, considering that there were eleven people crammed around a small table, but hey, most of them were boys.

And Mary knew that the only thing that boys feared – were their mothers. So when Susan tapped her glass and cleared her throat, everyone immediately shut up, not wanting to face the wrath of an angry mom.

"So," she started. "As you all know tomorrow we will be in a live telethon will none other than Bruce Wayne himself, so I want you all to be especially good. That includes you too Mary." She narrowed her eyes dangerously and pointed at her only daughter.

Mary looked up nervously. "Yes mother. She agreed softly, and resumed eating her spaghetti.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. She thought tiredly.

Bruce sighed as he tightened his tie in the long bedroom mirror, eyes darting nervously to his young new ward sitting over on the corner of his bed. He of all people knew how long it took to get over losing your parents – especially when you witnessed their death – but the silence of the usually bubbly boy was nearly deafening to this playboy.

As he finished with his tie he walked over to where Dick sat patiently, the young boy's eyes only ever leaving his shiny shoes to look up at his foster father. Bruce knelt down in front of him and tipped his chin up with one finger. "We don't have to do this." He said quietly. Dick looked up at him, asking with his eyes if he meant it. "I'm sure that Matthew wouldn't mind doing the telethon alone, and Alfred would love some more company around the manor." Bruce offered. Dick just sighed tiredly and looked at Bruce with those stunning blue eyes.

"No." Dick said firmly, although a little sadly. "I don't want to stop you from doing things you have to do, let's just go." And with that Dick left the room, leaving behind a wildly surprised Bruce, who just closed his eyes, and worried about a lonely little boy.

The entire ride to the studio was silent, Dick refusing to meet Bruce's gaze, worried about what he may see.

As they came upon their final destination, Bruce finally broke the silence. "Are you sure you can do this?" he questioned. "I don't want you feeling uncomfortable." Bruce looked at Dick again, wanting a response.

"I'll be fine." Dick said. And with that they were there.

The studio was a giant open room. Cameras were set up near the back wall, with only enough room for a camera man to fit behind. The tiled floor was shiny and the tabled with the old corded phones on them were all lined up in front of many people, ready to take calls. Above the camera man was a metal walking area, leading back farther into the studio.

Although the place looked like it belonged in the local hospital, it was not boring. Because there were eight excited boys running around like monkeys, a younger looking man trying to contain them, but he wasn't succeeding.

Dick looked up at Bruce, surprised that he didn't mention something like this. Bruce looked down at him with a small smile. "Oh," Bruce said. "Did I forget to tell you that Matthew has eight sons?" Dick just turned back to the chaos with a slightly slack jaw. Bruce smirked and patted him on the back. "You can go have fun; I have to talk with Matthew. "

Dick wanted to, but when he saw some of the older boys he decided against it. Bruce looked down at his ward worriedly and put his hand on his back again. "How 'bout I introduce you to the kid they have that's your age?" When Dick nodded enthusiastically Bruce maneuvered them through the crowd until they were several feet away from a small girl with her nose buried in a book.

Dick looked confused. "I thought you said they had eight sons." Dick whispered.

Bruce leaned down to look at Dick. "They do," he said. "And one girl, she's the only child they have that's your age. Have fun." With that Bruce walked away, leaving his foster son with the little Piers girl.

"Uh, hi." Dick said awkwardly. The girls head came out of her book, and she looked hard at Dick.

"Hi." She said finally, putting her book down and sticking her hand out. "I'm Mary, Mary Piers."

Dick's eyes widened slightly at the name, and his blue eyes got all glassy, Mary noticed immediately. "Are you okay?" she asked worriedly.

He tried to smile, but failed. "M-y-y mom's name us-sed to be Ma-ary." He stuttered; tears about to overflow. Her brow furrowed at "used to be" but she understood almost instantly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." She said sincerely. "Umm, my middle name is Candace – you can call me that." His eyes widened in surprise, tears suddenly forgotten.

"You'd let me?" He asked softly. She smiled, and he noticed that she was missing a tooth.

"Of course." She responded. And Dick knew that she would make a good friend.

Ten minutes before the premiere and Bruce and Matthew were still making small talk. Stuff like: "How's the wife?" "How's the kids?" How's the ward?" Were exchanged in an awkward manner.

The stage manager came into the room suddenly, yelling – "Five minutes!" Bruce quickly excused himself to go find his ward.

He came across Dick talking casually with Mary – although he found it a little strange that he was calling her Candace, but hey, kids will be kids. Bruce walked up to them and put a hand on Dick's shoulder, causing him to jump slightly and whirl around, only to smile when he say it was his foster father.

"Having a good time Dick?" he asked. Dick nodded his head enthusiastically. Bruce looked at Mary and gave her a slight nod of the head, with which she returned a giant smile. "Come on chum, it should be starting soon." And then he led Dick away from Mary, hoping that for once, everything would go alright.

Of course he was wrong, when the stage manager brought in the before show snacks, and they had had to be gingersnaps.

Gingersnaps. Cinnamon gingersnaps. The same kind that Dick's mother used to make. Both Bruce and Dick paled instantly, Dick's eyes immediately filling with tears as he remembered his mother's gingersnaps, her singing in Romani as she made them, his father coming in and holding her close…..

Then the tears started to overflow, and Bruce knew that Dick would be humiliated if anyone saw him like this, so he quickly pushed Dick off the stage, making excuses to the staff and Matthew as they hurriedly left the set, and went to get in the limo to take them both home.

To say that Mary was concerned was an understatement. She had seen Dick's tears, and she wanted to help him, but Bruce whisked him out of there and she was left to wonder if he was okay.

But the telethon had started anyway – she didn't even know what the telethon was for ironically, so she just stood there and waited patiently while her father rambled on and on about, something. So she stood, and stood, and stood. Until she heard it.

It was a slight click. Like the tap of a high-heeled shoe, the snap of a computer key, but she knew this kind of click, and her eyes widened in understanding, but her warning came too late, and before she knew it, her screams were drowned in the gun shot.

Blood slowly started down her father's abdomen, and the set was deadly quiet. The of course the screaming started, and more gunshots. And Mary watched as her dad slumped to the ground, along with her mom, and her brothers.

Soon, there was blood, and lots of it. She ran to find Tommy, her eyes widening in horror as she realized that she and him were the only two left, the rest of her family on the ground, broken. Tears ran down her face in realization she quickly grabbed Tommy and thrust him behind her, ready to take a bullet for her little brother.

Her blood ran cold as she heard a gunshot go off behind her, and then her stomach dropped in horror as she felt Tommy fall behind her. Her screams echoing through the studio, her tears falling like a waterfall as she held her now dead little brother.

Then, Mary woke up from her awful nightmare of what happened five years ago.

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