Reemergence of Evil

By Wickedclowns101

Authors Notes – My first DBZ fic in a long while. Not a romance, thank god, but an idea that struck me one day as I was looking over some of my old video's. Enjoy!

Narrator – It's been seven years, since the eleven year old Gohan, with the help of his father, Gokou, along with the combined efforts of Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha, finally put an end to the evil creation known as Cell. With one earth shattering blast, Gohan finally destroyed the monster that had killed so many innocent people. Although Cell had been defeated, it had not come without a price. Yes, during the struggle, Gokou had sacrificed his own life, to protect the ones that he cared for. Now, in this new found peace, the Z-Senshi have relaxed in their training. Defeating Cell had fueld their arrogance for the worst. It gave them a new found confidence in their own abilities. But be prepared, Gohan. Because Cell, is alive.

A dark figure crept slowly across the Capsule Corp. lawn, keeping its power level greatly suppressed, so as not to alert the sleeping Saiyajin inside to his presence.

The figure raised its head to look into one of the windows. Inside, he saw a sleeping boy with lavender colored hair.

"Not him. Not yet." The figure whispered in a low, hoarse growl. He slunk quietly across the garden, and peered into another window.

He grinned when he saw two figures laying next to each other in a single large bed. One of the figures had blue hair, and the other had black spiky hair.

"Finally," he growled, and slid the glass off the window slowly. He crawled inside, and walked to the sleeping Saiyajins bedside. He extended his tail, and pointed it at the Saiyajin's face.

"Wakey, wakey. Mighty prince." He grumbled. Vegeta's eyes snapped open.

"Cell!" he screamed accusingly.

"Your powers of observation are uncanny." Cell said, and engulfed Vegeta's head with his tail.

"Mmmghph!!!" Vegeta mumbled incoherently, jumping off of the bed, waking Bulma up in the process.

"Vegeta!" she yelled. All of a sudden, Cell's body was overwhelmed by a fantastic yellow light. Vegeta screamed from inside.

"Galick Gun Fire!!!" he screamed.

"HwwwwwaaaaAAAHHHHH!!!!" Cell countered, and swallowed up the rest of Vegeta's body. After a few moments of digesting, Cell turned his attention to a screaming Bulma. She stared at him for a second, then bolted for the window.

Before she made it, Cell's tail was plunged into her back.

After she was absorbed, Cell looked out of the window, grinning.

"The Cell games, have begun." He boasted. He held up a clenched fist, and then realized that it was glowing white.

"What?" he asked, astonished. The white glow extended like a cancer, spreading down his entire body.

"Noooooo!!!!" he screamed, and a loud explosion ensued. After the light faded, Cell looked in the mirror at his form. At his new form.

"This was highly unexpected." He said in a very different voice.

Trunks had still not awakened.


"But mom!!!" Goten protested.

"Not buts, Goten. Gohan and Videl are entitled to their privacy." Chichi said sternly.

"But I'm bored!" Goten replied restlessly.

"Then how about I take you over to play with Trunks, kiddo?" Gohan offered, still blushing from a few minutes ago, when Goten had walked in on him and Videl kissing.

"That would be cool! I haven't seen Trunks in, um, like, four days!" Goten said excitedly. Videl chuckled.

"Let's go then." Gohan said, opening the front door.

"You just call me when you want to come home, sweet heart. I'll have nimbus come and pick you up." Chichi said.

"Okay mom!" Goten said.

"Don't worry about him, Mom." Gohan said as he took Videl's hand, and took flight after his hyper little brother.

"This is going to be soooooo fun!" Goten cried as he soared above the clouds, doing barrel rolls and somersaults.

"What do you two do together all day, anyway?" Videl asked. Goten stared at her like she was an idiot.

"We fight, of course." He said, like anyone should know that. Gohan laughed.

"He's just like dad." He commented, as they neared Capsule Corp.

Gohan immediately knew something was wrong, when he couldn't focus in on Vegeta's power level. He never kept it hidden, but then again, what could have possibly happened to the strongest warrior alive?

"What's that?" Videl asked, pointing at the capsule corp. home. Gohan squinted, and saw that a large hole had been knocked out of the main bedroom wall.

"I think something bad has happened here. I can't sense Vegeta's energy level at all." Gohan said.

"Trunks' dad? What about Trunks? Can you sense him?" Goten asked. Gohan closed his eyes for a moment.

"Yes. I can faintly sense Trunks." Gohan said, as he landed next to the wall. Inside, he saw a small boy sitting on the edge of bed, sobbing quietly.

"Trunks? What happened?" Gohan asked. Trunks wiped a sleeve over his eyes, drying them.

"I…don't…know. I woke…up, and they were…gone. They haven't…come back… in four…days." Trunks sobbed.

"Bulma is gone too?" Gohan asked. Trunks nodded weakly.

"Gohan… what happened?" Videl asked, pressing her hand against Gohan's chest. Gohan put his hand on her back.

"I don't know Videl. But Vegeta is the strongest person alive. The only person who could beat him, is my dad. And he's dead." Gohan said. Goten turned on the TV.

"Goten, do you mind? I'm trying to think here." Gohan said.

"…Organize a world tournament-" the TV went blank, turned off by Goten.

"Tournament? Goten! Turn that back on!" Gohan yelled. Goten rolled his eyes.

"Make up your mind." He said, and turned back on the TV.

"And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The cell games 2k. let's just hope that Mr. Satan can once again, save us all." Gohan turned off the TV.

"What is it, Gohan?" Trunks asked. Gohan clenched his fists, and growled.