Reemergence of Evil

By Wickedclowns101

Chapter Three

A power unmatched

"…Come on, Vegeta! You can do it!" Gokou coached. Vegeta was hunched over, expelling a tremendous amount of energy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Vegeta screamed.

"Remember, he killed you, Vegeta! He killed your wife! He'll kill your son! He destroyed your honor!" Gokou said, making Vegeta scream even louder.

"Harness the rage, Vegeta! Look deep inside your heart, and find the very essence of your anger! Tap into the core of your rage, and use it to your advantage!" Gokou yelled. Vegeta arched his back the other way, spreading his arms wide, and revealing his broad, muscular chest.

His eyes glowed a menacing yellow, and his hair started to flicker.

"You're doing it, Vegeta! Don't stop!" Gokou yelled, shielding Bulma from the torrent of energy her husband was expelling.

"He'll beat you again, Vegeta! He's laughing at you right now!" Vegeta was straining for breath. He pushed as much energy as he could at once.

"rrraaaaAAAAHHHHH!!!!" he screamed, as a massive wave of light and energy flooded the area. When the dust and light faded, Gokou and Bulma opened their eyes to see Vegeta.

He was grinning, and Gokou saw why. Ragged blue bolts of electricity rippled over his body. His hair had extended four or five times it's normal length, curving down to his ankles.

His eyes beamed a greenish glow, and a dark, almost black center. His eyebrows had been burned off with the incredible power it had taken to ascend to the third level.

The top part of his training suit had been shredded, along with the very bottom. Now, the only part of him that was covered was from his waist, down to his thighs. He was breathing heavily.

"I knew I could do it… I'm just as strong as you are, Kakarott." Vegeta said, in a slightly deeper tone than normal.

"Cell has no idea what he's up against." Gokou said, rubbing Bulma's shoulders.

"Gokou!!!" Gokou, Bulma, and Vegeta turned to find the source of the voice. They saw Baba and King Kai running toward them.

"Oh, hi guys. What's up?" Gokou asked. Baba stepped off of her crystal ball.

"Look." She said. Gokou and Vegeta looked into the crystal ball, as a picture began to take shape. A picture of Aria.

"Who is she?" Vegeta demanded.

"I was wondering the same thing." Baba said.

"What is a normal girl doing up there?" Bulma asked.

"She's far from normal, Bulma. From what I can sense, she's holding back her true power. She's much stronger than anyone else on earth, even stronger than Gohan." King Kai said.

"Where did she come from?" Gokou asked.

"We don't know." Baba said. Vegeta laughed.

"That young female human is stronger than a Saiyajin like Gohan? Don't make me laugh." Vegeta said arrogantly.

"Believe what you want. Vegeta. But I get a bad feeling from this girl." King Kai said.


The mini tournament at the lookout was still going on, though the four competitors who had lost already, paid little interest.

Krillin was embarrassed for losing to his wife, and sat on the foot of a large pillar, playing with his daughter.

Yamcha stayed away from the others, silently cursing himself for losing to not only a girl, but such a young girl like Videl.

Choazu seemed humble with the fact that Tien had beaten, and sat, talking with Dende.

Trunks sat with his legs draped over the edge of the lookout, in his own little world. He hadn't been concentrating during the fight with Goten, he had been thinking about his parents.

Aria had been watching each of the fighters very carefully, almost as if she was sizing each of them up. comparing them to some unknown constant.

"Just me and you, Videl!" Goten shouted.

"Let's go!" Videl screamed, and flew toward Goten with her fist drawn back.

"Ha!" Goten jumped up, and somersaulted over Videl's head. As he came down, he twisted over, and kicked her in her back. Videl flew forward, and spun around angrily, glaring at Goten.

"Lucky shot." Before Goten could blink, Videl's fist was in Goten's face. His Saiyajin reflexes however, didn't require any thought. He dropped to the ground, and swept Videl's legs out from under her. Before Videl fell to the ground, Goten punched her in the chest, sending her crashing to the ground. Hard.

"Are you okay, Videl?" Goten asked, approaching her body cautiously.

"Perhaps one of those senzu beans would help you." Aria said.

"How do you know about senzu beans?" Tien asked.

"I know a lot of things." Aria said defensively. Krillin looked at her strangely, then popped a senzu bean into Videl's mouth. In a few seconds, she stood up, not a scratch on her body. She looked at Goten, and smiled.

"Good fight." She extended her hand to Goten. He shook it firmly.

"Videl? Twenty four hours have passed." Dende said. Videl nodded.

"Time to get one of them out, and Aria in." she said. Mr. Popo pulled open the door to the time chamber.

"Gohan! Mr. Piccolo!" Goten yelled, flying into the time chamber. Gohan and Piccolo were sparring about two hundred yards away from the door.

"Goten?" Gohan answered. The year spent in the chamber showed on Gohan. He was bigger, both in height and in build. His hair had grown, and now fell to his shoulders.

"Gohan, one of you two has to come out." Videl said, floating in behind Goten.

"For what reason?" Piccolo asked.

"Because of her." Videl pointed at Aria, who was standing at the entrance to the chamber.

"Who is she?" Gohan asked.

"Her name is Aria. She wants to join our team." Goten said.

"A normal human?" Piccolo asked questioningly.

"No. She's actually quite strong. She's stronger than anyone else here besides you two, Goten, and Trunks." Videl said.

"Why does one of us need to come out?" Gohan asked.

"I figured Piccolo could come out now, and Aria could train with you for your last day. Tomorrow, when you come out, Piccolo could go back in and train with Aria for her second day. Then Yamcha, Aria, and I will do the same thing." Videl said. Gohan turned to Piccolo.

"What do you think, Piccolo?" Gohan asked.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't suspicious. But it's your call, Gohan." Gohan clapped his hands together.

"All right then. She stays." He said. "I'll take my last day first, Piccolo." Piccolo nodded.

"As you wish." He turned, and followed Videl and Goten out of the chamber, staring at Aria the whole time.

Once they left, Gohan floated over to greet Aria with a smile on his face.

"My name is Gohan." He said when he was face to face with her.

"I am Aria." She said.

"Videl tells me you're pretty strong." Gohan said. Aria shrugged.

"I'm not to be taken lightly. I have some very… unique abilities." She said.

"Oh? Like what?" Gohan asked, intrigued. She grinned slightly.

"Who would you like to fight? I can change my body into the exact physical stature of anyone you ask." She said. Gohan raised an eyebrow.

"Have you ever heard of anyone named Frieza?" Gohan asked.

"But of course." She dug her feet into the ground. Gohan didn't notice anything at first, but then he noticed her figure beginning to blur. It blurred until she was nothing more than a mass of light.

Slowly, the light began to take a form that Gohan knew all too well.

The white and purple skin. The three toed feet. The cold, murderous, unmerciful eyes. And the long white tail.

"Frieza!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Did I do him justice?" Aria asked in Frieza's voice. Gohan reached out and touched Frieza's skin. It felt cold.

"Incredible…" he whispered.

"It's not just the physical form. I also gain his personality with the transformation. Do you want to fight the real Frieza, or just me in his body?" Aria asked.

"The real Frieza, please," Gohan said. Frieza closed his eyes for a few seconds, then opened them, glaring at Gohan.

"Foolish money!" Frieza yelled, and slapped Gohan hard in the face with his tail. Gohan growled.

"Your end is now, Frieza!" His mind flashed back to planet Namek. "Not one death will go unaccounted for. Not one!!!" He screamed, and flew at Frieza, with his fists drawn.

But Frieza was too fast! He disappeared a split second before Gohan collided with him, and reappeared behind him.

"Saiyajin scum!" He yelled, and fired a high powered energy beam at Gohan. It connected with Gohan's back, and blew him across the chamber, perhaps fifty feet away.

"Pitiful monkey," Frieza said, and pointed a finger at Gohan, ready to finish him off.

"No…" Gohan whispered, and back flipped to his feet. He gathered his energy, and transformed into a Super Saiyajin. Frieza took a step back in shock.

"W…what are you?" he asked.

"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer for everything that cries out for peace." Gohan said.

"No…" Frieza stammered.

"You've killed so many… and you treat life like a disposable commodity." Gohan said,

"…A super Saiyajin… impossible! It's just a myth!" Frieza said.

"Afraid not, Frieza. And now it's your turn!" Gohan screamed, and flew at Frieza. But Frieza caught his hand, and started laughing.

"What?" Gohan stammered as Frieza's form melted away, and he was left staring at Aria.

"I think we both know how that fight will turn out." She smirked, and punched him right between the eyes. He flew back, clutching at his face.

"Good night." Aria said, forming a Ki blade in her hand.

"Wha?" Gohan mumbled. Aria grinned, and threw the blade at Gohan, separating his body at the waist. The two sections fell to the ground, unmoving. Aria incinerated them.

"One down," she said, grinning to herself.

To Be Continued…