Ciel hated anything that reminded him of his parents. Spring cleaning at the house in London reaffirmed this fact when the earl discovered an antique trinket tucked in a dusty music box.

Angelina poked her head into the room. She noticed the boy slowly turning the gold brooch in his fingers, its sapphire center flashing as it caught the light from the window. "You looked troubled, nephew." Upon recalling the ornament's history, her breath hitched in her throat.

"I can't remember... her wearing this," Ciel murmured, almost a little too hollow.

Angelina entered hesitantly, and placed her hand on the boy's shoulder. She remembered. "That was the first gift your father gave Rachel. My sister was so beside herself..." She remembered how Rachel gave her a detailed account of the exchange, and how her hands wouldn't stop shaking, and how she couldn't bear to look her sister in the eye. She remembered wishing it was her brooch, and how the guilt of feeling so selfish tied her heart in a knot.

The boy with the eye patch looked up to see new lines etched into his aunt's face. He held it up, as if in offering. "You can have it."

"I couldn't possibly take it, Ciel."

Dejected, the young earl gingerly placed it back in its box, and noticed a small card. He opened it, and read the words:

"To my most precious Rachel, My heart is yours, forever and always. - Vincent."

"I can't stand to look at it." He tossed the card into the box and slammed the lid.

Madam Red lowered her eyes. "Neither can I."

Author's Note: This drabble was borne out of my larger fic project, A Magnificent Depravity. It wasn't included in the story because it really had no place. Despite this event being a minor detail in my much larger, grandiose fiction, I felt like it had the potential to carry its own emotional weight.

I also wanted to see what I could punch out in less than 300 words.