I layed on the ground, I think. I wasn't sure where I was. After days of travelling, I had fallen asleep. Good on me, Shira, fall asleep.

All I could see is some blurry orange - ish creature.

"Who, where?" I asked. The figure looked at me, before sending an order for food. Was it Gutt? Had he captured me.

"Who?" I demanded. The creature smirked.

"Diego." It said. Suddenly, my memory came flooding back. He was the one I was supposed to kill. But I hadn't, for my female instincts had gotten in the way. Mostly that stupid one called love.

"Diego?" I echoed. "Where Gutt?" I asked. He smiled.

"Long gone. Down there." Diego replied. I tried to get up, but fell down again. Suddenly, a sloth I recognised to be Sid, I think, came sloshing towards me with a thing full of water. He dropped it when he reached me. I glared at it.

"Drink, or die." Diego advised.

"No." I said. He smiled and tipped the water onto my face. It was wet and cold. I couldn't die, I thought. So I opened my mouth a crack to let water in, and hoped he wouldn't see. But he did.

"What's the matter, Kitty cat?" he teased. I growled at him.

"If it wasn't for him, you'd be dead!" Sid announced.

"Shut up, talking leaf!" I snapped, getting to my paws.

"One word: Moo-dy!" Sid said. That was it. I jumped on him and held him to the ground. I let out a loud growl.

"Get off him!" Diego yelled and jumped on to me. I squirmed. He flipped me off Sid, but I landed on top.

"Get off!" Diego yelled.

"Apologise, or meet your fate." I snarled. I pressed my left paw to his throat.

"Diego!" I heard Peaches call. She ran over to us and pushed me off. "Are you okay?"

"Well, I'm certainly not!" I snapped.

"Sorry!" Peaches said. I glared at her.

"Come on, guys! Don't fight!" Sid said.

"Go the heck away!" I yelled, getting to my paws. I tried to ignore my rumbling stomach and my roaring head ache. I also tried to ignore the fact that I needed more water.

"NO!" Peaches yelled "We came all this way to get you back!"

"Who's idea was that?" I asked.

"Mine." Came Diego's voice. I turned around.

"Why?" I demanded.

"I owe you." He muttered fiercely. I stared at him, sharpening my claws so he knew I was ready for a fight if needed. He bared his teeth at me. I bared mine back.

"Diego, leave her alone!" Came a gruff voice. I looked up from Diego to see Manny.

"Come on, guys, dinner's ready." Manny said. Peaches and Sid followed him to the dinner area.

"You don't know how much trouble we went to to find you!" Diego snapped.

"Why'd you even come? I was fine!" I argued.

"You were half dead!" Diego yelled.

"I would've managed just fine, Diego!"

"No you wouldn't – "Diego started.

"Yes I would!" I yelled. I ran off. How dare he think I couldn't manage?

Soon, I came to the edge of the island. The water was cool and soothing, so I couldn't resist diving in. The water lapped at my stomach. I took a step. It was up to my back. Another step. Up to my neck. Another step. Completely underwater. I clawed at the surface. I gulped for air before swimming back under. I saw a dark shadow dance a couple of metres in front of me. I watched it warily. My lungs were now heavy. What was happening?