"I am I am I am!" I yelled angrily.

"Sure you are, princess," Diego teased. I let out a loud roar.

"Whatever, land lover!" I yelled. He rolled his eyes and I hissed loudly, "I don't need you," with that I ran off.

"You do!" I heard him yell from behind me. I took off up the snowy slope before collapsing from exhaustion.

"Shira, I'll help you," Diego told me. I glared at him.
"Sure," I huffed, trying to stand up.

"You're tired," He insisted, pushing me down. I let out a growl of defeat.
"Fine," I snarled, "I'll come later," Diego shook his head.

"Pirate wanna – be," He said, "Follow,"

"No!" I said, stumbling to my paws. I sprinted away, and I heard him follow me.

"Just for tonight,"
"You don't owe me anymore," I said, turning around slowly.

"I know,"
"So why follow me?" I demanded, my heart pumping fast.

"Because. Because now you owe me," Diego whispered.