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The night was cold and wet, it just started to rain lightly on a group of people were standing by a coffin slowly being put under ground. Other strange men started shoveling the dirt on to the coffin which was slowly turning wet and muddy due to the slight drizzle.

Megan, Zatana, Artemis, Wally, dick, Kaldur, Conner and a few other teen heroes stood by the grave, while there mentor stood behind them all in normal civilian clothes. Everyone was sad, some were even crying. After it awhile everyone started slowly clearing away the team would also, but only after…

"im sorry." Artemis said as she put her hand on the tomb stone, and walked away past her team not caring for anything or anyone right now. Zatana tried to reach out for her by following but dick held her back.

"The wounds are still fresh anything you say or do might just back fire." Dick said, Zatana understood what he meant probabl because she would understand what she was feeling in a certain way, as was Dick.

"I can't believe this" Megan cried.

"lets go home." Conner said putting a comforting hand around Megan while she led her head to rest and they went, followed by Kaldur.

"Things may just change, I wonder…" he walked and didn't bother to complete what he was thinking.

"ill catch you guys later." Wally said and he went the other way of his team behind Artemis "Artemis!" Wally called out to her, she stopped but didn't turn.

"I just want to be alone right now, ok" her voice was emotionless but yet you could feel the sadness within them.

She walked away, but Wally didn't stop, he followed from a distance. It started to rain heavy now, Artemis hugged herself the whole way home. It was cold her body could feel it but her mind was numb. Wally followed from a distance, at that moment he just felt angry, what can he do to help. Seeing her like this made him frustrated, but he can't.

Artemis got home, she was trying to put the keys in the door but had a hard time getting them in. and it pained her to stand outside, not physically but mentally things were sinking in the realization that she is home and that everything may change were slowly sinking in. the keys feel, Artemis let out a frustrated sigh, she bent down to pick it but, someone else was already picking it up and unlocking the door.

" I said I want to be alone." She said soflty.

"I know," he said opening the door, she entered in first he followed in closing the door behind him. He took off his drenching wet coat. Artemis just stood there with her back to Wally.

"I want to be alone." she said again, not bothering to take of her coat. She headed up the stairs leaving a wet trail behind. Wally could have left, instead just walked behind her in to the main room, she just stood there and looked at the room. Wally stood in front of her, it was the look on her face that worried him, it was her eyes. It was like something so bad has happened that no one can ever know, or can she explain her eyes had unspoken saddens. Unsure of what to do Wally helped her out of her coat. At first she didn't allow it but then let him take it off, she sniffed and coughed probably might be coming down with something.

"ill make you some soup."Wally said and now helping her to her couch. "why don't you just sit here ok" Wally was worried. It was only normal that she would be like this quite but yet broken never did he think she would become so fragile. A few mins later Wally was done making the soup be brought it out but she wasn't there on the couch.

The worried red head went looking for her, with the try of soup in his hand. He found her in her room standing by the window. He just as he got close enough she spoke.

"I want to be alone" she said softly and broken. He put the try down by the table, slowly turned her around. She had been crying, looking down and not at him she was still crying tears running down her face.


"I want to be alone" still saying those same words, crying she looked up at him "those were the last thing I said to her," she broke down crying and rubbing her eyes like a child. " the last thing, I didn't mean it" he held her by the shoulders tight.

"oh Artemis" he said soothingly

"im horrible, its my fault. I-I don't want to be alone. I-I cant…- cant…-" she couldn't complete her sentence she just cried into wallys rubbed her back until she pulled out to sneeze.

"Here have soup you'll feel better in the morning." She sat on the bed almost like a zombie while he fed her soup.
When Artemis was done having her soup, he helped her into bed. Just as he was about to leave he felt something hold him back. It was Artemis while in bed she held his hand, they shared a moment, he rubbed her hand.

"stay. I don't want to be alone tonight" he bent down and brushed her hair behind her ear, Giving her a gentle smile for comfort, cupping her face looking intensely in her swollen wet eyes.

"you will never be alone" he said protectively, climbing into her bed and laying down being her holding her close and tight. "you have us. We are a family ok, and dont worry we will find sportsmaster, he will pay for what he has done dont worry. Now shh, sleep" He said stroking her hair, She softly weeper herself to sleep.

At that moment back at the grave yard.
A girl under an umbrella stood in front of the tomb stone, she was probably 17 or 18 put a flower on the grave, wiped that one tear that was streaming down her face while walking away she took out the Cheshire mask from her pocket and threw it in the bin.

"no more" she said to herself, with that she disappeared in to the cold rainy night.

What was written on the tomb stone was:

Paula Brookes

A mother

May she rest in peace