The rise and fall of civilization

The king was just sitting around playing with his pen when his worker hurriedly walked in and said "the tribes are uniting to take us down" the king was shocked never had he heard of the tribes who hated each other so much united to beat there enemy he wouldn't do it even if it meant his doom.

"What should we do?" the king said "well let the champion out of the champion chamber" worker "but sire that would be risky drull could flee during the battle " king "well we will have to take a chance if we lose we lose"

The king made some Daves Fangs and Zefreetis Banditos and Pokeys he got some Sabnoxes and King Worminizers. the king spoke "if we lose this battle it is all over" many of you will die no doubt but even so keep fighting on" these will maybe my last words to all of you." Over the horizon the enemy was charging to battle them. Blood was splattered bodies were flying the battle field filled with blood. But even the kings' greatest efforts to win were failing. Then the battle was over with the united tribes on top

The king fled with his workers and the monsters who actually survived. The king's base was up in flames. The chanting of the united tribes rang thought the air. The king was devastated by the down fall of his yard. Tears rolled down his eyes and he was furious at the other tribes.

Sorry this was a short chapter and I will make more later on it's my first one so be patience until then R&R