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AN: Dark Cloud is a dead end reviews-wise and I'm pretty sure that I won't find any supporters for this pairing, but I thought it sounded like fun. And lets be honest, this place could use a little love for the more minor characters.

Toan was pretty sure how his adventure was supposed to play out on the love front. It came down to two very simple options.

The first was very straightforward. He saves the world and returns to his friend Paige and eventually marries her. That's how the old stories go and that's how his mother married his father.

But Paige didn't see him that way. She saw him as just a friend, a brother even. But not a lover or husband.

There were other girls, girls like the beautiful Alnet, who Toan had had a crush on a few months ago. But none of them really seemed to be anything exceptional to him.

Alternatively, he would fall in love with one of his female travelling companions. Xiao and Ruby were certainly pretty enough, but…

Xiao was far more interested in Paige than she was Toan. She certainly made no secret of her flirting, much to the chagrin of the village. And Paige it seemed, returned the interest.

Ruby, for her part, was thousands of years old and a very daunting prospect for a teenage boy. And she was more interested in Goro than she was Toan and she made no secret of it.

But he didn't care what the traditional old stories said. All he cared was that he had Devia in his heart and bed and that was all that mattered. Devia, his beautiful desert bloom was his.