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The Blood Wars II

A Winx Club / Hunger Games Crossover

Written by Chrissiemusa

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"Let the games begin!"

It felt like a serious case of déjà vu when Flora signed the papers outside the Magical Reality Chamber, walked through the doors and was guided to her pedestal. She had been here before, it felt the same, smelt the same, and the horrors awaiting her were the same. They begged her to come, like hands reaching out of the pits of hell. But there was something different, she wasn't scared.

Just two days before she had prayed that the entire thing had been a dream, that they hadn't announced the Quarter Quell rule change but now she was calm. Her breathing wasn't irregular, her heart rate, although a little faster than normal, wasn't hammering out of her chest. Her feet had stopped shaking and her hands were steady.

She looked to the others standing around her and they all looked the same. They were the veterans after all and she was still a newbie. She was going to die. She knew it. Surviving the games once had been a miracle, being sent in a second time was a death sentence, Faragonda had already warned her that because of their actions last year they would be made prime targets and she knew it was true. After all, what better way to disguise their assassinations by sending them into the arena for the Quarter Quell?

Flora didn't see the need for them to change the rules and send previous victors back into the arena. After all, winning once should have made you immune to the reaping. But it hadn't and she and Helia were doomed to enter it again. She supposed the reason that she was so calm was because she knew that at least, if she did die, it would be swift and quick. These tributes, the mentors of those who went before and who had already experienced the extreme conditions, didn't need to experiment with the human body or taunt their victims. They just needed to survive the ordeal and get the hell out of there still standing.

The strangest part about their decision to put victors back into the arena was that not all of the districts, inside the games twenty four year history, had two victors, one male and one female. In many cases there were two women or two men who had won but no one to fill the remaining place. So the witches decided to use a general reaping for the remaining place depending on the gender that was needed. Flora was grateful that at least Helia was able to win otherwise another young man or child could have been going in with her.

Flora looked for Helia and could see him directly across from her. He nodded his head softly before smiling a little and she did the same.

One of the ancestral witches spoke over the microphone to open the proceedings and the list of tributes that Faragonda had presented Flora with appeared on screens around the arena. She glanced towards it, remembering as much as she could about each person as they were read out-loud to benefit the viewers.

District 1 – Erakleon – Coda Torta and Samara

Coda Torta was a strong man who had won inside the arena when he was fifteen. He had large broad shoulders and strong arms which suited his fighting style of double handed sword play. The woman next to him, wearing the same black pants, t-shirt and hooded jacket that they had all been given, looked to be slightly older than him and was quite frail by appearance. She had a pale, almost ghostly complexion and long deep red hair that flowed to her mid back, tied up inside a bun for the purposes of the official beginning.

District 2 – Solaria – Radius and Luna

The two didn't look at each other as they waved to the cameras and neither of them smiled. They looked to be the exact opposite of each other. He had shoulder length fiery orange hair, a full trimmed beard and sparkling orange eyes she had long light blonde hair and her eyes were blue. Flora always believed that Solaria was the planet of the sun but, as Faragonda had explained to them, it actually included the moon as well. She wasn't sure why the two weren't looking at each other but knew that the male of the two looked quite fierce and the woman reminded her of Stella which made her spine shiver.

District 3 – Andros – Teredor and Niobe

The couple looked like Nabu and Layla if they were older. The male had his hair tied back from his eyes while the other had it in a high pony tail. Her dark curls shone beautifully against the lights and Flora wondered how she managed to keep her hair looking so good when she was surrounded by salt air and sea water. Teredor was similar to Coda Torta in build but his arms were not as strong and Flora remembered that his win in the games wasn't a memorable one.

District 4 – Quantum – Anagan and Stormy

The pair were just a few years older than Flora and Helia. Stormy was a previous victor while Anagan was reaped from the city and thrown into the arena. From what Flora had observed inside the training centre he was extremely fast and did have some magical capabilities, which made her wonder if Riven's sudden use of magic was a hidden talent from district four. Stormy had won her entry in the games through stealth and hiding most of the time, only killing when necessary. But if Flora learnt anything from her victor's videos it was that Stormy could get quite hot-headed.

She had dark blue, almost purple, very curly hair that could be attributed to her power over lightning. The young man standing next to her, who Flora estimated to be eighteen years of age, had light brown skin and dark dreadlocks. A thin beard framed his face, much thinner than the other male tributes from the previous districts who all sported a thick, well groomed one. He looked to Flora on his left and smiled slightly making her smile a little back. He seemed to calm and she wondered whether it was for the same reason that she was.

District 5 – Downland – Nebula and Abrupto

Nebula was a victor but not one from Downland. She had been assigned the district when they needed a victor to escort tributes to Magix and her name was drawn from a bowl. Her own staff skills, Flora noted, reflected well inside Amentia who had made it the farthest any other Downlandian had inside the games. But, the tall and bulky seventeen-year-old who was the second person to be reaped from their district, would not last long. Downlandian's weren't built for the games. Living their entire lives under the ground they were not used to the hot sunlight, hunting or gathering in the woods. They were, however, the very best at camouflage and hiding though, considering how much bigger he was in comparison to Sponsis from the year before, Flora noticed that he probably wouldn't be able to hide all that well.

District 6 – Gaien – Benjamin and Icy

The smile that spread on the young man's face screamed both innocence and ignorance, and the eye roll from Icy made Flora almost laugh. It felt strange to laugh at him when she was in the exact same position just twelve months ago, smiling and waving to the cameras. She supposed the difference was that it was common practice before but the games rule change had changed a lot of behaviour. It wasn't about getting sponsors this time around or trying to impress the crowds. This time it was about survival and Benjamin didn't look like winning material. He had been selected from his district at the age of sixteen and had no chance inside this team of professionals. Flora felt sorry for him, his blue eyes and long black hair and tall body would go to waste, as a sacrifice to the arena. She was sure that she would soon follow and even looking at Icy made her uneasy. The witches long white hair and flair for cold magic had successfully won her the games when she was just fourteen and the betting agencies already had her as a favourite to take out the title.

District 7 – Melody – Leon and Chimera

Flora instantly remembered Musa from district seven the moment that the word 'melody' echoed through the reality chamber. She had the ability of supersonic hearing and she wondered whether either of the two who stood at opposite sides had it as well. There was Leon, a young slender man whose black spiky hair and deep red eyes scared the hell out of the nature fairy. It looked like he was some kind of demon that had come straight from hell and his wicked smile only gave her more evidence. The girl he had been paired with had been reaped from their district. She had long dark blue hair like Musa's only with bangs that finished just above her eyebrows. She was thin and pale and looked scared, what she had been once before.

District 8 – Whisperia – Valtor and Griffin

The most watched, talked about and favoured partnership of this year's games stood confidently and neither waved to their audience. Griffin, although famously known for her rejection of team work in all its forms, had been suddenly teamed up with a strong partner who Flora had seen talking with her on many occasions in their training. He was a tall man, had a fair complexion with a strong chin and bone structure. He wasn't particularly muscular but what he lacked in physical ability he made up with magic. He was classified as a wizard by the informants that Faragonda had used to get information, though exactly what kind was still a mystery.

Griffin was her usual self, thin, tall and her hair was the widest part of her body, closely followed by her hips. The pair had gained the most attention because Griffins method of winning during just the second year of the games was nothing short of incredible and the man she had been partnered with, as far as Faragonda and a number of others could tell; hadn't been reaped from his district or been a previous winner of the games.

District 9 – Zenith – Ophelia and Glenn

Glenn had been reaped from Zenith after Ophelia was pulled back into the arena. He had medium length silky hair that fell to frame his face. His square glasses were the same as Ophelia's which sat mid way on her nose. Her own red hair was tied into a high bun which made her look more like a teacher, doctor or technician rather than someone who could kill. Her win when she was seventeen included carefully calculated and co-ordinated traps and no physical combat moves. Brains had won over brawn and it was one of the most memorable victories in District Games history.

District 10 – Earth – Morgana and Jason

Although Earth was not a dominant force inside the District Games they had managed to produce two victors, one male and one female. The male, Jason, had blonde hair with two thin bangs and scary black eyes. He had a similar structure to Valtor though held no magical capabilities. Morgana on the other hand held a lot of magical strength. Her brown hair with two short bangs had been tied into a ponytail to stop anything getting tangled in their mad dash for the Tree of Life which Flora was sure would be as manic as ever.

District 11 – Rythum – Sibylla and Gantlos

Galatea and Derrick were the first two names that entered Flora's head, especially when Faragonda told her that Sibylla had been their mentor for the previous games. Her powers were never truly revealed but being from Rythum obviously meant they would be music based. She had long orange hair, tied up in two practical buns on either side of her head while the rest fell. She was of medium height and build while the man next to her was taller.

Gantlos had long blonde hair that fell past his shoulders and he won the games by using his famous sound wave clap attack to make a cave collapse in on the remaining three tributes that were hiding inside. It was a hotly debated win, especially considering the crowds thirst for blood hadn't been quenched. But, after all of their enemies and combatants had been introduced it came their turn to take the spotlight.

District 12 – Linphea – Flora and Helia

Flora raised her hand to acknowledge the camera but didn't smile and Helia did the same. He looked to her and offered another small kind and loving smile and she replicated it in her own. It was hard for her to believe that they only had one year together and this was how they were celebrating their anniversary. Inside the arena, served like food on a platter for the other victors who were stronger both physically and magically.

"The tributes are prepared! The settings are complete! It's time for this year's arena to be unleashed!" The witches familiar and ceremonial rhyme announced before a bright light illuminated the chamber and Flora lost sight of Helia. Ten seconds later she heard the sound of waves against the shore and the sounds of birds, monkeys, crickets and a variety of other animals. Then she finally opened her eyes and her jaw dropped. The Tree of Life was in front of her, on a separate round island and she was standing on the ocean. Or at least that was what it looked like. Sibylla, the tribute to her right looked around her feet and watched the fish swimming around their pedestals. Flora would have thought it was some kind of beautiful dream if she didn't know what was going to happen next.

To her left Flora noticed a landing that stretched from the central island and stopped just a jump away from her pedestal. She looked around, counting twelve in total, one between two tributes at a time so they could race to the island when the canon fired. Bending down she placed her fingers in the water and placed a finger to her lip. It was salt water, no hope of use for supply later.

The invisible barrier from the first game had been removed, simply because moving from the pedestal meant you'd fall in the water and that you'd be too sluggish to move. So no one dared to step off them. Flora's eyes searched for Helia's but she couldn't see him, realising that he was probably on the other side of the Tree of Life himself. All she could see at the base of the golden tree, and in some of the low hanging branches, were weapons but no backpacks which made her a little worried. Did that mean that food was somewhere else in the arena or would they leave them with no food to quicken the games duration? She wasn't sure but the countdown began and she didn't have time to think about it.

"The games will begin in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…"

Flora formulated a plan, run for it, get to the Tree of Life first, grab what she wanted and swim away. Surrounding where the tributes and Tree were located was a beach before the jungle and wild wilderness extended the rest of the way. Her best chance was to get into the trees.

"3…" She readied herself.

"2…" She held her breath.

"1…" The canon fired and all she felt was pain.

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