Alfred stomped to his room to pack, he couldn't TAKE IT any longer! His boss was bitching non-stop about how bad his economy was, and it'd been forever since he had had any fun. SO, he was going to take a vacation, whether his boss liked it or not!

The question was, where was he going to go? It had to be to a friend's house, since he had to hang out with SOMEONE. And, it had to be someone who was cool enough not to rat him out, or be boring for that matter.

Yao? No, Alfred owes him WAY too much money to run to him. Ivan? No, that guy is WAY too creepy. Francis? No, Alfred would probably get raped, not worth it. Mattew? Alfred has no idea if he's in the room half the time. Kiku? He's a prude, and it's kind of awkward hanging out with him sometimes.

Arthur! That's who he'll hide out with! He'll probably take him in for a while! Alfred just has to ignore the awful cooking, the dreary weather, and Arthur's mean comments. He has a huge crush on the Brit anyway, so it'll be easy.

Alfred packs quickly, only a backpack with a few changes of clothes and a toothbrush, he can mooch the rest from Arthur. He hops on the first plane to London and he's off! The only thing he thinks of on the way is what he's gonna say to Arthur when he gets there...

When he got off the plane he took a cab to Arthur's house, and once there he knocked on the door. He heard feet plodding through the house and smiled at Arthur as the door opened. "What do you want Alfred?" Arthur looked at him boredly, but really he was happy to see his crush.

"I needed a vacay, I thought I'd stay here for a bit." Alfred shrugged, all his preperations had gone out the window when he saw Arthur.

"Aren't you having economic problems? You shouldn't be here!" Arthur nagged.

Alfred sighed, "Yeah, but that's boring! I wanna hang out with you."

Arthur sighed as he turned and let Alfred come in, closing the door behind them. "Your boss doesn't know, does he?"

"You are a mind reader!"

"No, he sent a report to my boss, and all of your friends' bosses saying that if we see you, we're to send you back."

"You aren't going to though, right?" Alfred smiled hopefully.

"No...although I probably should." Arthur sat down on the couch.

Alfred grinned and set his bag down in one of Arthur's armchairs, sitting next to him and resting his arms on the back of the couch, "Great! I love you, you know that, right?" Alfred laughed and turned the television on, flipping through the channels.

"Shut up, you bloody git. You shouldn't joke about love." Arthur turned away and scowled, wishing that Alfred would take things like that more seriously.

Alfred turned his head and frowned at the Brit. "But I'm not."

Arthur gave Alfred a strange look, not understanding. "What?"

"I'm not joking. I love you Arthur." Alfred set the remote down and turned completely, so his full attention was on Arthur's reaction.

Arthur turned toward Alfred and scowled, "Stop teasing me!"

That's when Alfred leaned in and kissed Arthur tenderly. At first Arthur was stiff, but he melted into it and began to kiss back. Their tongues intermingled and their hands drifted across eachother's chests, shoulders. thighs, backs, cheeks, ect.

After a few moments of enjoying the kiss, Arthur pulled away. He was flushed red and muttered, "I love you too, you git." After, they quickly resumed their kissing.