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"Training starts now."

"P – Please…can we stop?" Sting panted heavily, groaning in pain.

"T – this hurts…" Rogue complained.

"Just keep going," Lucy said deviously, watching Sting and Rogue carry 20kg boulders on their backs up and down the mountain.

"But it's heavy!" Sting whined, nearly falling off the mountain, glancing at Lucy checking out her nails and walking slowly behind them.

"Well too bad. Didn't you too say you wanted to get stronger?" Lucy smiled sweetly at them.

"What have we gotten ourselves into?!" Sting howled, his voice echoing.

"You mean what have you gotten me into…" Rogue mumbled quietly, sighing.


"You know what? After carrying these everybody for a month, 20kg seems like nothing," Sting said cheerfully, trudging up the mountain happily.

"I thought it was light long ago," Rogue scoffed, laughing afterwards.

"Oh yeah, totally," Sting rolled his eyes, grinning.

"Well, that's the first step to getting stronger, isn't it?" Lucy flashed the two one of her rare smiles, lifting the mood even higher.

So far, so good.


"Dragon Slayers are a unique type of people who utilize a form of Lost Magic, blah blah blah…." Lucy read out loud, ducking her head as Sting attempted to attack her.

"Too slow," Lucy stated, grabbing Rogue's leg and flipping him upside down, face-planting into the floor.

"Ah! Here we are There are three types of dragonslayers." Lucy blocked all of Sting's punches with her left hand, reading a small book about Dragon Slayers in her right.

"First Generation, who learned their magic from actual Dragons, the Second Generation, who have had Dragon Lacrima implanted into their bodies, and –oop!" Lucy jumped in the air and drilled into Rogue, used his head as a platform and drilled into Sting, landing safely on the ground. The other two, however, groaned in anger as their faces met the floor.

"And the Third Generation, who are a combination of the previous two generations, which are you two weaklings." Lucy grinned, watching the two writhe in agony and slamming the Dragon Slayer book she was reading shut.

"Come on you two, you can't even land one blow on me? How sad. It's already been 3 months." Lucy feigned sadness, a smug smirk on her face.

Sting stood up slowly and flicked Lucy square in the head.

"Owch!" She pouted and rubbed her head. Sting stood there, hands on hips and smirking.

"Fine then. I stand corrected!" Lucy laughed, flicking him back on the forehead. Rogue watched the two with a sad smile on his face.

"Will I ever get to become close to her like him?"


"It's been half a year, huh…" Sting mumbled as he lay on the soft sand of the beach.

"Lucy has trained us well, though. She has even taken care of us so well," Rogue murmured with Sting.

"Oi! You don't….like her, do you?" Sting turned to Rogue, his face a bit red.

"Maybe, maybe not," Rogue shrugged his shoulders, sitting up and looking at the sun halfway through the sky.

"You better not! C –cause I….I…."

"You what?" Rogue urged on. Of course, he already knew what Sting was going to say afterwards.

"I like he –"

"Oi!" Sting blushed beet red as he saw Lucy coming out of the hut and quickly tuned around to hide his face.

"Picnic's ready! The spirits are joining us too, 'kay?" Lucy nodded to the two and walked towards a big tree with lots of shade.

"Let's go." Rogue helped Sting up, squeezing his hand violently.

"Don't tell me you…."

"Who knows?" Rogue shrugged but yelled out when Sting whacked him on the back.

"May the best man win," he smirked at Rogue.

"May the best man win."


The months flew past quite quickly until the trio had been together for a whole year – the two dragonslayers got stronger and their relationship with Lucy got stronger as well. At one point in time, both dragonslayers had confessed to Lucy at the same time, which was quite a grand confession, but she gently rejected the two, responding with, "Sorry, but I've got someone else in my mind… sorry," a sad smile on her face. She was, in fact, thinking of Natsu at the time. She didn't know why, nor how her feelings for him had resurfaced, but they just did.

Instead of causing the three of them to drift apart and be awkward, it became quite the opposite. They all thought of each other as family, and their intimacy that was regarded as 'relationship' intimacy was common for the three. Thus, they had become extremely close.

"I can't believe we're here…." Lucy mumbled, her hands shaking.

"It'll be fine." Sting and Rogue both pat Lucy's shoulder and looked up to the train station sign saying 'Magnolia Station'.

"You know what? I haven't seen this sign in 2 years!" Lucy cracked up a small smile and started walking forward.

"Onward to….Fairy…ugh," Lucy groaned. "Just saying the name again gives me weird vibes," Lucy shivered.

"Why don't we eat first? I brought sandwiches," Rogue smiled, taking out a pack of three sandwiches.

"Sure thing! Ooh, ooh! Let's go take a walk in the park!" Lucy cheered, snagging a sandwich of Rogue.

"Oi! Wait up!" Sting yelled at Lucy, who skipped in front of the two. Lucy walked through the streets, admiring the glittering shops that had not been there 2 years ago. The Mayor had done a good job at renovating the streets of Magnolia.

"Finally….. w – we caught up….to y –you," Sting and Rogue panted heavily.

"Oh, thanks for the sandwich, Rogue. It was nice!" Lucy grinned as she turned, stuffing the plastic wrap in her pocket.

"Is it really that good? Maybe I should take a bi – Wha, hey!" Sting yelled out in frustration as a seagull swooped down and stole his sandwich.

"Come back here, you little wench! That's my sandwich!" Sting yelled at the seagull, who floated around in the sky, as if mocking Sting.

"Dragon Wings!" Wings sprouted out of Sting's back and he chased the seagull, making the innocent bystanders scream and run away or stare in amazement.

"Sting! Calm down!" Lucy yelled at him.

"But he stole my sandwich!" Sting pointed to the sky where he thought the seagull was, but groaned when he saw it flying away. He swore he could see a smirk on its face as it turned around with his lunch in its beak.

"Not cool," Sting grumbled as he floated back down to the ground.

"Dragon wings, dispel."

"You're lucky I wasn't going to give you a beating," Lucy smirked at him, making Sting and Rogue shiver.

"Since I'm still hungry, why don't we head over there? I don't want you whining and grumbling for the whole day that a seagull stole your sandwich," Lucy snickered, grabbing Sting and Rogue's hands.

"It's not funny!" Sting yelled out.

"It kind of is," Rogue chuckled. The three of them entered The Dessert Café, sitting down in a booth near the entrance.

Lucy slid in the booth first, then Rogue, and Sting sat opposite them.

"Alright, how much money have we got?" Sting asked, licking his lips.

"I've been saving up, so we can order as much as you want," Lucy smirked, feeling for the wad of notes in her pocket.

"Hello, what would you like to order?" A waitress named Sunny walked over to them, but gasped after seeing their faces.

"You're the missing Lucy Heartfilia! And the twin drago –"

"Shhh!" Lucy put a finger to her lips and smiled to the waitress, who looked around cautiously to see if anybody overhead them. Luckily, barely anybody was around, and she gave Lucy a thumbs up.

"I'd like a chocolate waffles, a ham sandwich, a chocolate muffin, a rainbow cookie and some orange juice," Sting licked his lips greedily while explaining his order to Sunny.

"I'd like vanilla waffles and a jumbo rainbow ice cream, please."

"I'd like a hot chocolate and banana milkshake, thanks."

Lucy and Rogue glared at Sting, who huffed in annoyance.

"Please," he whined like a little kid who didn't want to go home.

"That'll be 20,000 jewels please."

"Stupid sweet tooth," Lucy scowled at Sting as she handed Sunny the money.

"We'll be back with your order soon! Thank you!"

"That's how much I nearly got Plue's key for….When I first came to Magnolia," Lucy sighed hugging her bag. She started eavesdropping on the many conversations around the Café.

"We'd like some fire chicken, a cold banana milkshake, 5 servings of strawberry cake and a vanilla milkshake, please."

"That's something that Team Natsu would order…" Lucy sighed again, propping her elbow on the table.

Wait, what?! She turned her head to the left and saw Natsu, Gray, Erza and Lisanna sitting together. "It's them…" Lucy whispered to herself, gripping her bag tightly

"L – Lucy? What's wrong?" Sting practically yelled out, nearly loud enough for Team Natsu to hear.

"Shhh! Look over there!" Rogue nudged him in the side and he jumped at the sight of the Team Natsu.

"I don't want to talk to them. Not yet," Lucy confessed.

"Here's your order!" Sunny came with 3 trays of food, glancing over to Team Natsu.

"Heartfilia-san, that's-"

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry, we'll be out of here in the blink of an eye," Lucy winked to the waitress who smiled and walked off.

"We will?" Sting blurted out, digging into his food.

"Yes, we will. I don't want to talk to them. At all," Lucy stated forcefully, causing the two dragonslayers to munch on their food quickly.

"It's been 2 years, huh…." Lucy heard Natsu mumble as he ran a hand through his hair, catching Lucy's attention. "2 years since Lucy lef-" Lucy choked on her food, banging vigorously on her chest to dislodge the food.

"He still cares about me?"

A dumbfounded expression graced her face, making the two dragonslayers sitting opposite her glance at each other uneasily.

"I…Let's go." Lucy stood up noisily, grabbed the boys' hands and stomped out of the shop, attracting all the customers' attention, but after they heard the bell connected to the door ring and close silently, everything returned back to normal.

Lucy lead the two to the park, banging on her chest to dislodge the food still stuck in her throat.

"What an idiot," Lucy heard Loke murmur as he key started to glow.

"Why are you eavesdropping again?!" Lucy yelled at his key, gripping it tightly and making him gasp slightly in pain.

"We were worried about you, hime," Virgo said, her key emitting some light as well.

"Unless you want us to bash him up anonymously, then we'll leave you alone." Lucy could picture the Aquarius in her know-it-all pose, crossing her arms and scoffing.

"Wha – No! Don't bash him up!" Lucy gasped at Aquarius' key. The people who walked past just looked at her weirdly – a 19 year old girl talking to some weird looking keys, sitting on the park bench. Who wouldn't think she was weird?

Sting and Rogue, on the other hand, starting whistling and walking away from Lucy innocently, pretending as if they didn't know her.

"Exactly, mooo! That's why we're worried, moooooo!" Taurus boomed. Lucy sighed and scratched her head, blushing slightly.

"Thanks guys. I appreciate it. But…" Lucy pounced on Sting and Rogue, linking her arms with theirs.

"I've got these two to protect me! Otherwise, I can just protect myself! Right guys?" Lucy grinned and Sting and Rogue and everybody laughed happily.

"Fine then. We'll leave you, but if something happens, we're going to be here for you!" Loke called out, his key shimmering and the light evaporating from his key.

"Well, let's go!"

"What, go where?!"

"Yeah, where?"

"My old apartment!" Lucy walked on the side of the river bed, sighing nostalgically.

"Oh, you're back Lucy?" Lucy glanced to the side and saw the familiar middle-aged man rowing his boat, as always.

"Un!" Lucy nodded happily.

"Well, make sure you don't fall of!" he grinned at her, rowing past.

"I won't! Thank you!" she called out, jumping off the ledge and staring at her old apartment.

"Who was that?" Rogue asked as he watched Lucy knock on the door and step back.

"An old friend," Lucy smiled.

"Hello, who is it?" Lucy smiled at the familiar grumpy voice of her ex-landlady.

"It's Lucy!"

"W – wha? Lucy!" The door suddenly flung open and a small lady trudged out.

"Where have you been? And who are those two?" The landlady glanced disgustingly at the two.

"They're not threatening you, are they? What if they're yakuza?! Or molesters?! Paedophiles!" She yelled out for the whole world to hear.

"Landlady, calm down! They're my friends!" Lucy put a finger to her lips and tried to calm the old lady down. She grumbled a little and put her hands on her hips.

"You looking for a room?" The landlady walked in, leaving the door open for the three of them.

"Mmhmm. Woah – did you expand the place?" Lucy stared in amazement as the room branched off into three different rooms.

"Yup, and because the rent's so expensive, no-one wants to rent the place," the landlady sighed, sitting down on a luxurious cream-coloured couch, inviting the trio to sit down.

"Why, how much is the rent?" Sting said, putting his feet on the small black coffee table and using his arms as a headrest.

"Get your feet off my table, you dirty boy!" The landlady smacked Sting's feet off the table with a fan and glared at him from under her glasses, pushing a strand of her purple hair behind her ear. "Ahem. Well, the rent is 240,000 jewels –"



"JEWELS!?" The three screamed in agony, clawing at the furniture and pulling their hair out like no tomorrow.

"Oh calm down, you three. If you divide it, it'll be 80,000 jewels each, right? Do we have a deal?"

"Oh wait…That's how much I used to pay for my rent," Lucy sweatdropped as she sat down calmly. "It's a deal then." Lucy shook hands with her new landlady, nearly puking at the feel of her wrinkly hand.

"Off you go then. Shoo. Rent is due in 1 week." She tossed three keys at the trio, who caught them perfectly in sync.

"Thanks, granny!" Sting yelled out, running up the stairs to the apartment complex quickly, leaving an angry landlady behind.

"Oi, you didn't have to go that far," Lucy laughed as she flopped on her old bed, sighing happily.

"Your rooms are there," Lucy pointed towards two big wooden doors. They both walked in each room, but soon enough, emerged out of the wooden doors covered from head to toe in dust, coughing like no tomorrow.

"Oh, come on then. We've got to clean up your rooms. Take a shower and get ready to shop!"


"I'm tired," Lucy sighed 2 hours later as she leaned on her bed, eyeing the two dragonslayers lying on her floor. Lucy's head turned towards the right, glancing at her white clock stuck onto the wall – 2:00pm.

"Say….why don't we head over to Fairy Tail?" Lucy crossed her legs and rocked back and forth on her bed.

"Right now?" Sting asked Lucy, looking up.

"I though you didn't want to see them?" Rogue asked her, starting to stand up and using her bed as a helping hand.

"Why not? Might as well go now, or else I'll die of anticipation," Lucy laughed wryly. "Alright then, you lazy asses. Get up and let's go!"


"Are you ready?" Sting pat Lucy on the shoulder, who gulped nervously.

"Don't worry; we'll be here for you," Rogue said as he ruffled her hair.

"C'mon guys, who do you think I am? I'll be fine!" Lucy laughed nervously, holding onto the big handle of Fairy Tail.

"1.." Sting started.

"2…" Rogue continued.

"3!" Lucy yelled as she pushed open the big doors of Fairy Tail, looking around quickly to observe what was happening. Natsu, Gray, Erza and Lisanna were chatting in one corner, Mira was cleaning as usual, Cana sat on the table drinking barrel after barrel, glancing at Macao and Wakaba. The Thunder God Tribe were scattered around the building, Gajeel was sitting next to Levy eating iron and Juvia was inching closer and closer towards Gray.

"Well, this brings back odd memories," Lucy murmured as she stood at the doors, hands on hips. Everybody turned around abruptly – some gasping in shock and others starting to tear up.

"Lucy….you're back…" Natsu whispered as he jumped towards Lucy. Instead of receiving a big bear hug like Natsu expected, all he got was her foot in his face. He slid down and Lucy used him as a doormat.

"Why are you with Sting and Rogue?!" Gray yelled out, making a fighting stance.

"What do you want with Lucy?!" Erza yelled out, re-quipping into her Heaven's Wheel armour.

"Oh, calm down you lot. They're with me." Lucy linked hands with Sting and Rogue, striding past Erza and Gray, leaving the whole guild shocked.

"Mira, a glass of water, please?" Lucy grinned towards Mira who teared up, giving her a hug over the bar counter.

"You're back, Lucy!" She bawled into her shoulder, sniffling all the while.

"Lu-chan!" Levy jumped into Lucy's arms, who pat her head and gave her a hug back. Mira clinked a glass of water on the table and Lucy gulped it down quickly.


"I'm back, everyon –"


And with a second poof, Loke was gone in the blink of an eye.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

"Princess! Why?!" Loke yelled at Lucy.

"Mooooooo! Good afternoon, everyone!"

"Have you forgiven them, hime?"

"Ohaiyo! G – Gomenasai!"

"Puun Puun!"

"Good afternoon, Erza-sama. Ebi."

"Why are all of you here?" Lucy half-scowled at them.

"We just wanted to join the fun! We are!" Scorpio shrugged.

"Lucy!" Natsu screamed from across the room.

"What?" She asked him, irritated.

"Fight me!"

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