What Remains-

Summary: Ceil and Sebastian have left under mysterious circumstances and now the Phantomhive manor is without an owner. However, the servants remain.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Family, and Drama

Rating: T

Characters: Meyrin, Finny, Tanaka and Bard

Paring(s): None (at least not intended)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; therefore, I'm broke. :(

Timeline: Post-Finale of Kuro II

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[Section 1/5]

Section 1- Farewell

Finnian trudged slowly behind Bard and Meyrin down the small dirt path to the Phantomhive manor. His bright yellow boots were mucky and covered with dirt from the trails wet soil, but the young grounds keeper couldn't bring himself to care. He wasn't feeling much of anything actually. His gaze just remained locked on the delicate sway of Meyrin's white and baby blue dress, which had also collected splotches of brown mud at the hem. Bardroy's blond hair was also tinged brown as he ran an uneasy grimy hand through it, unintentionally.

The master had only minutes ago bid farewell to them, but unlike his usual leave where he left small instructions and an emotionless 'goodbye', this time he had left with no instructions, no repremstion for any actions they might take; he just went on his way.

Poor confused Finny couldn't comprehend why. One moment, Sebastian, in his usual pressed and clean suit, had been getting the master up and ready to leave and then thing they knew was the next he was leaving with the young Lord, unexpectedly. There had been no explanation or defending words; Master Ciel had just told them he no longer would live there and that they could do as they pleased. He informed them he wasn't their young Lord anymore; he wasn't anything to them anymore. There was no mention of where he was going. It had just been a quick and empty 'farewell' to his old home, his old life, and apparently, his old servants. Finny had never seen anyone shed off their personal effects and heritage so fast, but Ciel Phantomhive had done it and done it without plausible reason to.

Finny sniffled a little bit at the day's cold air. The atmosphere, usually bright and pleasant, seemed to have dropped a couple degrees, creating a sullen and heavy tone. He didn't let the gloomy tone make him fall behind the three in front of him, only following suit as they all contemplated over what had just happened.

They all made it to the front step before anyone halted their slow march. Meyrin was the first to stop, smoothing out her dress as she sat down on the third marble step as though she refused to go any farther. Bard did the same as he squatted down, his fingers coming up to his mouth and taking the cigarette from his lips. He twirled it in between his thumb and index finger, thoughtlessly, as he stared dully at the pavement. Finny removed the hat from his head, allowing it to rest on his back held up by the string around his neck. He sat in between Bard and Mayrin, placing his elbows so they touched the hem of Meyrin's shirt and the folds of Bard's white pants. Tanaka, who had been only been steps behind them the entire time, stood not too far away, but did not join them to sit on the marble stairway. Silence broke out for a moment as each of them were lost in their own thoughts.

Finny gazed at his fellow workers and with quivering lips and sorrowful turquoise eyes; he broke the uneasy quiet that had rested upon them. "He told us to burn it." His hushed tone was of one akin to horror. Bard and Meyrin both looked at him for the first time, acknowledging his words. Bard grimaced and Meyrin sighed quietly.

"He did, didn't he? Why would he say that?" Bard mused aloud, although no answers were given from the unsure house staff. Meyrin removed her glasses and placed them on her head, her sorrowful gaze finally met her colleges.

"Something must of happened with the young Lord yesterday. When he went to the Trancy manor, I mean." Bard crossed his arms over his chest, placing the cigarette back into his mouth. At Meyrin's words, Finnian's hands made their way to his kneecaps and he tightened his grip on his orange pants in silent distress.

"S-Should we have done something?" Finny stuttered, unsure of how to feel at the moment. His bottom lip wouldn't stop quivering, though, and the empty feeling that had descended on him the minute master Ciel's coach had disappeared in the horizon hadn't faded at all. In fact, the new ache only seemed to get worse. A cold familiar fear clenched at his heart.

"Blimey, I say there was nothing we could do." Bard said back, irritation evident in his voice, but they all knew it wasn't directed at any of them. They were all confused and a little lost. What good were servants without a master to serve?

A hollow wind began to pick up again and Finny stared out onto the lawn of the house. The grass was clipped and bright, having come in spectacularly this spring. Bright yellow and blue flowers had sprung up on their own near the gate and perimeter. Yet, Empty flower pots rested overturned and stacked at the bottom of the stairs. Finny had intended to plant some wonderful tulips in them so that they would have beautiful blue and yellow flowers on the entrance way. He had hoped Sebastian would have approved; he did not expect the young Lord to comment on them, but he would have liked him to have seen them anyway. Finny cursed himself at not having planted them sooner. At the thought, tears stared to collect at the edge of his eyes, but he wiped them away, needlessly. What good would thoughts like that do any of them?

"S-should, s-should we leave?" Finny asked with watery eyes, glancing at Bard and Meyrin. The mere idea scared him. He had never had a home- there was no place to return to. Sebastian had come and saved him from his old imprisonment and offered him a new life. He had never lived anywhere else but in his old cage and in the manor. The idea of leaving the safety of the place he called made his insides churn. Where would he go? Where could he go?

Meyrin shifted uneasily. "I don't know, Finny. I certainly don't want to, but what use are we here?" Her words were simple and abridged, but they spoke the words they had all been thinking. Bard twitched slightly in response, but nodded as well, pulling the cigarette from his mouth and irritably smashing it into the marble next to him. Once it was sufficiently snuffed out, he threw it into a nearby plant bed without second thought.

"Hey, what will you do Tanaka?" The old man had been silent, like he usually was, but Bard didn't seem to have much left to say and wanted the old man's opinion. Tanaka looked over them all with weary eyes before responding.

"I have been working for the Phantomhive family since Ciel's father was a boy himself. I am here to take care and document the goings of the family and the house; I will remain here until I am unable to do so." The words were sincere and obviously thought out; It seemed Tanaka had been ready for this day. Finny was glad for him, at least he had had some foreknowledge; someone hadn't been taken by surprise. At the moment, he felt as though he had been standing on one of master Ciel's favorite rugs and had it tugged out from under him, leaving him floundering; he didn't think he would be able to find his legs again.

"A-Are we allowed to stay?" Finny stumbled tentatively as though it were the wrong question to be asking. His quivering tongue still refused to cooperate with him; however, he had managed to hold back tears that wished to trail down his cheeks.

Tanaka looked sadly at Finny before walking past them up the stairs and stopping at the top step. "The young Lord's last instructions were that he didn't mind if anyone remained on the grounds so I don't think he would mind if you did so." He walked into the house, shutting the door that had been left open in the master speedy departure. The three Phantomhive Servants were left staring at one another, wondering what the other would do or say.

"Well, there's not much point in staying in a manor like this without royalty, is there?" Bard joked lightly, but the bitter and sad tinge to his words didn't dissipate. Meyrin remained sullen and turned her face to the ground.

"No, I guess not." Meyrin sighed aloud. At such words, Finny felt like outright crying for the first time today; it was not a pleasant sensation at all to the younger man. Somehow, the tears still remained unshed though as he stared at Bard and Meyrin- his friends.

The two got up at the same second, almost robotically, and turned away towards the door. Finny felt the urge to grab both of their hands and make them stay, make them not move away from him, but his own limbs couldn't get himself to do that. He couldn't say anything to make them stay where they were, anyway; they were all beyond words by this point.

They entered the manor, propping the door open for him. However, Finny did not follow suit. His eyes drifted to the pristine lawn once more. Watching a couple of birds land and flutter off into the sky, Finnian watched the slow and beautiful outside world that he hadn't known for long thrive in front of him. The dread of losing such a world was close at hand; his return to captivity seemed absolute, except this time, there would be no Sebastian to rescue him. He would be alone again, just like before. The world, the escape, that had been created for him would be gone.

With one last look to the manor lawn that he loved dearly, he bent down and placed his hands to his face allowing tears to be hidden when they finally fell. They were bitter tears that he hadn't felt in so long, but they were familiar all the same.