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Turn My Life Around - Prologue

Edward POV

September 13, 2010


That's what I told Jasper the tie made me feel. It was the reason I gave for ripping it off, grabbing my pack of cigarettes and a "celebratory" beer, and rushing out of the room the groomsmen and I were using to get prepared.

That's how I ended up here on the roof of the Fairmont – one of Chicago's five-star hotels – just thirty minutes before my wedding to a woman with whom I don't want to spend the rest of my life.

I've felt this way ever since I made the choice to walk out on the woman who once made me feel that type of all-consuming love that can be the only definition of true and real. Ever since I walked back into a perfectly planned out future that I've never been sure I wanted.

It's not that I don't love Tanya and want to be in her life – it's just that I only want to be in her life as a friend. Still, it seems like all of our lives we were headed to this place. It doesn't even feel as though this wedding was arranged or even planned – it was just…assumed.

I guess that's what happens when you're both the eldest children of two of the most prominent executives in Chicago and their esteemed, socialite wives. It's what happens when you've been molded your entire life to take over a company, and therefore a legacy, that has been the focal point of your whole family and social scene. Don't get me wrong – I love the company and I appreciate what it has afforded my family, but it was my dad's passion – not mine.

One of the things the success of the company allowed for was my continued interest and focus of music. I'd always loved the art form, and to a point, my family supported that aspiration. My mother sent me to the best piano and guitar teachers, and she was more than happy to put me in the spotlight during holidays or social gatherings. When I was in school, my family attended every open mic night performance or school music recital they could. However, my love of music was always handled as if it were merely a hobby – like gardening was for my mother or collecting Abraham Lincoln memorabilia was for my father. No, just like my marriage to Tanya, my position as the future President and CEO of C&D Architecture was written in the stars – at least as far as my parents were concerned.

When I was younger and still possessed the need to emulate my father, I was proud of the fact that I would, one day, take over the company. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and prove to him that I could contribute just as much as he had to the family business, if not more. However, as I got older and started to discover my own passions that pride quickly turned to uncertainty, and finally resignation.

It's funny, because at the moment I experienced my greatest confusion about my planned future, I was actually living out parts of my dream future. In that confusion and frustration, an angel saved me.

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