Chapter 1:

Let Alone a Shuppet

Ash, his "fiancée" Dawn, and his friend Brock barely has gotten to the first gym, not making progress at all. Ash could help Dawn and defeat Team Rocket, let alone himself. They already know of their lack of progress, but they have to do one more errand.

Professor Rowan has invented a kind of Pokeball called a CB Ball, but he did not experiment the chance of the Pokeball…yet. It's kind of strange to name a Pokeball a CB Ball, and not for Rowan to know the chance of catching any Pokémon, Ash thought. Of course he accepted the chance, why wouldn't he?

He always thought of adventures to make progress on the other side. This time, although, he didn't jynx it, because every time he used to, something went wrong. However, Ash didn't have too much confidence, just to be on the safe side. Dawn was glad that he didn't jynx it for this test.

Here they were: at the Pokémon Center of Jubilife City. Professor Rowan has decided to choose this building so he could easily choose a Pokémon from the PC for testing. However, you should know that the Pokémon Center is for healing Pokémon, too. They entered the building, hoping that Ash could use it for his journey.

"Hello, Ash and company!" Professor Rowan greeted. "Hello, Professor Rowan!" the trio greeted back. How could I ever agree to a task that might go wrong jynxless? Dawn thought. After their greetings, Professor Rowan started explaining what they would do.

"I have picked a harmless, level 1 Shuppet for the test Pokémon of this experiment." Rowan explained, "Each of you will get one CB Ball, and use it on the Shuppet, and whoever catch it will keep it and will get 1,000,000 CB Balls." Ash was excited for this, in fact, to make it easier; it was damaged to a low amount of Hit Points. "I will catch you, Shuppet!" the entire trio shouted, preparing to throw their special Pokeballs.

The CB Balls were flying directly at the Shuppet, ready for the grand prize. It was one trainer, or another, or ANOTHER. However, the Shuppet vanished with a red laser…from a Pokeball. "That's my Shuppet you're about to steal." a little girl yelled.

The CB Balls bounced from the walls, aiming at the trio. "I apologize, but I was using your Pokémon for an experiment." Rowan apologized. The CB Balls landed on one person of the trio, when they were captured. While falling in the blue/red vortex, Brock asked, "What's happening?" Ash was supposed to reply, I don't know, but they were getting numb; like they were shrinking.

"Are you okay, mister?" a mysterious kid asked. Ash partially woke up and asked, "Who are you?"

A/N:Who do you think this mysterious kid is? Also, guess what the next story I'll work on is? You're (sigh) The Chosen One, Charie Brown? That's right, Chapter 4 is on it's way.