When they arrive at Morgan's that afternoon, JJ's eyes widen at the huge pile of presents she sees under his Christmas tree. Henry and Jack are going to be two VERY happy little boys. Emily adds the gifts they had bought for Jack. She then finds Hotch in the living room talking to Will. Emily grins.

"Think the team went a little overboard on the boys?"

Hotch chuckles. "Did you expect anything less?"

Emily shakes her head no and goes into the next room to greet her parents. She gives them each a hug and kiss. She then tells them about her kitten. Elizabeth smiles, knowing her daughter had always longed for a cat.

"And did you name it Sergio?" Elizabeth asks.

Emily blushes. "Yes, in fact, I did. Jen didn't know about that but somehow she picked out the right kitten for me." Emily frowns. "Wait a minute…did she ask you?"

Elizabeth shrugs. "She may have mentioned her idea and I may have suggested a color and sex."

Emily just shakes her head. "And here I thought she was just lucky."

They decide to open gifts before dinner. Jack leaps into the pile, followed closely by Garcia. She squeals with delight as he and Henry open presents. Everyone laughs as it looks like she's having more fun than the boys.

There is one toy for Jack that Emily has her eyes on. Once things have settled and Jack is playing GI Joes with Reid, she moves towards the gift. She sees Morgan out of the corner of her eye also moving that way. The two profilers stop and stare at each other…then both make dive for the remote control tank.

"Morgan, haven't you ever heard of ladies first?" Emily jokes as she tries to get the box away from him.

"Yes. But JJ isn't the one that wants it," he points out with a grin.

"Oooo…buddy, you're gonna regret that one."

Garcia rolls her eyes. "Children behave or you'll have to be separated." They continue to wrestle over the toy. "Morgan, Emily…do I need to get JJ?" She asks sternly.

Morgan and Emily stop. They stare at Garcia then finally put the box down. Garcia grins at them.

"You guys are too easy."

She grabs the box and heads for the back door. She wants to be the first one to play with it.

"You brat!" Emily hollers starting after her.

"Emily! A word please!" Elizabeth calls.

Emily watches as Morgan follows Garcia out the back door. She'd lost her chance to play with the tank. She sighs. "Sure, Mom."

Elizabeth leads Emily into the study and shuts the door. "Emily, I have a favor to ask."

Emily nods. "Okay."

"The big New Year's benefit for the Smithsonian is next weekend." Emily groans. "I know we've gone together the past couple of years and I know you did it mostly out of duty."

"Yes, I know it's coming. I promise I'll get a dress this week," she promises as she turns her head so her mother doesn't see the lack of enthusiasm.

Elizabeth smiles at the dejected tone. "Um, well, actually, I was wondering if it would be okay if your father went instead of you?"

Emily slowly turns back to her mother. "Really? You and Dad?" Elizabeth nods. "Mom, I think that's great. So…you two are really…doing good?"

"Better than good," Elizabeth admits. "Emily, I think I love this Gerald more than the old one. I feel like a young girl in love for the first time again."

Emily pulls her mother into a hug. "I am so happy for you. For both of you. I really hope the New Year brings a new start for you two. I love you both."

"We love you, too, Emily."

They head out to join the rest of the party. Emily walks over and wraps an arm around JJ's waist.

"You know how you're going to drive the Lexus up to your parents' next weekend?" JJ nods. "How about a slight change?"

JJ turns and looks at Emily. "A change? I thought we agreed it's the safest vehicle for that trip this time of year."

"It is. But how about I drive instead," Emily grins.

JJ stares at her. "But what about the 'damn New Year's gala' you've been complaining about for a week?"

Emily smiles and looks towards her parents. "Mom's taking Dad instead."

JJ smiles. "Really? Oh, Em, that's great! I'm happy for you and for them."

"Me, too. And I still say it's all because of you. I love you, Jennifer Andrea Jareau Prentiss." She gives her a kiss.

"I love you, too, Emily Elizabeth Prentiss." JJ pulls her into a hug.

Yes, it is the best Christmas ever. Emily looks over and sees her father with a glazed look in his eyes. The reason would be the non-stop monologue from Reid on the origins of Santa Claus. Emily squeezes JJ's shoulder as she pulls out her new I-phone. She gives her wife a wink and walks towards Reid. She starts an app and the phone starts to make a piercing beep that gets louder the closer she gets to him. By the time she gets to her friend and her father, the phone is obnoxiously loud and everyone around is looking at her. Reid looks a bit miffed.

Emily looks over her shoulder at JJ. "Hey, baby, the app works perfectly!"

"What app?" Reid asks.

Emily turns and looks back at him. "The Nerd Alert app," she says with a grin.

Everyone bursts out laughing as Reid turns bright red. As Emily turns off the beeping, Reid grins at her. "I thought you were my friend and co-nerd, you traitor."

She grabs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "I am both, Reid. But I had to save my father or I'd have to go to that damn New Year's gala next weekend."

Everyone laughs as Gerald makes a show of thanking his daughter for the rescue. Emily keeps her arm around Reid as dinner is announced and they head to the dining room.

As they gather around the table, Hotch clears his throat to get everyone's attention. "I'd just like to say that this past year has definitely had its ups and downs. But through all the storms we've managed to pull together to support each other and I know I speak for myself and Jack when I say we couldn't have made it without each of you." He raises his glass of wine. "May 2011 be a year with less downs and more ups. And may it be a safe one for all of us."

"Here, here!" Rossi echoes as everyone clinks glasses of wine from the Prentiss vineyard. Well, everyone except the kids and Gerald.

When they get back to the condo that night, JJ and Will head upstairs to put Henry to bed. In the kitchen, Emily opens a bottle of wine and pours out a glass for herself and Helen. As they move to the living room to sit down, Helen smiles at Emily. The two had never really been alone before to talk. Helen takes a sip of wine and glances at the brunette.

"You know, when Will first told me about JJ and you and how you were all handling raising Henry I thought it was insane."

Emily smiles and nods. "I think most people would think that."

"But you three really do love him and he loves you all. I love that you have pictures of Will and him around the house. Most exes hide away the absent spouse."

"We not only have his pictures around but we talk about him a lot, too. Will is a really good guy. He's brave, honest, loyal. Why wouldn't we want Henry to know him?"

Helen chuckles. "Trust me, I understand. I think he's pretty wonderful, too." Emily smiles. "And Henry is a real doll. I'm happy to get to know him. Um, Will told me about the fund you set up."

Emily blushes. "It was…the right thing to do."

Helen smiles and nods. "Yes, it was. Thank you for that. I know it is the only thing that allows Will to get up here so often. And he is always so happy when he gets back. Being able to get here at least once a month keeps him from getting depressed. And I think he goes out of his way to see Henry more than any other single father I know. Makes me love him even more."

"I can believe that. I'm just glad he wants to be part of Henry's life and he never once made me feel like I was an ass for stepping into his place so quickly with Jen."

"He told me they'd known for a while it was over. They just tried to keep it together when she found out she was pregnant. Something tells me this unorthodox upbringing Henry will have will be better than growing up in a house of anger and resentment."

Emily nods. "We agree. I think all four of us see too many families destroyed, too many souls damaged by the wrong decisions. We'll all fight to make sure we're always doing what's best for Henry."

Helen raises her glass in agreement. "Amen to that!"

Up in the bedroom, Will looks down at Henry, who had barely stirred as he was carried up from the car.

"He's so beautiful." He kisses JJ's temple. "Thank you for having Helen and me here at the condo this weekend. I'm really happy we've gotten to spend all of Christmas with him."

JJ smiles and leans into the one-armed hug he gives her. "I wouldn't have had it any other way. He was happy you were here and so was I."

They watch their son sleep a little longer. As Henry smiles and giggles, they wonder what amazing dream he is having. Finally they slip out of their room and join Emily and Helen in the living room. JJ sees the wine and glasses on the coffee table and pours one for herself as Will fetches a beer for himself. JJ sits down beside Emily on the love seat.

"Okay, Prentiss, you said there was a gift for Henry he couldn't open. What is it? We've waited long enough to find out."

Emily smiles and reaches over onto the bookshelf. She picks up a large mailing envelope and hands it to JJ.

"It's for the house."

JJ frowns and pulls out the papers inside. Her eyes widen as she sees the artists rendering of the play area that will be installed starting a week after they move in. She moves to the couch so Will and Helen can see.

"This company specializes in sets that can be adjusted as kids get bigger or as more kids are added to the family," Emily explains. "They maintain them in case anything breaks. And they put down rubber padding under the whole area to help minimize injuries if someone falls. They've already measured and plotted out where everything will go right near the pool, which, by the way, they will also fence in for us with childproof latches on all the gates."

JJ slowly looks up at Emily. In her eyes is the question, "Do I even want to know what this costs?" Emily just smiles.

"Henry, and any other kids that come along, will be enjoying this for years. It's worth every penny," Emily states.

"Emily…it's fantastic," Will says. He looks up grinning. "And I love the police motorcycle instead of a regular bouncy horse."

Emily chuckles. "Me, too. Might as well have him thinking about a law enforcement career from the start."

Helen glances up. "I don't know. I'm kind of partial to the hospital playhouse."

JJ grins. "Trust me…the way our luck runs at times, he'll be seeing plenty of hospitals just to visit members of the team."

"Sadly, that's true," Emily agrees as they all laugh.

About 11, Emily and JJ are getting ready for bed. Emily wraps her arms around JJ from behind.

"I know I said it this morning but I'll say it again: thank you for making this my best Christmas ever. I love you so much."

JJ turns in her wife's arms. "I love you, too. This was truly a wonderful Christmas. I just wish my parents could have come down."

"Me, too, sweetheart. But we'll see them next weekend and bore them to tears with video and pictures. Okay?"

JJ smiles. "Okay. You know, I have one more gift for you."

Emily is surprised. "You do? What?"

"Go get in bed. I'll bring it to you in a minute. It's something you asked for."

Emily tries to think of what it could be as she heads to the bedroom. She sees Sergio curled up on the chair beside the bed and smiles at him. She crawls into bed.

"You ready, Em?" JJ calls from the bathroom.

"Ready, baby," Emily answers.

The smile on Emily's face is wiped off as JJ walks out in nothing but high heels and a red bow, strategically placed over her neatly trimmed center. She has reapplied her make up and fluffed up her hair in a way that always makes Emily swoon. Two smaller bows cover her breasts.

"Oh, Jennifer…" Emily whispers.

"So, is this what you asked for?"

Emily nods. "Oh, yeah. Definitely number 1 on my list."

JJ walks over to the bed and kneels on the side of it. "Well, you going to open me up or what?"

Emily shivers at the double entendre. "Oh, yes…yes, I am."

Emily pulls JJ down and spends the rest of the night playing with her "gift."