Love Hath No Rules ch. 1

*A/N* hey my readers, I'm back again with the sequel to a dream come true so enjoy. I do not own anything pokemon. This story takes place after the sinnoh league, but ash doesn't go to unova yet.

The Gardens

The next words that ash spoke took any breath that latias had away. "Latias, I love you" he said, Latias was shocked at what he said, and it didn't go missing from ash's eyes. He saw the shocked expression on her face and prepared for the worst, covering his face with his arms to protect it from any attack latias might attempt, but in latias's mind she could not believe what she had heard. The love of her life, Ash Ketchum, telling her that he loved her. After 5 minutes went by, ash was still waiting for the attack he guessed latias might attempt, but when he looked at her, he saw a calm latias face, a few inches from his own and tears starting to form in her eyes. 'Do you really mean that, ash?' she questioned him with hope of sureness filling her voice, "yes, latias, I do. I love you with all my heart and soul, I hope you feel the sa…" that was as far as ash got for talking before latias had shut him up. She silenced his lips by pressing her own lips against his for a oh so quick and brief moment so quick that the speed of a rapidash would have looked like the speed of a Slaking.

When the broke, silence filled the gardens for what seemed like an eternity but was only 3 minutes. It then went to four minutes, and then five minutes, it would have gone for six until ash broke the silence. "Does what you did just now mean you feel the same way I do?" ash wondered, but already knew the answer to his own question. 'Yes ash, it does mean that.' latias replied, blushing a, what ash was thinking, a beautiful shade of red that can only match the color of her pokemon form's wing color. 'I love you with all of my heart and soul too, I have since the day you left alto mare when I gave you your 'goodbye' gift.' she said. Ash smiled a little warm and comforting smile, "the give was the best gift I ever got, oh the poster was a good gift too." he said in a sly way which caused him to blush the same color as latias's cheeks, which were after he said that, even more redder than the color of a sunset.

Ash cupped her face within his hands and gently lifted her up so that they were at eye level, their breath mingling with each other, then he pulled her in close until there lips met for a good and proper kiss. The kiss was and I quote what both lovers are thinking in there minds; a soft, loving, passionate kiss as the both heard the other very slightly moan with pleasure as the continued. Ash felt Latias wrap her arms around his neck while latias felt ash's arm's wrap around her waist and pull her close to him. The kiss felt like a life time to our love doves but in reality it was ten minutes without stop for breath. Finally as we reached the eleventh minute, both lovers stopped and were panting for breath and just starring into the other's eyes. "come with me real quick, I want to show you something." latias told her lover, which ash didn't argue about being called 'boyfriend' as long as she didn't mind being called his 'girlfriend' in public, which made her blush slightly. After a small walk out of the gardens, while they saw it was now seven-thirty at night, adored the sight of all the lights that were as bright as a lanturn's light.

After ten minutes of walking through the town, gazing at the light while they were still being lit, they made it to the spot latias wanted to go. It was the dock side where ash got the picture that latias gave him and his first kiss from her as well. He really liked the picture, but the kiss was the best part of it all. 'Do you remember this spot, ash?' latias asked the boy, with calmness in her voice. "It's where I left alto mare, when you gave me a great gift….. And the picture." ash chuckled at the last part, making him blush, along with latias, who was held sweetly by ash in his arm's. 'I'm glad you like the kiss, even though it wasn't a real kiss. Only a kiss on the cheek." she said to him, with a little sadness entering her voice. Ash heard the sadness in her voice and pulled her in so close, their noses were only one centimeter away from each other.

"how about we change that part right now." ash exclaimed as he pulled his love closer until there lip's met for the third time that day and if you were there, you would say it looked like a moment in the ending of a romantic movie; the main couple kiss passionately as the sun behind them sets out into the next half of the worlds until you can't see the couple anymore. When our couple broke, the rested their forehead together as the gently swayed in the wind as they both spoke the same word's to each other. "I love you" they both said simultaneously as they started to walk back to the gardens, since Mr. Briney wasn't coming for about a week, he asked latias if he could stay in the garden's with her. She said it was fine and when they passed the town square, ash remembered that he heard on the news it was supposed to start snowing soon. They decided to take a rest and sit down on the bench in the center of the square and right when they did, snow started to fall. Though it didn't bother Ash since he had his jacket, Latias only had her illusion clothes on but no jacket with her, but before she even shivered, Ash threw his arm over her and pulled her close as he put his jacket around her. 'Aren't you going to catch a cold?' she said with worry, not wanting her boyfriend get sick.

Ash just grinned and gave a little shrug "the snow doesn't really bother me; it's you I'm only worried about." he said with a warm and sweet smile that showed the care ha held for Latias. As they were held in each other's arms, they gave warm smile that if any one passed, they could obviously tell they were in love. They were like that for about ten minutes when the clock struck eight and the couple decided to head back home, but one there way home, Latias slipped and fell onto the ground and hit her knee on the pavement. "Oh My God, honey are you ok?" Ash exclaimed worried for the health and protection of his oh so sweet, sweet love. ' my knee hurts, I can't walk.' she said and had a couple of tear fall from her eye's, but felt two strong arm's underneath her and she could feel being lifted of the floor, bridal style. "Don't worry. We aren't far, I'll carry you the rest of the way" he said while he had a blush growing.

Latias was happy to have him and gave him a kiss on the cheek for being so sweet to her. It was a five minute walk to the entrance, but that didn't bother ash one bit at all. They got back to the gardens, then they saw Bianca looking franticly for Latias most likely, then she saw ash carrying her. "Ummmm, what's going on?" she demanded to be told what happened. So they told her everything that's happened and when they finished, Bianca had tears of joy in her eyes. "well you can't sleep out her for two reasons: one is because you hurt your knee and two is because it's snowing, so since we have only one guest room, you two will have to share the bed and I know you will both be ok with that." she said slyly as the young couple blushed fiercely and nodded.

When they got inside, Bianca said good night to the couple and went to bed as the young couple went to the guest room, well after Ash stopped at the bathroom to change into his p.j. when he got out, he and Latias went inside the room and got into the bed with there arm's around each other. They gave each other a good night kiss, then ash turned the lamp off and fell asleep with his arm's still around latias as he said 'I love you' before his was asleep completely. Latias grinned as she gave him a kiss on the forehead and fell asleep with a very happy and blissful smile on her face.

'Goodnight, Ash my love' were her last word before entering the land of dreams.