Love Hath No Rules Ch.18

Welcome dear readers to love hath no rules. I sadly have to say that this is the final chapter and the story is over, but don't fret because the bottom not will give good news. So with that done, let's do a quick recap: the group is in a restaurant and Bianca and Latios are about to say what a doctor told them, let's see what that was! Also, I know that my story has bad grammar, but please bear with it, I'm only human and no flames would also be nice as well.

Same point as last time

Everyone was leaning forward to hear what the doctor told Bianca and Latios as Bianca spoke "he said there was a 50% chance that it could be a… miscarry" everyone was shocked to say the least; they dropped their silverware and let them hit the floor in shock. "are… are you sure" asked a very worried Ash, concerned for his brother and sister-in-laws "yes we're sure" Latios sadly claimed as he, Ninetales, and Latias all dropped there disguises, causing some of the people in the restaurant to drop their jaw in surprise. They then paid for their meal and left with out saying another word, being too glum and sad with their heads hung low to even say anything. They walked home and entered through the door leading inside the house and everyone went to do something different. I think it's time to see what they are up to, don't you?

Ash and Latias

We see this lovely couple walking up the stairs to go and check on Jewel, who was asleep in her room. Right as they got to the door, Latias suddenly turned around to face Ash. Latias was getting annoyed because she and Ash haven't had any 'relations' for a while, but now she finally decided to do something about it. With out a second thought Latias rubbed her chest against Ash as she cupped his manhood on the outside of his pants in her hand "Ash I need you, we haven't had 'fun' for a while, but I figured we can at least do a little oral, right?" Latias said as she rubbed harder, causing Ash to hiss and his member harden faster. He did admit that he was missing the romance and thought that a little fun could be good for them, so they made their way into the bathroom, then locked the door behind them. Ash then unbuckled his pants and pulled them to his ankles then sat on the toilet as Latias got on her knees, brushed a piece of hair out of her face and gripped Ash's member and gave it a slow pump. Ash groaned as he rested his head on the toilet paper then suddenly felt Latias' tongue licking along the whole shaft before shoving it straight down her throat and gagging on it on purpose.

Ash groaned as Latias started to bob her head, enjoying the taste of Ash's cock, which she dearly missed. She sometimes pulled her head of and licked along the shaft again before taking it back into her mouth. After about ten minutes, Ash felt a tingle in his feet that ran all the way up to his waist, signaling him that his climax was close. "Latias… I'm close" Latias just went faster and to add on she started to gag her and make slurping noises as well, trying to send Ash over the edge… it worked. With the final deep throat gag, Ash released his load straight down Latias' throat; she shoved it so far she couldn't swallow. When she pulled out, she hack a bit, then pumped Ash, trying to milk all she could get. After about five or seven pumps, she got some more of his load under her eye and into her mouth. She cleaned herself off and licked her fingers off as she stood up, helping Ash up as he pulled his pants up.

"Sweet tasting as usual, honey" Latias said as she unlocked the door and walked out, swaying her hips sexually, trying to get Ash to stare, which he did. All Ash could think was 'damn, that's a fine ass' which Latias picked up on and blushed a deep red as she went into Jewels room, Ash quickly following…

Brock and Ninetales

We see this couple relaxing in the living room with Trent asleep in a small baby carrier on the ground next to them. They were just tired and sad since they heard the news about Bianca and the twins. Ninetales is in her pokemon form curled up in a ball resting on Brock's lap as Brock stroked her golden fur "god I hope their children will be alright" Brock said as he closed his eyes, trying to rest. "I know, but we'll have to wait and see" Ninetales replied as she just nuzzled her head against Brock's hand, asking him to keep petting her. Brock then felt her nudging against his crotch and sighed "honey not now" he said, only to have Ninetales rub her head against it, still wanting to go. "Ninetales can we just do it later? I promise" Brock complained as Ninetales huffed, then sighed as she nodded her head and laid back down again, Brock just gently stroking her fur as he closed his eyes for a nap.

Bianca and Latios

We see this couple currently up in the roof dome resting on their bed, Bianca in bed with Latios lying next to her, rubbing her swollen belly. Latios then spoke "baby, I'm going to be right back, I have to get something for you" Latios said as he stood up, earning a whine coming from Bianca "don't worry, I'll be back as quick as I can" he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek and leaving, Bianca alone to her thoughts. Latios left the house, then headed down to the local market and tried to find a flower shop. He finally found one and went up to it "hi can I have 11 roses and 1 fake rose?" Latios asked the shopkeeper, though she was confused but got what he asked for and gave him 11 roses and one paper rose for him. "Thank you" Latios said as he paid the woman and left to go back home.

Back with Bianca, she was left alone with her thoughts while Latios walked home, so she just walked into the roof dome living room and got the pull out couch out and she laid down on it, just watching some TV, waiting for her lover to come home. She was a little scared for her children, she was praying to Arceus that they will not die, but if one of them should die, please let them have another child. She finished praying just when Latios came up the stairs, hiding something behind his back "honey what it is?" Bianca asked, confused on what Latios had with him. Latios smiled as he pulls out the 12 roses he bought, but didn't say that one wasn't real. He gave them to Bianca, who started to have tears in her eyes, but then Latios spoke.

"I will love you until the last flower is gone" he said with a kiss to her cheek as he took the flowers and placed them in a vase, but Bianca was now even more sad, because when the last flower is gone, Latios will leave her, or so she thinks. Latios climbed onto the bed with Bianca and pulled her gently into his arms and kissed her neck gently, causing her to giggle slightly, but after about en minutes both she and Latios fell asleep in each others arms.

Two Months Later…

We now currently see the three couples relaxing in the house with their mates. Brock and Ninetales had taken over the living room, so Ash and Latias stayed in their master bedroom while Bianca and Latios stayed in the dome. Bianca looked over to the vase and saw only one rose was left, so she started to cry. Latios had just come up the stairs when he heard her crying, he rushed over to her "sweetheart, what's wrong?" he asked, wondering why his lover would be crying. Bianca looked over to Latios and gave him a shove.

"You said 'I will love you until the last flowers gone', well look!" Bianca screamed as she pointed to the last rose in the vase, the fake rose that only Latios knew about. "there's only one left, that's why I'm-" she was cut off by Latios starting to chuckle loudly, only adding to the frustration that is boiling inside Bianca "What is so funny?!" she nearly screamed off again as Latios took her by the hand and lead her over to the rose.

"Smell the rose" Latios demanded as to prove a point unknown to Bianca. So she smelled the rose, but the only smell she got was paper… 'Wait, PAPER?' she finally realized that the last rose was fake and therefore it couldn't die. Latios smiled as he saw the look on Bianca's face, telling him she realized his plan. "See? My love will never stop" Latios said as he slowly drew his beloved into a kiss, which she returned. It wasn't a fast pace kiss, but it was a slow, passionate kiss that usually set the mood for them, but until the children are out, no more 'fun time'. So kissing was as far as they could go for now, but maybe sneaking in some oral here and there. Latios and Bianca could tell them both thought the same thing as they both giggled and chuckled into each others mouth. When they broke for air, they smiled at each other as they rested their forehead on each others and slowly swayed "I love you, my dearest Bianca, I can't live without you" Latios said as he started to sway around with Bianca a bit more as she replied.

"I love you too, my legendary Latios. I can't wait for our children to meet their father" Bianca said as she rested her head on Latios shoulder and felt him drape his arms around her and hold her tightly to him, then they suddenly fell onto the pull out couch, and when they landed on the bed, they snuggled up to the pillows and cuddled next to each other. "Please don't ever let go" Bianca whined as she snuggled her head closer to Latios chest as he smiled.

"I wouldn't dream of it" Latios replied as he kissed her head and both of them fell asleep in each others arms, dreams of young children running through both of their dreams…

Seven months later…

Now we see all three couples relaxing in the living room of the home, the girls resting in the arms of their mates, Ash and Latios drawing little circles on their mate's swollen tummies. Latias and Bianca both smiled as they laid their heads against their mates shoulder and rested. They all of a sudden heard a loud knock at the door, making Ash groan as he had Latias get off, much to her displeasure, to go and answer the door. "Who is it?" Ash answered a little annoyed, but when he opened the door, he got a surprise. There in front of him, was his friends, May and Max, Dawn, Misty, along with his mom, Delia. "What are you guys doing here?" asked Ash, a little curious on the sudden visit. Delia smiled as she hugged her child and spoke.

"What, a mother can't visit her child or daughter-in-law?" Delia smiled as she let go of her son and went up to Latias to give her a nice gentle hug, being careful of the baby still in her womb. May, Max, Misty and Dawn all said the same as they dog piled Ash in a group hug and falling with a *thud*. When they decided to let Ash get up, they all stood up and made their way to the living room and all took a seat in available places. Ash shrugged as he sat back down next to Latias and let her sit back down in his lap with his hands wrapped around her, drawing little circles on her stomach.

"Well, what's been going on?" Dawn asked as she took a swivel chair from the counter and sat down. Ash looked at Bianca and nodded his head, telling her it was time to show the truth.

"when we were on the cruise ship sailing back home, me and Latios stopped by the doctor's office in the ship and did a check on the baby" Bianca started as everyone who have not heard the news nodded in understanding and told her to continue. "Well, after the check up, the doctor talked to us and told us that…" Bianca sighed and took a deep breath and began again "he told us that there is a 50% chance that our child will die from miscarry" Bianca finished, shedding tears and cuddling to Latios, who held her tight. Everyone around them that had not heard the news before dropped their jaws in shock. All of a sudden, all the girls started to comfort Bianca, though it didn't really help. After about ten minutes of the girls trying to comfort the distressed Bianca, they got up, when suddenly Latios got up. Bianca whined as she looked at her lover "where are you going?", when she saw him smile and kiss her head and spoke.

"I have to go out for a minute, I need to go and get something that will cheer you up" Latios said as he walked out the door and closed it behind him. Now, you're probably wondering what he's doing. Well, let's just follow him for now since everyone else will just be catching up, now onto Latios! We now see Latios floating through the streets of his home, mostly everyone around him gasping or fainting from the sight of one of the protectors of the fair city. Latios shook his head, just wishing people can let him do what he wants to do. When he finally reached his destination, he shifted his form as he walked into the building he was looking for, the golden Giratina. he started to browse for the item he was looking for, when he couldn't find what he wanted he found a clerk for help. "Excuse me, ma'am?" Latios said, catching the woman's attention and having her come over. "can you please help me find something I'm looking for?" Latios asked as the woman nodded her head.

"sure thing, and just what are you looking for?" the woman asked as Latios whispered into her ear and caused her to giggle. "alright, who's the lucky lady?" she asked again while Latios said it was for the most beautiful girl in the world and she took a hint and brought him over to a lit up box filled with large, medium and small rings. Latios started browsing through all the rings until he came upon the perfect ring. It wasn't too small and not too big, it was just the perfect size he needed. He pointed to it and the woman took it out of the case "this is $550" she said as Latios checked his wallet and saw he only had 700 dollars, but he decided that it was still worth it, no matter what. He gave the money to the girl and she gave him the ring inside a small flip open box. "whoever this is for, they are extremely lucky. Good day" she said as Latios said thanks and walked out of the store, going straight back home.

After about ten minutes of walking Latios had finally reached the home and entered back inside, only to be grabbed by Bianca and brought into a passionate kiss and a loving hug. When they let go, Latios caressed her face, then turned to face everyone "everyone, I have something to say" Latios stated, getting everybody's attention. "thank you" Latios now turned to face Bianca. "Bianca you are my love, my passionate, the reason I'm alive today." Latios spoke as Bianca began to blush from the flattery. "I love you, I always will love the mother of my children, but I want to ask something of you" Latios said as Bianca became confused by this 'it's now or never' Latios thought as he got on one knee and pulled the ring out his pocket and flipped it open, causing everyone to gasp and make Latias, Ninetales and all the other girls in the room, who were all drinking tea, dropped their cups, earning a shattering sound of broken glass. Latios flipped the box open, revealing the ring he had just purchased and spoke "Bianca, will you marry me?".

Bianca was speechless to say the lest, the man she loved and was the father to her children, was proposing to her. She didn't know what to say except… "YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!" Bianca screamed as she tackled Latios to the ground in a passionate kiss and a Usaring hug. When they got up, Latios slipped the ring onto Bianca's finger and smiled, happy to be engaged to his sweetheart. The whole room whopped for joy, when all of a sudden all the girls, minus Latias and Ninetales, got out their phones and started dialing.

"I've got the catering!" Yelled Dawn as she went outside to handle the food.

"I've got the music and décor" yelled out both May and Misty as they charged upstairs to handle all the calls they need to do. All that was left was Delia, who was staying where she was.

"I'll take care of the invitations and location, where should it be?" Delia pondered when she felt someone tap her shoulder and turned around to see Latios.

"If you wouldn't mind, when would like to have it at the same place my sister had hers" Latios stated as he walked back over to Bianca, who seemed to yearn for him to return to her. Delia thought that it was lovely and she called Professor Oak in Pallet and told him to start getting everything ready, they wanted to get it done in a month so it had to be quick. Latios and Bianca just laid in their chair, waiting for everything to be made ready for their wedding day…

One Month Later…

we see now the loving town of Pallet, more specifically Professor Oak's laboratory full of life. Usually it's completely calm, but today was complete madness, as today is Bianca and Latios wedding day and the bride and groom are each with their own group helping them get ready for their moment. I think we should go and see what they are doing, don't you?:

With The Groom…

we currently see Latios in his human form wearing a sharp looking tux with Ash and Brock in the room with him, both guys seeing the worry in his eyes. "hey, don't worry about it. Everything will go alright, okay?" Ash tried to comfort his brother-in-law. Latios sighed as he looked at Ash and smiled. You see, Latios had secretly been watching Ash at how he took care of his child and of his little sister with great love, Latios was glad he had him in his life. Suddenly, without even thinking, Latios wrapped his arms around Ash in a brotherly hug, surprising Ash, but he quickly returned it. "what's this for?" Ash chuckled as he let go of Latios and sat back down with Brock, who was dozed of on the couch.

"just… just for being my brother and taking care of my sister. Thank you" Latios said as he turned around and looked in the mirror and then the clock seeing its five minutes till show time. Latios let out a sigh and turned to his friends "well, it's time. Let's go" Latios said as he led out the door as Ash woke Brock up with a sharp elbow to the rib and followed behind him. The guys made their way up to the alter and Latios stood in the archway with Ash at his right and Brock behind Ash, all three waiting to see how Latios blushing bride turned out…

With The Bride…

we now see Bianca standing in front of a full body mirror with Latias, Ninetales, Misty, May and Dawn all sitting down behind her. Bianca gave a twirl as she watched herself in the mirror, gazing at how beautiful she looked as she turned to the others, who all smiled at him. "is it okay?" Bianca asked worried that her dress is not good enough for her prince waiting for her. Latias smiled as she went up to her friend and fixed her veil and gown.

"don't worry about it, you look stunning" Latias reassured her friend with a hug as well. When Latias let go of Bianca, they all checked the time to see it was just about time to go and get married, so they readied themselves and headed out the door with Bianca in front, followed by Latias and Ninetales, lastly the others just went to find their seats. Bianca stood behind the doors that lead out of the lab and into the backyard to the altar.

"this is it" Bianca thought as she heard 'here comes the bride' start being played and knew this was her cue, so without further waiting she went through the doors and into the outside, where she was greeted by the beautiful sight of the white altar and all her friends sitting in chairs waiting for her. Latios looked up the aisle and when he saw Bianca all in white, his heart skipped a beat as big as a Snorlax appetite. Bianca made her way up to the altar and turned to face Latios who smiled at her, this made her blush under his smile. All of a sudden, the lord Arceus appeared out of nowhere, since he had volunteered to do the wedding for Bianca and Latios and it made sense since he had done Latias and Ash's wedding as well.

"the bride and groom have each written their own vows and will now speak, Latios your first" Arceus spoke out in a deep hearty voice that will get anybodies attention.

Latios turned to Bianca and took her hand into his as he pulled a ring out and spoke. "Bianca, you are my everything. You are the love of my life, the reason I still live to this day. I would take a bullet for you and I would die for you if I had to, if I did I would wait for you at the gates of heaven. I will let nothing hurt you or our children, if anyone tries… well, they'll find out how dangerous a mad legendary can be" Latios finished as he slipped the ring onto Bianca's finger, also noticing a tear roll down her cheek from his speech, which she wiped away. Latios looked to Arcues, who smiled at him and then looked at Bianca.

"Now Bianca, it is your turn to say your vows to your lover" Arceus spoke again as Bianca held Latios hand with hers and took out the other ring and started to say her vow.

"Latios, I never thought this would happen. I had always loved you, but when you died I never thought I would tell you, but thanks to Arceus, we were able to be together. I am your lover, your soul mate and the mother of your children. The only thing that will take to separate us from each other is death and it will be awhile before that will happen. I love you with all my heart and with this day, we are together forever, no matter what" Bianca finished as she slipped her ring onto Latios hand and wiped another tear from her eyes. Now both Latios and Bianca faced Acreus, who looked down to both of them and spoke.

"if anyone believes that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace" after saying that, nobody spoke out so he continued "very well. By the power invested in me by, well me, I now pronounce you man and wife… you may kiss-" Arceus was interrupted by the couple instantly locking their lips together in a passionate kiss, earning a chuckle from everyone around them. When they broke, Bianca and Latias, who was sitting with Ash, both suddenly gripped their stomachs and screamed. The guys looked at their wives and knew what was going on, all of a sudden Ash and Latios both said in synch…

"THE BABIES ARE COMING!" they yelled as Arceus teleported them to the pokemon center and two nurses rushed them into the E.R. for birth, leaving the husbands in the waiting room for their wives…

Two Hours Later

We currently see Latios pacing back and forth, worried for his wife. Ash was relaxed on a chair as he looked at his brother. "look, calm down, bro. everything will be alright" Ash said as he got up and placed a hand on his brothers shoulder, but then next thing he knew he was pinned to the wall by Latios. "whoa, buddy what's wrong- gah!" Ash said as he suddenly got choked by a angry Latios.

"no, everything is not alright! My children have a 50 percent chance to die, DIE! Do you know what that is doing to me on the inside! It's torture to me, just…" Latios started crying as he let go of Ash, who started gulping big breathes of air when he looked up at Latios, who had his arm on a wall and his fore head on his arm, tears rolling down his cheeks. "I just… I just want them to be okay, I don't want to hurt anyone, I just…" Latios couldn't finish as he was embraced by Ash in a brotherly hug, which he returned.

"don't worry, I'm sure everything will turn out" Ash reassured when suddenly they heard a *ding*. They quickly turned around to see Latias rolled out ina wheel chair with a little infant in her lap, in which Ash quickly went over to. The nurse told him it was a boy and Latias had already named him Chad since they already discussed it. Next to be wheeled out was Bianca, who held only one child and was crying. Latios walked over to her and knelt on his knees next to her.

"I thought we had twins" Latios said, starting to think the worse as Bianca looked at him with crying eyes when all of a sudden the doctor appeared next to him.

"are you the husband?" he asked as Latias nodded his head. "well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your wife gave birth to this child first and the other…" the doctor took a deep breath and started again, but what he said next caused Latias to start crying, Ash hug his brother, Bianca cry even hard and Latios almost faint from shock.

"I'm sorry, but your other child is… is dead"

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