Okay I know I said I wouldn't continue but then I thought…eh why the fuck not.

The warm sensation of human contact, that feeling only the luckiest of human beings. Something that makes males feel strong and female's content…well sometimes, it can make someone aggressive or even unfulfilled if done improperly. For royalty these beasts like urges came strong and abundant, and it was not uncommon for taboo to take place amongst the young, whether it is known by parent or not, after all you know what they say…keep it in the family.

"That was nice." Zuko whispered.

But when he opened his eyes no one was there.

"Lousy bitch." Zuko said getting out of bed.

The prince made his way to the showers, bathing in steam and allowing his body to be cleansed of its impurity.

"What was I thinking? Azula has no emotions." Zuko chuckled to himself.

As he was in the middle of his shower a slender pair of arms gripped his waist.

"Now who may this be?" Zuko asked.

Zuko turned to see Azula with her signature look pressing her cleavage against Zuko`s abdomen, standing on his feet attempting to get a kiss. Zuko teased her by holding his head away.

"Aw what`s wrong, don't you want your good morning kiss?" Zuko said.

Azula finally managed to snag Zuko`s mouth in a forceful kiss. Azula let her hair down, letting the water rinse it as she rubbed her mamories against the prince.

"Tell me, how did these get so big?" Zuko said gripping Azula`s breasts.

"I had servant girls use an ancient air bender technique, it`s called breast-slapping, apparently Air-bender women would allow their breasts to be repeatedly smacked for two hours, if you do it for three weeks you're bound to double in size." Azula said.

"Now I just feel guilty." Zuko said giggling the flesh mounds on her chest.

"Tonight, your lessons continue." Azula said giving Zuko a pat on the behind.

Zuko pondered what this meant but went back to his shower regardless. The day went buy on a rather dull routine. Zuko had conversations with his father, practiced fire-bending and had a picnic with Mai. Mai questioned the weird taste in Zuko`s mouth as they kissed but Zuko responded by saying he had too much komodo chicken after all…kinda hard to explain why your breath smells and tastes like princess pussy. Finally the night came; Zuko took Mai home and travelled back to his own house.

"She said tonight, I wonder what it meant." Zuko said.

An hour passed by and the prince had decided that the last night was simply a one night fling. A brush open of his chamber flooded his ears. Zuko peeked up to see Azula. Zuko`s eyes went wide at the sight of Azula being clad in a silky latex outfit. Red arm and leg stockings with gold rings on her third fingers and toes draped her body. Azula walked up to the bed, her hips popping and her cleavage heaving as she tucked herself in the sheets.

"I hope you don't mind but I had some things delivered to your room." Azula said.

"Oh that's what that bag of stuff is." Zuko said.

Azula plucked it from underneath his bed and pulled out two pillows with red tassels, a bottle of weird looking pink liquid and oddly enough a doll of her brother.

"And what exactly is all this?" Zuko asked.

"A very special chest of toys for when I was lonely all those years you abandoned me." Azula said playfully.

Azula tied her hair into its signature bun and bangs combo and leaned back on the pillows.

"Now work for it." Azula said.

Zuko started to kiss Azula`s neck and throat, stiffening up with nostalgia and anticipation. Azula used this as time to spread the pink liquid on her snatch and Zuko`s shaft. Zuko`s body began to buck at the sheer velvetiness of the liquid.

"Oh does that feel good little Zu-Zu? You want some more?" Azula teased.

A violent shock went out through Zuko`s body and he pinned Azula, shredding her outfit, save for the stockings. Zuko went low and started to eat Azula out, using his fire-breath to nibble the bud. Azula cried out in lust, her evil smile turning more twisted by the second. Azula noted how much hungrier Zuko was then the night before, her lesson`s were really paying off. The princess bucked her hips, pressing Zuko`s face deeper into her snatch, laughing like a tyrant.

"Yes Zu-Zu, you`ve done good, now let Zula return the favor." Azula said.

Zuko leaned back while Azula began to stroke him off. Azula used tiny electric tingles to massage and play with her brother`s sack. Azula slicked her tongue on the shaft and tip, making popping noises and slurping the slime trails until she finally gulped the prince down, sucking and gagging herself. This blowing was different from the night before, the night before Azula took directions now she was having her own fun and wasn't interested in swallowing. Azula heaved her cleavage swallowing Zuko`s shaft, bobbing them and sucking the tip and about two inches of the shaft.

Azula stopped her oral and picked up the pillows, placing them at the head of the bed and leaning back.

"Well Zu-Zu, I hope that isn't all you got." Azula teased.

The prince crawled into Azula`s arms hugging her tightly ad sucking on her cleavage. Azula stroked Zuko`s raven locks, wrapping her legs around Zuko`s spine as he nurtured her.

"Zu-Zu, I`m getting tired, you can pound me if you like." Azula said putting on a sweet face.

Zuko started to rub his erection across Azula as her devilish grin came into view. Zuko started to hammer away, his sister had given permission to run wild and he was going to take full advantage. A good ten minutes went by and the prince was almost satisfied.

"Okay Azula, I'm about to cum, where do you want me to plaster?" Zuko said getting up.

Azula put an even more evil look and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Zuko.

"What are you doing, you might become pregnant?" Zuko said trying desperately to pull out.

"Oh I hope you weren't planning on pulling out dear Zu-Zu." Azula said.

Fear overcame the prince`s mind as he tried desperately to pull out but the more he struggled the closer his climax was to reach, until finally SPLOOSH! Zuko realized what Azula had done and began cursing himself.

"Damn you!" Zuko said.

"Just relax, and let sissy take care of you." Azula said.

Azula crawled next to Zuko`s ear and began lulling him to sleep, stroking him off and mounting him in a sultry manner, riding the dragon to sleep.