A/N: So this Epilogue turned into a full blown chapter. Sorry? That's why it took so long. I guess I wasn't totally ready to let it go but it had to be done. But this is it. Thank you all soooo much for sticking with this, even through that whole Quitt business ;-p . I hope you all enjoyed the story. Until next time.

It's been almost a year. 10 months to be exact that Brittany moved back to Los Angeles. 10 months of some of the happiest days Santana had ever known.

Now here they were, living together and loving it. Everything was, for a lack of a better word, perfect. After Artie had gotten his studio to fund the rest of the film, everything seemed to fall into place and Brittany could catch her breath. No more worrying about money for the movie and she could just concentrate on making a great film.

No one had to give up their pay, which as much as everyone was willing to do, they were happy they could keep their paycheck. New Directions studios would not close, even if this movie didn't do well. Artie's studio had bought New Directions and it was now part of McKinley Brother's Studios where they focused on art and independent movies. When the news broke, Brittany had worried that would mean Quinn would be out of a job but the studio head at McKinley had agreed to let Quinn run their new acquisition for the next year before making a final decision. So far, Quinn was far exceeding their expectations and Brittany was sure Quinn would keep her job for years to come.

"Are you almost ready," Brittany called from the bedroom bathroom.

"All done," Santana said, just outside the door.

They were on their way to the Hearts Revelation wrap party to celebrate the end of the movie. Santana was so proud of Brittany that it gave her chills.

"OK." Brittany stepped out of the bathroom. She was so nervous. "Let's do this Hollywood thing." This was it. It was finally over and now with her career at New Directions stable, there was no pressure. Brittany still couldn't believe that everything had worked out for them.

Santana stared at Brittany and took in her beauty. She was simply stunning in her short black dress. When Brittany turned around, Santana saw that Brittany's back, her whole back, was exposed. Brittany's soft skin was so inviting, her back begged to be touched.

"You look beautiful," Santana said, a dreamy look in her eye.

"You," Brittany said coming near, "Look delicious." Santana was wearing a long red, silky dress that outlined her perfect figure and made Brittany wish they could just stay home, in bed. Brittany placed a small kiss on Santana's lips.

"Have I told you how proud I am of you," Santana said, keeping Brittany close with her arms around her waist.

"Many times," Brittany said with a smile, "And I'm totally proud of you too. This is your movie too 'Tana."

"But you brought it to life," Santana said.

They left the bedroom and walked out to the living room where Lord Tubbington was chewing on some treats.

"He just ate," Santana said in disbelief, "How is he still eating?"

"Leave him alone." Brittany bent down and gently scratched her cat's ear. "He's just nervous about the movie."

Santana just shook her head and went to get their coats. The studio had sent a limo and it was now parked in their driveway. This was a big night.


Their limo was fourth in the valet line to drop them off at the entrance of the private restaurant chosen for the wrap party. Brittany turned to give Santana a quick kiss. "Are we telling people about our baby plan?"

"Tell everyone I'm going to blow up like a ballon?" Santana asked with a nervous chuckle.

"You're going to look sexy," Brittany assured her. She gave her another kiss. "I know you're scared and that's OK cause it is scary but I'll be here and when it's over, we're going to have the most amazing baby on the planet."

Santana smiled and felt herself calm down a bit. Just as they planed, she and Brittany had had a serious talk about starting a family once this movie was done. They decided that Santana would be the one to carry their first child since her job was more accommodating and made things easier. Brittany would carry their second. Santana had been given tenure at the university a few months ago and her appointment to the board pretty much meant she could control her schedule. It wasn't just work that made Santana agree to be the one to get pregnant, somewhere along the way in her time with Brittany she had really loved the idea of carrying their child. It felt right.

"I'm scared," Santana admitted, "But in a good way."

"Me too." Brittany smiled. Their limo was now second in line. "Don't forget on Friday we're hitting up that sperm bank."

Santana groaned. "I hate that we have to go through profiles to pick some unknown donner so we can have our baby. I just wish there was a way this baby could be made with just you and me."

Brittany bit her lip. "I don't have any sperm Santana. And if I did, I'd be a guy and you wouldn't be with me. Too bad I don't have a brother...oh! I have a cousin who kinda looks like me. Maybe we can ask him. But he's like 19 so I don't know how he'd take it."

Santana shook her head. "No, sweetie. It's fine. I'm just a little mad at mother nature right now. It doesn't matter who the sperm comes from, cause this will be your baby too. Yours and mine."

Brittany felt like she was going to burst with happiness. "Yours and mine." The limo came to a stop. "So are we telling people?"

"Yeah, let's tell them."


They finally made it to the front of the line. The driver opened the door for them and Santana was first to get out. She immediately took Brittany's hand after she got out.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Yes," Brittany answered.

Santana had to admit, the location for the wrap party was perfect. It was high atop the Hollywood Hills and in this smog-free day, the skyline looked beautiful. Inside, the decorations were just as impressive. The two of them walked in and found their group right away.

"Hey!" Brittany greeted. She loved that every single one of her friends was here, especially since many had worked so hard on this movie.

There was a round of hugs and kisses, with congratulations thrown in Brittany's direction.

"Thanks you guys," Brittany said, obviously touched by her friends words, "But there should be congratulations said to all of you too. Without you this wouldn't have happened."

"She's right," Quinn said, "We all deserve credit."

"All of us!" Rachel chimed in.

Everyone stayed talking and drinking for a while, until the announcement was made that dinner would be served and for everyone to take their seats. Santana placed her hand on the small of Brittany's back and guided her to their table.

Santana thought the chicken dinner was delicious, but not as delicious as Brittany. She would occasionally kiss Brittany every once in a while. She just looked so beautiful.

"You need to stop kissing me," Brittany told Santana softly, "And eat your food."

"Fine," Santana said trying to sound hurt, "But just wait until we get home."

The night continued with everyone having a good time talking about all the crazy happenings of making Hearts Revelation. The group noticed that the dance floor started to get full, so Sam and Quinn excused themselves and heading to join the other dancers.

"Will you dance with me?" Brittany asked.

Santana looked into Brittany's eyes and smiled. There was no need to answer. Brittany stood up and extended her hand, which Santana took. Slowly, Brittany lead Santana to the dance floor with a confidence Santana found extremely erotic. With Brittany in front, Santana had a perfect view of Brittany's bare back. Beautiful, Santana thought.

Santana was sure people were staring, but she didn't care. She wanted them to look, to look at this amazing woman that was hers and hers alone. Once they reached the center of the dance floor, Brittany turned around and Santana took her into her arms.

Brittany pressed their bodies together and started to move with the music. Everything was perfect. Everything. It was an amazing feeling knowing everything was going to be OK and that there was nothing but happiness in the future. She leaned forward and hovered her mouth over Santana's ear. "I love you. And I'm going to ask you to marry me soon."

Santana felt her heart speed up like it was going to pop out of her chest. She leaned back to look at Brittany. "How soon?"

"Umm...now?" Brittany smiled. "I was totally going to do something super romantic and I was even thinking of having Lord Tubbington hand you the ring, but this feels like the right time."

"I..." Santana felt the words catch in her throat as she felt tears fall down her cheeks. All she could do was nod.

"So, yes?"


Brittany hugged Santana and spun her around. They got a few looks from others on the dance floor but that didn't matter. "Crap. I left the ring at home. I didn't know I was going to do this."

"It's OK." Santana wiped the tears from her eyes. "You can give it to me at home. I just...I wasn't expecting this. I mean, I was planning to ask you...and now you..."

"Totally beat you to it, huh?"

"Your really did." Santana let out a laugh before kissing Brittany. "But.."


"Let's keep it to ourselves," Santana said, "And the baby. You were right about everyone working hard on this movie. Tonight is about them too. Let's not upstage that by telling them about us. We'll do that later."

Brittany felt her whole body warm up at Santana's words. "Look at you sounding like a mom already."

"Oh God, stop." Santana felt herself blush.

"But OK. We'll wait."

Their bodies continued to move with the music, both lost in their own world. Santana touched the skin of Brittany's back and let caressed. She felt so soft, so warm to Santana. It felt like a current of electricity was running between them.

Without thinking, Santana reached up in search of Brittany's mouth. That electrical current Santana felt got stronger as soon as Santana's tongue found its mate. This kiss felt different, more intimate. Maybe it was because she was kissing her future wife.

Brittany opened her mouth wider, allowing Santana to deeply explore her with her tongue. Still dancing, Brittany's hand travel to Santana's hair and pull her closer. The smell, the taste, the fell of Santana was making Brittany lose her senses. She had to try to remember that they were in a public place, surrounded by people and she couldn't explore Santana like she wanted.

Santana pulled back, for her own good. She rested her forehead on Brittany's shoulder and smiled.

"Just wait until we get home," Brittany said into Santana's ear.

Suddenly a voice interrupted the music, telling everyone to take their seats as speeches were going to be made.

Santana took Brittany's hand and lead her to their table.

"I thought you two were about to have sex out there for a second," Rachel teased.

Santana and Brittany just smiled.

The first one to speak was Quinn who talked about what a great experience this movie had been. Next was Rachel, who also said nothing but great things. Rachel had already booked another movie that was a bit more high profile and it was looking like Rachel's career was going to take off soon.

"Did you hear?" Mercedes whispered to Brittany and Santana as Rachel continued to talk.

"What?" Brittany turned to her best friend.

"About Kate Dawson?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Who gives a shit about her."

"On no, you'll love this," Mercedes said, "So I read this morning that her big movie got shelved."

"What?" Both Brittany and Santana asked at once.

"Mmm hmm. Coppola decided to do the movie he was planning to do after Kate's was done first. And Kate's movie shut down until further notice. Now news is she's trying to get cast in that second movie but the casting rumors say that they want Jennifer Lawrence."

"Serves her right," Santana scoffed.

"I wish I could say I feel sorry for her," Brittany said, "But I don't."

"Maybe she'll go back to doing Lifetime movies," Mercedes said with a chuckle.

"Now I would like to give the podium to someone who worked really hard on this movie," Rachel said as she finished, "Someone who person kept me in check and made an amazing movie. Please, welcome Ms. Brittany S. Pierce."

Santana saw the shock in Brittany's face who obviously was not intending to speak tonight. The room erupted into thunderous applause and cheers. Santana nudged Brittany to get up when she saw Brittany hadn't moved. After a few seconds, Brittany recovered and walked up to the podium.

Brittany slowly walked up. She had told Quinn that she didn't want to speak in front of everyone. She hated public speaking and it always made her nervous. The applause was coming the loudest from her table. She finally made it to the stage and turned to the crowd.

"Um," Brittany began.

Brittany was blushing and seemed a little frazzled and Santana had never seen her look more adorable.

"Go Brittany!" Kurt yelled.

"Uh" Brittany tried again, "Thank you. Thank you all for making this happen. To Rachel for doing such a fantastic job as the lead. To Quinn for keeping the studio alive. To Artie for saving us. To all the actors for putting their heart into their roles and to the crew who worked their butts off for this."

The crowed started cheering again. Santana was mesmerized by Brittany. Santana wanted to cry, she was so proud.

"And finally," Brittany said, quieting the crowed, " To Santana Lopez who wrote such an amazing script and without her we wouldn't have a movie to film. She wasn't too thrilled at first about this movie but she ended up being one of it's biggest supportes. Thank you Santana. Thanks for putting up with my insane schedule and supporting our work along the way. I love you."

The room filled with "awws" and cheers. Santana didn't care anymore, she let the tears fall.

Brittany stepped down from the podium and headed to the table. Santana got up and pulled Brittany for a hug.

"I love you," Santana said.

Near the end of the night Santana found herself sitting at the table with only Quinn and Sam. Brittany was walking around, working the room and everyone else had spread out.

"Thank God this movie is over," Sam said.

"You too huh?" Santana asked amused.

"That was the most drama I have ever seen on a movie set," Sam said amazed, "The behind the scenes stories were more crazy than what was on film. I'm glad I work with kids. I don't know how you all do it."

Santana and Quinn couldn't help but laugh.

"Welcome to Hollywood," Santana said, "Listen, I don't think I've had a chance to tell you guys how happy I am for you two. This is the longes relationship Sam has ever had."

"Can you shut up please," Sam said, taking Quinn's hand.

"It's fine Sammy," Quinn said with a smile, "I love you and I know this will be the last relationship you'll ever have."

Santana laughed when Sam's face turned red as he smiled. She was very happy for them.

Brittany returned and held out her had for Santana. "Let's go home."

"Though you'd never ask."

They said their good byes and walked out hand in hand.

Months Later

"I just want to sit here and watch TV," Santana said. She sat on the couch dressed in a black, lose fitting dress. She played with her silver necklace. It had now been two months since the wrap party and they were on their way to the official movie premiere.

Two months since they told their friends they were planning on having a baby and getting married. Everyone was excited and were all willing to fly to New York for the ceremony. Brittany had given Santana the most beautiful white gold engagement ring with a sizable diamond. The very next day, Santana took Brittany to the jewelry store and bought Brittany her own ring.

"We'll only walk the red carpet and then come home, OK?" Brittany said, sitting next to Santana, wearing a tight fitting purple dress.

"No, it's OK," Santana said smiling, "I don't want to ruin this for you."

"You could never ruin anything," Brittany said, placing a kiss on Santana's lower lip, "If you feel tired or bored, we'll leave."

"It's fine Britt," Santana said. She stayed quiet for a moment, her hand on her still flat stomach, "I'm going to get so fat."

"No you're not," Brittany said with a soft laugh, "I think it's going to be a while before that belly pops out."

"Oh God, I'm going to get so fat!" Santana repeated.

"Not fat, just fuller," Brittany teased. Brittany ran her hand over Santana's stomach. They had found a donner they both liked on their first trip to the sperm bank. He had a college degree, healthy family history and the one thing Santana insisted on, that he have blond hair and blue eyes. She wanted this baby to look as much like Brittany as possible. They had everything set up and all they needed to do was actually get pregnant. While both were eager to be parents, they wanted to spend a little more peaceful time alone.

Santana let out a laugh, "OK, fine. No more complaining."

"Come on," Brittany said, "The limo is picking us up soon. Let's go wish Lord Tubbington a good night."

Santana got up and she and Brittany went to the kitchen where Lord Tubington was eating dinner.

"Bye Lord Tubbington," Brittany said, "Don't stay up too late."

Santana just let out a chuckle. Yes it was ridiculous wishing a good night to a cat but she didn't care. "Bye Tubbs. Go out and look for a job."

"Don't be mean," Brittany said, "We should go."

"Let me just get something really quick." Santana disappeared into the bedroom and grabbed the professionally wrapped gift she was planning on giving Brittany later. She put it into her purse. She usually took small purses with her to events, but she needed to hide the gift, so she took her big purse.

"Hurry," Brittany shouted.

Santana hurried out and followed Brittany to the limo.

"I can't believe this whole thing is finally over," Brittany said, once they were inside the limo and on their way, "It feels like it took forever."

"Tell me about it," Santana said, "This is the last thing right? I mean no more parties?"

"Nope. Done," Brittany said, "After this, no more Hearts Revelation."

"Unless you get nominated for awards," Santana said, with a smile, "That's the buzz around Hollywood."

"How do you know about the buzz?" Brittany asked amused.

"Hey, I keep up with the biz," Santana answered, "I've got Google Alerts on our names, the studio and this movie."

"No you don't," Brittany said laughing.

"I do," Santana said with a smile, "Please, like you don't."

"Maybe I do," Brittany said, "But I have to, for work."

Santana smiled. She stayed quite for a while. Life is good, Santana thought.

"You look deep in thought," Brittany said taking Santana's hand.

"I'm just thinking about how great our lives are," Santana said.

"They really are," Brittany agreed.

They rode the rest of the way in silence, caressing each other's hands.

"We're here," Brittany said, "You ready?"

The limo pulled right in front of the theatre entrance. Santana could see flashes from the cameras going off through the tinted glass.

"Let's do this," Santana said.

They stepped out of the limo to a sudden assault of flashes from the cameras. It only lasted a few minutes, then it was only a few photographers taking pictures.

"I guess we're not famous enough," Santana chuckled.

"Good," Brittany answered, "All these flashes are going to give me a seizure."

They finally made it inside to the lobby, where they saw Kurt and Mercedes.

"Hey it's the director and her ball in chain," Kurt teased.

"Hey," Brittany greeted.

"Hey girls," Mercedes said.

"What time did you guys get here?" Santana asked.

"Like 10 minutes ago," Mercedes said, "We rode in with Holly."

Brittany looked around and spotted her former teacher. "Oh! I'm going to go say hi. I'll be back."

When Brittany was gone, Santana turned her attention to Kurt and Mercedes. "How long is this thing anyway?"

"Don't tell you you want to leave already?" Kurt asked, "Santana, you're like the hot writer of the moment. Brittany told me you've got studios asking you to write more scripts."

"I'm done with Hollywood," Santana said, "I only did this one to keep Brittany here. I have a career at the school that I love."

"You always were such a nerd," Kurt said.

"I think it's great," Mercedes said, "Less stress. Especially now that you and Britt are getting married and plan on a baby soon. By the way, how soon is soon?"

"Oh yes!" Kurt said, "I'm counting down the days to the wedding next month. I have the whole thing planned but I will need notice to plan on any baby parties."

Santana chuckled. "I though Sugar was the professional party planner?"

"She's busy with her own baby, she doesn't have time," Kurt said.

Sugar and Puck had had a healthy baby girl. When they had made the announcement, Sugar was already pretty far along and then the baby decided to come three weeks early. Santana still couldn't believe Puck and Sugar were parents. "Where are they anyway? Puck and Sugar. Are they here?"

"I think they're hitting the snack bar," Kurt said, "This is their first night out in ages. Are you sure you and Brittany want a baby? It's death to your social life, you know."

"We'll be fine," Santana said with a small smile.

"Hey!" Brittany said rejoining the group. "Oh 'Tana, our parents are here already."

"Yeah, my mom texted me before we left, " Santana said, "We should go find them."

They left to find their parents to make sure they didn't embarrasses them too much. It was quite amazing how the Lopez and Pierce parents had become BFFs and maybe a little weird. After a while Santana and Brittany left them to find their friends again.

Brittany was getting stopped every now and then to talk to produces, actors, agents. Santana just wished for this night to end. She turned to Brittany after she had finished talking to some sort of agent, "I'm sorry sweetie, but can we go sit down or go somewhere else."

"Sure," Brittany said gently, "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," Santana assured, "I just want to sit down."

"You don't want to sit through the movie huh?" Brittany asked.

"Of course I do," Santana said, even though she didn't sound too convincing. She did want to be here for Brittany, but the thought of sitting through a movie that was based on their lives didn't appeal to her all that much. Even if she was the one who had written it.

Brittany took Santana's hand and excused them from the group. Santana followed Brittany to a secluded corner behind a pillar.

"Santana," Brittany began, "I know you don't want to sit through this. And neither do I."

"You don't?" Santana asked, surprised.

"I'm proud of this movie, I'm glad it's going to be seen by everyone. But I've seen it already, from beginning to end, many times. I'm sick of it."

Santana let out a laugh.

"I wanted to surprise you," Brittany said coyly.

"Surprise me?"

"The plan was for us to walk the red carpet, then sneak out while the movie is playing, and come back for the after party."

"Sneak out where?" Santana asked, smiling.

Instead of answering, Brittany brought Santana in for a kiss, "Let's go."

Santana felt giddy as Brittany lead her back to the group by the hand. They spent a few more minutes talking to everyone and when the time came to be seated, Brittany and Santana held back.

Brittany took Santana's hand and they went to the far side of the lobby where an elevator awaited them.

"What are we doing?" Santana asked, excited.

"Come on," Brittany said, a big smile on her face.

They got in the elevator and Brittany hit the top button.

"Brittany, we can't just go up there," Santana said, still with no clue what was happening.

"Yes, we can," Brittany said as the elevator went up, "The theatre owner and I have an understanding."

"You're full of surprises," Santana said softly.

The elevator stopped at the top floor and the doors opened to reveal a long hallway. It was completely empty and full of old theatre chairs, popcorn machines and other furniture.

"This is creepy," Santana said, "Are you planning on scaring me to death."

"No," Brittany said laughing.

As they stepped out of the elevator Brittany opened a door to the right to stairs that went up.

Still holding Brittany's hand, Santana climbed the stairs and soon they were on the rooftop of the theatre.

"Wow," Santana said, taking in a deep breath of the night air. The lights of the city glowing all around them, "It's beautiful up here."

"I thought this would be better than the movie," Brittany said.

There was a long couch near the center with a coffee table .

"Why is there a couch up here?" Santana asked surprised.

"The non-romantic answer is, the kids who work here use it for their breaks," Brittany said, "The romantic answer is, I brought it up here myself to surprise you."

Santana felt like she was going to cry, "Let's go with the romantic answer."

They went to sit on the couch and to Santana's surprise, it was extremely comfortable. On the table where bags of what looked like food.

"Don't worry," Brittany said, "I paid one of the ushers to bring this up here. It's only been sitting here for five minutes."

"Is that...," Santana began to ask, taking a whiff, "Smells like barbeque."

"It is!" Brittany said, as she opened the bags with foam containers, "Barbeque ribs!"

Santana laughed happily, "Oh God, I can't believe you did this."

"You said yesterday you were craving barbecue ribs," Brittany said, "So, it's my job to get them for you. I figure it's practice for when you're pregnant. But for now we can eat some ribs, watch the city lights and think up names for our baby."

Santana's laughter soon turned to happy tears. This gesture from Brittany was so touching and sweet, Santana's tears could not be held back.

"Oh honey, don't cry," Brittany said, putting the ribs down and going to kiss Santana's eyes.

"This is very sweet," Santana said, collecting herself, "Thank you."

"Come on," Brittany said smiling, "I'm starving. Let's eat some ribs!"

"Britt, we're going to get sauce all over our dresses."

"Nope," Brittany said. She opened another bag and took out two large bibs.

"Holy fuck," Santana said laughing.

Brittany put Santana's bib on and then her own.

They watched the city and ate their ribs, sauce all over their hands and faces.

"We're worse than kids," Santana said finishing up a rib.

"Yeah," Brittany said chuckling, "OK, so names. For a boy, I'm thinking George or Brad or Hugh or..."

"Are you just naming celebrities?" Santana asked, amused.


"Come on," Santana said, "We can think of something else. How about Robert."

"No," Brittany said shaking her head, "Sounds too grown up. How about Steven?"

"I knew a Steven once," Santana said, "Hated his guts."

"OK," Brittany said with a chuckle, "Michael?"

"Too common." Santana shook her head. "Nicholas. How about Nicholas or Alexander?

Brittany thought for a moment, "I actually like both. Yeah, OK. Put those on the finalist list. Now for a girl, I'm thinking... Selena, Charlize, Drew..."

"You're naming celebrities again." Santana chuckled.

"Fine, fine." Brittany looked out into the city lights. "Los Angeles."

Santana gave her girlfriend and incredulous look. "You want to name our possible future daughter Los Angeles?"

"Is that too weird?"

"Very." Santana saw the disappointment in Brittany's face and immediately felt bad for dismissing Brittany's suggestion. "How about something like Angel? Or Angelica or Angelina?" When she saw Brittany smile again, she felt better.

"I like it. We'll but those three on the finals list." Brittany never thought picking out names would be so much fun.

Santana laughed. She reached for her purse and pulled out her gift. "Here, I was going to give this to you later, but now seems like the perfect time."

Brittany cleaned her hands with her napkin and took the beautifully wrapped gift. "What's this?"

"Open it." Santana smiled and watched as Brittany slowly opened her gift.

Brittany hated messing up this gift wrapping masterpiece but she really wanted to know what was inside. It felt like a book and when she finally uncovered it, she found out her guess had been right. "Is this...I thought you said you weren't finished?"

"I sort of lied," Santana said shyly, "I wanted to surprise you."

Brittany read the cover out loud. "'Been There All Along'. By Santana Lopez."

"Read the dedication," Santana said.

Brittany took a breath and already felt tears start to form. "'To Brittany, the love of my life. Had I noticed sooner, I would have known she had been there all along. I'm glad I finally did.'" She felt the tears fall and when she looked up she saw that Santana was waiting for a response.

"Is it too corny?" Santana asked feeling a little self-conscious.

Brittany shook her head. "It's perfect," she whispered, "I love you."

Santana let out a breath, relieved. "I love you too." She leaned over and kissed Brittany. "This is story is a love story, Britt. It's the story of us. This is the story I want you to read, the one I should have written."

Brittany settled herself on Santana and rested her head her her chest. "Thank you."

They stayed on the roof until the movie was over. They then headed to the after party that was only a block away. When they were inside, Santana's good mood instantly faded. Everything on the rooftop was perfect and now everything was loud, rushed and crowded.

Brittany senses Santana's mood change and put her arms around her shoulder. "Let's just stay for like half an hour to make our mark and then leave, OK?"

Santana put her arm around Brittany's waist. "I told you I don't want to ruin this. I'm fine. And anyway, I could use a strong drink."

Brittany kissed the top of Santana's head and lead her to the bar where they found the majority of their friends. "I knew we'd find these fools by the booze."

Santana stopped Brittany. "Before we go all party mode, I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. That you directed this movie and kept us together. I honestly don't know what I would have done if we had to be separated."

"Me neither." Brittany leaned in and gave Santana a soft kiss. "Thank you. It means a lot knowing you're proud of me and I'm so proud of you too. You were a big part in all this."

"I didn't do anything..."

"Stop," Brittany interrupted, "Do you remember what you told me when you were tutoring me back in college?"

"That I wanted to ravish your body?" Santana joked.

"Besides that," Brittany said, "You told me that you didn't want to hear me doubting myself or putting myself down."

"I did say that," Santana said softly.

"I'm telling you that now," Brittany went on, "You deserve as much credit as me, as any of us."

"Thank you."

Brittany kissed her again. "Now come on. Let's celebrate our awesomeness."

Santana smiled and followed Brittany.

Months Later

Santana opened her eyes to a dark room. It was a little past 5 a.m. and the sun was still not up. Today was the day. Today they would announce the Oscar nominations. Santana looked over at a sleeping Brittany and debated waking her wife.

Hearts Revelation had been critical hit just as Quinn and Brittany had predicted. It wasn't a blockbuster but it did make a huge profit for an independent movie. Artie had been thrilled and his studio was ecstatic they had finally produced a movie was bringing them critical fame. Quinn had been offered a five year contract to continue running New Directions and Brittany wasn't short of movie projects and was quickly becoming one of Hollywood's most sought after directors.

Brittany had already won a couple of independent directing awards, for the movie and the buzz was that Brittany had a good shot at a directing nomination. Brittany had been nominated for a Golden Globe and that was enough for her. Santana knew Brittany didn't really care if she got a nomination or not and had pretty much dismissed the idea so Santana didn't wake her.

She slowly got out of bed and walked to the living room to turn on the TV. The news was still on, so she waited. Ten minutes went by when Santana heard Brittany come to the living room.

"'Tana? Why..." she yawned, "Why are you up?" Brittany went over to the couch and laid down with her head on her wife's lap. "It's super early."

"I know honey," Santana said softly. She ran her hand through Brittany's hair. "The nominations are today."

"Oh." Brittany was now wide awake. She knew she didn't have a chance at a nomination considering only a handful of women had ever been nominated and only one had won for directing. If this movie had any shot at a nomination, it would be for Santana. "We'll get the full list later, let's got to bed."

The nominations started. By the end, there was no nomination for Brittany but there was one for Santana for best original screen play and one for the movie for best picture.

"Holy shit." Santana was completely shocked.

"Santana!" Brittany tackled Santana and hugged her. "I knew it! Congratulations." Brittany as so happy. She didn't care she didn't nominated, that didn't matter because Santana had.

"This is bullshit!" Santana got up, leaving a stunned Brittany on the couch. "You should have gotten nominated! How the fuck do they nominate the movie but not you? Did it direct itself? Assholes..."

Brittany watched with an amused smile at her wife's angry rant.

"Why are you smiling?"

Brittany got up and kissed Santana's forehead. "I knew I wasn't going to get one. I already have that Golden Globe nomination and that's fine. The movie got nominated and I'm listed as a producer so I did get nominated. But Santana! You got nominated for your writing!"

Santana calmed down and let the news sink in. "Oh shit!"

Years Later

Santana slowly lowered herself to sit down on the blue couch of the cafe where she and Sam had decided to have lunch. Santana had wanted to have lunch at home, but Sam said she needed to get out of the house. Santana groaned and placed her hand on her large stomach. "You need to hurry up, cause I need my abs back."

Santana was a little over eight months pregnant and as much as she was excited in the beginning she was over this pregnancy now. She wanted to meet her and Brittany's baby. Now.

The waitress came by and she ordered a lemonade. She spotted Sam and waved.

"Don't worry," Sam said sitting down, "Just a couple of more weeks."

"I feel like I've been pregnant forever," Santana said, her hands on her stomach.

"It really feels like you have," Sam said, "You look a little miserable."

"You try carrying a human around in your body," Santana shot back.

"I'll pass, thanks," Sam said with a laugh, "Thanks for meeting me."

"Sure. I don't know why you insisted we come here though," Santana said, "We could have easily eaten at my house."

"I wanted you to get some fresh air. "

"I guess I have been cooped up indoors these few weeks," Santana said with a smile.

"Look, if you don't want to be here, we can go," Sam said, "I'll drive you home OK? And we'll hang out there and watch movies and order a pizza or Chinese."

"OK, that sounds nice," Santana said, "I've missed you. We need to hang out more."

"It sucks being an adult," Sam said, "Too many responsibilities, so little time."

"Tell me about it," Sam said getting up, "Let's go."

Brittany had dropped off Santana at the cafe on her way to the studio. So Sam drove Santana home and Santana noticed that Brittany's car was already in the driveway.

"Oh, that's weird," Santana said, "She said she had a bunch of meetings today."

"It is pretty hot out," Sam said, "Maybe they called it an early day."


They got out of the car and walked to the front. Santana took out her keys and opened the door. As soon as she stepped inside, Santana saw something that she wasn't expecting.


"Oh shit!" Santana said, stunned at seeing all her friends and family in the living room surrounded by balloons and other party decorations.

"Happy baby shower!" Brittany said coming over to Santana and giving her a kiss.

"So you weren't at work?" Santana asked, still trying to recover from the surprise.

"Nope," Brittany said with a big smile.

"Happy baby shower Santana!" Rachel said coming up to Santana and hugging her.

"I thought you were in Vancouver doing that movie?" Santana hugged her back.

"I was, but no way I was missing your baby shower," Rachel said.

"Thank you." Santana was glad Rachel had made it. After their movie almost three years ago, Rachel had become quite the sought after actress. Although she didn't get any nominations for their movie, Hearts Revelation had opened up a lot of doors for her friend. Rachel now had a Golden Globe nomination and a SAG award. The film she was working on now was already getting her Oscar buzz.

Brittany took Santana's purse and placed by the table on their bookcase that housed Santana's Oscar and her other many writing awards. Every time Brittany saw them, her heart swelled with pride. Her own Golden Globe, Independent Spirit and other directing awards sat side by side Santana's.

Santana walked over to Brittany and hugged her the best she could with her protruding belly. "Thank you honey," Santana said, touched at the surprise.

"Well come on!" Mercedes said, holding a margarita, "Let's get this thing started!"

"Hey, that's not fair!" Santana cried, "I can't drink!"

"Sorry girl," Mercedes said taking a sip, "But that's your problem."

Brittany kiss Santana's head, "Sorry Santana, but I had to serve alcohol."

"Whatever." Santana pouted.

Brittany watched Santana walk over to Puck and Sugar to talk. Brittany took this moment to look at her house and just soak in just how lucky she was. She was married to the girl of her dreams, they were about to be parents, she had a job she loved and friends she couldn't imagine not having.

Mercedes came over to Brittany. "You look happy."

"I am."

"I know," Mercedes said, "I can't believe I'm going to be a Godmother. Are you sure you want me to do this?"

Brittany smiled. "Of course I do. Santana and I both want you to. You're my best and oldest friend, Mercedes. I love you and I know you'll love this baby as if he or she were our own. "

"You know I will," Mercedes said, "Speaking of this baby. Why won't you find out if it is a boy or girl? I need to know so I can get some proper shopping done."

Brittany put her arm around her friend. "We want it to be a surprise."

"This is messing with my plans, just so you know," Mercedes said.

Brittany laughed. The song Mercedes had written for their movie had been a hit and now her best friend was writing originals songs for other movies and up and coming artists. "Come on, let's go get some more margaritas."

For the next 90 minutes Santana enjoyed her party and all the games that come with a baby shower. Now everyone sat in the living room eating chocolate cake that was shaped like a baby bottle.

"I bet you can't wait to give birth," Kurt said.

"Oh my God yes," Santana said, "I feel like I can't move. And the baby has been kicking me like crazy."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better" Sugar said, "You don't look like you gained that much weight."

"Luckily," Santana said, "It seems to be all stomach."

"She already has a workout plan," Brittany said, who was sitting next to Santana, "A diet and everything."

"There's nothing wrong with planning," Santana said.

"No there isn't," Brittany said leaning in and giving Santana a quick kiss.

"So, have you changed your mind about finding out the sex?" Mike asked.

"No!" Brittany said.

"I gotta say," Quinn said, "That's pretty brave not knowing. I don't think I could wait."

"It's fun," Brittany said.

"We'll find out soon," Santana said, "When you get pregnant you can do whatever you want."

"Sam and I are going to have a baby in a couple of years," Quinn announced.

"Really?" Brittany asked happily.

"Yeah," Sam said smiling, "Or a year. Who knows, next time this year we could be pregnant."

"Wow!" Kurt said, "Damn, all these kids are making me feel old."

"Alright!" Mercedes announced, "Presents!"

One by one, Santana's friends gave her a present: baby clothes, blankets, toys, and how to get your body back in shape after pregnancy book.

"That's from me!" Rachel said.

"I figured," Santana said.

Everyone stayed all afternoon to celebrate Santana and Brittany's soon to be baby. After everyone was gone, Santana enjoyed her evening with Brittany. Brittany and Santana sat on the couch watching a movie.

"Give me your feet," Brittany said.

Santana smiled and adjusted herself to lay on the couch with her feet on Brittany's lap. Brittany began to massage Santana's feet.

"Mmm," Santana moaned softly, "That feels good."


"Yeah," Santana said. She watched Brittany's small smile as she massaged and just marveled at how beautiful her wife was, "I miss you."

"I'm right here," Brittany said, turning to face Santana. "We've been together almost all day."

"I know," Santana said, "I mean, I miss being with you, making love to you."

"Me too," Brittany said softly, her hands moving all over Santana's feet.

"I feel so huge," Santana said, "I don't feel attractive at all."

"Listen to me," Brittany said seriously, "You're beautiful and sexy and there's no rush. I'll be right here when you're ready."

"I love you so much," Santana said through unshed tears.

"I love you too," Brittany said as she brought up one of Santana's feet, "And your feet," Brittany kissed the toes,"And you swollen ankles," she placed another kiss.

Santana laughed.

"Just a couple more weeks," Brittany said.

"I can't wait," Santana said.

Weeks Later

Santana was sure something was wrong. She should have given birth three days ago, but here she was, sitting in her living room, still pregnant.

Santana saw Rachel come into the living room from the kitchen with a glass of water.

"Here you go," Rachel said handing Santana the small glass. Rachel had finished her movie and was now back home for a while.

"Thanks," Santana said. She had intended to take a sip, but ended up drinking the whole thing.

"Why are you still pregnant?" Rachel asked sitting down.

"Ask this kid," Santana groaned, "I can't take this anymore!"

"Shh Santana, the baby will hear you," Rachel said, "Anyway, I was talking to Kurt earlier and he wants to know if you'll be able to make his fashion show next week. He's finishing up the costumes for his last movie, but he finally found the time to finish his line and he..." Santana winced. "What's wrong?"

"Ummm," Santana said getting up, "The baby's restless I think."

Santana walked to the kitchen with Rachel right behind her.

"I just...," Santana began to say but stopped. She felt a warm liquid travel down her legs, "What the...?"

"Oh my!" Rachel said, "I think your water just broke."

"Oh shit!" Santana exclaimed, a slight panic in her voice, "Brittany. I have to call Brittany!"

"Santana, calm down," Rachel said, taking out her phone, "We still have plenty of time."

"Please call Brittany," Santana said as she looked at the puddle on the floor.

"OK," Rachel said.

Brittany was at the studio. Although she had offered to stay home, Santana had told her going to work would be fine. Rachel would be with her.

Rachel dialed and within seconds, she was talking to Brittany, "Brittany dear, Santana's water just broke...no, she's fine...OK, no contractions...well maybe one, but it doesn't look like...OK..." she handed the phone to Santana.


"Santana, are you OK?" Brittany asked, her voice almost frantic. Brittany felt her throat go dry. This was it. Their baby was coming.

"I'm OK, my water broke and...I think our...ugh...is coming."

"I'm on my way," Brittany said, "Call...911!"

"It's OK," Santana said with a chuckle, "Rachel's with me, remember. She'll drive me.

"Oh right!" Brittany felt like her body was crawling out of her skin, "I love you."

"Me too," Santana said. She hung up and immediately called Kurt.

"Who are you calling?" Rachel asked, "We need to get you to the hospital!"

"Kurt," Santana said, "I promised him I'd call him when my water broke."

"Are you serious right now?"

Santana ignored Rachel and was glad when Kurt picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Santana," Kurt said, "Can I tell you how hard it's been designing my next outfit. I feel..."

"That's great Kurt," Santana said not listening, "Look, my water broke..."

"Your sink overflowing?" Kurt asked.

"No, Kurt the water in my uterus!" Santana yelled, "I'm having the baby so met us there!"

"Oh my God Santana!" Kurt almost shrieked, "How exciting!"

Santana hung up and within seconds after the shrieking started.

"Let's go!" Rachel said as she dragged Santana out the door.

"My bag...the one we packed," Santana said.

"I'll get it," Rachel said heading to the bedroom.

"Argh!" Santana grunted grabbing her stomach, "Shit this fucking hurts."

"Is he coming out now?" Rachel asked when she came back, bag in hand.

Santana let out a few deep breaths, "It's gone, shit...OK."

"Let's go!" Rachel said grabbing Santana's hand, "Come on! I don't want to have to deliver this kid in the back seat of my new Beemer."

Santana let Rachel lead her to her car and they got in and drove off. Rachel was driving faster than Santana wanted. "Jesus! Slow down!"

"Relax," Rachel said swerving cars.

Santana wasn't sure what she was most afraid of, having this baby or Rachel's driving.

"Fuck!" Santana shouted.

Soon they reached the hospital and entered the ER where Rachel proceeded to announce to the whole waiting area that a baby was coming.

"Baby on the way!" Rachel yelled, "Where's the fucking wheelchair?"

Nurses came running to Santana and took her inside, with Rachel closely following.

"I'm sorry," one of he nurses said, "Who are you?"

"I'm the birth coach," Rachel said, "At least until her wife gets here."

"Argh!" Santana grunted as another contraction hit her.

Another nurse appeared with a wheelchair and Santana sat in it and was soon on her way to the maternity ward. When the elevator doors opened, Santana was greeted by a doctor who began to ask her many questions.

"Rachel," Santana said through gritted teeth, "Call Brittany. See where she is."


Santana was taken to a room where she was helped in changing to a gown and then placed on the bed. The doctor examined her and told her she was only 2 centimeters dilated.

"We still have time," the doctor said.

About 15 minutes later, Brittany came running through the doors.

"Brittany!" Santana said, relieved to see her.

"Are you OK?" Brittany said rushing to the bed and kissing Santana. A huge wave of relief hit her seeing that the baby hadn't been born yet.

"Yes," Santana said, "The contractions are still pretty far apart an the doctor said I'm only 2 centimeters."

"OK good," Brittany said taking Santana's hand, "I was afraid I'd miss the birth of our baby."

"This is fucking scary Britt," Santana said, not hiding her fear.

"I know sweetie," Brittany said, placing a kiss on the top of Santana's head, "It's going to be OK. It'll over soon."

"We have to call my parents and yours..."

"I already did," Brittany said, "On the drive here I called them they're on the way."

"Good," Santana said, as another contraction hit her, "SHIT!"

"Breath with me," Brittany said taking deep breaths.

Santana followed Brittany's breathing and soon the pain passed.


"Yeah," Santana said, "Is Rachel still here?"

"She's out in the waiting room. She's on the phone calling everyone."

"Good," Santana said with a slight chuckle.

The doctor on-call came into the room, "Hello, I'm Dr. Drake and I'll be delivering your baby."

"Wait," Brittany said getting up, "We have a doctor..."

"Yes, well he's currently in a complicated delivery and there's a good chance he won't make it. But I can assure you I'm perfectly qualified. He sent me."

Santana felt a little apprehensive about the sudden change in doctors, she didn't like the sudden change. But there was nothing they could do abou it. "OK," Santana said.

Brittany nodded.

"OK," Dr. Drake said, "Let's take a look at you."

The doctor examined Santana and found that she was now six centimeters dilated.

"You're progressing nicely," he said, "Just hang in there OK? Your contractions are going to get closer and closer so be prepared."

"OK," Santana said her hand clutching Brittany's.

"Also," the doctor said, "You have quite a small army out in the waiting room."

"Thanks doctor," Brittany said with a smile.

When the doctor left, Santana told Brittany to go out and give everyone a progress report.

"OK," Brittany said, "I'll only be gone a minute." Brittany rused out to the waiting room and was surprised at already seeing her and Santana's parents, Kurt, Quinn and Sam. "Wow, you got here quick."

"Is it a boy or girl"

"Is Santana OK?"

"Let's see the baby!"

Brittany raised her hands at the sudden onslaught of questions. "Whoa! Slow down everyone No baby yet, I just wanted to tell you it'll be soon." Brittany left her friends and family and rushed back to Santana. She stopped by the door to her room and took a deep breath. Brittany was scared but she didn't want Santana to know. She was glad she had decided to wear one of her baby animal ties today so she had something to do with her hands to burn off any nervous energy. She took one last breath and went inside.

Santana was working on her breathing when Brittany came back. She noticed her wife was pulling at the top of her tie and knew that Brittany was anxious. "It's going to be fine, Britt."

"I know," Brittany said with a small smile. She went to sit on the edge of the bed next to Santana.

Santana finally had time to notice the tie Brittany was wearing and it made her chuckle. "Baby ducks."


"Your tie." Santana reached over and ran her hand over the tie. "This is the tie you were wearing when we met."

Brittany looked down and realized it was the same tie. "I thought I lost it when I moved in, but I found it last night behind the closet so I decided to wear it."

"I'm so glad they made me go to that lecture," Santana said softly.

"Me too." Brittany leaned in to give Santana a kiss but pulled back when Santana winched.

Another contraction hit Santana and it felt stronger than the ones before. "Come on baby," Santana said, "Enough teasing, just come out already."

"Breath," Brittany said and kissed Santana's forehead.

Another contraction hit.

"They're getting closer." Brittany swallowed the lump in her throat. This was really happening.

"Uh huh," Santana said through gritted teeth.

"It's OK sweetie," Brittany said moving her hand behind Santana's back and began to massage her lower back.

"That feels nice," Santana said.

Marsha, their nurse, kept coming in to check on Santana every few minutes. After about 20 minutes, Santana's contraction were only minutes apart.

The doctor came in and examined Santana.

"Alright!" Dr. Drake said, "It's time. Let's deliver this baby."

Even through the pain, Santana felt an incredible sense of happiness and excitement. The doctor instructed her to push, she did. The pain wasn't as bad as she expected and Santana thanked God for the invention of the epidural.

"Almost there," Brittany said holding Santana's hand, "Come on." She was in awe of Santana who was doing such an amazing job.

Santana pushed, and pushed and pushed and suddenly they heard a cry.

"Oh my God," Santana said, tears running down her cheeks.

"It's a boy!" the doctor said as he handed the baby to Santana.

"He's here," Brittany said, also crying. She felt over whelmed.

"Oh my God!" Santana said, as she held her son for the first time. He had stopped crying.

"He's beautiful," Brittany said, laughing and crying at once.

"Hi Alexander," Santana said softly. He opened his eyes and Santana saw they were blue, "Britt...he has your eyes." Just as she'd hoped.

"Well, not really mine..."

"Yes, yours," Santana insisted. Alexander was created by Brittany just as much as herself and Santana would make sure everyone knew that.

"OK," Brittany said wiping away tears, "Mine." They had a son. "He's perfect."

"I'm sorry, but we have to clean him up," the nurse said reaching for the baby.

Santana reluctantly let him go.

"I love you," Brittany said placing a kiss on Santana's lips, "You were great."

"I love you too," Santana said. She leaned back on the bed, exhausted. She felt drained. "Holy shit! Can you believe we have a baby?"

"No," Brittany said laughing, "It's fucking unbelievable."

Santana and Brittany were able to take Alexander home in a couple of days and their house turned into a circus with constant visitors coming to see the baby.

Santana now sat on the living room couch dozing off. The baby had kept Santana and Brittany up most nights and they were both exhausted. Brittany put Alexander to sleep, while Santana stayed in the living room trying to watch TV.

"Santana? Santana?"

"Whaa...what?" Santana said suddenly sitting up to find Brittany in front of her, holding the baby monitor.

"You dozed off," Brittany said smiling.

"No I..." Santana tried to say, but a yawn betrayed her.

Their conversation was interrupted when they both heard a familiar voice on the TV.

"Is that..." Brittany began.

"It is," Santana said, suddenly very awake, "It's the one and only Kate Dawson doing a Target commercial."

Brittany tried not to laugh, "So much for her booming movie career. I honestly forgot about her until now."

"Karma's a bitch." Santana smirked and turned off the TV.


After about two weeks at home, Brittany and Santana decided to throw Alexander a welcome home party that would only include their closest friends and family. They spent all morning setting up Alexander's party out by the pool, with the help of Mercedes and Kurt.

Santana went to the living room and rocked Xander to sleep. Brittany and Santana had decided to call him Xander because Brittany thought it sounded cool.

"How's our boy?" Brittany asked softly, coming into the living room.

"Just when I think he's going to sleep, he opens his eyes," Santana said.

Brittany leaned in and gently placed on kiss on Xander's forehead, on top of his light hair, "Don't tease your Momma," she whispered.

"It's OK," Santana said with a chuckle.

"I can take over if you want a break," Brittany said.

"It's fine," Santana said, "He's almost asleep."

"Seeing him like that makes me want another one," Brittany said softly.

"Uh, let's just get this one to walk first" Santana said, "Then I'll knock you up for our second."

"You're so romantic," Brittany teased.

After another minute Xander was fully asleep and Santana put him in his basinet.

By the afternoon, people started arriving and Brittany started up the grill. All the usual suspects were in attendance. Even Rachel, with her busy schedule, had made it a point to attend. The backyard was soon full of activity.

"Hey guys," Quinn said as she and Sam arrived, "Where is my new nephew?"

"He's still asleep," Santana said from one of the lounge chairs. Xander sound asleep next to her in his basinet.

"Awww," Sam said coming up to the baby, "He's so cute. He's got your skin color Santana. Well, a little lighter."

"Won't we wake him with all this noise?" Quinn asked.

"He'll be fine," Santana said, "The tough part is getting him to sleep, but once he's out, he's out." Santana caught movement by the bassinet and spotted Lord Tubbington. The chunky cat had taken up sleeping by the Xander's crib every night, almost like a guard. "It's OK, Tubbs. He's fine." The cat yawned and laid down next to the bassinet and just watched everyone.

"So," Quinn went on, "Did Brittany tell you about Been There All Along?"

"That you want me to convert it to a script so you can make another movie? Yeah, she told me," Santana said.


Santana shook her head. "Not interested. You just made one of my stories into a movie..."

"That was like three years ago! Ages in Hollywood time," Quinn protested.

Santana groaned. "I don't have time to do all that now. I'm this close to being elected head of the English board at school which puts me in a prime spot for dean in a few years. I'm concentrating all my work energy at school. And in case you didn't notice, I have a newborn to look after now. I don't have time."

"Then just sell the rights," Quinn insisted, "We'll hire someone else to write the script."

"Oh hell no! No one else touches my stories." Sanata took a deep breath. The book she had written based on her and Brittany had been a big hit. Her publisher was shocked since they never expected a love story between two women to sell as well as it did. She never intended to make another movie and wasn't sure if she wanted to again. Especially not this story. Brittany had told her she would support her no matter what she decided. "I'll think about it."

Quinn seemed satisfied and went to join the others.

Brittany finished cooking a few burger patties and made Mike, Tina and Sam their burgers. She looked over at Santana and their son and smiled. How did I get so lucky, she thought. She finished up another patty and made Santana her turkey burger just like she liked it. As she walked over she smiled at seeing Lord Tubbington standing guard by Xander. "One Santana Special."

"Thank you honey," Santana said, "Come here, you get a kiss." Santana got up and kissed the cook.

"What do I get if I bring you some fries?" Brittany asked with a smirk.

Santana leaned in close to Brittany's ear. "Another kiss. But on your other lips," she whispered

Brittany groaned and stepped back. It had been a long time since they had been together, which was fine with Brittany. She would wait for Santana as long as needed, but she did miss her wife. "Really?"

Santana winked. "Really. I'm ready."

Brittany's eyes went wide. "Right now?"

"Tonight." Santana couldn't hide her amusement. "I miss you and I don't want to wait anymore."

Brittany felt herself getting turned on just at the thought and wished this party was over.

"Where's the booze?" Puck asked getting up from the table.

Brittany snapped out of her thoughts. Grateful for the distraction. "No alcohol at this party."

"Are you kidding me?" Puck asked stunned.

"Yes she is," Santana said smiling, "The beer is in the kitchen."

"Don't scare me like that," Puck said going to the kitchen. He soon returned with a few bottles.

"I hope that's for everyone," Quinn said, holding Puck and Sugar's daughter, Sabrina.

"Daddy, I wanna one," Sabrina said.

Puck opened his bottle. "Sorry pumpkin, this is a daddy drink."

Sugar suddenly appeared and took Puck's beer, "Mommy's drink now."

Everyone laughed and Puck reluctantly passed the remaining bottles to Kurt, Mike and Mercedes.

Puck then turned to Santana and Brittany. "So how come you didn't ask me to be the Godfather?"

"Because Kurt is Xander's Godfather," Santana said, "And Mercedes is his Godmother."

"And I'm so thrilled!" Kurt said, excited, "I mean I don't really believe in God per say, but Godfather status is pretty prestigious."

Brittany shook her head. "Yup and when we have our second child, Quinn and Sam are going to be the Godparents."

"Excuse me," Rachel interjected, "I'd like to call dibs on Santana and Brittany's third child."

"You're Jewish," Santana said, "Jewish people don't do Godparents."

"Kurt doesn't believe in God!" Rachel protested, "Let's not kid ourselves, this whole Godparent thing is not really about religion."

"We'll see," Brittany said, "Let's just say, we'll consider it."

"That's all I ask," Rachel said with a smile.

"Wow, look at you planning ahead," Sugar said.

Santana couldn't help but smile. She looked around at everyone: Quinn, Sam, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Rachel, Tina, Puck, Sugar, her and Brittany's parents, Brittany's sister and Santana's brother. All these people were her and Brittany's closest people in the world and Santana couldn't have asked for a better group. Even after all the crazy shit they'd gone through, in the end each one had helped enrich their life.

Brittany sensed Santana looking at her and turned to face her. "You OK?"

"I'm fine. I was just thinking that we should take a picture."

"That's an awesome idea!" Brittany went inside and brought out her camera and tripod. "OK, let's get a family picture."

Tina walked to the camera and got in position, "First a picture of Santana, Brittany and the baby."

Brittany picked up her son and sat next to Santana and got in position.

"Wait!" Santana stopped Tina before she took the picture. She bent down and picked up Lord Tubbington and placed him on her lap. "Can't forget this monster."

"Awww," Quinn said as Sam put his arm around her.

Tina took a few pictures of the family before Brittany suggested her parents and sister and Santana's parents and brother join them.

With everyone in the shot, Tina took a few more.

"This is crazy," Santana said, "All of you are family. We need a picture of all of us together."

Tina, set up the camera while everyone squeezed around Santana and Brittany and the baby.

"OK...Mercedes move a little to the left," Tina said looking through the camera, "OK. Perfect! No one move!"

Tina set the timer and ran to get in the shot. The camera took a couple of shots.

"Perfect," Brittany said and Santana agreed.

"Just perfect."

-The End-