Hello everybody. Okay, okay, you know me, the kid who makes up OCs and there's quite a number of them in my How to Train Your Dragon fanfics. However, here is clarification…This character is a new one introduced. She is quite like Saro only I changed her story. Saro will not be featured in any more fanfics due to complications. I will not tell you about Tristen because you will read about her.

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How to Run


This is Berk. This is the home of Vikings and now, dragons. Located on the meridian of misery, north of Hopeless and south of Freezing-to-Death, the island is filled with people just as tasteless as our food. The isle has such a wonderful variety of weather. Nine months of our year are dazzled with snow and the other three months filled with sleet, rain and limited sun.

However, our normal lives before the war was long over, is not the case today. I, along with my friends, am in charge of training new dragons and teaching new recruits how to train them. Sometimes it's fun, but some other times, it can be almost impossible.

It would be a usual morning for us, Vikings. Many would get up and fly their dragon around, that remained the same with Toothless, my best friend and the only Night Fury people have seen, and myself. Next would be getting a quick breakfast at the Great, or sometimes known as the Mead, Hall. Then it was to work at the Forge for the rest of the day.

My mentor, Gobber the Belch, found his time more devoted to the new training recruits and after a while of overwhelming work, I convinced Gobber to hire new help for the shop. Her name was Tristen.

Tristen's last name and background remains a mystery to us. I found her in the sea one day when I was out flying, she appeared to be shipwrecked but I brought her to the Elder's hut until she was nursed back to health. However, She keeps to herself most of the time and stays at Gothi the Elder's home. She has brown hair tied into a single, short ponytail. She's perhaps the same height as me. She has also proven on number occasions to be a skilled swordfighter and have the ability to wield other weapons.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Tristen's secret was revealed one day and it challenged us, Vikings of Berk.

To be continued.

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