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As we flew over Greece, I couldn't think of anything other than the upcoming fight we were going to have on our hands. Hermes had sent us an Iris message earlier telling us that the gods would meet us when we got to Mt. Olympus. That is, the gods who disagree with what Zeus says and know they have to help us if we want to win.

"How are you feeling?" Annabeth asked, leaning on the rail beside me.

"Better than I was last week," I answered. See last week going through the Mediterranean, a sea monster started to attack the boat, while I was under water fighting it; Jason was in the air trying to hit it with lightning. One of his bolts managed to miss the monster and fry me instead, a moment later the monster hit me into the boat. It took all week to recover.

"My ribs have pretty much mended from hitting the ship, and the burns have disappeared. So I say I'm feeling great."

"Well, I hope your feeling great," She said. "Because we may have the hardest fight in our lives ahead of us."

"Yeah I know…" I was about to reply when I first saw the original Mt. Olympus.

"You know… I thought it would be more than a mountain," I told Annabeth.

She laughed "Well what did you expect?"

"I don't know… large Greek buildings on top? I mean this is the Mt. Olympus, I just expected there to be buildings." I told her the truth.

"Percy, your such a seaweed brain. There used to be buildings on the mountain, but after so many thousands of years they've all either been destroyed or have collapsed and disappeared."

"Huh," I tried to imagine actually being able to see Olympus on a mountain not floating in the air… and I got nothing.

"How do you think it would have looked?" I asked her.

"Oh my gods Percy I think there might have been… "(Skipping this because it would take hours with Annabeths knowledge) I tried to listen, I REALLY did, but my mind went back to the battle ahead of us. My father Poseidon, Hermes, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, And Hephaestus were going to help with the battle, Ares was only here because he knew it was going to be a large fight, and he was the god of war after all. He LOVES bloodshed.

Zeus just doesn't want to help heroes and depend on them, Demeter and Hestia don't very much like violence, Hera is following Zeus, Aphrodite just doesn't want to chip a nail, Dionysus is just a helpless twat, and Hades is having troubles in the underworld.

So we had approximately half of the Olympian council here to help, I'm hoping that it's enough but if not…well we'll all die horrible painful deaths and humanity will most likely be destroyed as we know it.

But no pressure, right?

"Hello Crew!" Came Leo's ever cheerfully voice over the loudspeaker. "We will be touching this baby down in about 3 three minutes, so grab your gear and get ready!"

"How can he be so cheerful at a time like this?" I asked Annabeth, because we're about to be in a huge battle. HOW could you sound cheerful?

"It's just his way to try and tell us that everything will be fine. Come on, let's get our stuff."

By the time I was packed and had my equipment Leo came over the loudspeaker announcing that we had one minute to land. I walked onto the deck and waved at Frank who was the only other person up here besides me or Leo. I walked over to the railing I was at to check for enemies or problems. And I didn't see anything

Until it was too late.

Because a second later I noticed a HUGE bolt of lightning come from the ground, then it slammed into the right-hand side of the ship. And the boat started to go down.

"Guys! Grab onto something or get below deck!" Screamed Leo as loud as he could, "We're going down!"

Easy for him to say, there was a way down directly behind him. Frank turned into a hawk and flew off the deck.

So now I was stuck mid-ship with the nearest door below deck being thirty feet away.

I looked up and saw Leo slamming on the controls, trying to regain control over the boat. But then he gave up and prominently dived into the aft compartment.

I started to run for the door, but just then the ship tilted forwards and turned our hull first crash landing, into a nose first smash landing. At the same time I noticed that I was now falling backwards instead of running forwards.

I was falling off of a ship one thousand feet into the air, with no one to help me. The next thoughts were strangely that one song from the movie titanic. You know the one where the boat is tilting and people are sliding and falling off? The one with the band of violin players? Yeah, that one.

I started to plunge to my death and had just cleared the front of the ship…when something caught hold of my shoulders, and I was no longer falling. I looked up and saw a giant eagle, like the ones they have at camp Jupiter. That's when I realized that it must be Frank who grabbed me.

"We've got to help the others!" I yelled, Frank just screeched in reply which could have meant, YES! Or most likely something along the lines of NO SHIT! or DUH!

I looked around down on the ground for anything that could help us, in my first look which took about two seconds, I found nothing. I started to mutter curses in every language I know, which means Ancient Greek, Latin, and English.

Frank screeched again probably asking where I learned that many ways to combine curses. I just blamed Thalia and made myself do a cleaner and more in-depth look again.

This time around I noticed a small lake, about the size of the ship.

"Crazy idea time." I muttered under my breath

"Frank!" I yelled again, "Set me down by the lake!" he heard me and immediately we plummeted down the 1,000 feet to the ground below, while ten feet above ground Frank dropped me. I landed and rolled back to my feet, I stepped right up to the lake and started to pray.

"Dad" I prayed, "Please if you can hear me give me some help with my powers so that I can save my friends." And with that I concentrated on the lake and felt an intense tugging sensation in my gut.

It hurt like HADES.

Then the whole lake lifted into the air. I pointed at the ARGO II and forced the water into a type of cushion in front of the boat. Hoping to slow it and fix its descent.

Luckily it worked and the ship lost speed and evened out, I used the water to move the ship over the lake and had the water lay under the hull like an air cushion. By the time I was done with this I was trembling, and sweating like mad, black dots had started swimming through my vision. I was feeling like I could pass out any moment, but I pushed the pain out of the way. I HAD to save my friends. I slowly managed to make the ship descend the last four hundred feet and land in the lake with the water going back to its original position.

Then I fell to my knees, hearing the shouts of my friends and passed out.

Sometime later I woke up with someone pouring nectar into my mouth. I sputtered and coughed a little bit and managed to open my eyes. Annabeth and everyone else was standing over top of me, and by everyone I mean EVERYONE. The seven of the prophecy, Nico, Thalia, Gleeson Hedge, the satyr that came with us. And all of the Olympians. And by all, I mean ALL.

"Hey there everybody." I croaked out painfully.

"PERCY!" Annabeth screamed and jumped on me in a hug. "DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

"Umm…do what exactly?" I asked.

Everyone looked around painfully, like they didn't want to tell me, or were looking for someone else to do it.

"Do what?" I asked again. Finally, thank the gods, Artemis decided to answer me.

"Perseus," she started. "For a while there… you were dead. Nico saw your soul entering the Underworld, and then, all of a sudden he said that it disappeared, and you woke up."

I was shocked, so shocked that for the next minute or so I just stared at Artemis, uncomprehendingly just staring into her silver eyes.

Her eyes are beautiful , part of me thought. The other part said shut up and think, idiot.

Hey! I complained.

Be quiet, your me so I win! I could have sworn I saw myself smiling smugly at myself.

I think I need a check on my sanity.

Looking away from Artemis's eyes I closed my eyes and mulled it over for a couple of seconds. Then I opened them and started to sit up.

"Whoa there Percy, you need to rest. You shouldn't be trying to get up." Apollo said, reaching a hand down to push me down onto my back.

I grabbed his arm before he could touch me.

"We have a battle to fight Apollo," I told him, while trying to get a grip on my dizziness from sitting up so fast. "Just heal me up a little bit and let's get this kicked off."

He sighed, "Alright."

I nodded in thanks, and then looked over at the Olympians.

"So…when did you guys get here?" I asked the ones that weren't supposed to be here.

"Uhh…about 5 minutes ago?" answered Zeus. Looking around at the other gods that weren't here five minutes ago. Which were Demeter, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Hera.

"Good, we could use your help." I told him.

His eyes seemed to burn with rage at that. But, he didn't say anything to my surprise.

"Please hurry up brother." Artemis told Apollo in a cold voice, "We need Percy for the fight."

"Alright, alright.." he grumbled. His hands started to glow and then he pressed them onto my chest.

After a minute he stopped and pulled his hands back, "You should be fine now." He told me.

I stood up and stretched, feeling insanely better. I grabbed Riptide from my pocket, watching it grow into a three foot long bronze sword.

"Alright then," I said looking around. "Let's go kick some monster ass!"

"Perseus!" Hera scolded me.

"Hey! It's true!" yelled Hermes defending me. I just shook my head and chuckled. "Let's go."

And with that, we charged into battle.


Percy had just woken up minutes ago, and now he wanted to rush into battle? Gods he was so stubborn! He almost died and now he wants to fight! Well at least Apollo helped him to regain his strength.

We demigods were fighting the monsters while the gods fought the giants, since the ancient laws prevented the gods from interfering in mortal affairs.

"Okay guys, here's the plan." Percy started out, we all groaned. "What?" He asked us.

"Percy, it's you, coming up with a plan," Thalia told him.

"Oh.." he said while blushing "Well will you guys just listen to the plan, before you ditch it?" he asked.

I just waved my hand in a 'go on' type of gesture.

"Well…the plan was to have Piper start to charmspeak monsters to daze them, while we would all go around busting heads. Thalia and Jason could do their children of Zeus things-"

"HEY." They both complained.

"-While Leo can catch things on fire, like the crazy pyromaniac we all know he is." Leo was grinning at that. "Frank could turn into an elephant or something and just sit on monsters," That got a few laughs. "Annabeth could go invisible, Hazel could start beating them with rare metals, and Nico could summon some undead to help in the fight." He finished.

"Wow Percy…that is actually an okay plan." Jason said. "But what will you be doing?"

"Me?" Percy asked innocently. I then knew he was going to do something, good or bad, I didn't know.

"Well, I'm going to call on an old friend." As soon as he said that, he turned around with a huge grin plastered to his face. He then whistled a loud and very sharp whistle.

After about a minute, the enemy army was getting closer and everyone was getting nervous.

"Perc—" Jason started to say, but the suddenly a HUGE Hellhound the size of a tank jumped out of the shadows and landed on Percy.

"Quod infernus!" Yelled Frank. (Quod infernus means What the Hell in Latin.) And pulled out his sword, Hazel, Jason, Piper, and Leo pulled out their weapons. Getting ready to kill the hellhound to save Percy.

Then they heard laughing.

"Mrs. O' Leary, come on! Get off me!" Percy yelped.

The five who pulled out their weapons stared, dumbfounded, while the rest of us cracked up.

"Mrs. O' Leary..?" Jason asked. Percy who had just gotten out from under Mrs. O' Leary explained as fast as he could with the approaching baddies.

"My pet hellhound, I became her owner when Daedalus died a couple of years ago. Now back to the plan, you guys do your parts while I ride around on Mrs. O' Leary, got it?" He asked.

"Yes, we've got it." I answered, then decided to tease him a little to calm him down. "We're not as dumb as you." I laughed at the pout that he gave me.

"Alright, let's go," He said, while climbing Mrs. O' Leary.

"FOR THE GODS!" Percy yelled.

"FOR THE GODS!" We yelled our battle cry, while racing off to battle.


"FOR THE GODS!" I yelled, trying to give everyone some more courage. Thankfully it worked because they all yelled the battle cry along with me and then ran into battle.

The enemy army looked like it consisted of everything.. and I mean everything, hellhounds, Laestrygonians, dracaenae, any little ity bity monster you could think of? Yeah, it's here.

I looked out, trying to find any other monster I've faced before who came back out of Tartarus… I saw quite a few, and they were all staring at me.

Minotaur, okay easy… Nemean Lion, oh shit… Giant flying pink sow… fuuuuuuuuuuuck

"Okay.." I mumbled, "Mrs O' Leary?" I asked her, she barked (which by the way sounds like a tank being shot.) "Could you kindly tackle the giant pink pig?" She changed directions and plowed into the sow, sending it sideways into the Nemean Lion. Needless to say, the lion got pissed. Seconds later, there was a golden lion on the back of a flying pig, holding on for it's life.

I felt kind of sad for it because I had been in that situation before. And I repeat it was not fun.

I got a crazy idea, that if it worked, I would have the most dynamic duo EVER. "Get close enough for me to talk to the lion!" I yelled to Mrs. O' Leary, she obliged. "Hey!" I yelled to the lion, it turned a cold glare onto me. " I'll help save you from the sow if you agree to help us!" It appeared to mull this over, kinda like 'Help the kid now, live, and don't eat him? Or die again, wait until I reform after some unknown amount of time and eat him?'

It finally appeared to go for the first one because it did a little nod. I took that as my cue and yelled at Mrs. O' Leary "JUMP!" when she did; I jumped of her back while almost at the peak of her leap, giving me more momentum to get to the sows height.

I crashed into the sow, plunging Riptide into her side. I looked over at Nibbles (Just named the Nemean Lion Nibbles, booya!) and mouthed 'now' he seemed to understand because he leaped at me, and for a second I thought he would eat me.

But then he extended his claws and dug them into the sow beside me. His weight had him sliding down the sow, just causing it more pain.

I looked down at Nibbles and nodded, indicating him to fall. He dropped down and landed on all four paws and glanced up at me. At that moment I realized that we had caused so much pain to the pig. That it had started to disintegrate, its wings being the first things to go. The moment the part of the pig my sword was dug into disintegrated I started to free-fall 50 feet to my death, whoa deja-vu, was my first thought. The next was the song freefalling by Tom Petty.

Don't ask I don't know.

The third thing I thought was splat in Five! Four! Three!- OUCH!

The ouch part came from me landing on Nibbles back, he seemed to have jumped to catch me.

Once he landed on the ground, I let out a moan of pain and fell to the grown holding myself, it doesn't matter if you're one of the best hero's ever. You hit something like that you'll want to crawl in a hole and die.

Mrs. O' Leary came over and looked at me, Nibbles was doing the same, both of them silently asking 'are you okay'? Remember having the best dynamic duo ever? Yup, now I've got it. Mrs. O' Leary nudged me while Nibbles did the same, wow I never thought the Nemean lion could be so affectionate. I thought to myself.

"I'm okay guys, but we have a lot of monsters to destroy." I told them while slowly getting back onto Mrs. O' Leary.

"OW!" I yelled falling back off. Never mind about riding my dog, it hurt too much.

"Never mind, let's just kill some baddies you two." I told them, and started to run towards a large group of monsters. Then all of a sudden an arrow came out of nowhere and hit Nibbles on his right hand side. Now since his skin was impenetrable it didn't do anything besides piss him off. Nibbles roared with all of his might, making me cringe and Mrs. O' Leary take a step back. I looked for where the shooter was and saw Thalia about 30 yards away, fear clearly etched into her face. She was afraid.

She was afraid for me since nibbled was technically a monster. A nice monster once you get to know him though, I thought to myself. Nibbles was about to attack Thalia, so I quickly patted his flank to calm him down. Thalia who was seeing this, well her eyes went wide and her jaw hit the floor.

"Thals, don't worry!" I yelled over to her "Meet my new pet Nibbles!" at this she almost fainted. One thing neither I nor Thalia saw though, was the large Laestrygonian that was about to hit her. The good thing was though that Nibbles and Mrs O' Leary saw it and they both pounced on it, ripping it to shreds. I just smiled at my two favorite pets.

Oh… Blackjack won't like that…

"Thalia! Take Mrs. O' Leary with you! I'll keep Nibbles!" I called to her, she immediately nodded and yelled at Mrs. O' Leary to follow her while they ran into battle. Nibbles followed me and we went to work.


I saw Percy running towards a large group of enemy's with two animals running behind him. One was as dark as shadows, that one must be Mrs. O' Leary. The other one was a very shiny gold color..was that?...no..THE NEMEAN LION? HOW COME PERCY HADEN'T KILLED IT YET? HOW COME MRS. O' LEARY HADEN'T EITHER? I was screaming these questions in my head while I notched an arrow into my bow, took aim, and fired, trying to get the lions attention drawn towards me. I didn't want the thing to eat Percy! The arrow bounced off of its side and it turned towards me. For better or for worse, my plan worked.

The Lion roared at me causing me to almost drop my bow and run away, I saw Mrs. O' Leary take a step back and Percy flinch. But for some reason Percy was walking towards it! I was about to tell him to run, but then he petted it! Percy Jackson petted the Nemean Lion! I was so shocked that my jaw hit the ground and my eyes went wide.

Percy then yelled at me, knocking me out of my stupor. "Thals, don't worry! Meet my new pet Nibbles!" he said this all cheerfully and I almost fainted from the shock. The only thing that brought me back into reality was Mrs. O' Leary and the Nem—Nibbles tackling a Laestrygonian that was about to attack me. Percy then told me to take Mrs. O' Leary and get into the battle. He was going to take Nibbles.


I just watched Percy Jackson become best friends with the Nemean Lion in a matter of minutes. AND nickname it Nibbles!

This bo- MAN, I had to remind myself that Perseus was a man. Never ceased to amaze me. He had done something never done before, and befriended two monsters. His pet hellhound and the Nemean Lion.

He was a truly different man than any I had ever seen.


After about twenty minutes into the fight, Nibbles and I had decimated about a fourth of the enemy army. I swear on the river styx that we even highfived a couple of times.

Now give it a couple of seconds…1…2…3..not dead yet. So yeah we highfived, I highfived Nibbles and he did the same to me. Because this lion is AWESOME!

While I was engaging a squad of dracaenae my sixth sense tingled, I looked back fast enough to see a large fist and a golden streak. Next thing I knew I was being held by my shirt collar while the fist took out the squad of monsters. I smiled faintly and looked up to be dangling by Nibbles mouth, I then looked back to find out the owner of mister fist was no other than Antaeus, my half-brother who I had last met in the labyrinth.

"Damn you Jackson! Get back over here and fight!" he bellowed, he seemed pissed because of the fact that I had killed him before and had just excaped and easy death.

"Why couldn't you just stay dead?" I shouted back.

"Because I am a son of Gaea! She brought all of her dead children back to life!" he shouted at me, while coming closer " Now come here and let me kill you, little brother.."

Those last two words hit me where it hurts. I started to get angry because being related to him? That seems like the worst insult ever at the moment.

'You want to fight you oversized prick? Well then lets fight" I challenged

"ROARRRR!" bellowed Antaeus (Challenge accepted, anyone?) then he charged me with one very large sword out, and I charged him. Nibbles was keeping any enemy from getting near me while I fought Antaeus, which was good for me, but bad for Antaeus. He got no backup and since I had beaten him once before, I figured I could do it again.

Our swords collided and the earth shook, there was that much power behind our blows. Antaeus being the cheater that he is, tried to trip me. Instead of tripping me though I pulled my sword back, effectively making him lose his balance and stumble forwards. While he was stumbling I had a straight shot at his back and tried to get as close to his heart that I could with my thrust.

As soon as I stabbed Antaeus he screamed in pain. I figured that was an easy fight and my sword was a few inches away from his heart and that he would dissolve into dust soon.

Once again I was wrong and hadn't thought of something important. Because as soon as I pulled my sword out of his back, the earth grew up and encased him in an earthen shell up to the wound. A few seconds later the earth went back down and Antaeus was fully healed.

"Σκατά!" I swore under my breath in Greek (σκατά means shit in Greek) I looked around for something to help me, since this time I didn't have chains to keep his lousy ass aloft. The only thing I could see was monsters and a small stream.

Wait a minute…A STREAM! Man I hope this idea works.

"Hey Antaeus!" I yelled hoping he was dumb enough to do this…who am I kidding he is dumb enough to do this. "You once told me that you were Poseidon's favorite child, but I've never actually seen you use water before. Did dad never teach his favorite son how to use his powers?" I taunted. Sarcasm dripping from my voice.

He growled a little, then decided to answer me. "You want to see my water powers Jackson? So be it" he said and raised his arms, behind me I could hear the stream start to overflow and water started to cover the ground. Wow, that is really weak… I thought. But my plan had worked, water had now covered both of our feet. Newfound strength surged into my limbs, but they did into Antaeus's as well.

This didn't really matter to me because of one thing, water now covered the earth and turned it into mud, I'm hoping that whenever the earth comes up to heal him now it will just slide off. Or even better, if the earth can't come up at all.

"So brother." I said, stretching out the brother part. "It seems you do know how to control the water, but you were to weak and messed something up." I said smiling sadistically.

Antaeus's face became red with rage "WEAK!" he bellowed " AND I MESSED SOMETHING UP? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DEMIGOD!"

I slowly laughed, but it sounded more like an evil dark chuckle.

It scared the shit out of me, but I still managed to say. "Look DOWN."

Antaeus complied and looked down. Then his face paled. "No, no, no, no, NO!" he screamed like a little girl, he tried to move the water away from his feet but I kept it there with ease.

"Well Antaeus, it looks like it's time for you to die. AGAIN." I said then in one quick motion I froze a portion of the water into a long, and very sharp spear of ice. I then used my powers to slam the ice spear into Antaeus's chest. Right into his heart.

This time the earth didn't come up to his aid, and Antaeus slowly dissolved into nothing.

I just shrugged and went back to the battle with Nibbles.

~ARTEMIS'S POV~ (I will commonly switch between Percy and Artemis's points of view.)

So far the battle is moving along pretty well, Poseidon, Hermes, and Hephaestus were fighting against Hippolytus, the giant meant to defeat Hermes.

While Myself, Apollo, Ares, and Demeter were fighting Gration. The bastard giant that was supposed to take my place. We needed a demigod to help us kill him since we couldn't do it alone.

Perseus was busy in his battle with Antaeus, The Chase girl was somewhere, Aphrodite and Hephaestus's children were fighting together, the two children of Hades were passed out from using their powers so much, My lieutenant Thalia and her brother Jason were fighting together in the middle of the army, Ares son was an elephant, and the satyr that came with is knocked out along with the children of Hades.

I shouldn't have spent so much time observing because it gave Gration a chance to strike at me. He hit me with his fist knocking me straight into the ground next to Perseus, he immediately spun around sword at the ready. When he saw it was me all he had to say was.

"Artemis are you okay? Are you hurt? Can you MOVE?" That was the big question, could I MOVE?

…no I couldn't move. The impact may have done something but I could not move.

"No Perseus I cannot move." At this he swore, but none the less he turned around and yelled. "Nibbles! Get over here!"

Three seconds later the Nemean Lion was at his side, he gingerly picked me up and sat on the lion's back. Still keeping a tight hold on me as to make sure I didn't fall off, I found myself putting my head in the crook of his arm and getting comfortable.

"Nibbles we need to get to Apollo, do you see him?" he asked, Nibbles nodded and took off running towards my brother.

"Hang on if you can Artemis, it's a slightly bumpy ride." He told me, so on pure instinct I grabbed the closest thing available.

It just so happened that the closest thing available was his neck, and since he had picked me up in such a demeanor considered bridal style, it looked odd.

But it felt right. So right that I just closed my eyes and relaxed in Percy's arms. Not even noticing Percy go as stiff as a board.


When Artemis had hit the ground next to me I was concerned, she was one of the better goddesses and I didn't really like seeing my friends hurt.

Yes I called Artemis a friend, so what?

After figuring out that she couldn't move I called for Nibbles, and he came running. Once he stopped I picked up Artemis in the most comfortable way I could think of which was bridal style, one arm under their knees, the other one under their shoulders. I was about to just place her on Nibbles but then I realized that she couldn't move, I would have to carry her to Apollo.

I sighed inwardly, I needed to keep on fighting but I also had to save Artemis. So I gingerly sat on Nibbles and told him we needed to go to Apollo, he nodded and took off running. I was subconsciously aware of Artemis's head in the crook of my arm, but I paid it no mind. I was focused on getting her to safety.

Then I told her to hold on to something, that something turned out to be my neck. I went completely stiff from shock. I was about to tell her to grab hold on to something else, but when I looked down to tell her she has her eyes closed. And I just couldn't help but stare.

She looks so peaceful, and relaxed and beautiful… WAIT WHAT? I mentally yelled at myself. For ONE, you're dating Annabeth! For TWO, virgin goddess of the hunt who hates ALL men!"

'Yeah..but she looks so peaceful, I argued back.'

"Just shut up and stop thinking about it, idiot."

'You do know you just called yourself an idiot, right? I told the other 'me'

"And you're an idiot for arguing with yourself!"

'… Point taken.'

I finally managed to drag myself out of the argument with myself to realize that we were getting close to Apollo, I looked down and noticed that Artemis fell asleep in my arms. I didn't really want to do it, holding her felt nice, but I knew that if I wanted her to get help she would have to get up.

Wait. How do you fall asleep in the middle of a war zone? The other me asked.

'Just shut the fuck up!' I mentally screamed back.

"Damn man, you don't have to be so pushy, sheesh."

I shook my head trying to clear the thought of having two of me in my head and started to shake Artemis.

"Lady Artemis, come one wake up." She just mumbled "no" and cuddled closer to me, making me blush.

I had to get her to wake up, because if Apollo saw her like this…well..I didn't really want to think about it.

I then came up with an idea to wake her up, sure she would smack me. And if Thalia found out she would smack me too. But right now I needed to get her off of me if I wanted to live.

I got down and whispered in her ear. "Artemis, Thalia is in love with a man." That sure as Hades woke her up, she looked around and yelled "What! Where?" she then looked up at me and finally noticed the position she was in and..blushed? did Artemis just blush?

"Yes she did, idiot." I groaned internally.

'Stop calling me an idiot! Your just calling yourself an idiot!' I responed back.


'Thought so.' I replied smugly.

Wait…that whole conversation… Man I'm right, I am an idiot.

"Perseus, what are you doing?" asked Artemis who seemed worried because I had been staring at he for the past 10 seconds not saying a thing.

"Just…arguing with..myself…somehow.." I mumbled.

She raised an eyebrow "Arguing with yourself?" she asked.

I just nodded and said, "So My. Lady, do you mind getting off? Because the way we're sitting looks a tad suspicious, don't you think?"

She blushed again and I couldn't help but think of how damn beautiful she looks when she does it.

"Yes, let me off Percy." She told me, still blushing.

"Nibbles stop, we're close enough." I told my pet..lion? Nemean Lion? What the Hades do I introduce him as? 'Hello meet my pet Nemean lion, Nibbles'? Argh, that will be so weird! Nevertheless. I climbed off when he stopped. I looked down to a fully awake Artemis in my arms and asked. "Can you stand up yet My Lady?" She tried, but then she about fell down resorting into me picking her up again. A small moan of pain left her lips, lips that I just wanted to—

"Don't finish that thought!" The other me told me. Just shut up and ask for Apollo's help!

…I need to listen to that side of my brain more often; it seems like the more rational side.

"Apollo!" I yelled, "Artemis is hurt!"

That was all it took to make Apollo flash before me, mutter a quick thanks, and grab Artemis and flash away.

'Well that was a fun break.' I thought dryly.

"Yes it was, now you have found the rational part of you're brain, me!"

'Shut up!' I silently scolded myself while getting back onto Nibbles and charging back into battle.


Apollo started to ask questions as soon as we were away from Percy.

"Arty, why was Percy holding you? How was he riding the Nemean Lion? Why was he holding you?Do you need my help? Why was he holding you?

I blushed at the fact that Percy was holding me… No, I blushed at the fact that I liked having Percy hold me. Instead of telling Apollo the truth about why Percy was able to hold me the whole time, I gave him another reason.

"Don't worry about it brother, I was injured and couldn't walk. Perseus merely helped me by picking me up and bringing me to you. Also the reason he was riding the Nemean Lion is because he befriended it, much like his hellhound Mrs. O' Leary. He named the lion Nibbles." After I told him this I looked up to see his expression. Shock was written clear as day on his face.

"H-H—He di-did w-wh-WHAT!"

"Befriended the Nemean Lion." I said nonchalantly, like it was no big deal.

He just stared at me, probably thinking I was going to yell 'GOTCHA! Jokes on you!' and start to giggle like one of Aphrodite's daughters.

So to get my point across, I slapped him in the face.

He seemed to snap out of it…Barely.

"But…But NIBBLES? He named it Nibbles?" he said in disbelief.

"Yes, now help me out and maybe after the enemy is destroyed you can play with it." He grimaced at the thought.

"Don't worry Apollo, I don't believe that the lion will eat you." At this his eyes seemed to light up a little. "Now hurry up and help me."

He replied saying, "Yes Arty, whatever you say Arty." I just sighed and smacked atop the head.

"Don't call me Arty!" I scolded him.

He just smiled a mischievous smile and said, "Okay Arty!" I groaned, but he finally began to heal me.

Apollo had been healing me for a while, fifteen minutes at the least. That's when we heard the scream. Apollo and I looked at each other fear in our eyes, both thinking the same thing, No.

"Apollo, Hurry up!" I screamed at him, he put more focus and energy into his healing. Because that voice..

It was the daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase. And she sounded like she was in major trouble.

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