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Chapter 10. – Finally.

She didn't know what made her open her eyes for the first time that day, the bright morning sun shining through the curtains, or Naya's soft breathing caressing her cheeks. The brunette slept all night in her arms, never letting go of Heather's waist, and the blonde made an effort to move the minimum possible so she wouldn't wake Naya up. She turned her head so she could glance at the clock on Naya's night stand that marked 8:39 am.

Eight thirty nine... Eight th-
"Sweetie, wake up." Heather gasped and gently nudged Naya so that the shorter girl opened her eyes, but she simply moaned and snuggled her head further into Heather's neck. "Honey, we really have to go, it's 8:40." She tried planting soft kisses on Naya's cheek while nudging her arm. The brunette finally opened her eyes.

"What... Time?" She managed to speak.

"It's 8:40, sweetie, come on" Naya jumped at the hours and they both got up, Naya quickly slapped on the nearest clothes and Heather simply put on the ones she had the night before, they had no time for breakfast.

"Ryan is going to cut us." The brunette muttered while getting out of the building with her arm linked with Heather's.

The blonde chuckled. "I know, we slept in."

"Yeah, we slept in big time." She laughed with her and then they quickly got into Naya's car, trying to get to the set as quickly as possible. When they go to a red sign, Naya couldn't help but lean in and give Heather a quick kiss which made the blonde's pale skin blush, she wasn't expecting Naya to kiss her just like that in broad day light, even if inside a car, someone could have seen them.

When they got to the studios Naya parked her car near their trailers, it was a very sunny day, in contrast to the day before, and the weather was quite hot; she could see the light hitting Heather's blonde locks, making them shine brighter than the sun. They both sat there in silence for a couple of minutes, still taking in the idea that everything was well, and that they really were sitting there with each other, completely in love, with nothing else stopping them from being together.

Heather smiled and gently stroke Naya's bare leg with the back of her hand sending shivers down the brunette's spine; just knowing that she could do that without feeling guilty was heavenly, knowing that she could just lean in and press her lips against Naya's…

"I love you." The brunette whispered, now feeling Heather's breath on her cheeks, the blonde had subconsciously started to move closer to Naya and they were definitely in kissing distance.

Heather inhaled deeply, tightening her grip on Naya's leg. "I love you too…" She leaned in, closing the remaining distance between them, capturing Naya's lips in hers and exploring the inside of her mouth. She could feel herself starting to breathe heavily and her hips started to make little movements towards Naya, trying to get even closer to her; they quickly engaged in a much more passionate kiss and Heather's hand slid up across Naya's thigh and inside her skirt, stopping when she felt fabric on the tip of her fingers; Naya emitted a hoarse moan from the surprise and immediately felt her legs shiver. Heather felt Naya warming up through the fabric and she let her fingers bury a little further, now feeling the same wet sensation she had felt on her fingers the night before.

"H-Heather…" She tried protesting, but her voice failed her as the blonde planted kisses on her neck, sucking at her pulse point; she sure knew what she was doing, it was like Heather knew every little spot that made Naya go absolutely crazy. "W-we're late."

"I don't care." Hemo breathed into Naya's ear, softly licking her ear lobe while her finger still worked small circles over Naya's fabric in between her legs; the brunette dug her nails into Heather's shoulders and kept letting out very small moans that she couldn't contain, her stomach was completely turned upside down, she felt her cheeks burning and her legs tremble, she could barely open her eyes and her lips kept searching for Heather's.

The blonde was about to sneak her hand inside Naya's panties when her phone loudly rang from her purse, making the two girls jump and stop what they were doing.

"YES?!" She harshly answered, noticing that she had a text from Ashley but she ignored it in a rush to answer the call.

"Where the fuck are you and Naya?! If you don't get your sorry asses over here right now I will personally go get you from wherever the fuck you are and fire you!"

Ryan's loud voice made Heather cringe and she had to hold her phone away from her ear.

"We just got here, we're going." The blonde calmly said, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Yeah, you better, the whole shoot is late because of you two!"

"Yes, Ryan we're going."

"Good." Before the blonde could even reply, Ryan disconnected the call, and Heather straightened herself up and sighed.

"We have to go." She finally said, angry that Ryan spoiled their moment, she looked at Naya apologetic.

"It's okay, honey," The brunette planted a kiss on Heather's lips. "You can come to my house after the shoot if you'd like."

Heather warmly smiled. "Of course."

And with that they left the car and headed to their trailers to get themselves ready for the shoot. Resting on Naya's couch was her script for the day; she gladly opened it and read through her first scene; her eyes widened, she couldn't believe what she was reading… She let the script slide from her hands and picked it up before she left her trailer, running to Heather's that was just next to hers; she busted in the door, not even knocking first and the first thing her eyes met was Heather's naked torso.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" She instinctively turned around and covered her eyes; Heather chuckled and grabbed her arm, spinning her towards her body.

"Honey, I think it's okay for us to see each other naked after last night." She leaned in to kiss Naya but noticed the panic look on her face so she leaned back and furrowed her eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

"Your script, didn't you read it?" Naya was breathless and very nervous.

"No, I didn't get one, I figured I had no lines and they would just fill me in once I got to the set." She also furrowed her eyebrows, very confused. "Why?"

"They're breaking us up." Naya breathed out.

Heather's face dropped and a million questions ran through her brain. "What? B-but why, Ryan said he would take care of it… And why didn't I get a script?!"

"I have no idea, but look." Naya pointed to the script where Santana's line saying that they should break up was. "I'm going to be the one to do it."

"Can't wait to start shooting this scene." Matt approached Dianna who was reading through her own script for the day.

"Yeah, why's that?" She absentmindedly responded.

"It's their break-up, besides, if you've been befriending Naya like you said you would do, than today might be my chance to get her back." The writer crosses his arms and inflated his chest.

Dianna rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I didn't do any of that, Floppy."

Matt uncrossed his arms and turned to Dianna. "What?!"

"Did you seriously think I would do that for you?"

"You said you would!" He was getting visibly angry.

"Well, I changed my mind." The blonde closed her script and looked at Matt. "I'm not going to mess with Naya; she deserves to be happy…" She lowered her eyes. Even if I'm not the one to make her happy. "Especially not for more screen time."

"Fuck this bullshit." Matt turned away from the blonde and walked closer to Ryan when the two girls walked in the set, both of them with red, puffy eyes from crying.

"Let's just get this over with." Naya harshly threw her script at Matt and sat in Santana's bed, looking at Heather who was trying to dry her eyes out without messing with her make-up too much. She stood in front of Naya and clenched her fists, trying her best no to cry more.

"Everyone ready? And… Action!"

Naya took a deep breath and forced herself to get into character. "Sit down, Britt."

Heather followed the instructions and sat next to Naya, already feeling her eyes tearing up again, but she swallowed the tears, not wanting to have to do too many takes.

"We need to talk." Naya started fiddling with her fingers, trying to focus on her lines. "I think… We should take a break."

"But we haven't even started yet."

Naya tried to give her best confused look. "What, no Britt, not that…" She sighed. "A break from us."

Heather parted her lips, looking deeply into Naya's eyes; neither of them wanted that to happen, they had worked so hard for their couple, they didn't want to disappoint all of the fans, and most of all they didn't want to stop having scenes together as a couple. "Why?" Heather's words were coming out with more feeling that she had intended to, but she couldn't help it.

"It's just not working, I…" Naya shook her head and a tear slid down her cheek. "I don't want to be with you anymore."

Heather looked down at her hands that were resting on her lap and she suppressed a sob. "Are you sick of me?"

Naya couldn't help herself and reached for Heather's hand. "No, of course not…" Her line was actually "No, it's not that." But the whole script seemed to have left her brain and she simply went with her feelings.

"What is it then, San?"

"I just…" Naya was forgetting her lines and Heather could see that so she jumped in, trying to cover up for her.

"Is it something I did?"

Naya kept shaking her head no, she felt such a deep hatred for Matt for causing this, no one wanted them to break-up, no one wanted Brittana to end. No one.

"I can't." She breathed out. "I can't do this. I just can't." Naya threw her arms around Heather's neck and pulled her into a meaningful kiss, Heather widened her eyes in shock, but only to close them as soon as she felt Naya's lips on hers. Surprisingly, no one was interrupting them, Ryan just stared at them with tears in his eyes and so did Zach Woodlee who was very sad when he was informed that they were breaking up.

"I'm so sorry." Naya muttered in between kisses, she was in tears, she couldn't bear the thought of disappointing so many people, of ruining something that inspires so many girls out there to come out, she didn't want to do that, she didn't want to be the one to ruin it. "I don't wanna leave you, I don't."

"It's okay." Heather kissed her forehead and pulled her into a tight hug. "It's okay, baby."

"And cut!" Eric called out, also speechless to what had happened.

Heather didn't let go of Naya and Ryan and Zach rapidly approached them, kneeling in front of Naya.

"That was amazing." Ryan was still in awe; that had been the most realistic acting they had ever gotten out of any Glee actor. "I know it wasn't the script, but… Just wow."

Naya lifted her head from Heather's shoulder and looked at the two guys kneeling in front of them, Zach was completely emotional, with tears leaving his eyes but with a huge smile on his face.

Ryan stood up and looked around. "Okay, we're definitely keeping this scene."

"What?!" Matt walked up to Ryan. "This was not on the script I wrote."

"Matt, no one likes you or the things you write." Ryan tilted his head to the side.

"Well, Fox is never going to approve this scene." Hodgson smiled and lifted his eyebrows.

"We'll see about that."

Naya looked up at Heather and smiled, she thought that everyone was going to get really mad at her and make her do everything all over again, but apparently letting her feelings take over was actually a very smart decision, actually, it could be what was going to save Brittana.

"Good job girls, we have everything we need." Ryan left the set and Zach followed him but not before sending a very disapproving look to Matt who seemed to have smoke coming out of his ears.

"That was brilliant." Dianna spoke, standing near Santana's bed.

Naya smiled. "Thank you."

"I'm very happy for you two." Dianna genuinely said, smiling at the girls. "I'm sorry," She started. "I'm sorry that I got in the middle. I never meant to…"

"Don't apologize." Heather said, reaching for Dianna's hand. "Everything's alright now."

"Thanks." Dianna smiled. "I wish nothing but the best for you."

"I appreciate it." Naya stood up and pulled Dianna into a hug. "Friends?" She muttered.


Heather had never been so proud of Naya.

"Cory, I swear if you touch my weave one more time I will have to cut you." Amber chuckled and pushed Cory's hand away from her hair.

"Sorry, I have to keep myself entertained until the episode starts." The boy laughed and pulled Amber's hair again.

"Oh no you didn't, okay that's it" Amber grabbed Cory's hand and started playfully slapping his cheeks

"Careful, Amber, the boy is fragile!" Chris yelled while they all laughed at the two fighting.

"Where are they anyway?" Lea asked, entwining her finger's with Dianna's who was sitting in between her legs leaning against her stomach.

"Probably making lady babies in the kitchen." Everyone laughed at Dianna's remark and Lea tilted her head to look at her.

"Is that a hint that you want some too?" She gave Dianna a devilish smile and the guys all whistled.

"Maybe it is." Dianna whispered before lifting her head to capture Lea's lips.

"Baby…" Naya whispered into Heather's mouth. "Baby, they're all waiting for us."

"Mhh, like I care." Heather started lowering her kisses until she reach Naya's covered breasts and kissed each of them until Naya moaned.

"Baby," She tried. "We have plenty of time for this later, but now the episode's about to start."

Heather lifted her head back up and kissed Naya one more time before she spoke. "Fine, but later…"

"Yes, later." Naya laughed and picked the big bowl of chips from Heather's kitchen counter.

Heather gave Naya's butt cheeks a steady squeeze that made Naya jump and almost drop the bowl; she looked back at the blonde and they both laughed their way into the living room.

"Here they are!" Lea called out. "Pregnant yet, Naya?"

"Shut up, Barbra." Naya playfully retorted. "Wait, why would I be the pregnant one?"

"Please, we all know how whipped you are." Dianna laughed before leaning back to kiss Lea's exposed neck.

"Yeah, cause you're definitely not whipped, Di." Naya replied making Dianna furrow her eyebrows and Lea laugh uncontrollably.

They all cheerfully watched the episode, when the Brittana scene came up a few shed some tears, mainly Chris who cried more than he had expected.

Finally everything seemed to be in place; Brittana was okay, Dianna found her true love, Matt had obviously been fired after Ryan had a meeting with the Fox producers to show the Brittana scene, Taylor had actually found a new girl that he had had a secret crush on for quite a while, Ashley still lived next door, and most importantly… Naya and Heather had never been happier, Naya moved in with Heather seeing that she spent all of her time there anyway, they were still the flirtatious duo that they had always been, except now they could actually act on their impulses.

Heather looked down at Naya who had snuggled in her arms and she smiled.

"I love you so much." She whispered into her girlfriend's lips.

"I love you too, baby." Naya leaned forward and kissed Heather's lips one more time.

Everything was well.