Author Note: Hey guys, me again, so here is another fanfiction of mine.

BUT IN THIS STORY! This time, Nala and Sarafina are returning to Pride Rock. Sarafina had left Pride Rock when she was around four with her six month old son Mheetu and two one week old Nala and her mate Mansa. Mansa had fooled around with other lionesses when they got to the pride, and when Nala turned two, they decided that they had had enough.

So, Nala and Sarafina are returning to Pride Rock, although Nala doesn't remember anything seeing as she was just a baby when they left. So in this story, our favorite gang is two years or older .

I'll admit that there is some 'male slander' involved in the beginning of this chapter, but I promise it'll get better, so give me a chance . I love guys, really, but as in life, there are good ones and there are bad ones, just like girls as well, I can definitely name a few. When I write my stories, I have good males and bad males, good girls and bad girls, so I can even the playing field.

I promise that this story is evolved around Simba and Nala. I won't stray from them !

The Lion King: Royal Pains

Chapter 1: An Old Place With New Friends

Nala P.O.V.

"Come on, Nala." My mother. Always wanting me to put some pep in my step. I know she feels how hot it is out here and we have been walking for a day and a half.

"Mom, please stop rushing me. It's hot and I'm tired. You've traveled this distance already, I haven't." My mom looked back me,

"Honey, we're almost there. Besides, you are much younger than me. You should have way more energy."

"Don't say much younger, like you're a grandma or something. You're only six and a half, that's not old and I don't plan on having any cubs…yet."

"My point is that you are indeed younger. A little walk is not going to kill you." My mom laughed at me, however, I wasn't. Alittle walk? A little walk would have been from our den to a water hole. This walk,

"This walk has been a day and a half so far, I don't call that little. How long did it ta- mom? What are you looking at?"

"We're here." She answered me distraughtly. I turned in the direction of my mother's eyes and immediately became the smallest lioness in the world. Before me was a massive landscape. This had to be the wonderful Pridelands mom had always talked about. Why did we leave this place? It had rolling green hills, a few sparkling blue watering holes, zebras running, antelope grazing, birds flying overhead, and a bright yellow sun to illuminate it all. This was paradise! I can't believe we left this place behind! I would never had left, married or not. I can't believe my father didn't like this place. This place…it's every animals dream, and it looks so peaceful. I mean it's Oh. My. God. Where did that big giant rock come from? My mouth hung open in awe.

"Close your mouth, Nala." Mother chuckled. I was breathless though, but somehow I found my voice,

"Th-that's Pride RocK!"

"Beautiful isn't it?"

"Yes it is, but more like, majestic. We left here? Just to be with dad?" I watched my mother's head drop. I didn't mean it as an insult, but I think she knew I was just simply asking. "I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean –"

"It's ok, Nala. You just learn from my mistakes, ok?" She picked her head up and had a determined look on her face, "Don't let anyone take you away from something you love. No friend. No male. No so called mate." She spat the last word.

"Yes ma'am. " I had no arguments. Trust me, I knew what she was talking about. I remembered the talk, mmm, excuse me, argument my parents had a few days before we left the Mala Mala Pride.


"I can't believe you, Mansa! Her over me?"




"Because why? You're not giving me any straight answers."

"I've…grown tired."

"Grown tired? Grown tired of what?"

"Of being with you." I had been listening from around the corner of our den, not knowing where my brother was, probably playing with his friends. Those words. Hearing my father say those words to my wonderful mother, hit me hard. Yes my mother and I had noticed he had been talking to some of the lionesses here, one in particular, but we just thought that they were friends. We didn't think he'd cheat. We had thought, that on many of his occasions of leaving Pride Rock to go and find a place for our family to stay, that he had came across her. Oh yes, they had plenty of encounters. Mom had told me this much and that he had missed my birth on one of his excursions. Yes, my father had missed my birth, too busy fulfilling his 'maley' needs. She never forgave him.

"What did you say?"

"Are your ears clogged?" My father answered my mother harshly.

"No, idiot! They are not. I just can't believe what I'm hearing. What I saw…you played me."

"Sara, don't get me wrong, it's not that our sex life hasn't been great. I still love you without a doubt, but I'm a lion, honey. I have certain needs that need to be fulfilled and well, Jaussa, is willing to take care of that. I will always be a lion who gets what he wants."

"So what, was I just apart of some, life game?"

"No." Why is he being so simple? This was a huge matter.

"Well explain what you mean!"

"I saw you. I wanted you. I had you. I wanted to move, we did. I saw something else I wanted, and now I have that too. It's really simple if you'd actually think." I peeped inside to get a full view of my parents. My mom's face was just filled with rage and anger, but most of all, she was hurt. I was pissed though.

"You as-"






"DON'T TEST ME!" I saw my father get in my mother's face and I emerged from my spot and landed right in between them, but facing my dad. I was two at the time, so I didn't feel too small being in this position. My father backed up though and softened his facial features.

"Nala. Where did you come from?" I didn't answer him. I kept my glare intense to let him know that I knew what was going on. I'm nowhere near stupid. "Your mother and I were just having a discussion."

"Discussion huh? I think not!" I spat.

"How long has this been going on, Mansa?" My mom completely ignored the fact that I was there and asked my father a question. I wanted to know too.

"Nala, why don't you go find n-"

"No! I'm not going anywhere!"

"Answer my question, Mansa!"

"Leave, Nala."






"Mansa!" Next thing we all heard was a roar from the entrance and we turned to see the king, his wife, and their son. King Abasi was just as much of an ass as my dad and his son was nuisance. His queen though, she was total opposite from them. How King Abasi snagged her, is beyond me.


"This doesn't concern you, Abasi!" Sneered my mom as she took her eyes off the king and back to my dad.

"Watch yourself, Sarafina!" My dad snapped.

"Yes, Sarafina. Listen to your husband." King Abasi said carefully.

"Oh bull. He's no husband of mine. Adulterer!" I then glanced at my father only to catch him with his paw in the air ready to strike my mother. I was not about to let that happen. Nobody! And I mean nobody, hit my mother! I quickly made a side step so I was directly in front of her and took the blow to my head. To say I saw stars would be putting it lightly. I saw planets and constellations along with hearing combustions. But not all the explosions were in my head, came from my mother as well.

"MANSA! ARE YOU CRAZY! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" I felt a nudge to the side of my face and opened my eyes slightly. I literally had the wind knocked out of me."Nala, honey, are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine mom." I was surprised that I had actually answered her. I couldn't even begin to think what she wanted to do to my father as of right now.

"Nala, I'm- I'm so sorry." With that, I don't know how it happened, but I had jumped to my feet with renewed strength and got back in my sperm donor's face.

"Get away from me! You are sorry! A sorry lion!" My dad's eyes widened as in shock to my sudden outburst. It threw my off guard as well seeing as I have never raised my voice to an adult, let alone my parents.

"How dare you speak to me that way," his blank expression being replaced by anger and his voice was icy, " I am your father! I've done a lot for you!"

"Oh, yeah right. Like what?" I recoiled.

"And I have to marry her? She has an attitude." Say what? Mother and I turned in the direction of the royal family with confused eyes. I had totally forgot they were here until Prince Hasani said something.

"Well, son, you can always whip her into shape." The king said. Whip me into shape? Whip me into shape! I think not!

"Marry me? Ha! I wouldn't marry you if you were the last lion on earth." I couldn't help but laugh. Hasani and I had gotten into numerous fights and arguments. He was no match for me.

"You really don't have a choice, my dear."

"What are you talking about, Mansa?" My mom asked as my father curiously as he glared at me.

"That's what I've done for her. Nala, you are to marry Hasani. You're betrothed to him. King Abasi and I arranged it." I think my father got dropped on his head when he was little because he is completely insane for thinking that I'd go through with this.

"HELL NO!" My mom shouted.

"That's not going to happen." I added.

"It is going to happen whether you like it or not." My father stated lowly.

"My daughter will not marry him. How can you even make a decision like that without even talking to me first?"

"You ought to be happy, Sara."

"Happy? Really, Mansa? Happy? In this pride? I haven't been happy since we left Pride Rock!"

"In this pride? What is that suppose to mean, Sarafina?" Abasi asked her dejectedly with slitted eyes.

"My daughter is not going to be your son's bed warmer." She said simply causing the king to advance upon my mother. Here we go again, blow number two.

"A queen isn't a bed warmer as you so bluntly put it. That's his mate for life. Th-"

"But he can have mistresses too, right?" Mom cut him off, "that's what you do isn't? Have other females on the side. You're probably the one who my husband got it from." To be perfectly honest, I've heard or seen my mom like this. It didn't scare me though, it just made me wonder how much she has been holding back. Now I know where I get my smart mouth from although my stubbornness is from my dad.

"Is that an indication that you want to be next?" The king smiled at my mother evilly.

"It's an indication that you should stop because you have a wonderful queen beside you. You don't deserve her. I feel sorry for her." I looked at the queen and she had her head down in a sad like manner. "Who likes to share their husband?" Mom looked back at dad, "I know I don't." I focused back on the royal family. They did look good together, but the king and prince's attitudes made them look out of place. The queen was so sweet and so beautiful. She had chocolate brown colored fur with honeysuckled eyes to go with a wonderful smile. Hasani, now I can admit, he was indeed his name. He was handsome, but his moral core made him ugly. He had a light colored brown coat with a light brown mane starting to form, and had emerald green eyes. The girls always fell for his eyes, well all except me. The knig, eh, he was ok looking. He was a tanned colored lion with a brown mane and green eyes. How in the world did Queen Asana deal with that? I don't know what possess her to stay with him when she actually knows what he does behind her back.

"Unlike you, she knows her place." Ah, so she's brainwashed to serve, "She understands that I'm a male who had needs. She can have her fun too, but she always declines."

"Fun huh? Did you ever stop to think that she refuses because she, I don't know how she could, but may actually love you? Committed to you?" At this, my mom had turned back to face my father, to let him she was referring to him as well with that statement, but all he did was stare. Speechless.

(End Flashback)

That was six months ago, I'm two now. My father had kept up his antics of adultery while still trying to hang onto my mother and me. Hasani and I fought constantly as we always did, and so, figuring things were never going to change, we left.

"Nala? Honey, what's wrong?" I picked my head up not even realizing I had dropped it, and looked over at my mom who expressed concern.

"Nothing. Just thinking about what we went through back at the Mala Mala pride." I sighed heavily. It was hell.

"Yeah, I know. It was a lot to go through." Softly answering me, mom looked away. I in turn looked to the sky and saw birds flying overhead to the north. The clouds were moving swiftly and calmly. This place was peaceful. "But you know what?" My eyes darted to mom as in her sudden change of voice, it was amused, "you are definitely a feisty one." She smiled at me and I returned it.

"Talking about Hasani and I?" She nodded, "well he started it. Trying to tell me what to do and where to go. I wasn't having it. You know one time he had actually tried to kiss me?"

"Did he now?"

"Yes!" She laughed.

"And what was your response?"

"What else? I smacked him." After my simple answer, mom's eyes grew big at some kind of realization,

"You were the one who gave him that black eye?"


"You are a mess. My daughter. Nala the Fierce!" Mom gawked at me. I actually kind of like that.

"Yeah, but I'm your daughter."

"That you are." She smiled fondly at me." And I wouldn't trade you for the world." She nuzzled my cheek and we started walking toward Pride Rock. It had been about five minutes before a new voice, well to me, approached our ears.

"Excuse me madam, but you are tres…Sarafina?"

"Hello, Zazu. It's nice to see you again." It was a blue hornbill with a yellow and orange beak. He was a pretty bird, but who was he? He jumped on my mother's back in an attempt to hug her.

"It's just as wonderful to see you." He glanced behind his shoulder and saw me, "And who might this young lady be?" Hearing him call me 'young lady' made me blush yet feel grown up.

"Zazu, this is my daughter Nala. You remember I had her before we left. You didn't forget that she was born here, did you?" Mom had always told me that I was a true Pridelander.

"Oh, yes of course! Welcome back Miss Nala." Ok seriously, gotta stop with the formalities. This bird I think could get highly annoying at times, I can just tell.

"Thank you, Mr. Zazu." Even I admit, that sounded so awkward…never again.

"Just call me Zazu. Zazu is fine." He bowed to me in politeness. Zazu was growing on me though.

"Zazu, would you be so kind as to let Mufasa and Sarabi know you have a surprise for them?"

"Absolutely!" Zazu returned mom's smile and flew off to tell the king and queen the news as we made our way as well. The rock had become more colossal as I walked on it. Every step I took, it was like, it made me have a purpose. Finally reaching the flat surface near the entrance of the den, a golden lion with a red mane and a medium tanned lioness, were awaiting us.


"SARABI!" The two lionesses collided with a warm tight and friendly embrace. I stared for a second at this charade, but then my eyes were glued to the king. Oh My God he's freaking huge! I did get scared for a little.

"Sarafina." He stated simply and went in also to give my mom a hug as Sarabi stepped back. "Welcome back." I swore my mom disappeared for minute as he hugged her.

"Oooh, Muffy. Look at her daughter." The attention was all of a sudden drawn to me and I froze. I had never liked being in the spotlight. "Little Nala is all grown up." All I could do was smile at my recognition.

"Glad to be back home?" The king asked me. How do I answer him? Yes, sir? Yes, your Majesty? Yes, your Highness? I actually wanted to show respect to these two. I'll go with…

"Y-yes your Majesty." I bowed. I then heard Mufasa chuckle a little and I looked up to see Sarabi grinning fondly at me. Did I do something funny?

"No need for formalities, sweetheart. Just simply Mufasa and Sarabi." Sarabi had these dazzling orange eyes, almost similar to Queen Asana's.

"Oh…" Was all I was left to say. What was with these animals? They didn't want formalities? They're royalty, you have to be formal. If this is how they really are, they sure could teach Abasi and his son some things.

"I see you taught her well." Mufasa complimented my mom.

"I taught her, when you get respect, you give it."

"And I told you that she'd look like you." Sarabi chimed in.

"Thank the kings for that." Mom laughed. "I can't stand her father.

"Speaking of wh-" I watched my mom hang her head, both of us knowing what Zazu was going to ask.

"That's why we're here." I heard shame in my mother's voice and she looked at the ground. I felt bad. I glanced at the royal couple. Was she just as intimidated as I was with these two? But, they're old friends. Surely they wouldn't turn her away.

"Sarafina?" Sarabi called my mother with a welcoming grin attached to her face, my mom looked up at her, "you are always welcomed here." My face brightened as well did my mom's.

"Thank you, Sarabi! Thank you, Mufasa!"

"You're our best friend, Fina. We would never turn you down. You should know that." Mufasa said fondly reaching out to hug her again. I really like these two. I get good and bad vibes from different animals. I'm safe here. I feel at home.

"No he didn't!"

"Yes, Tama he did." New voices were approaching from behind Mufasa and Sarabi and they soon came into view.

"Ah, Tama and Kula, perfect timing." Sarabi announced as the two adolescent lionesses came closer to us. Their conversation stopped, they looked as us and smiled.

"Good mid-noon." The lioness with purple eyes greeted us. The other lioness laughed, "what?"

"Kula, you're so weird." So her name is Kula and this one is Tama. They seem fairly nice.


"Who says 'good mid-noon'? You're always making up words."

"Well, Tama, what am I suppose to say?" Kula was giggling as were the rest of us. They were funny. "It's not the afternoon yet, but it's way past morning."

"How about you say this," Tama turned to us, "Hello everyone. I see we have some visitors." We all laughed again. These two had to be close to my age.

"Tama. Kula. This my best friend, Sarafina and this is her daughter Nala." The queen introduced us.

"Oh awesome! We get another girl in our group!" Kula exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow. In their group? How many teens were here.

"It's very nice to meet you two. Welcome to the Pridelands." Tama stated smiling.

"Well, we were born here actually, Tama." My mother corrected her kindly.

"Oh ok!" Tama said.

"Sweet! True Pridelanders!" Kula giggled. I couldn't help but smile at her.

"Do you two mind taking Nala to meet the rest of your friends? Show her around?" Mufasa's voiced boomed through our ears as he spoke, but I could tell he was a kind and gentle lion.

"Not a problem." Tama answered.

"Sure! We'd love to! Come with us, Nala." Is Kula always this hyper? Us three girls said our goodbyes to the adults and headed off into the Pridelands.

"So, Nala, how old are you?" Kula asked me.

"I just turned two." I smiled.


"What pride did you come from?" Tama asked me another question.

"The Mala Mala Pride." I responded and they both stopped walking.

"The Mala Mala Pride!" Kula yelled.

"I take it you've heard about them, huh?"

"Cheeya. Like that they are the worst pride to belong to." Tama retorted and we began walking again.

"So you know everything?" I asked again.

"Yeah. The lionesses are treated like crap and the royal do whatever they want."

"That pretty much sums it, Kula."

"But how did you guys get out? I was told that it's impossible to get out of that pride. It's like you're a prisoner or something."

"We pretty much left when no one was looking." The three of us laughed, but they looked at me confused.

"Well ok then." Said Tama.

"I'm glad you made it out ok and that you're here." Kula stated. I smiled at her. I felt like they hadn't judged me. The rumor about my ex pride is this: The king and other males can do whatever they want with the females and with as many as they want, have as many cubs as they can and if a lioness should refuse a request-let it be food or intimacy, they will be beaten or even killed. I've lost a friend to one of those circumstances. Gods I miss Kenya.

"Hey! There's the boys!" Coming out of my thoughts when I heard Kula's voice, I looked up and saw four adolescent males sitting a few feet from us with their heads in the opposite direction. Mmm, should I keep my guard up? Being outnumbered by guys is never a good sign and they look extremely powerful for their age.

"Hey guys." All four heads turned towards us as we approached them, but all eyes fell on me, but that's to be expected seeing as I'm a new face. I can admit though, they're kind of cute.

"Ladies." The lion with beautiful blue eyes, a light brown mane, and sandy gold colored fur spoke smoothly. He looked a lot like the golden friend sitting beside him, but who had a red growing mane instead.

"Who is this?" he brown lion with an even darker brown mane asked about me.

"Well guys, this is Nala." Kula answered the question. Every one of the boys faces smiled, but one caught me, threw me unbalanced for a minute, was the golden one with the scarlet mane. I hadn't really been looking at their faces until they smiled, but when his met mine…Hello Handsome!

"Nala, this is Malka," Malka was a light orange colored lion with a jet black mane with matching ear tufts, "Chumvi," this lion was the one with the chocolate color, "Tojo," the blue eyed lion who spoke first, "and Simba." The golden one I had already fallen for.

"It's nice to meet you guys." I said as sweetly as I could but not to where I sounded like a baby, not a good impression. They are really good looking. The Pridelands and their pride are beautiful so far and I'm loving every minute of it. But knowing these boys already had girlfriends, probably the ones I'm standing in between. The girls and I decided to sit in front of them. I tried my best not to stare, but…

"So, Nala, what pride did you come from?" Simba asked me smiling.

"She came from the Mala Mala pride." Tama retorted dully before I could answer. All the males eyes went wide. Great, here we go again.

"Yes I know," I said as I rolled my eyes. King Abasi has really made a reputation for himself.

"Umm…" Malka started with the loss for words.

"That's uh…" Chumvi continued.

"Wow." Tojo stated.

"Hmm…" Simba said simply. Hmm? That's all he could say was 'hmm'? Wait, why am I getting so worked up over this guy I just met. Oh the glory of hitting puberty. Jeez.

"Yeah, and everything is true." I finished, hoping to get off the subject. I wanted to get away from those memories as much as I could.

"You seem different though." My eyes shot back to Simba. Is he really noticing me? Ok, here I go again.

"Doesn't she?" Kula said. Is she always this bubbly? Not that I have a problem with it.

"How does she seem different, Sim?" Tojo asked his look-a-like with a grin. These two have got to be close, somehow related. Simba returned the grin to his friend then back to me. I melted for a quick second. GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!

"She just seems like she doesn't take crap from anybody. Just a sense I have."

"I agree." Tama added, "she may look sweet, but we all know looks can be deceiving." I laughed lightly because she was right and also because I don't like really being the center of attention.

"True true. Don't piss me off and we're good." Everyone laughed at my comment. I like this group. All of us chatted for a while until we got onto the subject of relationships. Oh this ought to be good.

"Tama and Malka here have been friends since they were cubs and just a couple of months ago decided they wanted to be more than friends." I looked away from Chumvi and caught Malka and Tama both in an eye roll. Tojo continued,

"And Kula and Chumvi have always liked each other."

"Yep!" Kula exclaimed.

"No denying here." Chumvi chimed in. Both couples were cute. But I was curious about Tojo and mostly Simba.

"So what about you two? Where are your girls?" When I asked my question, they both looked at me and then each other, then back to me.

"Well Tojo here has a girlfriend from another pride, you'll get to meet her later."

"And Simba here, well," they turned to one another again," it's sad story."

"Why is it a sad story? Someone broke your heart?" I asked smiling. No, I wasn't making fun of him.

"I wish that were the case." He said.

"Seeing as Simba is the prince, his parents set his marriage up early and Simba is betrothed to someone he doesn't like, but has no other choice but to marry her." Oh! So HE is the prince. This is a 'no no' zone for me.

"Oh God, speak of the devil." When I looked at Malka's face, he looked absolutely disgusted. We all glanced in the direction he had and saw a small group of adolescent lionesses headed our way.

"Hello everybody." The lioness who spoke had light purple eyes, a mauve colored nose, and a dark sandy colored coat.

"Hey, Maeva." Kula spoke kindly, but everyone else kept their mouths shut, but continued to glare at her. I could tell that this irritated her.

"Does anyone around here know how to talk?" I'll play nice with her, but I've got a bad feeling with her already.

"Hello, Maeva."

"Who are you?" She asked curtly. Well hello to you too…

"This is Nala. She and her mother are returning members of our pride." Tama answered.

"I've never seen her before." A lioness to Maeva's left stated. She had a long snout, a pelt the color a few shades lighter than the queens, and a brown stripe going down her head from what I could see. Not that I go for looks when it comes to meeting someone, but she's kind of…ugly?

"Of course not, Zira. You only came here two years ago." Tojo smarted off and this caused the opposing side to growl. Maybe I can soften the tension here.

"I left here when I was in infant. I think my mother said I was only two weeks old."

"Hmm…" Maeva studied me. What? Was there a bug on me? "So, what pride did you blow in from?" EXCUSE ME!

" Maeva!"

"Yes, Simba?" She asked sweetly, but he was hip to her game.

"What's with the attitude?"

"Simba, all I did was ask her a quest-"

"It was the way you said it and you know it."


"Don't apologize to me, apologize to Nala." Maeva then turned back to me. I don't want to hear it. "I didn't mean anything by it. I'm sorry if I sounded…crude." Crude? Really? Whatever and you did mean it the way it came out. Try again.

"I came from the Mala Mala pride if you must know." I was so tired of answering the same question. After I had responded though, Maeva and her friends exchanged glances and then all started to jerk their heads about as if they were looking for something.

"The hell are you guys doing?" Malka asked skeptically. No answer.

"What are you guys looking for?" Tojo added. The light purple eyed lioness brought her attention back to me and asked.

"Where are your cubs?" STRIKE TWO!


"What, Chum?'

"You are so damn rude, that's what!"

"It's a fact, Malka."

"You know what-"

"What, Tojo?" Maeva spat.

"GUYS!" I shouted and calmly responded to Maeva all the while getting to my feet.

"You want to run that by me again?"

"All I asked was 'where are your cubs'? But now that I think about it, they're probably with your mother since it was said that she is here too."

"Yes, but I did I say, Nala, her mother, and her cubs? No!" Tama was beyond pissed, this much I could tell.

"Tama." I turned to my new friend and said, "I've got this." Tama sighed and looked down at her paws, her claws coming in and out, but then smiled, I think somehow she knew I'd let Maeva have it. I wasn't going to let this girl get to me. She didn't even know me! I turned back to Maeva and she opened her mouth to speak just when I thought she was finished.

"So how many do you have? 2? 3? 6 maybe?" This chick was going to get a beat down. I calmly walked closer to her, but not before glancing to each of my new friends whose faces seemed to want to pounce at her. I took a deep breath.

"First off, Maeva, darling, I don't have any cubs, but when I do, you'll be the first to know because it will be after my wedding with someone I love." She raised her eyebrows slowly as if she was surprised that either, I didn't have any cubs or surprised that a new girl is standing up to her. "Second, no one has taken advantage of me and no one ever will. I'm not a statistic of my old pride nor will I be of any pride. I fought for myself. So next time, before you go around judging someone you don't know, rally every cell in that brain of yours, let it think first before your mouth starts moving and it says something that could get you in trouble." All around me was silent until my new friends bursted with laughter.

"Damn!" Malka said.

"Wow!" Chumvi said.

"Well ok then!" Tojo said.

"Nice!" Kula said.

"Maeva, you have anything else to say?" Tama asked with a broad grin on her face. The girl really couldn't answer. Had I silenced her that much? She just stood there with bug eyes and her mouth open. Well, she started it, I finished it. Her friends all growled at me though.

"She is finally silenced. Maeva, want to buy a vowel?" Simba said while trying to hold in his laughter, but that put everyone else in even more hysterics and I laughed a little myself. I looked at Maeva with an incredulous look waiting for her response. She finally changed her expression and narrowed her eyes at me along with her clique.

"You better watch yourself, Miss Nala. You're on my lands."

"They're not yours."

"Not yet, Simba." She shot back. Simba rolled his eyes annoyed and then she turned back to me, "You better watch your back."

"I don't take too kindly to threats, Miss Maeva." I said lowly. And with that, she and her crew walked away pissed off. Huh, better them than me.

"Damn, Nala." Malka said again and grinned.

"This girl is on fire! I knew I liked you." Tama exclaimed. I made my way back to my spot and laid down.

"She did say not to piss her off. I'm just glad it wasn't one of us that she did it to." Tojo laughed.

"She did." Added Simba with his eyes still on me, "Wow."

"You definitely belong in this group." Kula chirped.

"Here, here." Chanted Chumvi.

"Thanks guys." I laughed bedside myself. It's nice to be accepted for who you are and not what you are or where you came from. We all talked for a little while longer until we heard the call for lunch rang out and we made our way back to Pride Rock. I wonder how these guys eat? I mean, do all the males get to eat first and then the females and cubs? Or was this pride so different, like I've already observed, and everyone gets to eat together? Guess I'll find out soon enough.

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