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Chapter 15: Snapped

Nala P.O.V.

Wait. A. Minute! Burundi and Zira are SISTERS! What kind of sick logic are the kings of the past pulling here!? They're such polar opposites!

"How are you, Z?" I watched Burundi's face give off an unaffected look to her sister, but it was also cunning and conniving.

"Was doing just fine until I heard your annoying voice throughout the savanna." The younger sister now put on a secret smile,

"Aww Zira, you should be happy that good news travels fast." I could see that Burundi wasn't fazed by her sister's persona and never would be. Being a sibling, you get to know one another and it becomes an aspect to expect things that are to come. That's why with Mheetu, if he didn't show that he cared, I didn't either.

"Good news huh? You and I have very different views of 'good news'. You see, good news would have been if one of you bit the dust." Zira replied as she turned her head away from her sibling.

"Not going to ask about mom huh?" The long nosed lioness now turned back around and had a nonchalant look on her face.

"Why would I ask about someone who I don't give two shits about?" Burundi now scoffed, but ended up laughing a little.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because she spent over twelve hours in labor with you." Now it was Zira's turn to laugh, but it was riddled with venom and she shrugged,

"Not my choice. I didn't ask to be here."

"Of course not. Because if she did, I'm sure her mom would have rejected."

"Shut up, Malka!" Zira had heard Malka's quip and bared her teeth at him while the rest of us tried to hold in our laughs, but like that stopped him.

"RETURN TO SENDER!" The orange colored lion blurted which caused a chain reaction of laughs through our friends. Malka can make any situation funny that I've observed since I've been here. I don't know how Tama deals with that.


"Back up the canal!" We could the straight edged lioness didn't like this, for Zira started off for him, but to only be cut off by her only sister…that I know of.

"Uh uh uh," Zira then turned her aggression on her, showing her pearly whites and making her go ablaze, "why get mad at him when speaks your truth? You'd have it that way as well if you could turn back the paws of time."

"Like I need anyone to repeat it!" I watched Burundi as her slick smile never faltered from her face and her eyes never looked away. I often found myself tired with Zira and Maeva along with their crew. It's like, they lived off starting trouble and wreaking havoc on other's lives. What? Do they just wake up and go, 'hey, I'm going to start trouble today'? My next action, I didn't realize it was so loud…

"And what the hell are you sighing about, Nala?" I raised my eyebrows and looked to the mauve colored nose lioness with a blank face, "This is their family. You shouldn't have any kind of response, especially seeing that yours is way worse." See what I mean? Starting trouble and I wasn't even doing that to her…or was I? I started laughing and ended up rolling my eyes at her because this was all so childish. I became accustomed to the way she operated. Nothing fazed me anymore about her. She couldn't insult me. "Don't roll your eyes at me, Nala!"

"Ok, Maeva." I said tiredly and in doing so, rolled my eyes on command again. I wondered frequently how much I'd be able to push her until she snapped on me again. Crazy enough, I want to fight her again. I won't let her inflict anymore wounds on me, I just thank the kings my eye healed as quickly as it did and didn't leave a scar. But how did a conversation between Burundi and Zira become a conflict between me and Maeva? Oh I know, how silly of me…because she hates me!

"Maeva, chill." I heard Kula beside me and was surprised she had said anything, for usually she's the quiet one of the bunch.

"Now don't you start with me, Kula! You'll regret it!" The purple eyed lioness put on a mock expression of terror and then started giggling. I gave the girl props for standing up for herself.

"Start? You've been started! You started since you were little. I'm only finishing it." The 'princess', put on a challenging smile and stepped a little closer to Kula and I.

"Finishing it? Ha! First off, you're not strong enough to finish anything and second, I was talking to Nala."

"Ya know, Maeva," Burundi cut the girl off and gave her a challenging look, "while you were talking I had a minute to think…"

"About what?"

"You need to shut up." Lots of 'oohs' went throughout our group. I really like this girl! She reminds me a lot of myself and doesn't back down from anybody.

"Excuse me!"

"Yes you are excused and you're an excuse for your parents to treat you the way they do, now shut up because while you're over here talking to Nala about supposedly getting into our business, I was talking to my sister!" Maeva's mouth opened and shut several times and I watched her with a baffled expression and Burundi turned back to her sister once more, "I see you still hang around with riff raff…" Zira growled in response, "it's a shame there's no one here your age and you have to…suffer the little children."

"Grow up, B! Gods! You're just like, Mom!" With that, she started to make her leave, but the younger sibling wouldn't let her off the hook just yet,

"Oh and, Z, while you're heading in that direction," the lioness stopped for a second and turned half sideways, "tell Scar I said hello."

Mansa P.O.V.

"She's dead! I'll kill her in her sleep." I'd been with Abasi for a while now, just amazed at his face that Asana had slashed up. I guess she really was tired of everything and on the very few occasions Sarafina and I had that were civil, we wondered when she would snap. Six gashes were embedded into his face, three on the left and three on the right. They were cuts I knew would take a long time to heal, even with the meds.

"She's your mate, Abasi-"

"She's not my mate if she did this to me!"

"But look at all that you to her." For a minute, déjà vu hit me and I had to think back for a moment and apparently so did he. He pushed the monkey shaman away from him and started to advance upon me.

"Oh look how wants to point paws now," I stood up to kind of show him I wasn't intimidated, "You learned from me!"

"I know and I regret it!" I was speaking the truth. I had lost my family because I thought doing things his way would make me more happy with my life, but as you can see in the end for both of us, it backfired.

"Regret it? Why! Because that whore ran out on you?"

"Do NOT! Call her that!" This now pissed me off. Sarafina was a polar opposite of what he just referred to her as and I didn't appreciate it. "She was the perfect mate and because I listened to you, I lost her."

"You can't blame me for your mistakes, Mansa. You chose your own path."

"I know what I did. And if it's not too late, I will get her back." Now he laughed at me and I wondered what so funny so I raised my eyebrow at him. "Wanna tell me what has you in stitches?"

"You!" He laughed again and it echoed off the walls of his den, "You really think she's going to come back to you after she's reunited with, Cy? Her best friend? I don't think so." I thought for a minute about what he said and for a second I thought he was right, but everyone does eventually get over their first crush.

"I'm sure he's married with children by now. He couldn't have stayed sprung over Sara forever."

"That's what you think." Huh? He motioned for the shaman to come back over to finish her work, "Scar killed off his mate." My eyes widened and he smiled over to me, "Mmm hmm. So in other words, he's single. And now that his best friend and love of his life are back in his grasp, you really think he'd hesitate?" When did all this happen!? I didn't even know the guy got married. I mean, I knew for sure eventually he would, but now she's dead!? Do they have an-

"Did they have any children?"

"One boy named Tojo. So you'd better hope your daughter isn't falling in love with him or anyone in that pride. She still belongs to my son." I quickly grew defensive.

"My daughter doesn't belong to anyone! Least of all that spoiled brat of a son you have." I know I didn't give my daughter the best childhood, shoot, any of my kids, but I would stick up for them at all costs.

"You dare go against me!? You and I had a deal!" The shaman now being done with his wounds, hastenly left the enclosure.

"Yea we did! But it's null and in void now that she's gone. Find someone else." I decided that I had had it with him and wanted to leave the den, but I knew he'd try to stop me.

"I'm not done talking to you!"

"Well I'm done talking to you." I felt a whoosh of air go past my back leg and I quickly turned around to smack the king in his face, right where Uchawi had patched up his face where Asana had struck him, and he recoiled back. "I'll give you more of those pretty little marks." When I saw that he wasn't going to say anything else, I left the den in order to find Asana.

Asana P.O.V.

I found a perfect sized rock to sunbathe on near one of crystal clear water holes. I can't believe I did that…I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT! I can't believe I did THAT! My father would so furious, but my mother would be so happy for me for sticking up for myself. Gods, I sound like a kid, ha ha. It's funny how one gets a thrill from taking a stand. I had had it with my mate's antics along with my son's. A strong heart gets tired of being strong all the time and taking so much…it will eventually break! Mine broke, but in a totally different way I intended. I thought I'd cry hysterically and beg him to change, but then I guess I realized, I did all that already. No more crying. No more begging. No more push over. I finally took a stand and I'm staying with it!

"Asana…" I looked to my left and saw Mansa heading my way. I wondered what he wanted with me. I know we had had a few conversations, civil and casual mind you.

"Hello, Mansa. How are you?" I said sweetly as he got closer and I noticed he had kind of a solemn look on his face, but why?

"I uh, I s-saw what you d-did to Abasi…" I raised an eyebrow and looked at him in eyes. He looked nervous and afraid, but what could I say? The conversations he and I had before, even when Sara was still here, he encouraged me to stick up for myself, but even his words at the time couldn't push me enough to do it.

"Yea…I um, I don't know what came over me. I guess I just had it." I answered him timidly and he had his head turned away from me.

"I guess you didn't know you had it in you, huh?" I heard his voice change from that nervous state to a now playful one and I grew even more confused. I stared at him and he slowly moved his head back in my direction and a smile made its way from one side to his face to the other and my stomach started to form knots.


"YOU WENT HAM ON HIM!" He bursted and I literally jumped and ended up falling off the rock I was on, but I landed on the grassy side of it and he trotted up to me to help me up.

"Yea I did." I giggled enjoying my new revelation with him. He was so supportive, but why wasn't he this way with his own mate when she was here? That's the only part that didn't make sense about him.

"I mean, damn, Asana. Six gashes! Geez woman!" I couldn't help but smile brightly and show my pearlies. It was nice being praised for an accomplishment.

"I really don't know what came over me." I laughed so hard now, I literally hit the ground holding my stomach and Mansa joined me.

"Did he even fight back?!"

"No, ha ha, I dared him to. I told Hasani about himself as well." Now the blue eyed lion stood up and looked me in my honey colored eyes.

"Did you now?" I nodded my head and he laid back down, "Bout time…"

"Oh shut up." I said as I pushed him a little and he laughed in return. When we calmed down a bit, Mansa went serious for a minute.

"I'm proud of you, Maua." Flower. He gave me that nickname when I first met him and his family and I blushed every time. Why? I have no idea. Not that he was hitting on me or anything because I'm sure Abasi told him I was the only one off limits to him, but I never got the feeling that that's what he wanted from me.

"Thank you, Mansa. It took a lot."

"I bet he won't mess with you again."

"I hope not." We went silent again and both sets of eyes were set to the sky. His family was on my mind and I wouldn't hesitate to…

"Mansa, what are you going to do about your family?" I asked him calmly to where he wouldn't jump up and leap away. I wanted to let him know that I was trying to be supportive and not cause any more trouble.

"I-I don't…I don't know." I could tell his reply was heartfelt and he was indeed lost. I really hope that he doesn't go crazy and try to go there to get them back. I know Sarafina and her daughter wouldn't come back if their lives depended on it. Mheetu, I think he'd come back for my niece, but for anything else…

"I'm just trying to see where your head's at…" I glanced over at him and saw him lightly shaking his head as if trying to clear it. I knew he had a lot on his plate right now, but he did bring it upon himself. He really was an outstanding lion, he just got his priorities mixed up when he thought the grass was greener some place else.

"I don't even know myself, Asana…" His tone was distance and my insides wanting to help him to come back. I know neither of us would blame his family for not wanting to come back, but to have a better life.

"Would you force her to come back?"

"No I wouldn't…but not like I could force her to do anything she didn't want to do in the first place." He had a point. She was a strong lioness and I had admired her for long for putting up with so much.

"So what about you?"

"Me…?" He sighed deeply and my heart went out to him. I know this experience changed him, "I'll probably leave and live as a nomad." My eyes widened.


"I really should."

"But why leave where you have to be by yourself?"

"I deserve it, Maua. I really do. I mean look at this…" He sat up to where he was laying on his stomach and I followed suit so he knew I had his undivided attention, "I cheated on Sarafina, I betrothed Nala to your son-who needs a good ass-whoopin', and in doing all that, I lost my only son. My family is headstrong and stubborn, half because of me. I nodded my head in understanding and I placed a paw on his.

"Well hopefully you'll end up staying," he looked deep into my eyes and mine never faltered, "I'll help you get this through this." A small smile came to his face and I returned it.

Maeva P.O.V. (next day)

"Harder, Maeva! I need to hit the floor! Not you!" I tiredly got up and faced my mother as she implanted more hits on me. I know she's training me to fight, but it really doesn't need to be this brutal. Nala is no match for me. Yes, I have to admit that I need to get her away from the boys so they can't interfere.

"This really is not nec-"


"Don't say it isn't necessary! Mufasa is keeping his promise and you will marry Simba! Now let's go!" I stared into my mother's eyes. I don't know which is worse: her training me or me still trying to fight for a lion I'm losing interest in. Yes I just said I'm losing interest in Simba. I know he and I have been friends for a while, but because I had to change, he changed and I am starting to not like him anymore because he doesn't like me. Life bees that way sometimes.

"Well to me it's not." I said tiredly and made my way to leave the den.

"We're not done! Get back here!"

"Naw I'm good." She must have forgotten that it was her that taught me to be the way I am. Sarcastic and smart-assed.

"Meava!" I stopped and only half way glanced in her direction, but when she didn't say anything, I turned back to make my leave, but someone would prevent this..


I was sent tumbling into the nearest wall, not even having time to see or react to who it was that hit me, but when my field of vision cleared, I saw that it was,

"Scar! You will not…!" The brown lion looked nonchalantly at my mother and I saw Zira come up beside him.

"You are taking too long!"As I watched the new bodies in our space, I saw how similar they were in physical appearance and in mental. Venom radiated off of them both and all I could think of, this will not end well.

"I'm doing the best I can. And what do you mean I'm taking too long? Simba isn't king until a year from now."

"Mufasa is thinking sooner!" My mother and mine's eyes both went huge and we looked at one another.

"What?" She said lowly. Scar gave Zira a look and she nodded and then motioned for me to follow her, but before we could leave the den completely,

"If she can't be prepared for an oncoming hit like what I just did, you aren't doing something right."

"Oh whatever, Scar. She's my daughter and I'll do it at my pace if I want to."

"Yes yes, she is your daughter, but who helped you make her?" I immediately stopped in my tracks and looked at Zira for she just looked back at me sideways.

"GET OUT!" my mother shouted and I could tell she was upset.

"Are you going to make me, Mjanja?" Sneaky? Why would he call her that? I looked at Zira and she shrugged it off and told me to follow her. I was wary if I should or not. I didn't trust Scar as far as I could throw him.

"So, the other night when Mheetu brought himself here, he and his sister got into an argument…" I lifted my head a little to let her know I was listening, "he called her something she hated completely."

"And that was?" A sinister smile crept its way across her face and I was intrigued,

Simba P.O.V.

Today we decided to get to know Aniya a little better and see how she's really doing. We all took turns touching her stomach and, oh kings above it was so weird. To feel something move within something else…so surreal.

"Oh, Mheetu there it goes again!" She squealed in delight and we all shared a loving laugh. She was so excited and we were happy for her. Sarafina and Cy decided to hold off the wedding until Aniya had the baby.

"So what do you think it is, Aniya?" Kula asked excitedly and we all looked at the pregnant lioness with awaiting breaths.

"I don't really and I really don't care to be honest. I just want it to be healthy."

"Well we all know what Mheetu wants."

"And what is that, Malka?"

"A boy." The orange colored lion shrugged with an all knowing attitude.

"Did I say that? I don't think I said that."

"Oh come on! Ever guy wants a little boy."

"Mmm, well if that be the case," Tama jumped in and glanced over to Nala and I, seeing as we were sitting beside one another, "Nala you better pray to the kings that doesn't happen to you. Simba was a badass and a hardhead." Nala pinned her ears, but had a smile on her face. I however, did not want to talk about this in front of her brother. I knew that guy was wishy washy with me, but I didn't want to give him any more points on the neg side of me.

"I was not that bad, T."

"Yea, you're right…"

"See? Thank you, Tojo."

"You were worse." WELL THAT HELPED! I shot a daring look over to the blue eyed lion and he and everyone else bursted with laughter. This was a nice time we were having, that is until…

"Oh, Nefer-ti-ti." Maeva. But who in the hell was Nefertiti?

"Who the hell…" Tama commented just as confused as all of us, but I saw that Nala and Mheetu both had stood up, but they were in fighting stances. What was going on?

"You better not! Start calling me that."

"Well seeing as you are the only one who responded to it. Besides, I heard it was a name you loathed. And since I loathe you, it works in my favor. I watched Nala intently and saw her claws going in and out and her chest was rising and falling. She was getting pissed.

"Breathe, La."I whispered into her ear, but I'm not sure if anything I'd say would sink in.

"You better leave my sister alone and I don't ever want to hear that word come out of your mouth again."

"Or what, Mheetu?" Zira now made herself known and got in the guys face. I knew she was crazy.

"And just when I thought only freaks came out at night." When does Malka not pop a joke? At any kind of situation, he always has to say something.

"Ooo! You spawn!"

"Ooo! You male!" Tama shouted in her boyfriend's defense.

"Hey! Don't insult our gender, Tama." Tojo added and I swear sometimes he and Malka could be related. I could tell Zira was getting agitated with those two and was preparing to lunge.

"Ha! Good one, To!" He turned back to the rest of us, "A disgrace to our race!...Wait, can I still use that?" We all gave him a confused look like, was he really asking this? "Yea, I could still use race. I mean, is she even a lion?" He looked everyone of us in our prism of eyes and I shook my head as did everyone else. I've never been one to go for looks and neither were any of my friends, but…

"You're dead!" At that, the long nosed lioness headed for Malka, but to only be intercepted by Tama. She wouldn't let anyone hit him…well, expect herself. As all of our eyes were on the small fight, Maeva made the attention back to her.

"Are you next, Nefertiti?" A loud growl erupted from my girl's throat and before I could even look at her and interject for her to not do anything, she lunged for Maeva and I knew I neither would let up.

"NALA!" Her brother and I shouted at the same time. Nothing would get through though. Nala was going in for the kill and so was her opponent. All we could do was watch.

"Mheetu, aren't you going to do something?" Aniya cried and I glanced at her to see if she really was. She just looked distraught and tired. This was too much for her even if she wasn't involved in the fight. I watched the two roll around on the ground, never letting go of one another. Nala had a hold on Maeva's ear with her teeth and Maeva and a grip on Nala's legs with claws. Next thing I thing I know, the creamy colored lioness swung one of her arms under her foe and it made her hit the ground and Nala took this advantage to climb on the girls back and make claw marks from her lower back to her neck. My auburn eyes widened. This was getting out of control, but I was proud of Nala sticking up for herself. My 'betrothed' roared out in pain and rolled away from her attacker, but Nala wouldn't let her go, for she ran as the girl kept rolling and the aqua eyed lioness ended up catching her and rolling with her.

"Take it back!" She yelled with fury and by this time, Zira and Tama and had settled down and their visions were on Nala and Maeva was well.

"You know this is your fault right, Mheetu?" Zira said slick and the brother jerked his head over to her.

"Come again!?"

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