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Chapter 16: Fighting for Life Decisions

Mheetu's P.O.V.

"What do you mean it's my fault?!" How dare this she-male tell me something that wasn't even true?

"Come on," she tiredly leaned her head away from me, "the first night you came here and you and your beloved sister got into a fight…" My light blue-green eyes widened, "Ahh, now you get it." I didn't think anyone was around to hear that except Mom. Suddenly, my shock turned into anger and I turned towards Zira and got in her face.

"Get. Away. From. Me." And do you know what this chick did? All she did was look at me sideways.

"You don't scare me, Me-too. I've fought lions twice your age."

"Yea, but I bet with not as much rage."

"Mheetu…" I half way glanced at Aniya, who in turn had a terribly worried look on her face and I faced the still ongoing onslaught starring my sister and Maeva.

"Guys do something!"

"Why? Why can't Nala teach her a lesson?" Malka stated and my group agreed with him. Since I've gotten here, I've heard and seen nothing but bad things about that girl and she needed to be taught. You can't just go around starting trouble and acting like it's ok and that no one is going to say something to you…my sister was the wrong one and I'm sure she gave the girl plenty of warnings.

"If anyone has to jump in, it should be Simba and Mheetu. Brother and Future King." Tojo always made sense as I realized as well and I hated that he was right this time. The golden lion and I looked at one another and decided to jump in and stop these two from killing each other.

"Nala! Maeva!" Simba started and I finished with,

"Stop!" Neither of them responded and continued to take shots.

POW! Nala had raised her paw in the air and it came crashing down, connecting with her opponents face and knocked the girl to the side and from there, Nala went ham. She clawed the girls back and punched her in her eye. This caused Maeva's arm to shoot up and swing in the air blindly while followed by Nala giving her yet another uppercut to her jaw. If you're wondering why Maeva hasn't gotten up, well, heh, my sister's got her legs wrapped around the middle part of the girl's body and isn't letting up, but the girl somehow moved around and chomped down on Nala's leg, causing my sister to jump away. But did that stop them? Naw, not a chance. They collided once more and Maeva was able to knock Nala off her, but we all know my sister…that famous flip trick was used and she ended up on top and pounded more shots and claw marks into the protagonist's body.

"Who do you want to go after?" Simba asked me and it's funny because I did have to think, but in the end I said,

"You had better get Maeva because if I do, I'll hurt her more than Nala."

"Good point." So, we packed up our courage and jumped in.


"Not a chance." I said calmly and continued to hold her place under me. I had my paw on her chest and my back legs on her and since my arms are longer, she can't claw at me, however Simba, had Maeva in half a body lock….half a body lock…is that even a move? Anyways, she was struggling as well under him, trying to get to my sister once again.

"Get off me, Simba!"

"Yea…that'll happen." I chuckled at him answer because his nonchalant voice told me he didn't care. I looked down at my younger sister and saw that she had cuts on her ears, face, arms, legs, stomach, you name it. Where there was fur, there was a cut or some kind of mark. "Maeva! Quit freakin struggling before I hit you! You're bruised enough!" But did the girl listen to his pleas? Nope. She kept trying to push away from him. As I looked at her, she'd have more scars than Nala. My sister is a good fighter, especially when she's pissed off.

"Mheetu, I'm good." When I heard her voice, I knew she was done with the whole ordeal and so I let her up and she stood closely beside me. "I'm done."

"You may as well be! Get off me, Simba! If she's done, I'm done." The boy eyed the girl curiously and I guess he could tell she was sincere because he let her up slowly as well.

"No. I mean I'm done period." All the rainbow of eyes went to the beat up lioness known as Nala…we were all in shock. The golden prince stepped forward slowly in an inquiring motion.

"Wh-what do you mean you-you're done?" I watched as my sister dropped her head and I could only fear for Simba for what would come out of her mouth to him.

"I-I can't do this," she lifted her head up and tears threatened to fall from her aqua eyes, "I don't know how long she intends to keep this up, but I'm done."

"Nala…"Tama said confused.

"No, Tama ok, I'm sorry," she looked at Simba, "Simba, I can't do this. I'm not going to live my life in fear of when I have to deal with her. I'm not going through that. I've already gone through this bs from the other pride as to why we left. I'm not doing that again. I can't." I felt a thump in all our hearts and I could only imagine what was going through Simba's head. Lightening shot across the sky and it averted all of our attention except: Mine, Nala, and Simba's and of course Maeva and when I looked over at her, I saw that she had a smile on her face…she knew she had won.

This is my fault.

Simba P.O.V.

I can't…did she really just…give up? On me? And all I can do is stare at her. Why would she give up? I chose HER! I told her I wasn't going to be with Maeva and she gives up on me?

"Nala, but…"

"I'm sorry, Simba, but I can't. I mean, how long is this going to go on? I'm not going to go day by day and wonder when she's going to attack me again. Who can live like that?"

"Nala, I chose you." I stepped closer to her and watched intently as she closed her eyes in defeat.

"I know, Simba, I know, but I can't li-live like this." I could tell her voice was breaking and that it pained her to say it as much as it did for me to hear it. Maybe she's not cut out to be queen. A queen would go through anything until it was another clear day. Maeva kept trying until she got what she wanted, maybe I should choose her.

"Nala, please don't do this. We want yo-"

"She's weak, Tama! A real queen would have saw things to the end." Didn't I just say that? She had a point.

"Nala," We all looked to Malka, "Don't let this she-devil run you out. You can do this." I saw her imploring eyes on the orange colored lion and I could tell she was trying to think. I'll admit that I hated seeing her like this and having to go through so much just to live and fit in. She'd barely been here.

"Look," Mheetu started, "Why don't we get you fixed up, give you some time to really think about this, and finish talking about it later. Everyone's emotions are a little off right now."

"My emotions are not off, Mheetu! I know what I want and I can't go on living like this! Does no one understand!?" None of us said anything as she looked into each one of our eyes because we didn't know.

"I do." My head jerked to my left and my scarlet eyes landed on Zira.

"Zira, no you don't. You were born an outcast."

"Who decides to be an outcast, Tojo!? It sure as hell wasn't me!" As she was speaking, my mind went back to the times when she and her sister had first gotten here. We all took one look at her and decided against it, but took Burundi in as one of us. "I tried to fit in with you guys and show you that I could be just as much fun as you guys, but you didn't even give me a chance! You're all superficial!" Surprisingly, no one spoke. We knew she was right. We had judged her on her looks and left her by the wayside. "It's a shame that I'm the only one who knows how she feels. If you love her like you claim you do, Simba, let her go." And with that, she walked away, leaving a dagger in my heart that would take months to pull out. I didn't want to let Nala go. I wanted her and I needed her, but she wants to go. What do I do?

"Hey, is everyone o-" Coming into full view, our mothers, all four of them, and I mean: my mom, Nala and Mheetu's, Maeva's, and Tojo's. Sarafina was the one who had spoken.

"So another fight broke out between these two…" My mom stated tiredly, "You two keep this up and neither of you will be queen."

"Um, excuse me, Sarabi, but you know as well as we all do, Nala did not start this." The queen turned to her friend, narrowing her eyes on who had dared to speak against her.

"Sarafina, I don't know who started it, but I'm finishing it."

"Anuba's daughter always starts it! You know that!"

"Fina, that may be true, but all these witnesses are your daughter's friends who would easily take up for her an-"

"That includes your son as well you know."

"I know that."

"And do you think he'd lie to you?" My mother went speechless, but then turned to look at me and her amber eyes poured into mine…she was asking me a question.

"He is his father's son…" My mom quickly spun around to Anuba and cuffed her hard to where the lioness took a couple of steps back and she then looked back at me for an answer, which I'm sure she already knew.

"No, Mom, Maeva started it as always, but Nala says that she's done fighting." My amber eyes drifted to Nala and I saw her head buried in her brother's mane and my heart sank. This was an easy yet not easy way out. I knew she cared for me a lot and also knew how I felt about her, but why give up? I'd never give up on her.

"Nala…" Her mother's voice was distant, but when her daughter looked up at her, she understood as well.

"And that's the way it should be!"

"Can it, Anuba!"

"Why!? Simba and Meava are betrothed. The only one who can change that is Mufasa and he always keeps his word!" Now, my mother, fast as lightening, whirled around and smack Meava's mother in her face again, knocking her clean off her feet this time. Our eyes widened and nobody moved.

"Now, I'M DONE!" We watched closely as the queen of the Pridelands got in her pride sister's face, both paws on the upper part of her opponents body, but one with open claws at her throat, "Mufasa doesn't make any decision without discussing it with me! And this game you think you're so good at, ha ha, watch! I can play it even better. Mark my word." My mother's words were seething, her brows were furrowed, and her teeth were bared. The lioness under her just starred at her in disbelief, scared is what it mostly looked like.

"You-you don't know anything…nothing about our promi-"

"Oh I know all about the deal he made with the devil and so does my son." My mind flashed back to the day I discovered my father promised Anuba I'd marry her daughter. I still hate him for that and our conversations since then had been one worded.

"I am no-euck!" My mom had pushed her paw into Anuba's throat even more and the woman wrapped her paws around my mother's arms as if trying to pry them away so she could breathe. I actually liked seeing my mother like this. Tough and definitely not a pushover.

"Did I tell you that you could speak?" And when her opponent tried to speak, she pushed harder to where no sound could be heard, "No. I didn't think so." Sarafina had a giant smile on her face that she wouldn't even try to hide and my mother looked at her and then back to Anuba, "If you step out of line again, you won't have to worry about Sarafina whooping your tail, it'll be me."

"Oh snaps!"

"Go, Sarabi!" These chants from Tama and Malka weren't loud and my mother flicked her tail at them, letting them know to be quiet and that now wasn't the time. Once she thought she had given Anuba's body enough time to release the oxygen it did have, she removed herself from her pride sister and went towards Nala. I'm now starting to have mixed feelings about her. Why would she give up on me because I never would on her. Was she playing me as well? Another Maeva? Everyone is always after you if you have a title. That's is one thing I've always kept in mind that my uncle told me.


"Y-yes, Sarabi?"

"Why don't we go get you cleaned up and talk." The statement made was more of a demand than a request, but I had to ask,

"Talk about what?" Everyone jerked their head towards me because of the hostility I held in my voice now. I was irritated.

"What, Simba…?"

"What are you two going to talk about? If it's about this situation, forget it. If she wants to quit, let her go. I don't need someone who's going to change their mind because they can't deal with a little heat." Gasps were heard, but I didn't care at this point. I felt betrayed and used.

"You better watched what you're saying, Simba…" Mheetu crouched at me and narrowed his eyes and I gave him a nonchalant façade.

"I know exactly what I'm saying." Did I really? No, but I won't tell them that. I turned back to my mother, "If you're planning on talking to her about this, don't waste your breath. At least I know with Maeva she won't give up."

"But she gets on your nerves!" Tama shouted indignantly and I looked at her.

"At least she'll be there when I need her." Was I really team Meava now? I didn't want to be, but this is all boiling down to where Nala said she was done. I really don't want her to be done, I care and have fallen in love with her too much.

"Son, you need to go cool off like it was suggested. You don't know what's going on in the brains of everyone here. Go cool off and think for a while." I opened my mouth to argue, but she raised her sharp eyebrows at me and I knew to keep my countenance to myself.

"Fine." My eyes met Nala's and she also was giving me an angry yet hurt look kind of like her friend Tama. A twinge got me in my heart, but I shrugged it and shot the look right back. I won't be known as a pushover. I don't ever want to hurt Nala, but what did she just do to me? I walked away slowly, still eyeing her the whole time.

Sarabi's P.O.V.

"I can't believ-did he really just say that?" Tama asked to everyone that was around her. Simba was broken and the way he or anyone deals with 'betrayal' is to get mad at the source and find things they didn't see before or bring 'logic' into the mix. I can't blame Nala for how she feels and why she said what she said. I've gone through it before with Anuba when we were younger growing up with Mufasa and Scar.

"Well, it just goes to show you who really should be queen."


Sarafina spun and smacked Anuba across her face, knocking her to the ground, but I didn't move. Better she do it than me because I would have probably killed her.

"What part of Be Quiet, did you not get when Sarabi told you to keep your mouth shut!?" I starred at Anuba and gave her a death gaze and she shrunk her eyes away from me.

"Come Nala." The young lioness looked to her mother and brother, I guess getting their approval and they both nodded. They both knew she was in good company and we ended up at a small waterhole and I started cleaning her wounds.

"You-you don't have to do this. I can get it." Her sweet voice rang in my ears and I leaned back to give her a cheeky look.

"So you can reach the ones on your back very well to clean them?" She then looked down at the earth guiltily and moved her paw in a circle.

"No I guess not." I smiled and went for her back. Maeva got her good in some areas, but I know she had more damage than Nala. As we cleaned her off, she was extremely silent, so I decided to break it.


"Yes, ma'am?"

"Are you sure you want to give up?" I wasn't going to sugarcoat anything. She was giving up, but I knew why. I watched her as she hung her head and talked to the ground instead of me.

"Sarabi, I…I can't keep fighting her every day. One of us is going to have to stop it an-"

"So, giving up is putting a stop to it?" The creamy colored young lioness looked up at me slowly.

"No, giving up is having peace."

"How can it be piece when if she does become queen she'll make your life hell even more?"

"How else if one of us doesn't give in? How can it be stopped?"

"By putting your foot down. You do know that she's just jealous…"

"What do I have on her for her to be jealous about? There's nothing special about me."

"My son. My son thinks you're special." Her aqua eyes widened a little, but then went back to their normal size and she looked away.

"I didn't ask him to b-"

"And that's exactly the point. She's mad and upset because of the way he looks at you, talks to you, and feels the way that he does for you that she wants him to be towards her. But she won't get that because of the way she acts, the way she treats others, her attitude…She won't be accepted by anyone the way you are. You saw how quickly the gang warmed up to you."

"I was just being myself."

"And that's what they like. You didn't come here trying to be big, bad, and bold trying to run things."

"But according to Simba, she was a like me when she was little."

"Yes, but when she found out she'd be queen, she started the part she thought she'd play a little too early." I looked at her face she and she appeared to be thinking.

"I see what you're saying, but can I ask you this…?" I was skeptical about what was next to come out of her mouth…

"Go ahead…"

"Have you thought about any of this with, Mufasa?" No she didn't! My amber eyes widened at her audacity, but I couldn't blame because she did have a point.

"We've talked a little, but nothing else. It's hard to accept still."

"How about we make a deal…" She eyed me carefully, but her mood a lighter now…I was scared for what she going to say next.


"If I promise to think about this and talk with Simba, you have to promise to work things out with your mate." I took a deep breath and looked away. Now it was my turn to feel like the cub. She had a point, but I don't think she understood the depth of the situation.

"Nala, I…"

"Come on, Sarabi. He's your mate and stupid decisions happen all the time. No one is perfect even when we perceive them to be when they're always doing the right things. It's one mistake and I think he's paying for it now by having you and Simba making him out to be the devil." Her voice wasn't harsh, but calm and she did make sense.

"You have a point, my love, but do you really understand what's going on or what happened? He broke our vows we made on our wedding day, 'that no matter how ugly or bad the truth will be, we'd always tell each other the truth'."

"I do understand that. I know I'm young, Sarabi, but I have common sense." That she did and I smiled at her and she returned it. "Why don't you try this: make a list or think of, all the good things he's done and all the bad things he's done. If the bad outweigh the good, then let go, but if the good outweigh the bad, fight for your marriage." My amber eyes liked to popped out of my head when she said that.

"How-how old are you again?! I expect someone way older to say something like that." I exasperated and we shared a laugh.

"Only two, ha ha, I got that from my grandmother when my mother and father were going through something a while ago and it just kind of stuck with me." I sighed aloud and looked at the girl sideways.

"Alright, Nala. You got me. I'll work this out with Mufasa if you promise me you'll stay in this fight until you win."

"I promise."

"And that also means getting Simba back on your side because he's pissed and it's going to take a lot more than just an 'I'm sorry'." She now sighed and hung her head a little.

"Yes I know, I know and I will. My father did one thing right by me and that was making me a princess to the prince in my old pride. I'll stay in the fight."

"Now that's what I'm talking about." We air-fived and I pulled her in for a hug. I wanted this girl to be a part of my family. I could see her ruling and becoming a great queen like myself. She had everything.

Muziki P.O.V.

Deciding to do a surprise visit to my daughter and her family I felt would be a nice thought, plus I hadn't seen them in almost over a year and I can only imagine how big my grandson got. A king to be. I knew Sarabi had made the right choice by going after that lion Mufasa.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Kiki? Just doing a surprise visit." I eyed my mate out the side of my eye.

"When have you ever known me to be one that goes by the book, Kubwa? Life is about the unexpected and since they made me a grandmother a few years ago, I had to come up with more surprises. It's what my title does to me." He rolled his eyes with a smile set on his face.

"Ok crazy." I shoved him a little bit and we kept walking.

"Besides, we're already here, I can see Pride Rock a lot better now."

"I see Mufasa is keeping the place up nicely." A snarl approached our ears and Kubwa jumped in from of me, but like I need him to protect me. I did notice however, that the snarl wasn't followed by anything else, but a distance away was a young golden lion and when I picked up on his scent, it was all too familiar.

"Relax, Kub, it's family."

"How do you know?" I looked at him indignantly.

"Are you losing one the five senses already? It's your grandson." I brushed past him and trotted towards the one who'd continue our family tree. As I got closer, I took in his aura and could something was bothering him because he would have acknowledged us by now. "Hello…" He jerked his head up and slowly turned around and my eyes grew. He's gotten so big! His mane has grown in mostly fully, but the mohawk I saw him in last year was completely gone!

"Grandma!" His smile reflected that of my Sarabi and I grabbed him and held him so tight and he returned it, but I couldn't help but notice as well that his muscles grew as well because it felt like we were in a competition for who could give the tightest hug. "What are you guys doing here?!" He asked muffled seeing as his face was buried in my shoulder.

"Your grandma here thought it'd be a nice surprise." My grandson and I pulled and then he hugged his grandfather.

"Well it definitely is a nice surprise and you came on a perfect day. I always felt better when you two were here." We gave him a puzzled look then looked at one another.

"Is something wrong, sweetheart." He sighed heavily and looked started to lead us towards home.

"A lot has been going on…" I exchanged glances with my mate again, but we followed our mjukuu home and a thought popped in my head,

"Anuba still starting trouble?" He nodded his head.

"Along with her daughter."

"Oh brother…" Kub said and I rolled my eyes. I would not hesitate to lay that girl like I had before. She had better leave my family alone!

"There's your father there!" When we stopped to look to our left where we saw Mufasa, I tore my vision to my grandson and I could tell right away that a problem also laid with him as well.

"What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Nothing." I'd get it out of him one way or another.

"Mufasa!" The lion saw us and immediately came over.

"Kubwa! Muziki! How are you?" He greeted us with the formal nuzzling and we all walked toward the rock sculpture where various lions and lionesses were outside. I recognized all of them and they greeted us with cheers and salutations. It felt good to be back and like a piece of my heart was returned. I hated leaving, but my mate and I wanted to explore places we'd never been. As I looked around, I saw no sign of my daughter, nor Anuba, or Scar, but not like he likes to be around anyone anyways. When were alone, Kubwa asked,

"So how are things…?" See, thing about my mate, he likes to, as some would put it, 'beat around the bush'. But because I'm his opposite, I get right to it.

"So what's going on? I can more than tell that things aren't as peachy as some of you are trying to make it seem." Mufasa and his son looked at one another: Simba looking disgusted and Mufasa looking like he needed approval.

"Mom!" I looked to my right saw my daughter coming up with a young lioness who could pass for her best friend Sarafina, but I knew she was at a different pride. I greeted my beautiful offspring.

"And who's this?" The young creamy colored lioness had her eyes on my grandson and he had his on hers. Damn, was he mad at her as well?

"Mom, this is Nala, Sarafina's daughter. Nala this is my mother, Muziki and my father Kubwa." The little lioness greeted us and my eyes got a big a little and I smiled. She and Simba had something going on, but they had just had an argument.

"Well, I hope you aren't pissed at her too, grandson…" His eyebrows and Nala's both raised and they looked away from one another.

"They'll work it out." Simba now whipped his head back in her direction.

"We will huh?" I watched Nala and saw her face change.

"Yes! We will! She didn't stutter." Oh wow! I smiled widely. I like this girl.

"It was nice meeting the both of you, but I desperately need to find my mother to keep her as well from killing anybody."

"Oh she's here!?" Nala's beautiful smile reached her eyes.

"Yes she is, along with my brother and his fiancé."

"Mheetu is here too? Wow, Kiki, we've missed a lot."

"Yea…a lot can happen in a few months…" Our grandson dejected, but I knew it wasn't towards us.

"Son, why don't you go with Nala."


"Well one, because it's getting late, two: I said so and I'm sure you don't want anything happening to her." Simba just looked at his parents and I was very surprised by his hostility.

"She's capable of taking ca-"

"I said go!"

"Sarabi, it's ok." The queen turned to the girl beside her and said softly,

"What did we talk about?"


"What did you two talk about?" Sarabi turned back to her prince and answered,

"Well if you behave yourself, I'm sure she'll tell you." We all watched as Nala started off and Simba got up slowly and soon followed suit.

"What is going on with them? You two?"

"What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Sarabi, don't play dumb with me. I'm a mother myself and I'm very old and I can read between the lines! What is going on?"

"It-it's a lot, M-mom."

"Then let's start with the two of you!"

Ok, so kind of a long chapter, but we got introduced to a couple new characters: Sarabi's parents!

How do you think Simba and Nala will do with each other when they go find Sarafina? I'm not going to have them get together so soon, but maybe in a few chapters. A reviewer had me thinking that I always have Simba forgive Nala quickly and then everything is fine and dandy, yeaaaa, not no more lol…gonna stretch this out a bit!

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