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Chapter18: More Problems

Hasani P.O.V.

Man this sucks. I'm on my way to the Pridelands with my dad's two sidekicks now to try to convince Nala that I've changed and bring her back, only thing is: I haven't. I'm not going to change for anybody, not even my own mother. If she thinks for a minute that she can do to me what she did to my dad, ha! She's dead wrong. I hadn't seen the beautiful Nala in quite some time and I am a little curious to see her. I know her attitude hasn't changed any and neither has her brother's. He's going to be the one to get past with this littler charade, but I'm sure if I can persuade her independent mind, he'll have to fall into place.

"How much longer is this going to take? We've been traveling for three days now!" I was hot and irritated with the blazing sun above us, not to mention we had been speed walking if not running sometimes. I realize now that I don't like traveling. It's too much work and it takes a toll on one's feet, especially for the condition I'm in.

"We're almost there, Hasani. We should make it by late noon." Great, just what I wanted to hear: another three hours or so to get there. This would be a lot easier if I was a bird. Yes, I said bird. I don't know how those three did this journey. I would have stayed put and just endured what life threw at me, but then again, they didn't have my position. When I get Nala back and marry her, after she realizes I'm the guy of her dreams and that I've changed, I'll flip the switch so fast on her, she won't know what hit her. I have so many plans for her when we get back, she'll regret to having ever left!

(Finally reaching the Pridelands and Pride Rock is in sight)

Wow. I can admit, this place is nice. Reminds me a bit of my home, but a little greener and a lot bigger. I could live here if I wasn't already a prince and have my own kingdom to run.

"Okay, Hasani, you have to get in touch with the king or find Nala and convince them to let yo-"

"I know what I have to do!" I snapped as I whirled around to face one of my father's henchmen, Amistad. He's my dad's muscle, right hand, but he didn't dare try to tell me wha-

"Look, kid. I'm not a big fan of yours and you won't use that tone with me, understood? I will knock you out and when you wake up, that lioness will have already had kids and her children's children will be old and wrinkled." I stared at him wide eyed and tried a different tactic.

"M-my father will k-kill you!" When he laughed his hearty laugh, I couldn't help, but cower a bit.

"Please! Your dad is no match for me! Just like you're no match for that girl's brother or most off that girl!" I grew defensive.

"So you're saying I can't beat her!?" He laughed once more and walked past me.

"You can't beat any girl." I've never liked this guy. He's always been too cocky for me, I guess because I see him as my older self.

We walked a little further until we were closer to Pride Rock and I remembered that these two brothers couldn't go with me: Sarafina, Nala, Aniya, and Mheetu would know something was up right off the bat. It had to just be me…by myself. I'm getting a little nervous.

"Ok, Hasani…it's all you." I looked forward and gulped a little. If they told their new pride about us, but mostly me and my father, they'll eat me alive and this would have all been for nothing. I had to keep it cool. As I took a step forward, I took a deep breath, and set my mind on my mission for phase one: get Nala back. I can do this. I can get her to believe me. I can get her back. I can do what my father asks of me. I'm Prince Hasani…I can do anything.

"Hey kid…" I stopped and turned back to my pride members…what did they want?

"Yea…" Next thing I knew, they both lunged at me and I hadn't been prepared. I got smacked, hit, scratched, and bit. Two fully grown lions on a young adult: the odds aren't in my favor.

"Stop! Stop! Are you trying to kill me!? Why this again!? You're hurting me!" My calls went unheard and they continued to torture me and all I could do was pray to the kings that this be done as soon as possible. They had started the day we left which I didn't mention made our journey longer. They said, it would be more authentic and real if I had actually proof.

"Ok, I think that's good." As I realized they were done, I stood quickly, surprised that I could, I glared at them and tried not to let them know I was scared.

"I really hope you guys are done! That's the third installment!"

"Eh, you're lucky you don't get more!" Amistad and his brother glared at me,

"Know that some of that was for your mother and all the pain she has endured. Your father's pride isn't always following him."

"Think about it, if you went in there without so much of proof that something has happened to you, do you think they'd believe you?" As I thought about this, he had a point, but jeez! A warning would have been nice the first time!

Nala P.O.V.

"You're a very bright young lioness, Nala." I smiled. Muziki asked me to go on a walk with her, I guess to get to know me, and I didn't mind. She was a very fun and young older lioness and I liked her a lot.

"Thank you, I appreciate it. Sometimes I tell my mom I think I was born in the wrong generation because of all the stupid things lions my age get into doesn't make sense to me." She laughed a genuine laugh as in agreeing with me.

"I see that to be true. I'm going to talk to me grandson, see what's on his mind…"

"Oh please don't tell him I asked you to." She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Why on earth would I do that? You didn't ask me and I hadn't even planned on mentioning you." I looked away embarrassed and let a small smile come to my face which in turn bounced to hers.


"It's alright dear. You did nothing wrong. But I will say this, just like you told me, Maeva is going to try to get back with him and his solitude with go to her, but you can let her know where you stand. Let her know that she hasn't won."

"I can do that. She doesn't faze me anymore, more like an annoyance." I saw the old queen's face harden.

"She is just like her mother and I never liked either of them, even when the girl was born. I know it's bad to dislike a newborn, but it was something about her that didn't set right with me." I thought about this for a moment. I'm usually a good judge of character myself, but for Sarabi's mother to know right off the bat, she had to be a pro.

"I really do like your grandson. He's very kind hearted, fights for what's right. I mean, he's almost perfect in a way, I mean, I know that nobody is, but he's my perfect and I miss him." I hung my head a little. I had fallen when I first laid eyes on him and I know he did as well. It's been over a few months since we've been here and it feels like it's been an eternity already because we connected so well. Things moving a bit fast, yes, but we knew it'd be worth it.

"I know you do and I know he does as well just by the way he argues with you." I gave a bittersweet smile and she put a paw on my back.

"It'll be overwith soon. You two are so young and have so much ahead of you."

"But let's say worst comes to worse, what do I do if we don't end up together? Say he chooses her over me for good…"

"Then you can do one of two things: stay here and don't let him see you cry or you leave and find another pride." I didn't like either of those options.

"I'm going o fight."

"Good! Now do me a favor please?"


"Go find that stubborn grandson of mine and tell him I would like to have several words with him." I laughed aloud and shook my head.

"Yes ma'am."

When I reached my friends, everyone was there including Mr. Man himself. Good, let's see how this is going to pan out.

"Hey, Nala!" Kula greeted me with the biggest smile and everyone else copied, well, almost everyone. Goldy turned away so fast, I swear his head was going to snap.

"Hey you guys. What are we up to today?"

"Eh, same ol same ol." I nodded my head and looked at Simba.

"Simba?" I said his name in the most polite manner, but when he didn't answer, I tried again. "Simbaaa?" Still no answer, so, I sat down beside Chumvi with Kula on his other side.

"Dude! Do you not hear her calling you?"

"Who cannot hear her whine?"

"Simba!" Kula called. I stood up abruptly, I did not deserve that!

"Whine!? Really!? You didn't care about my voice when you met me!"

"My mistake…"

"So how long is this little argument between the two of you going to last? We need to get on with our lives…" As Tama spoke, all their eyes drifted back and forth between Simba and I, waiting for either of us to respond, which in turn we didn't.

"Uh, hello? Helloooooo? HELLO!" Leave it Malka to try to turn this situation positive. I turned to him.

"I've tried being nice-"

"Seriously!?" The golden prince whipped his head towards me and I glanced at him tiredly.

"Yes seriously. You don't even want to be friends, so why-"

"I already said why I couldn't. What part of that didn't process in that head of yours?" I narrowed my eyes and a couple of his friends gasped.


"And now you've given proof to who is being petty." His amber eye twitched a bit, but his face falter.

"Well, as you've said before, I'm royalty: I can do whatever I want to do. What did you want anyway?"

"First off, it's not for me! Second, your grandmother wants to see you!" His eyes widened a bit and he stood. He felt bad because he had kept her waiting thinking I needed something from him. Ha! Not!

"Wh-where is she?" Right when I was about to answer, a voice kicked in.

"Right here." We all turned and saw that she was not happy and extremely disappointed in her grandson.

"Grandma, I-"

"Let's go." I watched him as his tail fell low and his faded black trimmed ears pinned themselves to his head and he walked slowly to his ancestor.

"Well, he's in some deep shit."

"A hole he dug himself into, Malka." His girlfriend confirmed.

"I think he's just confused. He doesn't know what to do." Kula chimed in.

"Why did you give up?" Chumvi turned to me and I looked at him sadly. No one knew that I was only pretending to give up. I had to let this play out.

"Well, I, um…"

"I can't blame, Nala though for not wanting to go through hell everyday with that girl! I wouldn't want to either, especially now that she's about to be my sister? Yea, Maeva will it coming from all sides."

"That is true. Well," The hair tufted lioness looked at me, "you still got us!" I smiled brightly. It felt good to know that they were behind me with any decision I made.

As noon hit, we found a grove of trees to be shaded by as the blazing sun over our heads bared down on us like Satan's Lair.

"I would love to see Prince Hasani, just to see what big of a pussy cat he really is!" We laughed at Tama's remark. I forgot how we got back on the subject of my old pride…oh right, because they're coming after us!

"Um, ex- (cough cough) excuse me…" A voice was heard from behind us and we turned to acknowledge it, but when I did, all I could do was stare.


"I found you! You don't know how happy I am to see you!" As he came toward me to, shoot, I don't know, to hug me I guess, my friends all stood and blocked his way, I stepped back regardless. But as I looked at him, he did not look good. Fresh cuts laced his body and newly forming bruises were becoming apparent, but they didn't cover the ones that were there before. What happened?

"The hell are you doing here!?" Tama shouted angrily and I put a paw on her shoulder, but I don't think she felt it.

"Well, I-"

"We've heard all and enough about you!" Kula added in.


"You need to leave before things get ugly!"Tojo jumped in.

"I just-"

"You juuuust wanted to be leaving! You are not welcomed here." My friends interrogated the lion, but his eyes met mine. I saw something different, but I couldn't quite put my paw on it.

"Wait guys…" Tama turned to me.

"Wait for what?!" She looked at Hasani again, "this is that stupid of a baby little prick you told us about-"

"I just want to hear what he has to say." They all starred at me as if I grew another head, but I'd have to ignore it for now and pursue the issue at hand. "What happened Hasani?" He was hesitant for a moment and shuffled his feet. I don't think I'd completely believe him for whatever is to come out of his mouth.

"I uh, well,"

"Come on! Let's go let's go! Spit it out!" Tojo pushed him and I wanted to slap him, but he had a point.

"The pride has turned on us. Mom is fine, but dad, everyone turned on him and I now see the error of his ways."


Simba P.O.V.

"How are you, mjukuu?" Ha, formal word for grandson.

"I'm ok, meaning I will be. So much going on…" I knew she already knew and she knew that I knew that she knew. Yea, grasp that concept.

"Should I just cut right to the chase then?" She gave me a sly smirk and I repelled it back to her.

"That would be the most productive." We shared a laugh and took at deep breath together.

"So when are you going to make this better with Nala?" Gods man! Here we go!

"Is this why you called me out here?"

"Watch your tone kijana mmoja." I wasn't trying to be disrespectful, I was just frustrated.

"I know grandma, I know, but do you see it from my point of view? If I'm supposed to be there for her and be with her, what is the problem? It should just be between me and her."

"Her and I first off and second, it won't be just you and her if Maeva still has an issue with her. She's always going to try to come between you."

"I can't exile her though, she was born here. How do I-"

"You give her a ultimatum."

"What is it?"

"I'm going to let you think about it for a day and then if you can't think of anything I'll tell you. There's a lot going on with her family that she has no idea about." I looked at my grandmother questionably.

"What do you mean?"We headed back towards the rock.

"There's just secrets that lie within them, especially her mother." I already Anuba was shady, I couldn't stand her at all and then to think I'd marry her daughter? Negative.

"I can only imagine what it is."

"You know I missed my only grandson, right?" As I looked into eyes while smiling, I never once noticed that her eyes sparkled when she was happiest and I'm experiencing that now. I gently fell into her.

"I missed you too, Bibi. I wish you guys weren't so far. How much longer will you be traveling?" She let her head softly land on mine and she pulled me close.

"Well, right now we're trying to decide either to wait until you take the throne or leave and come back just in time." I turned to her, knocked her down, and grabbed her as tight as I could.

"Nooooo! Bibi, don't leave me!" I said like a cub who's mom is about to leave him. She laughed at me.

"Oh, I won't leave you, cuddle mdudu." Cuddle Bug. A name she used when I was little because I was always the hugger and she was mostly my target. I missed her so much. I know she's trying to get me to think more clearly, but I need someone to see things from my side. I do still like Nala a lot, but I can't tell her right now. I don't want to be mad at her anymore, but stubbornness is more dominate right now. We stood up and got closer to home, but we both picked up on a scent that was not known to our home. I picked up my pace as did she and when we got the top, a young lion, a little older than me, had the center of attention on him and Nala was the closest to him. I took in his green eyes, light brown coat, and light colored mane, I feel as if I already knew him, even if he was terribly beaten. What is going on?

"What's up guys?" I asked cautiously, taking in all their eyes, but landing them Nala. She looked me nonchalantly and turned her head back to the green eyed lion. My friends however, they all looked pissed.

"Who is going to tell him?" Malka voiced and they all looked at one another.

"Well, how about Nala?" I stated and she narrowed her eyes at me for the second time today.

"You really don't want to know, not that you'd care anyways." I growled inwardly, but spoke calmly, yet irritated.

"If I didn't so call care, I wouldn't have asked…" Her aqua eyes now rolled away from me.

"Tojo…" She spoke his name to let him know that he should be the one to tell me.

"This is…" He blew hot air from his mouth and eyed the lion from the side, I could tell he was irritated, "Hasani…" My amber eyes went ablaze. My eyebrows increased. My nostrils flared. My heart raced which caused me to breath heavy. And my claws began to tract and retract in and out of my paws.

"Uh oooohhh." That was Kula and if she knew, they all knew.

I. Am. Pissed.

"Hey! Has anyone seen my mom or Sara-" Mheetu who just came up noticed all our faces, but when she found his sister's and the lion she was next to, he lost it was well. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" He started to charge, but my grandmother cut him off.

"Don't sweetheart."

"MHEETU!" Our ears twitched to what sounded like Aniya's voice out I the distance, but she was clear.

"You know what? For now I'll leave it alone because Aniya is in labor and I need to find my mother, but I will deal with you." All of our eyes widened.

"She's having it now!?" Kula asked happily and the news actually brought a smile to all of our faces.

"Yes and I need to find mom, where is she?"

"Look, we will find your mother and Sarabi, you go back to your girl and be with her. Tell her to take deep breaths!"

"Ok thank you!"And she left, no one moved. I think we were all in shock that time had finally come.

"Ok, young adults! I need Tojo to go get Rafiki. Malka and Chumvi to go find Cy and Sarafina. Simba and Tama to go find your Mufasa and Sarabi. Nala, Kula, and I will go with Mheetu. Break!" Before we could all scramble to our directed destinations, Hasani had the nerve to speak.

"What should I do?" We froze. I already knew none of us, maybe except Nala, had anything nice to say to him.

"Hasani you ca-"

"Plant your ass right on the tip of that rock behind you and kind of teeter and hopefully a strong wind will blow and knock you off! That's what you can do!" Tama cut off her friend Nala and it had sent a smile to all of muzzles.

"Sweetie, just stay right there, because when we are done with Aniya, we'll send Rafiki to you to clean you up and get some of those wounds to heal properly. Just rest for now." Hasani hung his head.

"Alright…" Yea, he needs to stay far away from me as possible!

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