Asami remembers the first time she tasted a girl. It was through pages of epic lore, bravery and wit. Tales of women in love with their countries, their families, and their men. It was these musty smelling bundles of paper that she could really feel the women. Their soft lips when the heroine smiled sweetly at their love. Their whipping hair, attractive neckline and strong legs as they stood there, protecting whom they were most loyal to. She swears one day that she smelled one such woman from the pages in front of her. It's the smell of a strong lass who's fierce power was a fragrance that could make armies of men fall to their feet.

Asami finishes the last page of her book and sighs deeply. She is 15 and like most teenagers she is unsure about many things let alone her feelings.

A few years later, she smells that intoxicating fragrance again and she finds that she is on her knees, just like thousands of others have been for women like this. She looks up at Korra's lovingly spirited face and suddenly all that mindless pining for epics with female heroines makes sense to her