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Marisa's POV

Today my dad took me to the Navy Exchange in Virginia Beach to supposedly meet a celebrity. But to tell the truth, I don't believe him. I was wearing a white tank top with a blue loose shirt on top with dark Capri's and my gold sparkly flip-flops.

"Hey Dad, can I please go to the car now?" I pleaded, "You sure you want to? I mean I brought you all the way here to meet someone and you want to go wait in the car?"

My dad is normally really nice, but today He seemed stressed; so I don't want to get anymore mad. "Um… no never mind." "But you-" Of course I had to cut him off. "I know what I said! And I'm sorry for yelling at you but when will this person get?" "Soon."

I was starting to get annoyed by now. "How soon?" My dad looked like he was getting nervous. "Like ten minutes." How can I tell? Cause his face was red and he was starting to sweat. "Kay." Now I was starting to get nervous.

Ten minutes later

Where are they? My dad just went to the bathroom so I have no idea who I'm supposed to look for. Is that him? I thought looking at a cute boy with brown Bieber style haircut. Probably not. "Rissa? You okay?" I spun around to see my dad. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. I'm just gonna go get my 3DS from the car." "Okay, hurry up."

I started walking towards our old red Durango when I saw someone that looked a lot like someone I know. Wow, he really looks like him! I started looking at him and his really cute friends, so of course I wasn't looking where I was going.

I heard someone yell my name but I couldn't id the voice before I ran into someone. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry" I said as I bent down to pick some stuff the person I bumped into dropped. "It's alright." Now where have I heard that voice?

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