chapter 3: an non boring Monday

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Adam was walking down the hallway when he heard someone call him.

"Adam!". Adam stopped walking and turned around to see Derby walking up to him.

"So how did your date with Echo go?" He asked curiously.

"It was good but it turns out it was Echo's twin sister Pheno who asked me out" Adam explained.

"Echo has a twin sister?" asked Derby. "Is she hot?" He asked getting his hopes up.

"Of course she hot she looks just like Echo" Said Adam. "But Echo hotter".

"Oh she is is she?" said a voice.

Adam jumped and turned around to see Pheno. her bangs were brushed to the sides of her face, Some of her hair was in a side ponytail while the rest was down on her back. She was wearing an red tank top, dark blue pants, and lavender sneakers.

"Pheno what are you doing here?" asked Adam.

"I had my parents transfer me here" said Pheno

"You willy transferred to this school?"asked Derby finding that hard to believe.

"Yes"said Pheno nervously. "Why?" asked Derby getting a little suspicious.

"Because I wanted to spend more time with my beloved sister" Pheno lied. she bit her lower lip hoping that Adam and Derby wouldn't realize the real reason why she transferred schools. She was worried that if he found out why too soon she would scare him away. And there was no way she was going to lose to Echo.

"But you and Echo didn't seem to get along at the movies" said Adam.

"Me and Echo use to be close back when we were in elementary school but we grew apart in grade six" Pheno said sadly.

"Is that the only reason?" Asked Derby.

Pheno flinched. She didn't expect this kid to ask so many questions. She tried to calm herself down before answering. "Of course it is" Pheno said calmly and really hopping that Derby would stop asking questions.

"Derby stop pestering her" Said Adam "Besides it's almost time for class".

"Yeah we don't want to be late for class" said Derby sarcastically.

"Yeah we better hurry"said Pheno ignoring Derby's sarcasm. "wheres the science room?" "I'll show you" said Adam. Pheno wrap her arm around Adam's "Lead the way cutie!" she said with a huge smile on her face.

Adam Kept a shocked look on his face as they walked away and Derby them "How dose Adam keep getting girls?" Derby wonder out loud.

"Maybe it's because he's not you" said Ivy walking by. Derby stood there thinking about what Ivy said for a minute before shaking his head. "Nah those girls must be crazy".

"Class" Said Adam trying to get there attention but no one was listing.

Some students were talking, some where texting, Echo was reading a comic book, and Slab was stuffing a nerd into a garbage bin. Adam sighed heavily he was use to his class ignoring him but it still bugged him. Adam walked over to his chalk board place his finger nails on the chalk board and dragged it down to the bottom.

"Ah!" yelled everyone as they covered there ears. After thirty seconds Adam stopped and his class grew quite.

"Now as I was saying" said Adam as he turned to face his class "We have a new student" he turned towards the doorway "You can come in now" he called out.

Everyone was whispering as Pheno walked in the classroom. "Echo been cloned!" said slab "Can I be cloned next?" he asked egerly.

Pheno stopped walking when she was beside Adam and turned to face the class. "Class this is Pheno" said Adam.

"It's nice to meet you" she said smiling. "Now where do we seat you?" Adam said to himself as he looked around the room.

"Ah there an empty seat" said Adam pointing to the empty seat in front of Echo's. Pheno walked over to the desk and sat down.

"Now before I began with today's lesson I'm heading back your tests" said Adam picking up a stack of papers.

"Any one with a mark below 40 has to retake the test" said Adam as he handed the test out.

"Good job as always Echo" said Adam smiling. "Thanks" said Echo grabbing her test and smiled as she looked at her mark.

Adam slowly walked up to Slab's desk clutching Slab's test and when he go to the desk he placed Slab's test on his desk and tried to hurry back to his desk before Slab tried to kill him.

"What do you mean I have to re take the test!" Slab said angrily as he stood out of his chair.

Adam stopped in his tracks and turned around "I'm sorry but you failed the test" said Adam with his voice shaking with fear. Slab picked up Adam and put him on a coat hanger. Adam struggled to get off but he couldn't.

"Slab get me down from here!" said Adam still struggling. "And what if I don't?" asked Slab. "You gonna use your wizard magic on me?"

"I'm not a wizard Slab" said Adam. "That's what the all say" said Slab.

"Look can someone help me down so we can start with today's lesson?" asked Adam. Everyone but Echo and Pheno grabbed there bags and hurried to the door like it was the end of the class.

Adam watched as everyone left the room "Okay I guess will continue this lesson tomorrow then" said Adam. "Just like we always do".

After everyone left Echo walked up to Adam. clutching her comic book "Same as always huh?" she said. "yeah.." said Adam "But I'm use to it" said Adam. "I'll help you down" said Echo grabbing a chair.

"That's OK I'll just get Dang to help me down" said Adam. Echo and Adam then turned to the chalked board and stared at it and Pheno looked at them wondering why "Why are you guys staring at the chalk board?" asked Pheno. "Were waiting for Him to appear" said Echo not taking her eyes away from the board.

"Him?" asked Pheno raising an eyebrow "Who's him?". "His name is Dang and he are janitor" Adam explained.

"You called?" asked a voice. Everyone followed the source of the voice to the back door and saw Dang standing there holing a mop.

"Why did you appear in the door way?" asked Echo. "I didn't" said Dang "I was just walking by when I heard you call my name" said Dang as he walked over to Echo and Adam."What happened to you?" Dang asked Adam. "Slab happened". "Ah" said Dang "Just as I have leaf monkey constantly steeling my fancy hats you have Slab bullying you".

"Look can you just help me down?" asked Adam. "Why didn't you just ask?" asked Dang. Dang unhooked Adam's shirt and lowered him to the ground.

"Thanks" said Adam. "No problem" said Dang. "Now I must go clean up the mess in the cafeteria" said Dang holding his mop in the air and then walking out the front door.

"So much for appearing out of thin air" said Pheno with her arms crossed. "I guess Dang gotta walk around like a normal person sometimes" Adam said shrugging.
Adam and Echo quickly turned around again and Pheno just rolled her eyes "He's not gonna appear behind you quit looking already" she said sounding annoyed.

"You don't know that" said Echo turning to her sister. Pheno was about that say something when the bell rang interrupting her. "Class dismissed" said Adam as Pheno and Echo grab there backpacks and walked to the door. "Oh Echo" called Adam as she was about to exit the room. Echo stooped and turned around

"Yes Mister young?" she asked. "I-I was wondering i-if you would sit with me at lunch today?" Adam asked nervously. Echo just smiled at him "Adam you don't have to ask to sit with me we are friends after all". "Yeah I was totally asking you as a friend" said Adam clearly lying.

"I'll see you at lunch then" said Echo . "Yeah" said Adam smiling. Echo walked out the classes room and was about to go to her next class.
"I see you have a lunch date with Adam". Echo stop in her tracks "It's not a date Pheno were just friends"said Echo in an annoyed tone.

Pheno unfolded her arms and let out a big sigh "Really? after all that happened on Saturday your still in Denial?" she said annoyed. "This isn't going to be as much fun as I thought" she said shaking her head.

"Fun? you call playing tricks on Adam and constantly bugging him fun?". "OK, first off it would have been weird if I asked him out when we only just met; second of all I was going to eventually tell him the truth; and third I'm not bugging him! Adam enjoys my company" Said Pheno listing the reasons on her fingers.

"Shouldn't you be heading to your next class?" asked Echo trying to end the conservation right away. "Oh I'm skipping gym" said Pheno. "I don't want to be all sweaty for when I see Adam again" she said in a flirty tone. "You can try but Ms. Patton will make you sorry you ever ditched".

"Oh sis your always so over dramatic" said Pheno before she headed for a nice place to skip gym. "Don't say I didn't warn you" said Echo.

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