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Crow ran his hand through his bangs, sighing as he did this. He was sitting on some random roof in the pale moonlight, thinking about his current relationship with Jiro. Crow loved Jiro more than anything and he wanted his dear student to be happy and right now Crow was what made Jiro happy. There was a few problems with this though. First of all Jiro would have to sacrifice himself to Kotaro so his powers and memories as Alice would return meaning their relationship could never be serious enough where the two of them could get married. The second problem is that Crow still has to bring the medicine to the Dark Princess of the North and once he does that he and Jiro would be separated for a very long time, thus also ending their relationship. The third problem is that none of the Old Bloods in the Special Zone would approve of this relationship. Cain and Zelman have both been in a relationship with Jiro and they still could be harboring feelings towards him, then of course there's Sei who would be furious if his older sister was left unprotected. The final issue is that Zelman has been looking at Jiro with that lustful look in his eyes, meaning Jiro could be in danger. Crow looked out to the horizon, wondering how his lover is doing.

Jiro tossed and turned in his bed, moaning on occasion.

"C-crow...please don't...I'm not sure if we should be doing this. I-I'm sorry...please don't leave me...I need you," Jiro moaned as a thin sheet of sweat covered his pale skin. He gripped onto the sheets and grit his teeth, drawing blood from his bottom lip because his left fang knicked it. His breathing became speratic as his nightmare progressed.

"No! Don't do it Crow! Don't die on me now! Crow!" Jiro screamed before awakening. He sat up, panting heavily as he closed his eyes. Jiro opened them and looked over to the empty bed on the other side of the room. He felt tears run down his face as he cried out in anguish, he wanted his lover.

Crow was walking back to the loft when he heard Jiro's screams. He rushed now, jumping off of anything just to get back to the loft quicker. As he ran the only thought in his mind was of Jiro's safety.

Jiro screamed as he was pinned down to the bed, trying to alert somebody that he was in danger. His captor slapped Jiro across the face, leaving a red handprint on his right cheek.

"Shut up! Do as I say or else you're as good as dead!" The captor snapped as he held a knife to Jiro's throat. Jiro's eyes widened in fear, trying to control his breathing so his throat wouldn't be slit. In came a second man, clearly bigger than the first.

"You know, I like him this way. Quiet and obediant, just like a trained dog," he said before chuckling. He walked over to Jiro's side and licked one of Jiro's tears off of his cheek. Just then the door was kicked open, revealing Bluefire behind it.

"Hey jackasses! Leave my brother alone!" She snapped as she pulled a pistol out of the holster on her right thigh. She aimed it at the one holding a knife to Jiro's throat, challenging him to make a move.

"Fine, we'll leave. Remember this Jiro, your baby sister can't protect you forever!" The smaller man snapped before the two of them jumped out of the window by Crow's bed. Bluefire put her gun away and walked over to Jiro. He sprang up and buried his face into her chest, crying heavily. She shushed him gently, helping him stand before leading him to the living room.

Crow burst through the door and rushed up the stairs, panting when he reached the top of them. Once he caught his breath he noticed that Jiro had a blanket drapped around his shoulders and he was holding a mug of hot chocolate in his hands. Crow walked over to Jiro and sat down next to him, a million questions to ask. He heard a mug being put down in front of him and looked up to see Bluefire's bright blue eyes looking back at him, though they didn't match the somber mood on her face.

"What happened?" Crow asked after a pregnant silence. Jiro trembled as tears ran down his cheeks and an angry look appeared on Bluefire's face, her eyes darkening to a near black color.

"Two scum bags broke in and nearly raped my dear brother here," she spat, venom in every word. Crow was shocked and dissapointed in himself. Had he stayed home Jiro would've been safe and this wouldn't have happened. Jiro hugged Crow, resting his head on Crow's shoulder.

"C-crow, where were you? I was worried that something had happened to you," Jiro implored, his voice weak from his crying.

"I was thinking, but that's not the issue here. You were attacked but you only worried about me," Crow replied, his voice angry at the second half of his answer.

"I-I'm sorry Crow, I wasn't thinking. I-if I hadn't fallen for you then you wouldn't have to deal with this," Jiro said appologetically, his voice waivering at the end.

"No Jiro! Don't appologize! You're a doormat when you appologize like that! Think about yourself for once!" Crow snapped before he was slapped, but not by Bluefire. He looked to see his lover's hand raised and looking a little red from impact.

"Don't you dare speak that way to me! I was violated and all you can do is yell at me! What kind of friend are you!?" Jiro yelled, standing up as he said this. Tears still ran down his face, which was red from the slap he recieved earlier, anger, and his crying. He ran back to his room, slamed the door, and locked it. Leaving Crow and Bluefire alone.

"Sleep out here, its what you deserve for treating my innocent brother like that," Bluefire said coldly before returning to her room. Crow sighed, he majorly screwed up and now he needed to fix things. Question is how will he fix things.

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